20 Female Wrestlers Who Aren't As Attractive As People Claim

The WWE is the top wrestling company in the world, and despite the mainstream love of wrestling dying many years ago, it’s still one of the top entertainment companies around, and with such high demand, you know that Vince McMahon is still looking to hire the best-looking women possible. In the past, this was achieved without taking wrestling ability into account, and thus we had many "Divas" that didn’t belong in the business, and although that’s changing, fans will still look at their favorite female wrestlers and judge them based on their looks. Unfortunately, due to that biased nature of judgment, we see many of these girls overrated by the fans, and that’s what we’re here for, to set the record straight and tell you about the women in WWE that are unfortunately not as hot as people claim them to be.

20 Rosa Mendes

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Miraculously, Rosa Mendes managed to stay employed by the WWE for over 10 years, despite only having one televised match, so the only possible reason for this could be that the company felt she was one of the most attractive females they had. But that’s simply not the case. She was never good in any of her roles, whether it be backstage interviewer or as a manager with the likes of Fandango, as fans just never really cared about her. There are others on this list that are incredibly popular with the male demographic, and that’s the reason they are considered hot, but Mendes didn’t have much fanfare behind her. Either way, she’s just nowhere near as hot as the WWE want you to believe.

19 Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch is often the most underrated of the NXT Four Horsewomen, and whether you like redheads or not, you can’t deny that she’s attractive. But for those fans that do enjoy redheads, they’ll put Lynch on a pedestal that she doesn’t quite belong on. We all hope that she can be given the credit she deserves as a performer, and has even been picked by plenty of fans as the favorite to win the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble, and while the fiery redhead is quite attractive, she just doesn’t stack up to her contemporaries. She’s a history-making performer like most of the women in WWE today, so the fact that she doesn’t compare to some of the past "Divas" won’t matter to her at all. But for the point of this list, she definitely deserves a place.

18 Victoria

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During the early 2000s, the WWE was about to enter its Diva Search period, but with Lita and Trish Stratus, they had some talented performers, but the one person who is always forgotten in that equation is Victoria, who was incredibly talented in her own right. But like everyone else on this list, she was also judged for her looks. She became successful despite her average look, and that’s because she was physically dominant and intimidating, and was a fairly good worker in the ring, but some fans have claimed her as very underrated in the looks department, and we simply can’t agree. She was attractive, yes, but for even a small portion of the audience to look at her and think she’s up there with her contemporaries from that time, is absolutely ridiculous.

17 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has burst onto the scene in WWE over the past two years, and despite not being one of the best in ring performers in the growing women’s division, she has risen to the top with a quick mouth and entertaining promos. Despite being a heel, she has garnered the support of the WWE Universe. That could be from the female audience due to her courage when she overcame an eating disorder throughout her life, and that’s very important to have that kind of a role model for young girls. But the majority of support comes from the males, and we just can’t see it. Like the majority on this list, she’s quite attractive no doubt, but in comparison to some of the best-looking women in wrestling history, Bliss just isn’t as hot as those fans claim.

16 Billie Kay

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The hiring process for WWE and their women today is much better than it used to be, as we see these performers hired for their talent over their looks, and while Billie Kay is still very attractive, she just isn’t as great as people think, especially when compared to her partner, Peyton Royce. Part of her gimmick is to be annoying as possible as a heel, and both of them do a great job, but add that to the fact that she just isn’t as good as Royce, and she will understandably end up on a list like this. She’s going to go on to do big things in the WWE alongside Royce, but that’s on the back of her talents in the ring and as a character, but not because of her looks.

15 Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme came into the WWE during the height of its poor hiring phase in the early-mid 2000s, and somehow she’s still involved with the wrestling business today, because thinking back on it, what did Hemme even do with the WWE? She was involved in some horrible storylines, but she had no wrestling ability, and although she was attractive, not nearly enough to the point where she survived in the WWE for as long as she did. If it wasn’t for the strong rumor about her involvement with Triple H (which has neither been confirmed nor denied by officials yet), she might have stayed with the WWE for a while longer, but looking back on it, Christy Hemme is just another overrated, untalented diva that got her break at the right time with the WWE.

