17 Must-See Pictures Of Wrestlers Without Their Iconic Beards

The look of a professional wrestler is extremely important in getting them over with the fans, who will not be sold by someone who doesn't look like a top star to them. Most of the wrestlers work really hard to maintain a proper, muscular figure in order to attract the audiences and have to often keep themselves in good shape to become and remain popular. Everyone knows how a great beard can make all the difference in the appearance of a man, as we've seen many wrestlers don some amazing facial hair to make themselves look intimidating.

Some of the biggest stars in WWE have had some great beards in the past, with their facial hair often helping to make them the stars they were and bringing some legitimacy to their characters. While not every bearded superstar necessarily has the look to succeed, the facial hair helps them get noticed by the fans. While some wrestlers have made a name with their bearded look, we've seen wrestlers shave their facial hair during some point in time.

These shocking pictures of wrestlers without their iconic beards will show us just how surprisingly different and almost childish they look without it.

17 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan was arguably the first true superstar of professional wrestling because of how he elevated WWE into mainstream status with his amazing work in the 80s and 90s, as his muscular figure, heroic gimmick and uncanny charisma really appealed to the crowd. The Hulkster would be remembered for his iconic moustache, but he also gained a bearded look later on when he joined WCW and created the nWo. But something the fans may not remember is when Hogan actually went clean-shaved and didn't have any facial hair at all, which this shocking picture shows. It's quite bizarre to watch him without his iconic facial hair, as Hulk looks much younger in this look. He probably realized his mistake at shaving off his beard and would later attain his iconic look and continue dazzling his fans with his antics.

16 Luke Harper

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Luke Harper has been a solid worker for the WWE ever since debuting as part of the Wyatt Family, with the weird wrestler's gimmick benefitting really well by his long beard. Harper has maintained his beard really well and the facial hair is a big part of his character working in the WWE. Harper has almost always maintained his beard in his wrestling career, but before he was a known professional wrestler, he didn't really have facial hair. This picture shows a rather younger Harper who has no facial hair whatsoever and he looks so different and almost like a changed person because of it. His beard was the thing which changed him from a "kid" to a man, so one can understand why he never shaves it because of how the beard has brought him success in his career.

15 Jim Neidhart

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Jim Neidhart was a rather under-rated member of the Hart Family in the 80s when he gained popularity as part of the "Hart Foundation" in WWE and became a prominent part of the tag team division, winning the titles twice with Bret Hart. Neidhart had a rather wacky look with his unique beard which really matched his nasty attitude, as Neidhart gained a rather iconic look because of his beard. While Neidhart has never shaved off his beard ever since it brought him fame, he didn't always have this long beard and this rare picture shows him with a clean-shaven look. This picture shows how shockingly different and strange Jim used to look without the beard in her younger days, as that amazing beard definitely helped him look more "manly" and get a distinctive look which would be loved by the WWE fans.

14 Triple H

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Triple H may have successfully transitioned from a wrestler to a booker in the WWE in the past few years, the fans will always know him as "The Cerebral Assassin" who planned his way to success in WWE many years ago. Triple H always retained a rather distinctive beard which made his character look "manly" and has recently kept his beard for a number of years. But what fans may be shocked to realize is that Triple H actually was clean-shaved for a while in WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era, with this shocking picture showing how weird he looked without it. This picture shows the difference between a bearded and clean-shaved Triple H, proving that he made the right decision at retaining his beard because of how terrible he look without it because the beard plays a big part in making him look the conniving heel he is.

13 Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan's in-ring return to the WWE may still be up in the air, but he's still one of the most popular guys in WWE because of the amazing work he did a few years ago which won over the hearts of almost every WWE fan. While he wasn't the most "ideal looking" guy, his amazing beard was cherished by many. WWE even made merchandises and promotions based on his beard, which helped him inherit the name of "GOAT". Bryan may look good with the beard, but this stunning picture shows him without one in his early wrestling years. He looked so young and "amateur" like in this picture, and seems so weird without the beard nowadays. It was the beard which helped him become "manly" and definitely played a big part in establishing him as a top star and making him a modern great in WWE.

