16 WWE Stars Who Other Wrestlers Absolutely Hate Working With

Just because WWE superstars are forced to work together on national television, doesn't mean that they actually like working together. Many WWE superstars are forced to work together because it's what's best for business at the time and have later complained in interviews about how much they disliked working with a certain star.

There are a number of reasons why wrestlers decide to hate each other in real life, from accidents or injuries happening in the ring to personal issues outside of it, but somehow they manage to suck it up and get on with their job when the cameras are on.

Social Media seems to be one of the worst things that has happened to superstars over the past few years because it has led to issues between a number of stars that could have been avoided if the messages weren't sent into a public domain. This creates buzz among both fans and press and blow little things out of proportion, causing serious tension backstage.

The following list looks at 16 WWE wrestlers that other people in the company hated working with and wouldn't want to work with again. From women who steal boyfriends to men who steal moves, it seems that there are a lot of things for the members of the WWE locker room to decide to pick fault with.

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16 The New Day/The Usos And The Young Bucks

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The Young Bucks are members of The Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor and it seems that they think they are the best tag team in the world. So much so that over the past few years they have managed to begin online rivalries with both The New Day and The Usos which led to them challenging the WWE stars to matches. They even went as far as wearing New Day merchandise for a number of matches as a way of calling out the WWE trio. WWE has decided to fight back in recent months and has twice decided to serve The Young Bucks with Cease and Desist orders to prevent them from using the DX chop or the "Too Sweet" hand gesture.

15 Randy Orton And Will Ospreay

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Randy Orton isn't the kind of superstar who would perform a Suicide Dive so it seems that he felt the need to talk about how many Independent Wrestlers nowadays basically over-extend themselves for the crowd and how he doesn't understand how it's all about flips and dives.

Will Ospreay took offence to this and even managed to create his own merchandise based on the statement by Orton where "Dive" became a well-known chant at many independent shows for a while. It seems that Orton picked the wrong Indy star to mess with since Ospreay made Orton look dumb whenever he insulted him until both stars decided to move on, it will be interesting to see how Orton would react to Ospreay joining WWE and potentially working with him in the future.

14 Dean Ambrose And Brock Lesnar

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Dean Ambrose was the poor soul who drew the short straw and had to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32. It was thought that this would be a fantastic match for Ambrose to finally bring out his hardcore side, when in reality the match completely bombed.

Ambrose later appeared on The Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network where he revealed that he had pitched a number of ideas to Brock when they were coming up with the match but he refused them all. Ambrose stated that he really didn't like working with Lesnar because he only cares about making himself look good and getting his own stuff in. Ambrose got into trouble for a lot of his comments on the podcast, but at least he hasn't had to work with Lesnar since.

13 Randy Orton And Roman Reigns

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It seems that Randy Orton is destined to be on this list quite a lot thanks to a number of incidents in his lengthy WWE career. It seems that Orton managed to get on the wrong side of former World Champion Roman Reigns back in 2014, after what was said to be a blown spot in a mixed-tag match.

This led to the duo having a shouting match backstage before they were then forced to work together on WWE TV in a series of singles matches, this was obviously something that neither man wanted to do since many of the WWE Universe picked up on how bad their matches together were. The duo had no chemistry in the ring because they really didn't want to work together, so it's lucky that they are now on opposite brands.

12 The Bella Twins And Maria

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The eagle-eyed members of the WWE Universe will have noticed that Maria Kanellis and her husband Mike only made their debut in WWE back at Money in the Bank in May, the month after Nikki Bella left the company for a short hiatus.

Nikki hasn't appeared on WWE TV since Maria has been back, which is probably because both women can't stand each other. Nikki and her sister Brie managed to convince WWE not to rehire Maria and Maryse back in 2013, something that Maryse appears to have forgiven the women for since, but Maria obviously isn't as forgiving and it seems that even though the women have worked together on WWE TV in the past, it is highly unlikely that they will ever grace a WWE ring together in the future.

11 Ryback And Seth Rollins

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CM Punk has voiced his issues with Ryback in the past, but it seems that Ryback decided to voice his own issues with Seth Rollins recently when he revealed that he hated working with the former World Champion.

Ryback and Rollins had a number of matches against each other when Rollins was still part of The Shield and it seems that Rollins was the kind of guy who would point out Ryback's faults and even stated that he once botched a match with Rusev and Rollins laughed in his face about it. Ryback stated that after this the duo never had anything nice to say about each other and didn't like to work together. It's a good thing that Ryback left WWE last year then and has since become the host of his own podcast where he can continue to spread these kinds of stories.

10 Sin Cara And Alberto Del Rio

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The original Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio have had issues with each other for a number of years, with Sin Cara once even pulling a gun on Del Rio at the height of their feud. The duo later crossed paths in WWE where Alberto was said to have worked stiff throughout the match, and Sin Cara even broke his fingers in a match with Del Rio and refused to continue.

This seemed to annoy Del Rio further and didn't help the hatred that was already brewing between them. Since his WWE departure, it was thought that the Mexican stars had patched up their differences, but Del Rio decided to head to social media a few years ago and threaten Sin Cara before telling him that he was going to beat him up. Doesn't sound like this feud will ever be finalized.

9 Kofi Kingston And Randy Orton

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Kofi Kingston was about to be part of a huge push in his early WWE career until he faced Randy Orton on an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2010. Orton was seemingly frustrated with Kingston throughout the match and when Kofi got up the wrong way instead of leaving his back to Orton, The Viper lost it.

