20 Crazy Incidents That Got Wrestlers FIRED From WWE

Every company in the world has to cut down on its staff once in a while, as the poor performance levels of these employees and their bad attitude get them fired and just like any other company, the multi-billion dollar WWE also has to make the tough decisions every year. WWE might be home to some of the most talented wrestlers in the world, but there are some wrestlers who can't seem to make it in the company as their poor performances and inability to impress the audience gets them fired whenever the WWE deems fit to release them.

While many of the firings in the WWE are quite understandable as some of the average wrestlers are only taking up the place of someone more valuable, but because of how much of a madman Vince McMahon really is, some other firings have been rather bizarre. The WWE is probably home to the craziest firings in the history of any company, as many superstars have been let go due to the weirdest reasons and mistakes they made while contracted with the company.

These employees are rather unlucky to have been let go by the company because of these crazy reasons, as we take a look at the 20 Crazy Incidents That Got Wrestlers Fired From The WWE.

20 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio has had a bittersweet relationship with WWE in all these years, as he enjoyed a lot of success with the promotion in his first stint, winning the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship and was solidified as a main-eventer. But in 2014, he was fired by the WWE for allegedly slapping an employee backstage and this stirred a lot of controversy because of what actually happened. The employee who Del Rio had slapped had actually racially abused the Mexican, which prompted Del Rio to teach him a lesson by giving him a hard slap on the face. But shockingly, instead of the WWE taking action against the employee, they went ahead and fired Del Rio. This ridiculous incident goes onto show how there's still some racial discrimination in the company, as the poor Del Rio who was going pretty strong at the time and was left to pack his bags while the real culprit would still be employed in the company.

19 Brad Maddox

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Brad Maddox might be the talk of the town in the wrestling world right now for all the wrong reasons, but he was in the headlines a few years back as well, when he was fired from the WWE for a very odd reason. The former Raw General Manager was obviously not that big of a star in the company, having to wrestle mostly dark matches or live events and it was during this time when he cut a promo which apparently offended the people in the WWE enough to let him go from the company. According to reports, Maddox was fired for calling the audience "cocky pr***s" during the promo, which the WWE deemed to be too offensive and fired Maddox. This is from the same company who advertized raunchy promos and behavior back in the days, as this PG era has destroyed the fun in the company and reduced it into a horrible child-friendly environment.

18 Paul London

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Paul London was quite the exciting individual in the WWE back in the days, as his tag-team days with Brian Kendrick on Smackdown made for some great memories as the two enthralled the audience with their amazing team-work and skills. London saw his WWE career take a dent when his team with Kendrick broke off, as his singles career was quite underwhelming and his end came in a rather somber fashion. During the segment leading up to Mr. McMahon "dying" because of his limousine blowing up, every wrestler he went passed was supposed to keep a straight face to keep the intensity of the situation, but London was caught on-screen smiling at the camera while McMahon passed by him. Although that "death" angle never went anywhere, London's mistake was fatal as he was punished for it for sometime by losing almost all his matches before he was fired by the WWE. His mistake was for smiling during a kayfabe segment as London would learn the hard way of how much of a fanatic WWE is when it comes to maintaining kayfabe in their programming.

17 Highlander Robbie

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Highlander Robbie is someone who many fans might not even remember, as he was part of an irrelevant tag team called "The Highlanders" who were two Scottish cousins trying to make it big in the WWE. Robbie didn't like his position with the company and how the team was being handled, as he would go onto attend a TNA show a few days before WrestleMania XXIV where the TNA camera's would catch his face and he'd be shown on TNA television. Sometime after that, he received a call from a WWE producer telling him to leave the arena immediately, which he did. But after that, he would not receive his WrestleMania pay check (of $5,000) and later was released by the company, as he got quite the cruel punishment for merely attending a TNA show. This crazy incident goes onto show how WWE don't want their superstars to appear in front any other major promotion's camera and Robbie found this out the hard way.

