20 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About WWE's Four Horsewomen

Throughout the decades, the world of professional wrestling has seen numerous factions come and go, some of which were complete and utter failures, like the recently unsuccessful Social Outcasts and 3MB. There may be several unsuccessful factions, but there have also been many that have succeeded, with some of the best being D-Generation X, the nWo, The Hart Foundation, and The Fabulous Freebirds, but the most renowned faction is probably The Four Horsemen. The Horsemen were formed by Ric Flair, and originally consisted of Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard. As a group, the Hall of Fame faction set the bar for every other faction that followed them, including the one that named themselves after them.

Last July, the WWE introduced the Divas Revolution, which saw several female wrestlers make their debuts on the main roster, and these women were Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch, all three of whom contributed heavily towards making women’s wrestling relevant again. It wasn't just the three of them, though, as Bayley also showed that women could wrestle just as good as their male counterparts, and collectively, they referred to themselves as The Four Horsewomen. Granted, the name was never officially recognized as an actual faction, but WWE has not shied away from the fact the name exists, and hopefully, all four women will officially form the faction in the future. Until then, though, here are 20 things you might not have known about the members of WWE’s Four Horsewomen.

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20 Bayley’s Ring Attire Is Based On Macho Man Randy Savage

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You can find dedications throughout the entire sports world, and wrestling is no different, seeing as it is steeped in tradition, and all the current wrestlers have a fond attachment for those who came before and who inspired them. When it comes to Bayley, she credits Macho Man Randy Savage for inspiring her to become a wrestler, because she says he was the first wrestler she ever saw compete. It is actually not that hard to see the Macho Man’s influence on Bayley, as the streamers on her arms are a direct homage to the late Hall of Famer, but that is not all. When Bayley enters into the spotlight, her entrance is bright, colorful, and very energetic, which matches her very colorful ring attire, all of which was based off of Randy Savage, who himself was energetic and wore very bright colors.

19 Becky Served As Paige’s Manager

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There was a time before signing with WWE, that Becky Lynch was not involved with the wrestling industry at all, but when she did return, she did not start as an in-ring competitor right away. When she got back into the business in 2011, she joined an all-female independent promotion called Shimmer which was based in Chicago, and it was there that she first met her former PCB team member, Paige. At the time, Paige was still known as Britani Knight, and she was still more or less a rookie trying to make it in North America, and the promotion believed it would be a great idea to team Becky up with her by serving as the young Paige’s manager. It may be hard to picture Becky as someone’s valet, but at the time, she was quite good at it, thanks to her great personality and her silliness.

18 Sasha Is A Nerd At Heart

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In WWE, Sasha Banks is known as The Boss, a persona which does not sound like someone who would be interested in geeky things, in fact, the way she acts and speaks, especially when she is in full heel mode, drives home that observation. That is her wrestling persona though, and like many wrestlers, her persona does not tend to reflect her real-life interests. For those who do not follow Sasha Banks on social media, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that she is in fact a nerd at heart, as she loves video games, comics, cosplay, and Japanese anime. Her favorite television show also happens to be the anime called Sailor Moon, and she has said in the past that the show was a big inspiration for her while she was growing up.

17 Charlotte And Sasha Were Part Of WrestleMania XXX

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Charlotte joined WWE when she signed with NXT in 2012, and after about three years in developmental, she finally made her main roster debut last year during the July 13 episode of Monday Night Raw. What many people may not know however, is that Charlotte did in fact appear on the company’s Grandest Stage Of Them All alongside Sasha Banks before ever wrestling on the main roster. For those who may not remember WrestleMania XXX, Daniel Bryan left as the new World Heavyweight Champion, but before he could be a part of that championship match, he had to beat Triple H earlier that same night. Triple H had a very elaborate entrance that night, which saw him dressed as an armored king accompanied by three masked women; Charlotte and Saha were the women who removed his cape from the right-hand side. The third woman? It was actually Alexa Bliss!

