20 Former WWE Stars Who Now Have Ordinary Jobs

The wrestling industry might be a very lucrative one for many wrestlers who settle their lives working and living for wrestling, but some of the wrestlers don't tend to be as successful as they would need to be to live a proper life. Pro Wrestling has been kind to many wrestlers over the years and helped them get established in the industry for the rest of their lives. But another group of wrestlers did not seem to thrive in this glorious industry and needed to move into something else after failing to impress in it.

Some of the wrestlers lost their popularity quite early into their WWE career and were unable to become something big in it, while others had to look elsewhere after serving many years in the company. So these wrestlers looked to start afresh and take another career path after being released by the WWE and got themselves ordinary jobs to help them financially. While some of them might not be in the best places and are desperate for ordinary work just to live their lives properly, some others are quite well-off right now and are succeeding in their lives after leaving the WWE.

These wrestlers took some very surprising job careers after leaving the WWE and actually managed to thrive under their new environment as well, as we take a look at these 20 Former WWE Stars Who Now Have Ordinary Jobs.

20 Spike Dudley - Financial Planner

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Spike Dudley was quite the fiery wrestler back in the days, as his amazing work in the original ECW is remembered by a lot of fans. His work in WWE wasn't really that good, as he was undermined because of his size and was not utilized that well either. After wrestling as a lower- mid-carder for many years, the former Cruiserweight Champion was relieved of his duties by the WWE in 2005. He continued to work in the Independent scene for a couple of years before he took a change in his career thanks to his wife. Spike is now a financial planner for MassMutual, helping people plan out their future, including retirement, college, and taxes. He's come a long way since bleeding almost every week on ECW, as this extreme specialist has had quite the awakening and is helping people secure a better future in their lives.

19 Bull Buchanan - Deputy To Sheriff's Department

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Bull Buchanan looked like quite the intimidating individual when he arrived in the WWE during the Attitude era, but his "Truth Commission" stable couldn't work in it. Buchanan was later turned into a member of the group "Right to Censor" and even won the WWE Tag Team Championship as part of it. But he failed to make it as singles after that, and despite putting in a lot of work in developmental, he was released in 2003. He wrestled for a long time in Japan and for Independent promotions before retiring in 2014. Since then, Buchanan has taken a drastic change in career as he is working as a Deputy for Carroll County Sheriff's Department in Georgia. It looks like Buchanan is still the tough fellow who beat people up in the WWE, as he's now trying his part in handing in justice to his society.

18 Rico - Sergeant In Nevada

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Rico might not be remembered by many WWE fans, that's because he didn't really have that much of a memorable run in the company. He portrayed this homosexual stylist gimmick as the manager of Billy & Chuck, wrestling a few matches himself as well. But after that was done, he failed to garner any attention from the crowd and was quickly released by the WWE. Since then, he realized that his wrestling career was a bust and looked for a career in law enforcement. He's now been working as the sergeant of the Nevada State Taxicab Authority where he works the graveyard shift and even leads a squad of 10 members. He's not been doing so well health-wise in the past few years, but his remarkable change in career and ability to become a prominent law-enforcement officer after his failure in the wrestling business is rather astounding.

17 Ivory - Owns An Animal Daycare

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Ivory used to be one of the hottest and more talented divas during the Attitude Era, as she was a very good wrestler and added a lot to WWE's Women's Division during her time in the company. She won the Women's Championship thrice in her career, as she was always in some relevant feuds but would later put other divas over. She decided to leave the WWE in 2005 after not being utilized properly, later wrestling sometime in the Independent scene before taking a different job. Ivory is an avid animal lover and opened her own animal day-care, Downtown Dog, in 2007. She has been working on taking care of animals since then, as her daycare does grooming, training services on animals as well as taking dogs on exciting bus rides. Ivory's career change is quite the surprising one, but she's doing really well with her new job of taking care of animals and loving the experience as well.

16 Paul Burchill - Firefighter

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Paul Burchill arrived in the WWE with much promise, as he impressed in WWE's developmental but couldn't really get over on the main roster. Burchill was this cocky wrestler who started off as part of a tag team with William Regal. But after they disbanded, Burchill failed to impress the audience and had to be repackaged as this arrogant individual and be paired with his "sister" Katie Lea Burchill. That didn't go so well either as he was sent to different brands but failed to impress anywhere, and was relieved of his duties because of it in 2010. Burchill wrestled a few years in the Independent scene, but later took an interesting change in work when he started to work as a firefighter. He's been saving the lives as many as a firefighter for some years now, as he's a real hero in life which he couldn't become during his time at WWE.

15 Steve Blackman - Bail Bondsman

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"The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman was a dangerous man during the Attitude era, as his hard-hitting style of wrestling meant that not many wanted to tussle with him. Blackman was a real hit in the Hardcore Division and won the title 6 times in all those years as well, but he couldn't seem to settle in the WWE beyond the Attitude era and was let go off in 2002. He opened an MMA school a year later, but that didn't really succeed as well as he'd want it to. Blackman then decided to take a different route in his career, as he is now working as a bails bondsman in the Central Pennsylvania area. It's quite weird realizing that Blackman helps people sort out their bail right now, as this quirky change in career is working really well for him as this dangerous striker is now helping people get out of jail.

