20 Current WWE Wrestlers And Their Chances Of Ending Up In The Hall Of Fame

The WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony is one of the most anticipated WrestleMania-based events. It only comes second to WrestleMania itself and simply attending the event is considered a huge honor. Every wrestler who makes their way into WWE dreams that they will one day make a big enough name for themselves so that the can sit on that coveted list alongside the individuals who inspired them to get to where they are today.

Looking at the current roster of Superstars, it may not be easy to see what the future holds for the Hall of Fame. Of course, we have some wrestlers that are guaranteed shoo-ins for the award; those names include the likes of Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Kane, and John Cena. But once you get passed those names, it becomes a little harder to pinpoint exactly who can and will be considered one of the greatest wrestlers of this era.

Everyone has their own opinions about what qualifies an individual for such an honor. If there is one thing that can be said, those who make it into the Hall of Fame spend their entire lives pouring blood, sweat, and tears into our entertainment. We admire these people and we will forever be grateful for everything they bring and leave in that ring on a nightly basis. But will all of our favorites end up being honored for the rest of time? Or will some of their careers fall short enough for them to end up pushed aside?

We took a look at the current active roster in order to analyze a total of 20 wrestlers and tag teams, and their chances of ending up in the Hall of Fame. This list will not include individuals already listed as sure-fire entrants, nor will it include people such as Triple H and Daniel Bryan (both are also sure-fire entrants anyway), who spend the majority of their time on the show in an authoritative position. The list is also not in any sort of specified order and just because we did not include certain wrestlers on the list, it does not mean we do not feel they will eventually make their way into the Hall of Fame.

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20 The Usos: Yes

via pintrest.com

As members of professional wrestling's royal bloodline, it can be assumed that Jimmy and Jey Uso will one day sit alongside their father in the Hall of Fame. If our prediction is correct, it is all but guaranteed that they will be inducted as the team "The Usos," rather than being inducted individually. This only makes sense considering the fact that the chances of them splitting up and going down different paths in the singles division is very rare and, quite frankly, too late at his point. Even when they are in individual matches, those are based off of the team's current story line.

Now, it is possible that they don't end up gaining this honor because they're pretty stuck in a mid-card role; however, knowing that they are a part of the infamous Anoa'i family, WWE would not likely pass them up for this honor.

19 Mark Henry: Maybe 

via wrestlingwithtext.com

Mark Henry has definitely made a name for himself in the WWE. That name was Sexual Chocolate. He went over with fans during that time, but he has spent that majority of his career in the lower mid-card, which makes sense because other than his size, he's never had much of a "wow factor" about him.

Regardless of the fact that he is a WWE lifer, it isn't all that likely that we'll see him end up in the Hall of Fame. It isn't the fact that we don't think he deserves it, it's just the fact that he's going to be one of those wrestlers who will constantly go overlooked as an inductee.

At the same time, the WWE should acknowledge his commitment and loyalty to the company which spanned over two decades, along with the fact that he won a World Heavyweight Championship which solidified his career in the eyes of many as a future Hall of Fame inductee.

This is a tough one, so we're calling it a maybe...

18 Goldust: Yes

via tonerocksports.sportsblog.com

Another WWE lifer, this is one we feel will definitely make it into the Hall of Fame. Although the legacy he will leave behind is nowhere near the level that his father Dusty Rhodes left, it has definitely had an impact on the WWE.

Fans love him. They have always loved him. So WWE won't likely leave him off of the list of future inductees. In fact, we would be a bit surprised if he and his brother Cody (we still he'll come back) both end up inducted. Not necessarily together as one entry, but that is a possibility. Either way, it is a pretty safe bet to say that he will be wearing one of those rings at some point in the future. He definitely deserves it for everything he has given to the company and being one of the sons of Dusty Rhodes only solidifies this prediction.

17 Bray Wyatt: Maybe

via wwe.com

At the very most, Bray Wyatt has a 50/50 shot of ever ending up in the Hall of Fame. Even if you love him, you cannot sit there and try to tell us that he is much of a priority to the WWE. This entry honestly depends entirely on what the future will hold for him within the company; but if he were to stay on the same track he is currently on, that "maybe" would quickly turn into a hard "no."

A lot of us would love to see him make in it in HOF, but something big is going to have to be done with him if that is ever going to happen. 2017 will be a crucial year for the legacy of Bray Wyatt, so stay tuned folks.

16 The New Day: Yes

via cagesideseats.com

Since The New Day are a mere month and a half away from becoming the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history (Demolition currently holds that spot with 478 days), it's pretty likely that the trio will end up with a spot in the Hall of Fame.

This point can be argued. Demolition has not been inducted yet, so it poses the question of whether or not WWE will recognize The New Day's success within the company with this honor. Our answer? As long as they don't try to file lawsuits against WWE (Ax tried to get the rights for the "Demolition" name and gimmick in the mid-1990s and both Ax and Smash were part of that huge lawsuit in July of 2016 having to do with concussion related injuries), then they're probably set.

