18 Times Alexa Bliss Showed Us More Than We Can Handle

Alexa Bliss is a record setting two-time Raw Women's Champion and two-time SmackDown Women's Champion. She is the only female wrestler to have won both the Raw and SmackDown titles and is the current reigning Champion on the Raw brand.

Alexa wasn't always this high up in the company though. The former cheerleader got her start in NXT as the valet/manager for former NXT Tag Team Champions Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy before the team disbanded not long after and Alexa was finally given her chance in the Women's Division of the developmental brand.

Bliss was a shock addition to the SmackDown Live roster back in the summer of 2016 when she was drafted away from Raw and is one of very few superstars to have flourished in the brand split era of WWE.

The current Raw Women's Champion is considered to be one of the most beautiful women on the WWE roster at the moment with her fan base almost doubling on a daily basis. The following list looks at all the times Alexa Bliss has taken it to the limit and given the fans way more than they can handle. Including the videos that she regularly shares on her popular Instagram page.

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18 Making An Entrance

via youtube.com

Alexa Bliss knows how to make an entrance that can make the WWE Universe stop and stare. She has made a career out of making the smallest things in her arsenal some of the biggest. After all, she is only five feet and somehow is making her size work to her advantage.

Ever since she was with NXT, Alexa has proved that her facial expressions tell the best kind of story about her and her emotions when she is in the ring. They are one of her biggest strengths and it seems she has found a way to adapt them into her ring entrance as well. Look at the above gif and tell me that those two seconds don't tell you everything you need to know about Alexa without her saying a single word.

17 New York Photoshoot

New York 🖤

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WWE was in Brooklyn New York once again for the biggest pay-per-view eventof the Summer (SummerSlam) and it seems that Alexa spent the time not only defending her Women's Championship and sightseeing but also having another professional photo shoot.

The former NXT star may have lost her Women's Championship to Sasha Banks in Brooklyn, but she claimed it back a week later and apparently made more than just memories on her first trip to Brooklyn as a WWE Champion. As seen in the image above that Alexa shared on her Instagram page, Alexa knows how to control a camera, she knows how to give her audience what they want and there is a reason she is fast becoming the most popular female wrestler in the company.

16 Natural Beauty

Hello, Pittsburgh 😘✌🏻 #littlemissbliss #alexabliss #raw #rawpittsburgh

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For a woman who gets beaten up for a living, it seems that Alexa managed to always look fantastic. Here she is showing off her perfectly arranged makeup and curled hair just hours after she arrived in Pittsburgh ahead of WWE Raw a few weeks ago.

Alexa has really made a brand for herself over the past year after she decided to jump on the hype from Suicide Squad and her likeness to super-villain Harley Quinn. It is this that has helped her to push through the Women's Division on both SmackDown and Raw in recent months and is now able to say that she can step into the ring with the best women in the business despite coming into the company without any prior wrestling experience only a few years ago.

15 She's Not Just A Pretty Face

Every now and then Alexa likes to remind the WWE Universe that she isn't just another female that has been signed to WWE to be a plastic mannequin. She is a former bodybuilder, competed at the Arnold Classic and (judging by the video above) she knows how to go hard at the gym as well.

Alexa is only five feet, which means that what she lacks in size she has to make up for in personality and skill, something that she manages quite well. Let's be honest, many fans enjoy sitting and seeing Alexa work out at the gym and seeing that the hard work she has been putting in over the past few years is finally paying off on WWE TV. Alexa is young enough to still have a lengthy career ahead of her in WWE as well.

14 Young Alexa Bliss

Via Pinterest.com

Alexa was a number of things before she became a female wrestler with WWE and it seems that she has always had a talent when it comes to standing in front of a camera. Whether it's photo shoots, promos or even just wrestling, Alexa always knows how to work a camera.

The above image was taken just after she was signed by WWE and it seems that Alexa was going for a different look to the one she is sporting in WWE right now. It's a rare photo of the former SmackDown Women's Champion without any colour in her hair, which means it must have been taken before she made her debut with blue highlights as a face superstar on the NXT brand back in 2014.