Orton likes to turn his opponent around himself before he hits the RKO and because Kofi messed up twice, Orton began yelling that he was "stupid" in the middle of the ring, before storming off. Kofi's planned push was halted after this as it seems that Orton once again decided to become involved in someone else's career. Luckily, Kofi has managed to recover and become a decent tag team wrestler in recent years, mostly because he's avoided working with Orton.

8 CM Punk And Triple H

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CM Punk and Triple H had a fantastic feud a few years ago that saw some of the best promo work in WWE. The feud even had a hint of realism, but none of the WWE Universe would have guessed that Punk and Triple H actually disliked each other in real life.

Punk seemed to hate the fact that Triple H had all the power and when he was told that he was facing Triple H at WrestleMania 30, Punk decided it was time to walk. It must have been a strong hatred that allowed Punk to walk away from a business that he had been part of for most of his life, but it seems that there were a number of other factors that were present in his decision. What is known is that Punk and Triple H hated each other and Punk didn't want to have to do another angle with him at WrestleMania.

7 Chris Jericho And Brock Lesnar

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Chris Jericho has always been an outspoken kind of guy and it seems that if his friends are in trouble then he will always stick up for them. This is what happened back at SummerSlam in 2016 when Jericho thought that Lesnar had gone off script and legitimately attacked his friend.

Jericho attacked Brock backstage when he came through the curtain before he was told that Brock had done exactly when he was told and everything was scripted. The duo hasn't worked together on WWE TV since and Jericho has only been part of the title picture when Brock hasn't been the Champion over the past year, which shows that there is still a level of disdain between the superstars more than a year later, which is sad considering both men would probably put on a fantastic match.

6 Mr Kennedy And Randy Orton

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The worst thing you can give a wrestler is power and it seems that early in his career Randy Orton would abuse the power that was given to him by WWE as a third-generation superstar.

One of the worst things that Orton ever did with this power was when he got Mr Kennedy fired from WWE after he believed that Kennedy had botched a bump in their match that injured him. Replays of the match show that Kennedy didn't do anything wrong, but it seems that Orton still angrily went backstage and gave WWE an ultimatum, one which they were forced to answer by handing Kennedy his exit papers. Who would want to work with Orton after that, knowing that one bad move could signal the end of their WWE career?

5 John Cena And Kenny Dykstra

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There seems to be something about getting someone fired when they haven't actually done anything wrong that can make them hold a grudge. John Cena was the one who had an affair with Dykstra's fiance back in 2008 and went on to get the former Spirit Squad member fired from WWE.

Dykstra spoke out about his issues for a number of months after his release and almost a decade later Dykstra is still not ready to forgive. Kenny was able to return to WWE back in 2016 when he was part of the SmackDown Live brand but incredibly he was released once again when Cena returned to WWE following another hiatus. It seems that time really isn't a great healer and while these two did once work together, the only way they will ever step in the ring together again would be for a real fight.

4 Sasha Banks And Alexa Bliss

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Sasha Banks seems to have a number of enemies backstage in WWE right now, but one of her main issues seems to be with Alexa Bliss. The current Raw Women's Champion and The Boss have had issues stemming all the way back to the time they spent together in NXT, where it seems that Sasha refused to respect Bliss.

Sasha came through the indies before she was signed by WWE and has worked for everything she has achieved in WWE over the past few years. While it is understandable that she doesn't respect Bliss because she never paid her dues to the business the way that she did and only started her career in NXT,  it seems that Sasha has been holding this grudge for a while now. It's time to move on.

3 Alex Riley And John Cena

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Poor Alex Riley, the only thing the former NXT star ever did wrong was when he showed potential and it seems that Cena was jealous of this so he did everything he did to keep Riley down. When Riley accidentally blew a spot in the Royal Rumble back in 2011 where he was supposed to eliminate Cena, The Champ refused to let him live it down.

Cena would openly shout at Riley in front of other superstars backstage telling him how bad a wrestler he was when many other stars didn't think that Riley had done anything wrong. Riley seemed to bring out the worst in Cena and it came as no surprise when he was finally released from WWE since no one who crosses Cena ever comes out smelling like roses.

2 Charlotte And Paige

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Charlotte and Paige actually worked together for a number of years in NXT and then a number of months on the main roster as members of Team PCB. It seems that the fact that Paige and Alberto Del Rio decided to get together behind Charlotte's back and then basically made a fool of her in front of the world would be a good reason why Paige hasn't returned to WWE yet.

Charlotte has been very successful in the year and a half since Paige was last seen on WWE TV and it seems that she's definitely had much more luck on-screen than The Glampire has off it. At this point, it is said that Paige and Charlotte are no closer to settling their differences, especially since Paige mentioned Charlotte's deceased younger brother in one of the last feuds Paige and Charlotte had.

1 Roman Reigns And Enzo Amore

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Working together in WWE doesn't necessarily mean working on-screen or as part of a match. The entire WWE roster works together on a regular basis to put on two fantastic shows a week and during the lengthy European Tour, all superstars are forced to travel together too.

This means that many stars are forced to work together during the tour and see each other backstage when they can't stand each other. Enzo Amore and Roman Reigns almost came to blows last year when Roman had reached a point where he could no longer deal with Enzo's behaviour. Enzo was kicked off the WWE tour bus and later kicked out of the locker room, something that he recently revealed he is still not allowed back into, there's a reason Enzo was moved over to 205 Live, because no one in the Raw Locker Room wanted to work with him.

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