16 Abraham Washington

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Abraham Washington showed signs of a promising entertainer in the WWE a few years back, as he looked to be an entertaining manager when he debuted for the company. He managed the likes of Primo and Epico and later the Prime Time Players, initially rising to attention with his "Abraham Washington Show" in ECW. But Washington was let go by the WWE in quite the unlucky, undeserving way as he was fired for cracking a joke at Kobe Bryant. When Titus was wrestling in the ring, Washington shouted at ringside saying "Titus O'Neil is like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in a Colorado hotel room. He's unstoppable!!". WWE immediately issued an apology for this, as Washington was relieved of his duties a few weeks later as this was quite harsh on the promising manager who only did it for some cheap heat and nothing else, and this safety-first attitude of the WWE right now is quite awful and cost Washington his valuable job.

15 Muhammed Hassan

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Muhammed Hassan had the potential to be a top heel in the WWE if handled more carefully, as his Anti-American gimmick was taken to a whole new level and he garnered unreal heat from the audience at the time. But things soon spiralled out of control when in order to get him some more heat, Hassan was made to do something by the WWE which would later cost him his job. When his friend Daivari lost a match to The Undertaker on an episode of Smackdown, Hassan came out afterwards and started to "pray" to which some guys dressed completely in black and wearing ski masks came out and started to beat The Deadman. They would later carry Daivari to the back, as this was something which offended many (due to it taking place around the time of the London Bombings) including the TV networks who didn't want to showcase it and told the WWE to get Hassan off the WWE TV. Hassan was written out of TV, as he would later be fired for this awful incident as the WWE themselves made him do something like this but put the blame on him when the heat caught up to them and this goes onto show how Vince can do anything to get good ratings but this time he made a grave mistake by showing something horrible like this and this incident cost Hassan his treasured job.

14 Earl Hebner

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Earl Hebner was the referee who most recognized instantly when watching the WWE product, as he was involved in so much stuff over the years that it's almost impossible to forget about him. While Hebner had been working for the WWE for over a decade before being fired in 2005 for a very crazy incident. Hebner was apparently selling cheap copies of authentic WWE merchandise along with his identical twin brother Dave, as they also stole the digital arts files which were necessary to make the merchandise and supplied a lot of stuff to other dealers as well. Hebner might've been a veteran in the WWE, but him stealing from the company and running his own side-business was something which deserved to get him fired, as his greed cost him his job back then and made sure that he isn't returning to the company ever again.

13 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy might be enjoying a sensational return to the WWE, but he didn't really leave in the best of terms with the company back in 2010 when he was released after spending so much time in the promotion. Hardy was fired for the company for allegedly talking bad about the product online, as he often made videos and posts whining about what is wrong with the product and how they were misusing him. His continuous whining about the WWE product finally got the company to the breaking point, as they fired him after he did it a bit too many times as this was quite the crazy way to actually get fired from the WWE. Hardy was sick and tired of the way he was being handled by the company as his plan to get fired paid off in the end and he could go onto do better things in the Indy circuit and develop Broken Brilliance later on in TNA.

12 Kharma

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Kharma was quite the world-wide sensation when she came to the WWE, as this terrorizing monster of a woman would lay down a path of destruction in her first days with the company. But some weeks after debuting, Kharma would break down in the ring and later revealed that she was pregnant, and would return at a later date. But in reality, she had suffered a miscarriage in her real life and would gain a lot of weight after that, as the WWE would stall on her return despite her being ready to take over the Divas Division. She only got one more appearance when she was an entrant to the Royal Rumble match in 2012, as she'd later be fired by the WWE in a cruel manner. This woman who had just come off a miscarriage and gained a bit of weight(not that it matters considered her being pit as a monster heel) was fired unscrupulously by the company who proved right to those who say that for a woman to get in the WWE, looks comes before the actual talent.