16 Bayley’s Boyfriend And Sasha Banks' Husband Are Wrestlers Too

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It is not surprising that wrestlers often find themselves in romantic relationships with one another, in fact the wrestling industry is filled with real-life couples whose relationships sometimes become a part of ongoing storylines. When you think about it, it makes sense why these romances come into being, seeing as the male and female wrestlers are almost always on the road together, and share at least one major common interest.

In regards to Bayley, she is also in a relationship with a fellow wrestler, as her boyfriend Aaron Solow works on the independent circuit. Like many wrestlers, his dream is to appear on WWE’s main roster, and although the company has not signed him, it does not mean that he has not tried to get a contract. In an attempt to sign with WWE and join his girl Bayley, Solow auditioned for the latest edition of Tough Enough, but he never made the cut, which in it of itself is a bit of a travesty considering the individuals the company chose to ultimately give contracts to.

As for Sasha, she recently married Sarath Ton, better known as the wrestler Kid Mikaze in the indies. He currently works for the WWE as their costume designer, making sure his woman looks amazing every time she comes to the ring.

15 Becky Has A LOT Of Pre-WWE Experience

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There was a time when Vince McMahon and the WWE were seemingly obsessed with signing ex-football players, bodybuilders, and fitness models, people who for the most part had no business competing in a wrestling ring, especially on the women’s side. Fortunately for the brand and the fans, WWE has changed their hiring policy, to focus more on signing individuals who have an actual established wrestling career, which is why wrestlers like Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, and AJ Styles are now a part of the company. This new policy has also greatly improved the women’s division, as it is the reason why we have the likes of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. In Becky’s case, she started her wrestling career in 2002, and before signing with WWE in 2013, she wrestled for several independent promotions all over the world, including Japan, France, Ireland, Germany, and Canada.

14  14. Sasha Did Not Like Being A Heel Until Joining WWE

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As of right now, Sasha Banks is a face, and she has done a good job at it so far, but she has also been a very effective heel, so effective that the fans still love her even when she is trying hard to be the bad guy; which is a testament to just how beloved she is. She may make a good heel now, but prior to joining WWE, she did not enjoy being in the heel role, primarily because she did not want to accidentally offend anyone with her words; but fortunately she was able to clear that hurdle. Before joining the WWE, Sasha competed under the names Mercedes KV and Miss. Mercedes while on the independent circuit, and during that time she always played the same smiling babyface, which left her no time to be a heel. It was actually the late Dusty Rhodes who saw something in her, and convinced her to embrace the concept of being a heel.

13 Charlotte Brought The Macho Man To Show And Tell

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This entry marks Macho Man Randy Savage’s second appearance on this list, except this time it involves him actually being outside of the ring. All elementary schools are different in some form because of their individual curriculums, but one thing which is common amongst all elementary schools, is the presentation assignment known as show and tell. Normally, when a kid brings something in for show and tell, it is usually something along the line of a favorite toy, family heirloom, or some sort of collection, but in Charlotte’s case, she used her connections to the wrestling world to bring Randy Savage himself to show her classmates. This happened when Charlotte was in first grade, and at that time, Savage was incredibly popular, so it is fair to assume that Charlotte passed the assignment with flying colors.

12 Bayley Was Bullied As A Child

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Getting bullied is a terrible thing for someone to have to deal with, especially a kid, and in some cases a child can be bullied so viciously and methodically that they go as far as harming themselves or others, or take their own lives to put an end to it. Based on how nice of a person she is, you would not think that Bayley would have had to endure being bullied, but as most of us have learned through our own experiences, kids and teenagers can be especially mean and cruel to one another. In her childhood, Bayley was picked on by bullies because of her fashion and appearance, and she has even alluded to this part of her life during a feud with Sasha and Becky. During this time, her mother told her to stand up for herself, which she did, as she now calls bullies what they truly are, cowards, serving as an anti-bullying advocate in her own right.