14 Bayley

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Most of the hottest women in wrestling history have gained that notoriety based on their ability to flaunt their sexuality, but the appeal of The Hugger, Bayley, is the complete opposite to that, and combining that with her fantastic in-ring ability and just how likeable she is, she’s become a hit with the WWE Universe. She’s struggled to get over the way WWE would have hoped when joining the main roster, but it’s clear the company still have big plans for her, so expect to see her remain prominent on RAW for years to come. Back to the topic at hand; while we think Bayley is quite attractive, her fans definitely oversell just how hot she is, as she doesn’t compare to the likes of Maryse, Lana or others.

13 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is one of the most influential women in the history of wrestling, and whether you like her or not (we don’t blame you if you don’t, the voice is incredibly insufferable), she is quite attractive even at her age, but we think people get quite a bit carried away with it. She’s looked quite a bit different over her two decades featuring on WWE television, and we can’t deny that the enhancement of her twins have kept us interested for years. But to rate her as one of the top women in history is ridiculous. Sure, barely any women throughout WWE history have aged as well as McMahon, but she’s not as good as people make it out to be, and that voice alone is enough to put her on this list.

12 Layla

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Layla was one of the winners of WWE’s failed Diva Search program, and the point of that competition was to introduce the WWE Universe to a whole new generation of talent that would be carrying the women’s division for years. Unfortunately, the majority of these women weren’t very good in the ring, and while some of them were quite attractive, people like Layla just weren’t as good as the others, and with limited in-ring talent, this has led to them being overrated by many fans. She had a great physique and actually turned into a hal- decent wrestler, but when it came to the looks, Layla was just incredibly overrated, and probably didn’t deserve to hang in the WWE as long as she did, because it was all based on looks, and she was just another average Diva.

11 Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox has amazingly managed to survive with the WWE for over a decade, and while she’s certainly got the athleticism and talent to thrive in the new era the company is pushing, she’s been treated so poorly by the creative team that absolutely no one cares. Without breathtaking looks similar to the likes of Lana or Maryse, we wonder why she is still around. That amazement is amplified when you remember that someone as beautiful and talented as Emma was released for no reason a few months back, but Fox just isn’t that attractive, and comes across as incredibly awkward whenever she is on our screens. Again, like most of the people on this list, Fox is attractive, but it seems that not only have some fans overrated her, but someone backstage has too, as she is somehow active with a company who seemingly hasn't cared about her on-air character in years.

10 Aksana

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The change in women in the WWE has only happened very recently, because up until 2012, we had someone like Aksana who was in the WWE for absolutely no reason at all. She wasn’t a good wrestler, and the most we saw of her on our screens were as the love interest of people like Teddy Long, but the problem is, she really wasn’t as attractive as the WWE tried to make her out to be. Obviously like all of the women on this list, Aksana was quite attractive, as you have to be to make it in that kind of a role within the WWE, but to make her the center of several wrestlers focus instead of the wrestling itself was meant to give off the idea that she was incredibly hot, but they chose the wrong woman, because she just didn’t live up to those standards.

9 Sunny

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Sunny is one of the original Divas of WWE, and we’ve all seen how she’s gone downhill over the years, but looking back on it, Sunny was never that attractive to begin with, so we’re confused as to how she got all this attention and success. Like many others at that time, she used her element of sex appeal to get over with the fans (and more importantly the people backstage), and sure, without many other female performers doing this, it understandably appealed to men around the world, but it shouldn’t. Thankfully, over the years the WWE have hired some genuinely stunning women, and unfortunately for people like Sunny, it’s exposed just how overrated they are.

8 Paige

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Paige has just returned to the WWE, and was welcomed home with open arms by the majority of the WWE Universe, and she again looks posed to be a huge part of WWE’s women’s division going forward, but with most unique looking women like her, there is a big divide among the fans based on her looks. To some people, Paige is one of the most attractive women to ever step foot in a WWE ring, but others will note that she is quite overrated, and while we aren’t saying she’s ugly by any matter, she just isn’t as good as those supporters would have you believe. We’ve all probably seen too much of Paige due to the unfortunate leak she suffered a while ago, and while we do agree that Paige is attractive, she just doesn’t stack up to others.

