20 Divas Who Should ALWAYS Be Wearing Yoga Pants

Does the name Chip Wilson look familiar? Probably not, his name isn't quite as big as most other celebrities, but he's made a contribution to the life of every heterosexual man in the civilized world. Chip Wilson is the man who founded Lululemon Athletica, the company that specializes in those magical yoga pants that make even less-than-toned butts and legs look out of this world.

Going back to Chip Wilson, he's one of those guys who we all owe a beer. He's a shining example of how capitalism benefits everyone. Wilson came up with a solid product, sold it at a competitive price, and everyone involved who likes to look good or likes to check out others while they look good, saw an increase in their overall happiness. Seriously though, the only people who dislike yoga pants probably work for the North Koreans.

The world of wrestling has benefited from the rise of yoga pants and the increasing influence of social media on our lives. Because of sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, fans can now check out their favorite ladies during and after workouts and what are they wearing more often than not? The fit, stunning babes who grace the WWE ring are decked out in yoga pants, of course. Few celebrities bring fitter bodies to the world wide web than a WWE Diva. These girls aren't built just to look good but also to be able to sustain some punishment (we all know it's scripted, but the action, pain and training are real).

We must be heading somewhere with all this talk of sexy women and tight, form-fitting pants, right? Yes, friends, we've collected a series of WWE women, both past and present who look the best in yoga pants and should therefore wear them all the time. While we included a lot of current roster babes and a few recent releases, we threw in a few blasts from the past who still look out of this world for the sake of nostalgia.

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20 Alicia Fox

via i0.wp.com

Thirty years old this year, Alicia Fox is a relative veteran among the ladies on the current roster. A few years ago in 2010, she became the first African American woman to hold the Divas Championship, beating Maryse, Gail Kim and Eve Torres in a fatal four-way match. Standing at about 5'9", she's on the tall side and has a great set of legs that are perfectly shown off in this picture. If you can't get enough of her, she used to be a regular on Total Divas and still gets on the show from time to time. We've been fans for years and think she is a very solid choice to start this list of stunning women who should be in yoga pants all the time.

19 Torrie Wilson

via instagram.com

This may make you feel old, but Torrie Wilson is in her forties now. We apologize to those of you who are devastated, but we're also not in charge of your self esteem, that's your job. Despite her age, she still looks absolutely incredible. Actually, incredible may not do it justice. She's still incredibly fit, has kept plenty of the youth in her face, and while she doesn't compete anymore, she looks like she could if she wanted to. Of course, she was one of those wonderful ladies who posed for Playboy (she actually posed twice, once with Sable: sweet Jesus that was hot), so you can pretty much see whatever you want of her, yoga pants or not. With that said, she looks incredible in tight workout gear and doesn't pose nude anymore, so it's the best we're getting these days.

18 Maryse

via instagram.com

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin is a lucky dude. We don't need to say it but wow, look what he comes home to at the end of the day and this is just what she looks like in the gym. Even when she isn't looking unbelievable, Maryse is a multi-talented beauty who also has some entrepreneurial interests including real estate and her own clothing line. Back in the day, she could also handle herself in the ring, winning two Divas Championships over the course of her in-ring career. Of course, a woman who can throw some bills on the pile of is always welcome, right gents? She still participates in WWE, but she's primarily The Miz' eye candy manager these days and she's done plenty to make The Miz relevant again.

17 Cameron

via dailywrestlingnews.com

She retired just a few months ago and we already miss her. Pictures like this don't help either, actually they make it far too painful. Her last loss was to a newfound talent recently called up from NXT, Alexa Bliss (more on her later by the way). Her wrestling adventure started just over five years ago when she participated in Diva Search and Tough Enough, getting sent to Florida Championship Wrestling after the latter. A little over a year later in 2012 she got onto the main roster and joining Naomi as a Funkadactyl, though that obviously didn't go too well for them.

While we all miss her, pictures like these will live on forever, showing off her great body; just perfect for yoga pants.

16 Kaitlyn

via tuttowrestling.com

One of a few Divas who started out in bodybuilding and fitness modeling, Kaitlyn was always able to walk that difficult line between "cut and sexy" and "overly muscular to the point of not being attractive." In the ring, she was a force, enjoying a terrific feud against her friend AJ Lee and even winning the Divas Championship at one point.

Since her retirement, she has been an active businesswoman, starting a clothing line, and working with her bodybuilder husband PJ Braun's nutrition and fitness company. But we'll always remember the tush. Firm and strong, Kaitlyn was by no means thin, but had a set of legs and buns as sexy as they were powerful. Take a look at her Instagram page and you'll get exactly what we mean.

