20 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Have Gone Through Shocking Transformations In The Past

Becoming a WWE Superstar isn't easy, as a person has to be not only properly equipped in terms of skills in the ring but also has to have a presentable personality and looks so that the audience notices them in their work. A superstar has to look the part and has to be entertaining on the microphone as well in order to get the audience hooked into the product, while also excelling in the ring in order to become a top superstar and go onto headline shows.

So when a wrestler comes into the WWE, they not only have to adapt to the competitive surroundings but have to quickly get to work in order to shape themselves as a perfect WWE Superstar. They need to work on their personality in order to get the proper gimmick in the company and most importantly have to work on their figures which is one of the most important aspects of being a WWE Superstar. Not every WWE superstar is fit or has the look when they come into the company, as they have to work really hard in order to get to shape and look according to what their character demands.

These wrestlers often have to undergo rigorous training and go through some shocking transformations right before our eyes.

20 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks might currently hold herself high in the Women's Division as "The Boss", but she has also had to work from scratch to get to where she is right now. Banks wrestled many years, impressing in the Independent scene before being recruited by the WWE, as she didn't look like a WWE start at all when she first appeared in the company. She has had to work really hard to get into the proper shape of a WWE Diva, as her "Boss" gimmick is also a reason why she's so popular amongst the WWE fans and her amazing wrestling skills also have the fans holding her in high regard. Banks' transformation ever since arriving at the company is commendable, as her determination to be the best has lead her to where she is right now and made her a top woman in the company.

19 Rusev

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Rusev might have lost his dominating nature this year, but he's still a wrestler with bags of potential and still has time at his side in the WWE, as the Bulgarian Brute has the name of a main-event heel written all over him. He didn't look like someone one could take seriously when he initially debuted in the company, as he looked sort of out of place and lacked that personality to really excel in the WWE. But when he was teamed up with Lana (now his wife), something in him changed as he started to bulk up to look like a proper monster heel and also looked like someone one could hate just by looking at him. His transformation from the rookie to the professional is glaring in this picture, as you could see how the Bulgarian Brute became one in spectacular fashion and will hopefully reap the rewards of his impressive work soon enough.

18 AJ Styles

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"The Phenomenal One" AJ Styles has deserved his name thoroughly, as his amazing work in the past is paying off as he's one of the top guys in WWE right now. Styles stunned many when he debuted in the Royal Rumble last year, as he would then go onto have an extraordinary 2016 where he defeated John Cena CLEAN in a feud and ended as WWE Champion. Styles has had to work really hard to get to where he is now, as he was more commonly known as the goodie underdog in TNA where he exceeded expectations and got the attention of fans all over. But his transformation from that kid to the veteran he is right now is spectacular, as he even looks like a proper WWE wrestler right now but still wrestles like the young performer he was in TNA. Styles's phenomenal transformation in the past few years is the reason why he's at such a lavish place in the WWE right now, as the Phenomenal One's hard work is paying off now that he's at the top of the food chain in wrestling.

17 Tye Dillinger

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It's indeed quite shocking to realize that Tye Dillinger has been working his butt off in the WWE for almost a decade now to get to the top, as he only made a break-through some years back when his "Perfect 10!" gimmick got over. Dillinger has struggled to get the right gimmick and didn't look that good either in the past but has worked extremely hard to get to a popular place in the WWE. His transformation in the past few years has been amazing, as he has not only gotten popular due to a superb gimmick, but his physique has also become really well-toned and shaped and this terrific transformation of personality and looks in the past few years has helped Dillinger get to where he is now.

16 Baron Corbin

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Before he was laying a path of destruction in the WWE, Baron Corbin was actually a Football Player who impressed at his college level football before getting the professional call. But things didn't go that well for him, as he could only play for a few years before an injury forced him to retire from football and join wrestling, something which would prove to be quite fruitful for him. But Corbin wasn't in the best shape when he came to the WWE, as he looked actually quite bulky and overweight as a football player and had to lose some weight in order to attain a WWE wrestler's figure. He became quite lean as his shocking transformation from his developmental days to his beastly figure right now shows how much he worked to attain his lean, amazing figure and deserves all the success that is coming to him after showing his dedication for the product all these years.

15 Luke Harper

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Before he was a terrorizing member of the Wyatt Family, Luke Harper was a veteran in the Independent scene as he wrestled for many well-known Indy promotions before getting the call from upstairs. Harper would fit in really nicely with the Wyatt Family because of his scruffy looks and wrestling style, but he wasn't always like this as he had to work his body to get it to the proper shape for his role. Harper was rather skinny and less muscular before he was in the WWE, as his transformation to a destructive member of the Wyatt Family has been absolutely astonishing and goes onto show how much he has had to work in order to get to the proper shape of becoming an intimidating WWE superstar.