11 Becky’s Brother Also Wrestled

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The wrestling industry has seen its fair share of dynastic families, and several of these families have been a part of WWE’s rich history, families like the Harts, the Anoa’is, and the Ortons; but not every family with multiple wrestlers in it, has seen each of those members join the WWE. Becky Lynch is known as the Irish Lass Kicker, a name that she has lived up to ever since being called up, and she was watching WWE from a very young age, but she did not do so alone, as her brother would watch it with her. Both dreamed about making it to the WWE, and ended up joining the NWA Hammerlock training school in Ireland at the same time to fully realize said dream; and as we all know, Becky accomplished it, but her brother managed to only compete in promotions like Irish Whip Wrestling and Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland before retiring in 2006.

10 Sasha’s Mom Did Not Want Her Watching Wrestling

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Many of the wrestlers in today’s WWE grew up as passionate fans of the product when they were younger, and Sasha Banks was one such fan as she became infatuated with wrestling from the time she was a young teenager. Sasha has told the story about her first time ever watching wrestling, and it happened while she was sitting in her living room, bored, and flipping through channels until she landed on a WWE broadcast. Apparently it was love at first sight, because Sasha says she could not take her eyes off the screen, but she ended up doing just that when her mom found her watching it. Sasha’s mom did not like the violence depicted in wrestling, and did not like her daughter watching it, so she told her to turn the tv off; which she did, but Sasha then simply went to her brother’s room to continue watching the broadcast. Had Sasha been an only child, or lived in a house with only one tv, it is quite possible that she would have not fallen in love with wrestling to the extent of pursuing it as a career.

9 Charlotte Is A Personal Trainer

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As the daughter of a high profile wrestler, Charlotte was around the business from a very young age, but unlike other wrestling offspring who decided very early on to become wrestlers, Charlotte decided to do so rather late at the age of 26, when she signed her developmental contract with NXT in 2012. Although she signed in 2012, it was not until a year later that she started to actually compete, and the reason behind her late debut is because she was focused on her education and a separate profession. Charlotte attended North Carolina State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations, and she took this degree and combined it with her athleticism to become a certified personal trainer who then worked for a business called Carla Fitness.

8 Bayley Started Her Career As Davina Rose

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Ever since she was eight years old, Bayley’s dream was to become a wrestler in the WWE, and as we all now know, she has accomplished that dream, but like many members of the company’s current roster, she started out working on the independent circuit. Prior to signing with WWE in 2012, Bayley spent a total of four years wrestling for multiple promotions such as Big Time Wrestling, Shine Wrestling, and NWA Championship Wrestling. While she was a part of the independent circuit though, Bayley did not go by her current ring name, as she only adopted the name Bayley a short time after debuting in NXT. As it turns out, for most of her time outside of WWE, she wrestled under the name Davina Rose, which is a fine name for a women’s wrestler, but when you think about it, it just does not suit her in the same way the name Bayley does.

7 Becky Has An Acting Degree

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There are times when WWE uses real-life accomplishments to help push a wrestler, like Kurt Angle and his gold medal, but the company has also highlighted education in the past, like when they would mention the fact that David Otunga was a Harvard graduate. Otunga is not the only college graduate who is currently working in the WWE, and Becky Lynch is one of those other college graduates, as she has an acting degree from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Her graduation thesis may have focused on clowns, but Becky has not used her degree to pursue a career as a red-nosed and big-shoed entertainer, but she has used her education to appear in several stage plays; and she has even appeared on the show Vikings as a stuntwoman.

6 Sasha’s Outfits Are Inspired By Beyonce

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Earlier on this list, it was mentioned that Bayley’s wrestling outfits were inspired by Randy Savage, but she is not the only member of the Four Horsewomen to be inspired by someone else, as Charlotte’s entrance is now heavily influenced by her father; and Sasha is the other. By now, most fans know that Sasha idolized Eddie Guerrero, and she pays tribute to him whenever she can with her moveset or certain attire, but despite that, he is not who she directly bases her outfits on. When it came time for Sasha to come up with her look, she wanted one that would garner attention and turn a lot of heads, which is where pop-star Beyonce comes in, as Sasha admired the confidence the singer possessed while on stage. It is because of Beyonce, that Sasha decided to wear all the bling, the jacket and the sunglasses, all of which give Sasha her BOSS look.