12 Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt has established himself really well as this supernatural, mystical heel character in the WWE and is trying his best to fill the void left by The Undertaker in the recent years. The Eater of Worlds has taken part in some interesting feuds with other wrestlers and his creepy look goes really well with his gimmick. Wyatt has kept this long, iconic beard ever since his debut and that has become a part of his daunting character. But way before he was Bray Wyatt, he actually didn't have much of a beard as this picture shows just how shockingly different he looks. It's good that he kept his beard as Wyatt because not many would've been sold on him with a clean-shaven look, with this picture proving why Wyatt's intimidating nature is partially due to his awesome beard.

11 The Big Show

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The Big Show may be reaching towards the end of his career right now, but nobody will ever forget this monstrous man who thrilled the fans for almost two decades in the WWE. He was WWE's giant for a long time and was always involved in relevant feuds because of it and the bearded look which he often kept helped him look even more menacing and intimidating. Show would often clean-shave his beard, but his recent clean-shave looked absolutely ridiculous as this picture shows. He looks like a childish giant with this look and this was much laughed upon by the fans on the internet, who liked him to King Kong Bundy because of how similar he looked to him. The Big Show should realize to keep his beard at this point because shaving made for a shocking, hilarious look which he wouldn't want to bring back.

10 Neville

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While he may not have performed for the WWE for quite a while now, Neville still managed to have a terrific 2017 in wrestling where he was the "King of the Cruiserweights" and helped to elevate the Cruiserweight Division with his amazing work. His refound heel gimmick saw him not only portraying a rather mean and evil character, but he looked as such too with an amazing beard which matched his smug look. The beard definitely helped to elevate his gimmick's effectiveness and while he has always kept some beard, his new design of a rather longer facial hear worked wonders for him. But he hasn't always kept this much beard, with this picture showing just how shockingly childish Neville used to look in the Indies. The beard definitely helped to improve his reputation and it's quite surprising to see him without one right now.

9 Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman has been a one-man wrecking crew ever since making his emphatic debut in WWE, with the "Monster Among Men" having a terrific 2017 which saw him compete at the very top against the best. Strowman has the muscular looks of a monster and moves better than any other giant in WWE, with his beard being an iconic part of his terrifying looks. While Strowman has kept this long beard for a long time now, he didn't always keep facial hair and when he was still a power-lifter many years ago, he actually didn't have any beard! This picture shows a rather younger Strowman without any beard, showing just how childish and weird he looked back then. He doesn't look like a "monster" in this picture at all, proving how the beard definitely plays a part in making him look scary and bring out the "monster" in him.

8 Scott Steiner

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Scott Steiner has been quite the controversial figure in professional wrestling after the turn of the century, with "Big Poppa Pump" being noticed by almost every wrestling fan because of his maniacal personality. While he is quite the fiery individual in the ring, Steiner definitely has one of the best figures in wrestling for his age and has maintained his iconic beard as well. Steiner's small goatee actually goes well with his unpredictable personality, but Big Poppa Pump didn't always keep this style. Way before he was a singles star, Steiner was part of a great tag team with brother Rick and he looked like this without a beard back in the 90s. This shocking picture shows just how Steiner transformed him and how bizarre he looked without a beard, and Steiner's decision of getting a goatee turned out to be a wise one.

7 Randy "Macho Man" Savage

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Randy "Macho Man" Savage was beloved by the wrestling fans back in the 80s because of his charismatic personality and terrific work along with his wife, Princess Elizabeth. Savage had quite the irresistible personality and was on the level of Hulk Hogan in terms of popularity, with Savage's looks often helping attract fans. His beard was something which elevated his "macho" looks and while Savage retained his beard throughout his WWE career, he didn't really have it when he was much younger. This stunning picture shows just how different Savage used to look when he was younger and didn't have his beard, as it's shocking to realize how he transformed himself. He turned himself from this dreamy young guy to a superstar in the WWE with his masochistic looks, and it was his amazing beard which helped him become the legend he is.

