20 Gorgeous Wrestling Daughters Who Are Hotter Than Charlotte Flair

Wrestling has always had a place for hot women. When I was growing up, and when I came back to the sport, most of those hot women were merely valets. Nothing wrong with that, but in 2017 the role of the valet is pretty much damn near extinct. Instead, in places like WWE, we have Superstars. Women skilled enough to main event a major PPV, and hot enough to turn necks just about anywhere they go. Charlotte Flair is the self-described Queen of the group, but I have a confession to make. Call me crazy, but I haven’t always been a fan of Charlotte Flair. Not about her wrestling, but her look. Maybe it’s because her father is Ric, and I’ve never seen him as a player, in spite of his persona. So, I’ve never been attracted to Charlotte, but I admit it’s a personal thing. Some people think she’s absolutely gorgeous, and to each his own.

However, this is the premise: I think there are 20 other women, all daughters of professional wrestlers, who are hotter than Charlotte. Way hotter, even. And, I should point out, that this notion was brewing well before those saucy pictures of Charlotte surfaced - pictures, by the way, that did not do Charlotte any favors in this piece. But, with all that said, we have to come up with not just one or two women. No, we are committed to finding and showing off 20 beauties! The rules? They have to be the attractive daughter of a wrestling superstar, and either an aspiring talent themselves, or an established name all their own. In many cases, the father and daughter made it big in WWE, but that is not a hard and fast rule. The main concern? That these women are absolutely stunning. I trust you will agree, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s get to less words and more pictures!

Honorable Mention: Beans Hart

via allwrestlingnews.com

It has to be Beans Hart. She has shown, via social media, a desire to go and become a WWE Superstar (or Diva, as the desire goes back that far). And, she is an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous specimen. So, yes, part of this mention is just a gratuitous excuse to show her off. You’re welcome!

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20 Brittany Page

via officialfan.proboards.com

As in, the daughter of Diamond Dallas Page. She is, I promise, a zillion times more attractive than her father, not that I am one to judge on male attractiveness. I’m not. I’m just saying. OK, getting things back on track. Brittany is following in her father’s footsteps, but not those that took him into wrestling rings around the world for WCW and WWE. At least, not yet. She did dabble in some fringe wrestling endeavors, but for now, she’s content as a yoga instructor (those footsteps of DDP, not the more well known ones). Still, she’s got the looks and the athletic abilities WWE has long had a soft spot for, and her lineage certainly helps her out a fair bit. Could we ever see her performing in a ring? Stranger things have happened.

19 Brooke Hogan

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This one, generally speaking, needs no introduction, as the last name speaks volumes. But, I need to give one anyways, so here goes. Brooke Hogan is the stunning daughter of Linda and Terry. Terry, of course, is known the world over as Hulk Hogan. Brooke has wisely used her father’s fame to help boost her own career. She started with things during her run as part of the reality show Hogan Knows Best, and eventually got to singing. But, she wanted more exposure, so she went to have fun in TNA, and cut her teeth in the business. It's also worth pointing out that she actually had a decent run in TNA, but I don’t think she’s looking to become a mega star in the ring like dear old dad was.

18 Merissa Rood

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I have to bend my rules with this next entry. There’s no information, to my knowledge, that the gorgeous Miss Rood has any interest in becoming a Superstar, or even a valet for one. But, as you saw her walking across the stage for her father’s induction to the Hall of Fame, you couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful she is. So just like that, the one requirement for making it as a female Superstar is easily met. And, if she inherited any part of her father’s in ring prowess? She would be made into one amazingly gifted (physically and athletically) young woman. Would she be interested? That is anyone’s guess… but a paycheck from her daddy’s former employer has been known to be rather enticing.