14 Charlotte

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Charlotte might be the Queen of the Women's Division and the core reason for the uplifting of the status of Women's Wrestling in the WWE in the past few years, but even she has had to work really hard to get to where she is. The daughter of Ric Flair did get into the WWE because of her father's name, but since then it's been all up to her to display her talent and get ahead in merit and nothing else, as she debuted looking quite skinny and less bulky for a WWE wrestler. While she was amazing in the ring, she was lacking the looks of a top diva which she worked on all these years and currently looks like the Queen she proclaims to be. Her amazing transformation in the past few years where she made herself look sexy yet strong at the same time shows the genes in her, as she's in her absolute prime right now and will take the Women's Division to newer heights if she can continue this amazing run in the next few years.

13 Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore might be the realest guy in the room right now in the WWE, as the trash-talking superstar has attained a lot of popularity in the past few years with his work on the mic and as a tough dude in the ring. But he always didn't look this cool, as Enzo was doing various jobs before being recruited into WWE's developmental system and didn't look so good when he first arrived at the job. He looked quite geeky with his figure and all those tattoos on, as he had to get a major make-over in order to be presentable to the WWE audience. He changed up his style and personality to become quite the tough, lovable cookie in NXT and with Big Cass has entertained the audiences for years now, as his amazing transformation from this geek looking non-wrestler to this trash-talking wrestler has shown its rewards for him in the past few years.

12 Cesaro

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Cesaro might be a heavily under-pushed wrestler in the WWE because of how amazingly multi-talented he is, but he has flourished ever since arriving in the WWE some years back. Before he was in the WWE, he was an extremely popular wrestler in the Indy circuit where he impressed in promotions like Ring of Honor, Chikara and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. But his transformation from the hairy, entertaining guy to the bald, "WWE guy" has been nothing short of extraordinary as Cesaro has worked his body to the limit in order to be in the good books of the company. While he might not have "grabbed the brass rings" yet for whatsoever reason, he still is one of the better looking wrestlers in the company right now as his sensational transformation from his Indy looks to looking like WWE's own James Bond goes onto show the amount of talent this guy has and how badly he's being held back in the company.

11 Alexa Bliss

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Alex Bliss might now be the wicked witch of the Women's Division, but she wasn't always this evil as she initially portrayed a more sweet, fun-loving character while still on NXT. Bliss looked like and even acted like an angel while she was still in a face, as she was this goodie character whom many liked but couldn't really take seriously. But with an amazing heel turn to align with Blake and Murphy, she started to portray an evil character which made everyone turn their attention to her, as her sensational transformation from the good-natured face to the evil "wicked witch" is what has made her into one of the top women on Raw right now, as her appearance and personality both changed amazingly and her excellent choice to turn heel is turning out to be amazing for her right now.

10 Neville

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Neville is on quite the momentum right now, as the self-proclaimed "King of the Cruiserweights" has taken the Cruiserweight Division by a storm ever since debuting in it as a wicked heel. His work has been top-notch so far as he also looks absolutely ripped with all those abs and amazing figure, something on which he has worked on for a long time now. He didn't always look this good, as he looked quite ordinary when he first came to the WWE with all the Independent experience with him, as even someone as talented as Neville has had to work his body to the limit in order to attain the amazing shape he is right now. His incredible transformation over the years shows his love for wrestling, as he is currently getting his rewards for his hard-work and has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps up his superb work.

9 Luke Gallows

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Luke Gallows has come a LONG way in the WWE, as many would actually fail to remember that he was in the company some years back as the mentally disabled Festus. He portrayed this mentally challenged guy who woke up when the ring-bell rung and destroyed his opponents, but his weird gimmick could only take him so long as he was fired some years after his initial debut. But after impressing in the Independent scene and aligning himself with Karl Anderson, both of them were signed by the WWE as Gallows is now portraying a tough, destructive individual who loves to be mean to everyone. It's said that even Vince McMahon doesn't remember Gallows being the one who portrayed Festus, and you can't really blame him as the transformation is quite shocking in this case.

8 The Miz

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The Miz is definitely an "A-lister" in the WWE right now, as his amazing work for Smackdown Live! after the brand extension has him in the awe of many fans right now. But he has been performing amazingly for a number of years now as a heel, as might have debuted as a stuttering geek but has come a long way since. His physical transformation has been nothing short of spectacular either, as he look like a skinny geek before the WWE and has since made himself into a superstar who represents the company really well. He looks like a proper A-lister right now, something he didn't when he initially debuted in the company as his hard work to get to the proper physique while keeping his heel excellence in tact is what makes him deserve all the praise he's getting right now.

7 Jinder Mahal

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Jinder Mahal isn't in the best of places in the WWE, as he looked promising in his tag team with Rusev, but after that partnership has ended, not many know what WWE is going to do with his character. But Mahal has shown great resolve to be in the good books of the company all these years, as he first appeared in around 2011 as this arrogant Indian and soon became a part of 3MB. He did well in the entertaining segments of the stable, but was fired later on and reappeared after the brand extension when he was signed to Raw. He has shown a stunning transformation in terms of physique since then, as he looks absolutely ripped right now(many speculate it could be due to steroids) and looks like a proper wrestler, as his figure is what is keeping him in the company right now and giving him opportunities to show his skills in terms of the TV audience all this while.