5  5. Charlotte Was Actually Born In Charlotte

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The world of wrestling is filled with interesting and unique names, some of which get lost in history, and some that stand the test of time and manage to endure for multiple generations, and WWE has had both of these kinds of wrestling names. With that being said though, most wrestlers who make it to the WWE do not tend to sport a name which represents their hometown, but in Charlotte’s case she does. Charlotte was in fact born in Charlotte, North Carolina, a place which is ironically also known as “Flair Country”, and what many people may be surprised to know, is that her ring name is not actually a cliched homage to her hometown. She was not the one who picked her name, WWE did that for her, as they do with many of their superstars, and the company simply believed that the name suited her, which it so far has.

4 Bayley’s Trainer Wanted Her To Stop Smiling

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By now, we can all acknowledge that Bayley is a very skilled in-ring competitor, but the fact that she can actually wrestle is just half of why we love her so much, with the other half being that she has a great personality both in and outside of the ring. Bayley is naturally enthusiastic, which is why her joyful and fun loving persona works so well with the fans, but when she started training to be a wrestler, her trainer wanted her to tone down her trademark enthusiasm. Jason Styles was the name of this trainer, and he himself is a professional wrestler on the independent circuit, and when he began training Bayley, he told her to stop smiling so much, because women wrestlers were supposed to have a more serious look whenever they made their entrance and competed. As a long time wrestling fan though, Bayley has admitted that she could not help but smile because of all the fun she was having, and it is a good thing that she chose not to listen too well to Styles’ advice because if she did, she might not have become the Bayley we all adore today.

3 Becky Nearly Retired In 2006

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In wrestling, there have been several tearful examples of wrestlers having to call it quits earlier than expected because they suffered some form of serious injury, like with Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and most recently Sting, and an injury almost forced Becky to have to retire in 2006. In September of 2006, while competing on the European independent circuit, Becky wrestled a female rookie from Finland, and ended up on the receiving end of a terrible botch which saw her opponent land on her head, causing a large and deep head wound. As a result of this injury, Becky suffered for months from headaches, blurred vision, and ringing noises in her ears, to the extent that her doctors believed that she had suffered brain damage. She ultimately chose to leave the wrestling industry for nearly five years, but thankfully she was able to completely recover from her injury, and returned to wrestling in 2011, but she did not actually compete full-time until after joining NXT in 2012.

2 Sasha Is A Self-Admitted "Mark"

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In wrestling, there are certain terms that mean specific things, like heel meaning bad guy and botch which refers to a mistake made during a wrestling move, but there is also a term which is considered to be a bit derogatory in nature, and that term is mark. A mark refers primarily to wrestling fans who believe that what they are seeing in the ring and watching on tv is 100% real, and it is a term that has lost a lot of its meaning now that fans are given much more insight into the private lives of wrestlers; but the term “mark-out’ comes up every now and then when something really big happens on tv which causes informed fans to suspend their disbelief. Sasha Banks admits that she is a mark, as she was incredibly intimidated by Vince McMahon and Triple H when she first met them because of how intimidating they appeared on television.

1 Charlotte Is A Natural Athlete

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For a while now, Charlotte’s gimmick has been that because she is the daughter of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, she is genetically superior to every other wrestler in the company’s Women's Division, a gimmick that she has sold well as both a face and heel. During this time, Charlotte has also made the assertion that she is the best overall athlete amongst all her fellow female wrestlers, which may in fact be true when you take into account her pre-WWE athletic activities. From the time she entered high school, Charlotte participated in multiple sports, including diving, basketball, track and field, volleyball, and gymnastics; and she was even a cheerleader. Based on her abilities in the ring, it is quite obvious that she has retained parts of her athletic past, especially the gymnast part, which has allowed her to flourish as a professional wrestler.

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