17 Natalya

Perhaps you could call Natalya an acquired taste, because she’s not the stereotypical model type. She won’t ever be confused for the Bella Twins, for example. And, if that’s not the body type you are into, so be it. But for me, Nattie is damn near perfect. She’s a normal, healthy, strong and fierce woman, who has done just about everything you could possibly want to do in a career working in WWE-and she’s showing no signs of stopping. If anything, the women’s revolution that we got a while back has only re-energized her. And, when it comes to stacking her up against Charlotte, to me the look that Natalya exudes is just so much more sexy and appealing, but it’s admittedly all about personal taste. I don’t think anyone would give me grief for saying Mrs. Tyson Kidd is a stunner.

16 Ariel Toombs

via hawtcelebs.com

Now, here’s one that you may not really know, because, well, for one thing, her father really never went by his given last name. But, if we were to call her, say, Rowdy Ariel Piper? Then yes, I am most certain you’d know who she was. She’s only really been involved in wrestling from a distance, which is mildly disappointing considering she’s another absolutely gorgeous young woman. She has not been bitten by the wrestling bug like her late father was, but she has followed in his show biz footsteps, doing some singing and acting. Perhaps one day she will be motivated or otherwise drawn into her father’s first love, and we can all rejoice? Hey, a guy has to dream, and this one is thinking Ariel in a kilt on Monday nights would be pretty nice.

15 Stephanie McMahon

via WWE.com

This one is just super obvious, yet it would be damn near criminal to leave the Billion Dollar Princess off the list. Is she hot? You bet she is. Is she hotter than Charlotte? I would say probably, and for Charlotte, you aren’t going to argue with the boss, are you? And no, we do not mean Sasha Banks. Now, while Stephanie is not an active wrestler, she has been in the past, and as we saw at the most recent instalment of WrestleMania, she’s still able to take a bump and sell it like a champ. And, if you look at her overall body of work, and the body she has to do the work with, it’s hard to argue that she’s not one of the hottest women to ever work for WWE. And that’s a comment we’d make regardless of her last name.

14 Tamina Snuka

via alchetron.com

Now, I know what you are thinking. No, I have not lost my marbles. OK, maybe I did bump my head over the weekend…but that doesn’t mean much, right? I passed the concussion protocol… So how does Tamina make the list? Do I really think she’s hotter than Charlotte? I suppose she could be. I assure you, from my experience, there is someone out there who either does, or will, think that way too. And in the grand scheme of things, one is all it takes to put her on the list. She’s silent, has a unique look to her, is the daughter of a Hall of Famer…and can and will kick your ass if you don’t like that she’s on this list. Heck, she might be irked that she’s only 14th, so I am just hoping she doesn’t see this.

13 Alana Leslie

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Here’s a minor curve, but if you are a wrestling geek like me (and so many others), you might recognize that last name. Her father is Ed Leslie. He loved using scissors in the ring, but he also came to the ring under the moniker of Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, among zillions other ring names/gimmicks. So, naturally as Alana was trying to train and break into the business her father loved, she adopted the moniker of…Baby Beefcake. I might have gone with Bombshell Beefcake, as I think it’s far more accurate, but even if she never puts it all together for a successful in-ring career, she’s always going to be an incredibly gorgeous woman. If she was coming up in the '80s or '90s, she’d probably have a much better chance of success, back when hotness overcame any athletic deficiencies.

12 Jessie Belle Smothers

via youtube.com

If you don’t know her, or can’t picture her, it’s OK. Though, you should be able to picture her, because, well, that’s HER in the picture right above this text. So, go ahead, take a gander and come back. I’ll wait. Back already? See, now you know who she is, and by eyeing her up, I think you can totally understand why she qualifies. I also think you can agree with me that it’s a wonderful thing for us that she got her mother’s good looks, not anything from her supposed father, former ECW and WWE wrestler Tracy Smothers. As attractive as she is, and given her interest in her father’s chosen profession…it would be a great thing to see her get involved with WWE, and Lord knows with the WWE Network running a women’s tournament soon, they could use more talent…