13 Lip Sync Battle!

That moment when your song hits ... 🙌🏻HAHAH From @niajaxwwe snap chat

A post shared by Lexi Kaufman (@alexa_bliss_wwe_) on

One thing that Alexa Bliss does have that works in her favor, is the fact that outside of the ring she is one of the most fun-loving superstars that WWE has. Alexa is always up for a joke or the odd prank on her friends, and her Instagram page is full of adventures that she has experienced with her fiancé Buddy Murphy and her best friend Nia Jax..

The above video was taken last year and it shows that Alexa isn't shy about making a fool of herself. She can show her fans that she is in fact a real person, she gets embarrassed, she does crazy things and she is just like her followers, something that her fans love her for.

12 Tough Beginnings

Alexa hasn't always been the straight talking, sassy star that is holding the Raw Women's Championship right now. When she made her debut on NXT back in 2014 she was still trying to find her feet and came out as a sort of blue fairy star who had her own glitter and jazzy skirt.

Alexa pushed hard for this gimmick to work and she perhaps fondly remembers it as it did manage to get over with the WWE Universe. But let's be honest, Alexa was never supposed to be a face superstar, not when she naturally plays a heel as well as she does. This fairy character may not have been Alexa's best gimmick, but it's the one that put her foot in the door and she probably fondly remembers it for that.

11 Booty Belt

Instagram is perhaps the best invention ever when it comes to the male demographic of the WWE Universe because they can now legally stalk all of their female wrestlers in a way that wasn't possible in the early 2000s.

The best part about Instagram as well is the videos that some of the wrestler's upload, like Alexa, who decided to show the WWE Universe just why she has one of the most popular booty's on the WWE roster. She works hard and has a thing called a "booty belt" that allows her to get great results for her posterior. I imagine this was a popular upload from the former NXT star and even though it was a subtle advertisement for the belt, Alexa's booty was the main star of the show.

10 Photo Shoot Queen

Via Youtube.com



Alexa was part of a WWE.com exclusive documentary earlier this year called "My daughter is a WWE superstar" where her family was finally able to talk in-depth about her life before WWE and the struggles that Alexa managed to overcome before she was signed to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

Alexa almost died when her struggle with anorexia got too extreme and it was bodybuilding and wanting to compete in the Arnold Classic that finally helped her to fight out of her eating disorder. It is thought that this is why Alexa is so addicted to working out and uploading pictures like this that show how great she looks because it reminds her of how far she has come and how much further she is willing to go to make herself proud.

9 Alexa And Buddy

The above image is Alexa Bliss showing just how great she can look when it's date night and she is allowed to dress like a girl and forget about stepping into the ring to hit someone for a few hours. Even when she's not in character, she looks absolutely stunning.

Unfortunately for all of the Blissfits out there, Alexa is taken. She has been dating Buddy Murphy since before the duo were put together in NXT. Earlier this year he got down on one knee and Alexa accepted his proposal. Their videos on Instagram prove that they are perfect for each other, have the same kind of sense of humour and that he is one of the most supportive people that Alexa has in her life.

8 Professional Footballer

The women of WWE are forced to take part in a number of photo shoots every year, these include themed shoots on Halloween and Christmas and sometimes Thanksgiving as well, but it seems that Alexa was asked to take part in a photoshoot in October 2016 where she was appealing to the football fans in the WWE Universe.

Alexa isn't a sports fan herself, she has stated on a number of occasions that she is more of a nerd and is a fan of Marvel and DC and superheroes rather than sports, which might be why she doesn't look very comfortable holding an American Football. That being said, there are  definitely a number of male members of the WWE Universe who think that this is the best image Alexa has ever shared.

7 Nightmare On Bliss Street

Alexa Bliss has worn some interesting attire over the past few years. She has shared her love of superheroes and comic book characters by dressing as Harley Quinn, Iron Man, The Riddler and a number of others, but her custom ring attire that was made in the style of Freddy Kruger will always be one of the most popular.