11 Mr. Kennedy

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Mr. Kennedy looked to be set for something glorious in the WWE, as he had the charisma and the skill in the ring to become a potential main-eventer one day. He was even set to be Mr. McMahon's actual "illegitimate son" who would fight for the reigns of the company against Shane and Stephanie after McMahon's on-screen death(which never went through), but his violation of WWE's wellness policy and constant injury put an end to that. To rub salt on the wounds, when he did return from injury, he was fired from the WWE some-time afterwards after a match against Randy Orton. Orton would go to Vince McMahon himself after the match and complain about Kennedy being too stiff in the ring after a botched backdrop, as his friend John Cena would also help to convince Vince to fire Kennedy. Kennedy was a victim of the vicious backstage politics in the WWE, as this awful incident is something which shows just how much power backstage influence can get a wrestler in the WWE.

10 Raven

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Raven might have been a big hit in ECW which he ruled over for a number of years, but his days as a main-eventer were over when he came to the WWE during the late stages of the Attitude Era. He did win the Hardcore Championship numerous times and was the face of that division, but he never made it any further up the ladder and was later given the job of a booker for the company. It was here when things got difficult for him, as he was enraged about some of their policies, but he hit the nail on his coffin when he started to party with Shane McMahon. Apparently Shane would accompany him drinking, as they would party till late before a drunk Shane called up his dad and told him everything, as this led to his dismissal later on which is rather ridiculous. Shane wanted to party with Raven himself, but Vince couldn't take it as he would fire Raven for this as it shows how protective Vince is when it comes to family outside the product.

9 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie wasn't really hired by the WWE for her talent in the ring, as her stunning figure and looks is what impressed them to get her on their shows, as she later rose to popularity during her feud with Torrie Wilson. Marie would marry Wilson's real life dad Al and then kill him (kayfabe) on their honeymoon, as she would later be touted as this eye-candy rather than an actual woman wrestler. Marie had to take some time off for Maternity Leave in 2006 when she was pregnant, but was fired by the WWE during this time. This was something very cruel and wrong, as she would file a complaint in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as the case would later be settled. But this awful incident goes onto show just how cut-throat WWE really is, as this woman who was useless for some-time was released unscrupulously by them and they didn't even bat an eye about just how wrong it was.

8 Finlay

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Finlay was a much better wrestler than what he was portrayed to have been by the WWE, as he was an amazing technical wrestler who helped train many of WWE's developmental talent before stepping into the WWE ring himself. Finlay would become US Champion and is associated with Hornswoggle for most of his time, as he would later move into a more backstage role in the WWE as an agent. But in 2011, Finlay was fired by the WWE for a rather bizarre incident, as he authorized the interruption of the National Anthem during a WWE show and had The Miz interrupt it. He felt it would only help put more heat on him, but in turn got fired by the WWE as this actually offended many people(including the National Guards who attended the event) and Finlay had learnt his lesson from this crazy incident a few years later when he rejoined the WWE in the same backstage role again, and seems to be going great right now.

7 The Iron Sheik

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The Iron Sheik is remembered for being one of the earliest foreign heels in the WWE, as he did an excellent job as this Iranian who loved to abuse the United States and get good heat on him. The Sheik is also responsible for "kicking off" Hulkamania, as he was doing pretty well in the WWE before his arrest in 1987. In May 1987, The Iron Sheik and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan were arrested after being caught in a rather intoxicated state while they were travelling together. Duggan was under the influence of marijuana, while The Sheik was high on cocaine and there were traces of cocaine in the car as well. He was put to serve a year's probation and was fired by the WWE(but returned some-time later for a short stint), as this crazy incident is a proof on why the WWE developed the Wellness Policy after it gained some financial help as wrestlers like go really off the grid at times, and the arrogant Iron Sheik definitely crossed a line with this arrest and was rightfully fired.

6 Emma

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Emma has the talent to be in the thick of things in the Women's Division in the WWE, as her talent has been what has kept her in the WWE for such a long time. But Emma's dream of making it big was almost tarnished a few years ago, as she was fired after being arrested in 2014 for stealing from a Walmart store. She had actually forgotten to pay for an Ipad case she has self-checked from the store, and was made to appear in community court and was later released. She was immediately re-hired by the WWE, but this short firing was due to quite the bizarre incident which goes onto show the craziness these wrestlers go through on the road and how one tiny mistake can cost them their jobs at times.