11 Amy Hennig

via officialfan.proboards.com

Speaking of more talent - and, more Hall of Fame offspring, too - here we have Amy Hennig, the daughter of the late Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig. Now, she hasn’t quite gone so far as to dub herself Miss Perfect, but from a looks perspective, not many guys would give her a hard time if she wanted to go that route. She’s a beauty, and she’s not shy about going at it in the ring either. And the best part? She might share the Hennig name, but she got her looks from her mother. Wrestling fans around the world can rejoice about that one, I assure you. In spite of her bloodline, the only Perfect child getting a run in WWE thus far, of course, has been the largely forgettable Curtis Axel. Perhaps WWE needs to give Amy a call? If nothing else, she’d be a lot easier on the eyes.

10 Rachael Ellering

via edmontonspn.podbean.com

What is it about Hall of Famers and their kids? Seriously, Pretty Paul Ellering has a pretty wonderful (not Orndorff!) daughter. And, she wrestles! And she’s actually gotten close to the WWE breakthrough that many wish for, as she’s most recently worked some matches within the NXT side of the house. And while those matches don’t seem to have done much for her, her father is still around the company as the manager of Authors of Pain in NXT, and that may or may not lead to additional opportunities. For what it’s worth, in my unwanted opinion, I thought she did alright and I was actually surprised she wasn’t kept around for more. Especially after the Superstar Draft last Summer when it really depleted the NXT Women’s roster, I was sure someone like Rachael would get a shot at being a bigger player, but what do I know. But she sure is hot.

9 Dynamite Doll

via twitter.com

Here’s another one. As in, another beauty we haven’t gotten the chance to adore on the WWE main roster (or, any part of WWE, for that matter). And I have to wonder if it has anything to do with who her father is – Tom Billington, a.k.a. Dynamite Kid. Now, first of all, I know what most of you are thinking: she has to look like her mother Michelle (Bret Hart's former sister-in-law), and thank God for that. I agree. And while I can’t blame her (or any offspring of a famous person) for riding on his or her parent’s coattails/legacy, that’s only part of it. I’d imagine that some promoter pushed the idea of playing off of such a household name from the 1980s, and I’d venture a guess that at least in some small way, she sees the use of the Dynamite moniker as her way of paying tribute to her ill father. She’s certainly talented enough, and enough of a looker, that I am surprised she hasn’t been brought in to show up in NXT or boost the main roster talent.

8 Samantha Starr

via youtube.com

She’s not a name I’d expect you to recognize, but she does have a wrestling father and she herself is wrestling too. Problem is, her dad kind of sucked, all things considered, and for most of her own wrestling career, she’s toiled in the indies. So, who was her father? That would be Sam Houston, ex-WWE lower-carder and Jake Roberts' younger brother. Her mother was also a wrestler too, known as Baby Doll, and so was her grandfather, Grizzly Smith. Her mom’s success came mostly in the old World Class Championship Wrestling, and in the Jim Crockett territories. So, in that respect, Samantha (real name Mikala Smith) is sort of following in mom’s footsteps, working the indies. Maybe she will try out for WWE, and perhaps if she does, she might just manage to have better luck than her mother did. But, for now, we can just marvel at her hotness.

7 Kayla Armstrong

via Twitter.com

The Armstrong family has a lot of pull in WWE, and for good reason. Kayla’s dad is well-known and longtime WWE referee Scott Armstrong. She also happens to be the niece of the Road Dogg, Jesse James. So, she’s got some pretty good bloodlines, don’t you think? And, she’s also been blessed with incredible good looks. She’s also said she wants in on what could be called her family business, which enables me to sneak her onto this list. Is she like, drop dead gorgeous? Perhaps not, but she’s got that extremely attractive look that would no doubt be pushed for recruiting, and which guys all around the world would love to see more of. Hotter than Charlotte? Maybe. And maybe one day down the road, we’d get to see who’d win, one on one.