6 CM Punk

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CM Punk's return to a wrestling ring may be a hotly debated topic for the past few years now, but the former WWE Champion definitely left a mark on fans with his terrific work in the company, especially in his last few years. Punk was a late bloomer in WWE and it took time for him to shape himself into a "top star", with the Straight Edge Superstar getting a nice bearded look which matched his outspoken personality. Punk kept his beard intact during his years in WWE, but after leaving the company, he shaved it off for a while. This picture shows Punk with a clean shave, as he doesn't look the man he was in WWE with his clean-shave getting him a more "well-endowed" look. But it's still quite surprising to see Punk without his beard and one can debate whether he looks better with or without it.

5 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin was possibly the biggest reason for WWE winning the Monday Night Wars during the late 90s, with the Texas Rattlesnake's antics making him a huge fan-favorite in the WWE. Austin had an amazing personality which helped him nail this character of a rebellious wrestler who just wanted to cause more pain to Mr. McMahon. Austin looked like the top guy back then, with his sweet little goatee matching his character really well. While his beard is iconic in its own right, Austin didn't always keep a proper beard before the gimmick of "Stone Cold" and kept a clean-shaved look in WWE before with his "Stunning Steve Austin" character. This picture shows him in that gimmick and even though it was just before the Stone Cold one, he looks so different without the beard which proves how vital it was for shaping him into the Texas Rattlesnake.

4 Mick Foley

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Mick Foley is popularly known as the "Hardcore Legend" for a reason, because of how he entertained the fans with his "extreme" antics in the 90s and became popular for it. He had many gimmicks, with his "Mankind" one gaining most popularity in the Attitude Era and helping him get the recognition he deserved. While Foley's appearance was mostly scruffy and average at most, he did manage to keep a beard throughout his career and was recognized because of it as well. This shocking picture shows a young Mick Foley without any beard, proving just how weird and different he can look without his iconic facial hair. Foley may not be the most handsome wrestler, but his beard is definitely an iconic part of his appearance and he looks quite surprisingly strange without it as this picture shows.

3 Damien Sandow

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Damien Sandow was quite the entertainment package in the WWE before he left a few years ago, with the versatile superstar leaving many memories behind him in the company. One thing he constantly maintained along with all the gimmick changes was his look, as he maintained his bearded look which perfectly suited him to his "Intellectual Savior of the Masses" gimmick at first. While Sandow may not have gotten much fame after that point, he retained his beard and never shaved it off, because it helped him look like a star. While everyone remembers him for having a beard, Sandow actually shaved it off after he left WWE to join TNA and get a new look. This shocking picture shows him in a changed look as "Aron Rex" in TNA, which is why it's no surprise why his gimmick was a bust as fans just couldn't appreciate him without his beard.

2 Bruiser Brody

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Bruiser Brody was known to be quite the crazy wrestler because of his brawling style of wrestling, as he produced some real hard-hitting matches in the 80s when he started to gain popularity. While he didn't ever join WWE, Body did wrestle for other prominent promotions and was quite popular for his bizarre mannerism and scruffy look. He had quite the amazing beard to compliment his looks as well, but well before that became popular, there was a time when Brody didn't have any facial hair. This picture shows just how different and shocking Bruiser Brody looked without his beard earlier on and he made a smart decision in growing a beard which would be iconic in its own right. He may have passed away under unfortunate circumstances, but Brody will always be remembered for his crazy style and the long beard.

1 Sheamus

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Sheamus has been quite the long-serving wrestler for the WWE, with the Irishman playing his heel role to perfection over the years in the company. His hard-hitting nature, impressive style and ability to portray a heel character so well is a reason for his amazing success in the company and while he didn't look the most attractive, he did know how to keep a beard. He has kept a long beard for quite a while now and while his hairstyle may be looking stupid, his beard definitely doesn't. But way before he was a star in WWE, Sheamus actually didn't have any beard with this shocking picture showing a clean-shaved Sheamus many years ago. He looks so innocent and young because of the clean-shaven, which proves just how big a part the beard played in making him look intimidating and bring the manliness to his heel character.

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