15 Nikki Bella: Maybe, with Brie

via gotceleb.com

Unlike her sure-fire future Hall of Fame boyfriend, Nikki Bella's status as an inductee is not as guaranteed. At the most, WWE may induct her if they choose to honor her and her twin-sister Brie together.

In her early days as a wrestler, she did not bring all that much to the ring that really impressed us. Yes, she has definitely improved and has that "record-breaking" title reign, but to say that she's anywhere near the level of other female inductees such as Lita or Trish Stratus is a stretch. She has a much better shot than most of the other female wrestlers currently in the WWE, but we believe this to be another 50/50 scenario. The chances of her being given this honor on her own are even more slim.

14 Finn Bálor: Yes

via wwe.com

Finn Bálor has been a fan favorite ever since he was the face of NXT and even with him being out for such a long time with such a serious injury, he remains as such. It doesn't matter when he returns, you can be sure that the entire arena and everyone watching at home will mark out unlike they have in a very long time.

He came up to the main roster and shot to the top. When he comes back, he'll still be there. So we would easily bet our last dollar that The Demon King will one day be a Hall of Famer. It will be well deserved too. He has earned everything that he has and will accomplish, and hopefully the WWE never ends up stifling that talent.

13 Dolph Ziggler: No

via nola.com

There are many fans within the WWE who would not hesitate to say that Dolph Ziggler deserves a future spot in the Hall of Fame, but the general consensus is that it's not going to happen. Even with his list of accomplishments and the fact that he doesn't disappoint as a face, a heel, in the ring, or on the mic; WWE has shown us that his place within the company is not valued nearly as much as it should be.

Ziggler will likely be considered for induction, but that will probably end in a "maybe next year" every single time until he ends up being forgotten. The only way it could happen is if WWE decides to finally put him in the main event for an extended and meaningful run. Since that isn't likely to happen, we will probably never see The Show-Off's face in the Hall of Fame.

12 Brock Lesnar: Yes

via cnet.com

The man who broke The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania is not going to be left out of the Hall of Fame. Look at all the people that Lesnar has faced and defeated and all of the accomplishments he has made during his time in the WWE.

He's been WWE Champion four times, he's the youngest person to ever win the WWE Title, he won a Royal Rumble, and was even a King of the Ring winner. There is no question about his status as a future Hall of Famer. We can even tell you that Paul Heyman is probably going to be the one who inducts him. It's just a matter of time until it happens. After he (likely) beats Goldberg at Survivor Series, there isn't much more that the WWE can do with The Beast that would compare to what he's already accomplished. We could even see his induction happening within the next few years if he ends up officially retiring from the WWE.

11 Cesaro: No

via thenational.ae

Another deserving wrestler who is not likely to have this honor bestowed upon them is Cesaro. He is pretty much in the exact same position as Dolph Ziggler, except the WWE fans are not yet starting to grow tired of Cesaro the way they seemed to be with Ziggler earlier this year. That does not make his chances at being given one of those rings any more likely, though. In fact, he is even more likely to not end up in the Hall of Fame because his list of accomplishments in the WWE is actually less impressive than Ziggler's.

However, he is very over with the crowd right now, so if the WWE was able to capitalize on that and give him a well-deserved push, his chances would improve. The problem is that they're not likely to take him away from what he has going on with Sheamus right now. Although it's enjoyable, it's not going to do him many favors in the future.

10 The Miz: Maybe

via wwe.com

If you look over all the championships and accomplishments he has during his time with the WWE and then combine that with the fact that The Miz took on strange roles in the company such as SmackDown's "host," it's easy to understand why we feel like The Miz has a higher chance of getting inducted into the Hall of Fame than guys like Cesaro and Ziggler.

Even though a good portion of his career has been spent in the mid-card, the majority of that time was in the upper mid-card. He has also been featured in the main event on a couple different occasions. If they're going to put current wrestlers at this level in the Hall of Fame, chances are that The Miz is going to be one of them. We leave him at a "maybe", but we are definitely leaning more towards a "yes" than a "no."

9 Charlotte: Yes

via wrestlingrumors.net

The daughter of Ric Flair is more than likely going to make it into the Hall of Fame based off of her name alone. If you add in the fact that Charlotte has been dominating ever since she joined the main roster, and that she main evented at Hell in a Cell in the first ever women's Hell in a Cell match, you've got the perfect recipe for a future Hall of Famer.

This is really amazing because she hasn't been on the main roster all that long, but she's already established herself as a game changer for the Women's Division. There are no questions here, Charlotte's name will be listed right next to her father's and her presence in the Hall is definitely something that will be more than deserved.

8 Sami Zayn: No

via youtube.com

Sami Zayn is one of the most over and loved wrestlers on WWE's roster right now, so this is one of those answers that we're not happy about admitting. But when we look at what the WWE has done with Zayn since he came up to the main roster and where it seems like they're heading with him, we can't help but feel like he could be the next Dolph Ziggler or Zack Ryder.