6 Ayako Hamada

via Lethalwow.com

I had to go overseas for this one, and it’s one not many casual observers would know. However, I assure you, by the time you get done drooling over the stunning Ayako Hamada, you won’t care where she came from or why. And, just for the record, she is Gran Hamada’s daughter. He’s a bit more well-known than she is, so that part should help…but she is her own woman. She’s stunningly gorgeous and excels in between the ropes. And, better still, if you don’t think she’s as gorgeous as we say so, take a look for yourself. Just remember…if you upset this date, she’s fully capable of kicking your butt. And, I mean, even if she was coyote ugly (hint: she’s not), knowing she could beat me up, means I’d be agreeing with a lot of what she had to say.

5 Shaul Guerrero

via twitter.com

OK, you guys and gals are sharp, I know this. And, based on that, I am sure that the majority of you have already put two and two together and deduced who Shaul’s parents were or are-those would be the late Hall of Famer Eddie and former SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Shaul is an extremely beautiful young woman, though don’t get your hopes up too much, guys, as she’s married to WWE’s Aiden English. She’s had shots at a career in the ring, holding the Florida Championship Wrestling version of the Divas title for a rather long, record-breaking time. But, for one reason or another, she’s decided to step away from the in-ring side of things. Should she ever want another shot, she’s clearly proven she’s good enough (and hot enough too).

4 Noelle Foley

If you want to argue with me that she belongs higher on this list, I would have a hard time going against you. Really, the only reason I hesitated is because she hasn’t made it as a wrestler (yet). She’s trying, as you’d know if you had watched Holy Foley on WWE Network, and if you haven’t, you should, as I found it quite entertaining. And while she may not be as natural an athlete as we’ve seen from others on this list, she is about as pretty as they come, and if she can be trained up, her looks will certainly be quite helpful to her in her career. Not that her last name won’t come in handy -- it might hurt, it might help, but as we’ve seen, it will at least open doors.

3 Tessa Blanchard

via si.com

Let’s get the lineage out of the way right and quick, shall we? She’s no fool, nor are her promoters. Where other progeny hide their famous last names, Tessa Blanchard embraces it. Her father is Tully Blanchard. Her stepfather is Magnum TA. So, to put it bluntly, she’s got connections and it’s probably in her blood. And, even if it wasn’t, she’s a young, up and coming performer. She’s had matches all over, for numerous smaller groups, and has also had a cup of coffee or two in NXT. She’s on good terms with a number of WWE talents (she and her boyfriend, indie wrestler Ricochet, have shared a house with Apollo Crews), and at 21, there’s plenty of time for her to continue to develop and perhaps become another big women’s star.

2 Lacey Von Erich

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Here’s a girl who comes from one of the more famous families in wrestling. Sadly for her, some of the fame comes for all the wrong reasons. So many of the great Von Erich men have passed away tragically young, succumbing to their own demons. But, fortunately for us, Lacey has not gone down that same path. In her case, she is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Kerry Von Erich. She’s retired now, but had a run that included a brief stint in WWE feeder territories and, more famously, TNA, where she actually held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles. All in all, she managed to be a competent wrestler, as well as being a stone cold fox. She’s left the ring behind to tend to her business interests as well as her children, but she’s always going to be fondly remembered by many fans.

1 Paige

via wwe.com

And here we are, at the top of the list, and there’s great proof why Paige belongs here. I’m not trying to be that guy, but we all know what happened to her earlier this year, with the unfortunate invasion of privacy, which resulted in quite the release of graphic images from her collection. Why am I mentioning these? Because many of us already thought she was very attractive. Now, we’ve seen further proof. Assuming, of course, you actually viewed the pictures. Which we all know we shouldn’t have done. But I digress. Look, I know there will be plenty of people who aren’t fond of the goth/pale look, or who can’t look past that exterior to recognize the beauty, but it’s there. And as the daughter of British wrestlers Ricky and Saraya Knight, she’s the hottest of the daughters who are hotter than Charlotte.

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