7 Sable

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The Attitude Era was all about the WWE pushing the boundaries of what they could do, and when it came to the sexual component of that, there was no one better than Sable. But looking back on that, and looking at her today, she just isn’t near as hot as people made her out to be when she was such a sex icon. Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn became mesmerized by her looks, but looking back, there were much better looking and performing women at the time, and although not everyone can age gracefully, it is hitting Sable harder than most. When the WWE and its fans look back in WWE history, we often put her up with the best, but truthfully, Sable doesn’t even belong in the top 15 best looking women in WWE history.

6 Mickie James

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Whether you like to admit it or not, Mickie James is approaching legend status in the wrestling industry, as she’s had great matches and won plenty of championships over the past decade in the WWE and TNA, but in terms of looks, she’s just a tad overrated. Alexa Bliss has taken plenty of joy in picking on the "old" James in recent times, and while her looks are overrated, you can even argue that she’s gotten better with age, and that’s not very common with women in wrestling. Don’t get me wrong, the more Mickie James I can see on my television on a weekly basis the better, because I enjoy her matches and do find her quite attractive, but when it comes to fans overrating the looks of some women, James has to be near the top of every list.

5 Ashley Massaro

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Until very recently, we know that the WWE loved to sign women based solely on their looks, and one of the ways they achieved this was through the Diva Search. The second ever winner of this contest was Ashley, and given that the focus of this competition was likely based on looks, we are baffled as to how Ashley Massaro managed to win. Her punk-rock type look made her stand out from the rest of the competition, but when comparing her with some of the other winners and contestants like Michelle McCool, Eva Marie and Lana, she just isn’t too impressive. Her WWE career was quite short and uneventful, and that’s probably quite appropriate for someone so overrated.

4 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte is the daughter of quite possibly the greatest performer in wrestling history, so it’s clear why WWE are so high on her, but she also possesses every attribute that the company values, as she is big, blonde and quite muscular. While a lot of people aren’t into that, there are several out there who think she’s one of the hottest out there today. She isn’t the prototypical blonde that WWE love, but that’s a good thing, because she is the best female wrestler that the company has (or potentially have ever had), and that’s led to her "hotness" becoming quite overrated. She’s done more with her career than a lot of people could ever dream of doing, so we aren’t discounting her talent, but we are just saying she’s not quite as hot as most people think.

3 Sherri

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Sherri Martel, or Sensational Sherri, will go down as one of the best valets in wrestling history, as she often accompanied the likes of Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase and most famously Shawn Michaels. While she is credited as being a trailblazer of sorts in that role, after years of people like Maryse, Lana and others improving on that role, we have to admit her looks are oversold quite a lot. Sure, back then, the male audience didn’t have too much to look at in the women’s department, so it’s fair enough that some of them got attached to Sherri as an attractive figure in the male-dominated wrestling business, but time definitely did her a disservice. That’s not to say that she got worse with age, but that she was passed over by women who knew how to flaunt their sexuality better, and for that simply fact, Sherri ends up on our list.

2 AJ Lee

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We all like to give credit to different performers for the beginning of WWE’s Women’s Revolution, but during the height of the Divas era, it was AJ Lee who stood head and shoulders above her peers (figuratively, she’s quite short), but unlike them, her ‘hotness’ was quite overrated. Sure, she’s now married to CM Punk, and it gives many wrestling fans even more reason to be jealous of the Straightedge Savior, and obviously she is quite attractive, but she looks unique, and it just isn’t suited to all tastes. Most people in the world would be lucky to find a girl like Lee, especially one as strong with all the things she has overcome in her life, but when it comes to comparing her to former women based solely on looks, she just doesn’t stack up.

1 Sasha Banks

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The Boss is a fan favorite of the majority of the WWE Universe today, and most of that is due to her incredible in-ring ability, and great character (well, it was great in NXT, today is a much different story), but there are plenty of people out there who see her as the best-looking female in WWE today. That’s simply not true, but from the complaints from Sasha herself about male fans stalking her at airports, hotels and other places, it seems like she is the focus of many a male fan in that WWE Universe. Is Sasha Banks attractive? Of course, no one is denying that, but the fanboy level of attention she gets from the male audience in WWE is just a bit over the top, because she just isn’t as great as they make her out to be.

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