Bliss last brought this outfit out (made famous when she was teaming with Blake and Murphy down in NXT) on the SmackDown Halloween show back in October last year. Many fans who didn't watch NXT were able to see it for the first time and instantly loved that Alexa is a self-confessed horror movie fan as well, along with many other popular SmackDown superstars.

6 Blue Queen

Even though Alexa decided to dye her hair red to signify that she had become a bad guy alongside Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, the former SmackDown Women's Champion was able to relive her past and bring back the blue hair for one night only when she was part of the SmackDown female's Survivor Series match against Raw.

Alexa obviously had to show which side she was on so she quickly changed her hair colour to blue and wore matching attire to show that she was a SmackDown star. Sadly for her, the SmackDown women didn't really stand a chance against the dominance of Team Raw and she was easily eliminated by the Red Team. But despite the result, can we just take a minute to admire how incredible she looked?

5 Booty Pop

What better present for Christmas than this video that Natalya and Alexa Bliss shared last year that sees the duo booty popping each other? Nattie and Alexa haven't always seen eye to eye, but having a veteran and a former Divas Champion like Natalya showing Alexa the ropes when she first came to the main roster and was put on SmackDown Live had to be incredible for Alexa who was still fairly new to the business.

Despite many of the WWE Universe thinking that all of these women secretly hate each other backstage, these two prove that even the women who have the least in common and are the furthest away from two women you would consider friends can put all of their differences aside and enjoy some foolish fun at Christmas.

4 Happy Valentine's Day


A post shared by Lexi Kaufman (@alexa_bliss_wwe_) on

Were you lonely this Valentine's Day? Well, Alexa tried to make sure that each and every one of her Blissfits was as happy as she was on February 14th when she shared this image of herself that was taken during a regular WWE photo shoot that happens for Valentine's Day every year.

Alexa is stunning, she has become popular with the WWE Universe because she is one of the few women in WWE right now who can wrestle, act and work the mic, but she also has the added fact that she is absolutely stunning. This is the reason why many members of the male demographic are huge fans. It seemed that she wanted to ensure that the male demographic had a great Valentine's Day and that is why she shared the above image, which was very thoughtful of her.

3 Alexa On The Red Carpet

Hall of Fame red carpet ❤️ #WWE #wrestlemania #halloffame

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Alexa hasn't had a lot of occasions in her short WWE career where she was able to dress up and enjoy a night out at a classy event. This might change now that she's part of the next season of Total Divas, meaning she will be attending many more premieres for much more expensive shows, but for now it means that she has to make do with being part of The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony back in April.

Alexa was able to attend the ceremony just two days before she walked into WrestleMania 33 as the SmackDown Women's Champion. It was a dream come true for Alexa, the entire weekend was perfect for her and she was able to bring her mother along to reap the benefits of having such a talented daughter as well.

2 Alexa Does Nikki Bella Better than Nikki

via pinterest.com

This Gif went viral after Alexa decided to mock former Divas Champion Nikki Bella as she faced her in a match at a WWE live event back in 2016. Nikki Bella made the booty spin famous when she added it to her routine a number of years ago, but it seems that Alexa decided to show her that she could do it just as well.

The WWE Universe seemed to enjoy the fact that Alexa was being allowed to have much more fun in the ring on the main roster and things like this helped her to get over as a heel as soon as she began appearing on shows. This may be one of the most attractive things Alexa has ever done, and it seems that a number of her fans agree since the 39 second Youtube video has been viewed more than 300,000 times by fans.

1 Alexa Gets Extreme

via twitter.com

Alexa Bliss knows how to get extreme and if you ever doubted that, the image above proves that this girl would be too much for many males in the WWE Universe to handle.

Alexa faced Bayley in a Kendo Stick on a pole match at Extreme Rules earlier this year and the promo pictures that were released ahead of the event were much more interesting than the event itself. Alexa proves that she knows just how to dress and just how to act to pull off holding a barbed wire baseball bat. Alexa not only looks like she was completely ready to make history at Extreme Rules but also went on to defeat Bayley.

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