If WWE refuses to do anything more with him than what they are now, he'll never advance in the company. He'll be another enjoyable talent who was forgotten thanks to his position in the lower mid-card. The Hall of Fame isn't exactly full of those guys, so all we can do here is hope for a turn around in his career.

7 Sasha Banks: Yes

via gotceleb.com

Given the fact that Sasha Banks was the other competitor in WWE's first ever women's Hell in a Cell match, we know that The Boss already has a spot in the Hall of Fame with her name on it. When you make history in the WWE the way Charlotte and Sasha did, you know that your name will forever be engraved into the minds of wrestlers and fans alike.

Considering how hard she works and how quick the WWE was to push her to the top of the Women's Division, we can be sure that we will see a whole lot more from her in the future. That only solidifies the point that, one day, we will all be cheering Sasha on as she makes her Hall of Fame speech.

6 Enzo and Big Cass: Maybe

via wwe.com

These two are also some of the most over Superstars that WWE has at the moment and that's thanks to how much fun fans have when they come out to the ring. They're very similar to The New Day in that sense, which is exactly why they're listed as a maybe here.

However, their chances entirely depend on what the future holds for them. It could go either way. If nothing new is ever done with them, then no. They won't make it into the HOF based only on what they're doing now. But if we see real progression in their characters and they are allowed to show how hard they can go in the ring, they have a real chance. Enzo and Cass may not be shoo-ins for the Hall, but they definitely have a decent chance at the honor — which is something that not a lot of people at their level have yet.

5 Seth Rollins: Yes

via inquisitr.com

Being called the modern-day Shawn Michaels is basically the equivalent of handing that person their future Hall of Fame ring right then and there. It's very hard to argue the fact that Rollins is a guaranteed future Hall of Famer, even given the controversy that he's been involved with since he started with the WWE.

He's likely going to end up being an individual inductee, but he could also end up being inducted as a member of The Shield. Seth has taken the main event scene by storm since turning on his Shield brothers and he will continue to do just that until he decides it's time to hang his boots up for good. But what else can you expect from someone with a resume such as his? He's the complete package.

4 Roman Reigns: Yes

via pintrest.com

A lot of people are going to hate seeing him on this list as a "yes," but even the biggest Roman Reigns haters would have a hard time denying that "The Guy" is going to end up in the Hall of Fame. Just like his cousins, The Usos, his bloodline is more than enough to qualify him as a future Hall of Famer when looking at past inductees. He was also a member of arguably one of the best stables in WWE's modern day history: The Shield.

He'll likely not only going to make it in as an individual, but as a member of this faction as well. WWE is proud of having Reigns and he's not going away any time soon, especially since he gets such a huge reaction from fans, be it boos or cheers. So while a lot of you may hate it, you might as well just get used to it. Roman Reigns will be in the Hall whenever he decides that it's time to hang his boots up.

3 Dean Ambrose: Yes

via wrestlingphoto.tumblr.com

Dean Ambrose has been losing some of his popularity in the WWE recently, but that doesn't do much to sway our answer away from a yes when it comes to him. His chances of being inducted into the Hall of Fame are high and unless something major happens to derail everything he's made for himself, he's a sure-fire inductee.

Just like Reigns and Rollins, he has a shot of being inducted as a member of The Shield. He could also very well end up as an individual inductee, especially if the WWE were to loosen the leash they have him on right now. He's a great performer and although he's been heavily watered down by the company, he's still managed to impress most of us. We'll be surprised if the WWE never ends up inducting him, that's for sure.

2 A.J. Styles: Yes

via phoenixnewtimes.com

The only reason that The Phenomenal One would not end up in the Hall of Fame is if WWE decided not to induct him because of the fact that he made such a huge name for himself before being signed by them. However, considering Sting is in there all thanks to everything he accomplished before the WWE, we can promise you that Styles has this one in the bag.

Yeah, he's a bit older and will likely retire sooner than most of the people on this list, but he's going to end up with quite a few more accomplishments before that happens. And even if he doesn't, he could retire today and still end up with one of those rings. He's a lock. No doubt about it.

1 Kevin Owens: Yes

via inquisitr.com

Much like a few of the other wrestlers we gave a yes, Owens has accomplished so much in the two years that he's been with the WWE that we're comfortable giving him a "yes." One of those accomplishments is that he is — hands down — one of the best heels in WWE right now, if not one of the best wrestlers all around on the current roster.

He's likely to stay very comfortable in the main event picture for a long time to come and as long as he keeps bringing everything he brings now (or even more), there's no way that Owens won't end up in the Hall of Fame once he finally decides to retire. The only logical reason that this would not happen is if WWE's creative team really screws his career up. Even then, we're pretty sure that Owens is great enough to make anything work for himself.

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