14 Marc Mero - Motivational Speaker

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Marc Mero might not really be remembered a lot of fans, but he was quite the charming wrestler in the 90s who found success in both WCW and WWE. He came to the WWE in 1996 and won the Intercontinental Championship, but nagging injuries ended his WWE career a few years later. Mero would wrestle in the Independent circuit for a few years before retiring in 2006, after which he took an interesting turn in career paths. Mero decided to become a professional motivational speaker, as his work makes him travel around to schools and community colleges and lecture on the dangers of drug abuses and bullying. He has succeeded as a motivational speaker over the years, as his change in personality is mostly because of his own abuses during his wrestling career and he does his motivational speaking to make sure others don't fall to the addiction he did.

13 Trevor Murdoch - Installs Fibre Optic Cables

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Trevor Murdoch may be remembered as the redneck wrestler who was part of a prolific tag team with Lance Cade during the Ruthless Aggression era, winning the World Tag Team Championships thrice as well. But after his stint with Cade was over, he lost his popularity and couldn't do anything as a singles wrestler, forcing WWE to release him in 2008. Murdoch would wrestle for Independent promotions for a while, before working at his bar T.Murdoch's Bar & Grill. He had to sell that in late 2013, as he has taken quite a change in career and his current occupation is installing fiber optic cables for a heavy equipment company. He still wrestles at times but is seemingly happy with his current work as this tough cookie hasn't crumbled under pressure and is thriving in his new, unique job.

12 Molly Holly - Works At A Teen Rehabilitation Program

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Molly Holly was quite the tough lady back in her WWE days when she debuted as part of the Holly cousins. She was pretty good in the ring and won the WWE Women's Championship during her time as well, giving stiff competition to the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita. She would later be turned into a mid-card wrestler, putting other women over and left the WWE in 2005 after becoming disenchanted with the product. Holly would wrestle in the Independent circuit for a couple of years, before taking an interesting career change. She began to work for Minnesota Teen Challenge, which is a one-year drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. She has worked with children with special needs and also with recovering addicts, as she does to make sure others don't plunge into darkness like her friends did by doing drugs.

11 Ted DiBiase - Christian Minister

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"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase was one of the most charismatic, unique characters of the WWE during the 80s. With Virgil as his servant, he loved to boast of his money and had quite the following because of it, staying in top level feuds in the WWE over all the years. He later transitioned into a manager and managed wrestlers both in WWE and WCW before having an awakening in his life. DiBiase decided to leave wrestling and become a Christian Minister, later finding the "Heart of David Ministry" as he travels around the world ministering to church's, camps and conferences. His work is to preach Christianity and help people who are troubled because of drugs and other problems, as he credits his change in work because of the sins he committed earlier in his life and how he doesn't want anyone else to go on the dark path he did.

10 Simon Dean - Branch Manager At A Bank

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Formerly known as Nova from ECW's "Blue World Order", Simon Dean was later transformed into "Hollywood Nova" when the WWE decided to reform the BWO in the company and wrestled as part of it on Smackdown. But that was short-lived as well, as his corresponding singles career as Simon Dean flopped and got him released in 2006 by WWE. He became a licensed mortgage broker throughout the United States, but that didn't go so well for him. He's now working a 9 to 5 job as the branch manager of Woodforest National Bank in Louisville and is seemingly happy with his new job, as his charming personality is perfect for this job and has brought him much success over the years.

9 Kamala - Sells Handmade Chairs

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Kamala will be remembered by old school fans as the wild savage face painted wrestler who was prominently featured in WWE during the 80s. He was also one of the toughest individuals at the time and despite not getting work in WWE beyond the 80s, he continued to put his body through the limit and worked for a long, long time. All the pain he put himself through did take a toll after a time, as Kamala is now living as an amputee as both his legs had to be amputated due to high blood pressure and diabetes. He's currently living a very sad life, as he has to rely on his disability check and sells handmade wooden chairs for a living. His agonizing job right now goes on to show the depressing fall of this legend, as his story shows just how badly even the strongest wrestlers can fall in this destructive industry.

8 Vickie Guerrero - Works In Medical Insurance

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Vickie Guerrero might not have been a "wrestler" in the WWE, but she got more heat than most of the wrestlers during her stint at the company. Her time as the General Manager of Smackdown! and relationship with Edge is properly most remembered by fans, as she portrayed her heel character amazingly well during all those years. Guerrero left the WWE in 2014 to pursue a career in medical administration and has taken a rather intriguing change in career in the medical business. After getting a diploma in Medical Administration, Vickie has been working for a medical insurance company and even got remarried a few years back! It seems like her stint outside the WWE is going really well, as this annoying character is now providing medical insurance to people and is quite the different character in reality as compared to what she was at WWE.