5 Gangrel

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Gangrel had one of the creepiest gimmicks in WWE history when he appeared during the Attitude Era as the leader of "The Brood", as he was this vampire-like character who loved to give bloodbaths to those who opposed his stable. But after the Brood's story-line withered away, Gangrel was left to wrestle on his own as he had massive weight issues and that was beginning to become a problem for him to remain in the WWE. During a match, Gangrel apparently forgot to tuck his shirt in which revealed his belly and this enraged Vince McMahon, who gave him quite the punishment for it when he fired him after he did this deed. This is quite a crazy reason for firing an employee and regardless of him not being at his best shape, getting downright fired for showing a belly is outrageous and shows how much of a fanatic Vince is when it comes to his superstars having a proper figure.

4 Mr. Perfect

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Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig was probably one of the most under-utilized wrestlers in WWE history as he was quite truly "perfect" but didn't get the fame he deserved. Mr. Perfect was contracted with the WWE for quite a long time, including when he returned for a short stint in 2003 but this wouldn't really end on the best of notes. Hennig was involved in a mid-flight scuffle with Brock Lesnar, as he had challenged him to determine who the better amateur wrestler was. Brock won the fight as he took down Hennig who couldn't return the favor and they had to be separated by the other wrestlers on the plane. The whole blame was put on Hennig as he was fired by the WWE for this crazy incident, as the "Plane Ride From Hell" was kick-started with this ridiculous fight and while much of the fault was Hennig's, firing him for the incident was a bit harsh and goes onto show how little respect WWE had for him.

3 Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan might be a treasured person in the WWE right now as the General Manager of Smackdown Live! after announcing his in-ring retirement a year back, but he wasn't always this trusted and treasured by the WWE. When he was still part of "The Nexus" after they invaded the main roster, Bryan was actually fired by the WWE for being "too violent" on WWE Television. The "violence" was apparently because he was pretending to strangle announcer Justin Roberts too hard with his neck-tie, as he was fired for this ridiculous reason which goes onto show how WWE would do absolutely anything to keep their PG rating. Bryan was later obviously resigned by the WWE, as he says that WWE apologized to him for firing him and that they "had sponsors to deal with" because of which he was fired in the first place, as this shows how WWE wouldn't even hesitate a bit to fire a talent just to keep a clean face in front of sponsors and advertisers and how it's more about making money than looking after their own talent nowadays.

2 Jim Ross

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Jim Ross was the voice of the WWE during its much acclaimed "Attitude Era" and the "Ruthless Aggression Era" as well as he helped to solidify and create legendary characters with his immaculate commentary skills. Good Ol' JR was someone who helped get the audience pumped up with his commentary, but the way he was fired by the WWE a few years back is something which they should be really ashamed of. While it was first reported that Ross retired, that soon was revealed to be a lie as he was actually fired by the company for failing to control a drunk Ric Flair during a WWE 2k14 event. Apparently the drunk Flair was part of the panel and took over the show, talking about a lot of stuff which included funny stories as well about his dead son. So rather than taking some action against the Nature Boy, the blame was put on poor JR who was fired by the company after serving for them for decades and this horrible firing shows just how cruel WWE can be towards their most loyal of employees when they deem fit.

1 Nailz

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Nailz was quite the nasty character in WWE during the early 90s, as he was this ex-prison convict who was made to feud with his ex-prison guard The Big Boss Man as they had some explosive matches during the time. But after that was over, Nailz would grow into a frustrated individual and this led to him venting his frustration and anger towards the actual Boss. In December 1992, Nailz would argue with Vince over a financial dispute and would actually corner the boss, shouting him for 15 minutes. According to Bret Hart, he allegedly took down Vince and started to violently choke him for quite a long time, as he was rightfully fired after this insane incident. This also taught Vince McMahon a lesson on how exactly to handle explosive people in his company, as Nailz is probably the one guy who has been able to do something like trying to choke out the boss of the WWE.

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