6 Dolph Ziggler

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be going nowhere recently and needs something better to get back the attention of the fans. Ziggler might not be experiencing the best years in the company for some-time now, but he's been here for almost a decade now as he originally debuted as a member of the Spirit Squad in Nicky. Nicky was a complete geek whom no-one could take seriously, but his incredible transformation from the male cheerleader to the Showoff has been nothing but incredible as that gimmick is still going pretty strong for Ziggler, who regardless of his character's position has a lot of popularity amongst the fans. His amazing transformation in his physical outlook is why he's still in the company, as fans would hope that WWE stop using him as a filler and take him more seriously before he calls it quits from the company.

5 The Big Show

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The Big Show has been kept on top by the WWE for all these years because of how "Big" he really is, as the World's Largest Athlete has been an amazing servant for the company all these years. But Show hasn't really taken that much care of his figure, as he always was kept to be this large and rather overweight by the WWE who wanted to build him like a monster and use him in various feuds. But the World's Largest Athlete started to work on his figure some-time back, as he has worked amazingly to go through with a spectacular transformation in the past few years. He's currently looking the best he has in years, as he has lost a lot of weight and actually has abs instead of fat, as this amazing transformation goes onto show his dedication for the product and how he can work just in order to entertain wrestling fans for a bit more time.

4 Samoa Joe

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"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe has been termed as more of a destroyer in the WWE so far, as he has been booked really strongly in both NXT and his main roster stint so far and is looking to be in for a promising run in the near future. Joe was one of the top talents to have not been signed by the WWE until a few years back when he finally signed on with NXT, where he became a two time NXT Champion as well. But Joe looks completely different from what he did when he was starting to rise in the wrestling industry in TNA, as he looks so skinny and frail compared to the proper buffed up monster he looks like right now. This picture shows his incredible transformation for when he first tried in the company(in around 2001) and wrestled on an episode of Jakked and how different he looks to this almost unrecognizable wrestler. Joe's amazing hard-work and dedication was the reason he could make it in the WWE so well, as he worked hard for all these years to achieve his goal and now that he has done so, sky's the limit for the Destroyer.

3 Braun Strowman

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Braun Strowman might be the Monster Among Men in the WWE, but he has had to work really hard to get to where he is right now. Strowman debuted as the Black Sheep and a member of the Wyatt Family, as he laid destruction at his path to get into the attention of many who were undermining him at first. His run last year especially was amazing, as his impressive in-ring work and intimidating nature makes him WWE's next "big" heel. But his transformation is something nobody can deny, as he originally was a "rosebud" who carried Adam Rose to the ring, as this picture shows how he changed from that overweight,, foolish rosebud to the ripped beast he is right now who can pull of moves not many could imagine. Strowman's development and transformation from a valet to a monster is nothing short of spectacular and his superb work has made sure that there's something special down the road for the monster among men.

2 Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt finally climbed the ladder to WWE's elite recently, when he won his first singles title in the WWE Championship and will much deservedly head to WrestleMania 33 as WWE Champion. But before Bray Wyatt was even a thing, Windham Rotunda was Husky Harris who was this overweight, bulky member of the Nexus. Husky couldn't really do anything to impress the fans, so he was quickly discarded and Bray Wyatt was born some-time later, as Wyatt's incredible transformation from this overweight, irrelevant Husky Harris to the Eater of Worlds is nothing short of extraordinary. One can only imagine how hard he had to work to lose some of his weight and become this unique, risky personality who is extremely difficult to portray and the fact that Wyatt does it with such conviction week in and week out shows the talent of the guy. Wyatt's stunning transformation over the past few years shows his dedication to become a great wrestler and he's reaping his rewards with the WWE Championship under his belt and at the rate he's improving at, the "Era Of Wyatt" isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

1 Seth Rollins

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"The Man" Seth Rollins is currently looking to be in the best shape of his life, and even though he might have succumbed to some unfortunate injuries in the past, he'll be back to his best in no-time. Rollins has grown so much ever since debuting as part of the Shield, as he portrayed a really hate-able heel and is playing a rather compelling face as well and his transformation in the past few years is spectacular. But his transformation physically in the past is nothing short of sensational either, as he looked quite skinny and ordinary looking in his Indy days as it can be seen in this picture. But he has grown from a kid to the Man in the WWE over the past few years, as his physique has improved drastically as well as he looks amazing with the perfect body for a wrestler and looks to be in a top shape when it comes to moving around the ring as well. Rollins will eventually bounce back from the injuries as he has shown in the past how he is a beast when it comes to training and recovering, and going by how amazingly he can transform himself to attain his best shape, it's only a matter of time before he regains his place at the top once more.

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