15 Brie Bella

via gotceleb.com

Of course the Bella Twins are on this list and really, was there ever any doubt? Yeah, spoiler alert, Nikki is later on and while plenty of dudes out there may think Brie is better looking, we're firmly in Nikki country when it comes to which one looks better in yoga gear, so naturally she's going to be a little higher in the ranking. Right now she's expecting and, of course, her husband Daniel Bryan is one of the luckiest dudes ever to enter the ring, and not just because he was a hugely successful WWE Champion.

Brie and her sister both have incredible, toned bodies and this lovely woman goes with yoga pants the same way a cold beer goes with a hot summer afternoon.

14 Rosa Mendes

via dailywrestlingnews.com

We haven't seen much of Rosa Mendes for almost a year and while that is a crying shame, we can't be too mad, as she had a kid and is, you know, busy raising the thing. One needs a work/life balance and so on. But with that said, our fond memories are well-founded, as she is in possession of one of the finest posteriors the wrestling world has ever seen. When we say "has ever seen" by the way, we mean it, as she suffered a "pants-pulling" wardrobe malfunction two years ago that exposed most of both cheeks. Now about ten years into her wrestling career, having managed a few big names, we can't wait to see if this gorgeous Canadian (who is usually billed from Costa Rica or California) returns to the ring. With a gym selfie game like this, how can we not?

13 Natalya

via instagram.com

That Hart family have good genetics. While the wrestling family may be physically impressive specimens for what they do in the ring, the way Natalya looks serves as another example. There is something special in the water out there in Calgary, Alberta. Now in her mid 30s and working on SmackDown, she looks as good as she ever has. She's been working in the WWE (including developmental promotions) for almost ten years and held the Divas Championship back in 2010.

While there are thinner ladies in WWE, Natalya's relatively muscular frame is by no means a detriment to how stunning she is. Needless to say, yoga pants are always a good bet for someone as fit as this.

12 Naomi

via ultraimg.com

We mentioned the other Funkadactyl earlier, but this list would be incomplete without Naomi. More recently and most memorably in 2014 and 2015, Naomi was managing Jay and Jimmy Uso, and of course, her relationship with Jimmy was not only in ring but also in real life, as they married in early 2014. Earlier this year she was drafted to Smackdown. If you can't get enough of Naomi, we have good news for you, as she'll be starring alongside The Miz and Maryse in The Marine 5: Battleground, which will likely be a low price tag, limited talent, good time shoot-em up mess in 2017. Naomi is one incredibly fit woman, with an an eye-catching set of legs that absolutely always belong in yoga pants.

11 Becky Lynch

via instagram.com

Can you talk about gorgeous WWE Divas these days without mentioning Becky Lynch? You can, but you probably shouldn't because you'd be wasting everyone's time. The fiery red hair, the delightful (and thankfully comprehensible) Irish accent, the cute face and body all form a heck of an entertainer. She's been on the main WWE roster, after a successful period with NXT, since mid 2015 and is one of the most popular ladies on the roster, as she currently holds the SmackDown Women's Championship. She's a tough girl and has been wrestling for well over a decade, and it shows. She's something special to look at when she's in the gym and we can't deny that we love seeing shots of her in yoga pants.

10 Lana

via twitter.com

Known by fans as The Ravishing Russian valet of Rusev (and his wife in real life) Lana is actually Catherine (C.J.) Perry of Florida. She's also quite multi-talented and has sang, and acted, including parts in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. We'll be honest, we aren't even that disappointed in the fact that she barely ever actually wrestles; when you look that good, who cares, as long as she's on the screen. She has one incredible gimmick as well. Don't even pretend that the powerful, business-savvy, intimidating Russian thing isn't an instant turn on. The sexy business suits are almost as flattering to her body as yoga pants, though the yoga pants win out by a little bit, as seen above. From Russia with...wow!

9 Alexa Bliss

via heartyhosting.com

Despite having been brought onto the main roster just a few months ago, everyone is getting excited about the stunning, tiny, sexy little blonde we know as Alexa Bliss. A former body builder, she's as strong as she is beautiful and that new Harley Quinn themed gimmick she has going on may be the hottest thing in wrestling over on SmackDown. Bliss has spent a lot of her life in gyms since a rough patch in her life when she suffered from an eating disorder. She took up working out and bodybuilding to help her gain weight and love her body, which has worked magnificently. As you can see, tight workout gear comes in handy to show off her near-perfect, toned body.

8 Trish Stratus

via bluelionsports.com

This one might be cheating on our part. To be fair, Trish Stratus is a yoga instructor right now, so she does spend a lot of time in yoga pants, as she should. While she has made sporadic appearances in the wrestling community since her retirement almost a decade ago, most of her time is spent doing other things, one of which is yoga, at her studio just outside of Toronto, Canada. Back in her day, Trish was considered one of the best female wrestlers around and was an inspiration for many of the current female wrestling stars.