7 Tito Santana - Spanish Teacher

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Tito Santana was quite the star in the 80s, as he was a solid mid-carder for the WWE and brought a lot of relevance to the Intercontinental Championship with his work around the championship during the 80s. Santana wouldn't be able to get out of the mid-card, as WWE pushed him away as the 80s ended, leaving him to wrestle in the Independent circuit. But as age caught up to him, Santana could barely wrestle as he took a change in jobs. He started to work as a physical education teacher for a school in New Jersey, as well as teaching in wrestling schools. Santana is now a Spanish Teacher and Basketball coach in Eisenhower Middle School in New Jersey, as he has transitioned from wrestling to teaching really well and despite wrestling occasionally, his heart is now set on education and training children.

6 Haku - Manager At Vehicle Shop

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Haku might be remembered for his crazy behavior off the screen, but he was always a very good wrestler and did really well during his WWE stint as well. He was quite the destructive heel during his WWE days, but despite his brilliant work wasn't rewarded with anything really good. So he left the WWE to find better work elsewhere, later doing really well at WCW and in the Independent scene as well. But as age caught up to Haku, he decided to take a change in work as he decided to go into the vehicle business. He's currently working for a car dealership in Florida, as he's the manager of a vehicle detail shop and even got gifted a Ford by his nephew Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson a few years back. Even though him working as a car dealer is quite surprising, it's something he's doing really well and customers would be fools to rile him up.

5 Diamond Dallas Page - Yoga Constructor

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Diamond Dallas-Page got inserted into the history books when he was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this year, but his WWE career is not memorable as one would want it to be. DDP came to the WWE after being a main-eventer for WCW in 2001, but only survived 2 years where he did some unsatisfying work. He later worked for some other wrestling companies, but he sought to change his work as he started to promote his own Yoga. Right now DDP is an extremely successful yoga constructor as his "DDP Yoga" is extremely popular after helping the likes of Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts sober up. Page's transition from wrestling to becoming a yoga constructor is extremely commendable, as he is doing an excellent work in helping other people as he did a smart thing by setting up his own Yoga Business and is now reaping the rewards of it.

4 Shawn Stasiak - Chiropractor

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Shawn Stasiak was never the biggest star in WWE, as he gained some popularity as "Meat" who would be used by the Pretty Mean Sisters for "favors". He later returned to the WWE during the Invasion angle where he was given a dumb gimmick, and he couldn't get over with this gimmick either. He became a prominent part of the Hardcore Division for a while but there was nothing for him after that was over, as he was released in 2002. After being released, Stasiak left wrestling and became a professional chiropractor. In 2007 he received a certification for manipulation under anesthesia from the Academy of Physical and Manual Medicine in New York. He currently works for the Advanced Comprehensive Medical team based out of Texas as a chiropractor. Stasiak was not meant to be a wrestler, so he took a clever career change and is now living a happy life as a successful chiropractor who is respected by everyone.

3 Chris Nowinski - Helps Concussion Victims In Sports

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Chris Nowinski couldn't become the star he'd hope to have in the WWE, as the finalist of the first ever WWE Tough Enough would find wrestling to be a painful sport for himself. Nowinski did wrestle as a mid-carder for WWE, but was hit by continuous concussions and was forced to retire from wrestling because of it. Nowinski's dream of becoming a prominent WWE superstar was crushed by concussions, as he decided to take a stance against this happening to anybody else. Nowinski found his own company called the Concussion Legacy Foundation to solve the concussion crisis in sports through medical research, treatment, education and prevention. Nowinski has gone a long way with this as it has forced concussions prevention measures in sports, as Nowinski is doing a brilliant job to make sure others do not have to suffer they way he has and aren't plagued by terrorizing concussions.

2 Rick Steiner - Real Estate Broker

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Rick Steiner wouldn't have much success in the WWE as he was in the company early in his career when he went to the WWE with Scott in 1992. The Steiner Brothers were one of the top tag teams in the WWE at the time, even winning the WWE Tag Team Championship but didn't fit in that well and left a few years later. Rick went on to join WCW where he gained much of his popularity, but after WCW folded, he had to do something else with his life. Rick would take a change in career as he started to sell real estate and is currently working as a real estate broker at Rick Steiner and Associates at Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage. He's doing really well in the real estate business and took a clever decision in his life with this career change.

1 Mideon - Chef

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Mideon was another really quirky character in the WWE, as he was formerly known as Phineas Godwinn and even won The WWE Tag Team Championships as part of the Godwinns. He was later kidnapped by the Ministry of Darkness and turned into a fanatic of The Undertaker known as Mideon, wrestling a few matches for the Deadman as well. After that was over, he was given some dumb stuff to do before being released in 2001. Mideon could realize that his wrestling career was going nowhere, so he decided to take a surprising change in career. He went into the cooking business and became a chef for Cafe Ponte at Clearwater. Today he runs his own company in "Dennis Knight Catering" taking on private parties and other cooking stuff. Mideon took a big risk going from wrestling to cooking, but it paid off and he's now doing a brilliant job as a chef and has his own catering business as well.

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