Much like some of the other former Divas who are around forty, Trish looks about as good as she ever has (bordering on perfect) and may serve as one of the best examples of what yoga can do for a body.

7 Sasha Banks

via pwpix.net

Not everyone knows this yet, but Sasha Banks is only 24 years old. While she isn't a child by any means, 24 is a young age to have held the NXT Women's Championship and the Raw Women's Championship. What can we say, she's a beautiful woman and puts on a great show. She's one of the WWE Universe's favorite wrestlers, regardless of his gender, as she seems to always steal the show when given time to work a proper match. Not to mention that she is Snoop Dogg's cousin, because that most definitely counts for something.

But moving on to the point we're dealing with here, the tight spandex. Sasha Banks has a rocking body and her gym selfies are among the finest out there.

6 Nikki Bella

via pintrest.com

An interesting bit of information that got dropped recently was that WWE producers tried to persuade Brie Bella to get breast implants. Ever wondered what Brie Bella would look like with a set of manufactured breasts? Look no further than her fine sister, Nikki.

Like we said before, these two do have noticeable differences and without getting into too much detail, Brie is prettier, but Nikki has a nicer body and is generally "hotter" in terms of sex appeal as opposed to just beauty. Remember when we said that Brie's man Daniel Bryan is one of the luckiest dudes in the wrestling business? Well, it goes without saying that we feel the same way about John Cena. Just look at what walks around that guy's home. Damn.

5 Stacy Keibler

via blogspot.com

The woman attached to some of the nicest legs in the history of show business (let alone just wrestling) has a place on a list like this no matter what. Since her time managing the likes of wrestlers like Test and Scott Steiner (for example), she has moved onto other things, including acting. But for sports fans, she'll always be known as the legs of WCW/WWE. She stands just under six feet tall and is one of the tallest women ever to work for WWE.

Now retired and not doing much of anything other than raising her daughter, who was born two years ago, fans will never forget that body, which still looks fantastic in a pair of tight workout pants.

4 Sara Lee

via instagram.com

Sara Lee never became a huge hit in the world of wrestling. In 2015, she became the winner of Tough Enough and got a quarter million dollar, one year contract with WWE. She didn't achieve much in the way of stardom and after a year in NXT, she was released. Who knows if we'll be seeing her again (we probably won't). She's currently expecting a kid with fellow NXT talent Wesley Blake.

While she wasn't the greatest performer to come out of the show, and her time in the WWE was short, one thing she does have going for her is a world class body. Toned, slim, with a really cute face to match. While it is unfortunate that we likely won't be seeing her again, we'll always have the memories...those few, great memories.

3 Summer Rae

via allwrestlingnews.com

One of the most stunning roster members currently assigned to RawSummer Rae is another tall diva with incredible legs and a behind to match. A multi-talented athlete, she actually played in the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League) for a few seasons, suiting up for the Chicago Bliss. In mid 2011, she signed on with WWE and joined FCW for training. In 2014, she joined the main roster and spent some time as Fandango's dancing valet, before moving onto other gimmicks that weren't successful either. She hasn't wrestled in a few months due to injury, but we can't wait for her to get back. Look at that body, she can't do this to us much longer, it may but nearing December, but we need more Summer.

2 Paige

via imgur.com

Even though she's in the middle of a suspension right now for violating that pesky wellness policy, we still can't say enough things about Paige. The beautiful, British babe with dark hair and eyes contrasted with pale complexion is something special to look at and an impressive performer in the ring, taking the WWE Universe by storm when she made her debut after WrestleMania XXX. Of course, we can't leave out how fantastic she looks in the gym (or wherever she may happen to be while wearing yoga pants).

The two time Divas Champion, who we are sorry to report/remind you, got engaged last month (damn you, Alberto Del Rio), has a look and attitude all her own, and we have to say, everything about her works flawlessly with yoga pants.

1 Eva Marie

via gotceleb.com

While we totally dig Eva Marie's look (you know, bright red hair and a near-perfect body, who are we to complain?) it pains us that we can hardly remember what she looks like while actually wrestling. She was able to avoid wrestling throughout most of the summer and in August she managed to get herself suspended. Needless to say, it has been a while. At the time of writing it is November 23rd, 2016, and while she drops a teaser tweet from time to time hinting at a return, we are losing our optimism.

But when we do start to get negative and her lack of ring presence gets to be too much, we just look at the workout pics. The fierce look, on top of the toned abs she's usually showing off, are enough to make all our troubles go away.

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