20 Hilarious WWE Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

These 20 hilarious WWE memes are guaranteed to get a laugh from any real WWE fan

When asked what my favourite sport is I'm always reluctant to answer pro wrestling. Like most of you I'll answer football, hockey or even soccer. Even though I'm a die hard wrestling fan and have been for almost 20 years, I don't see it as a sport. That's because it really is so much more than that. Pro wrestling is a sport, a drama, a soap opera, a variety show, live theatre, and so many other things wrapped up into one package. It's what makes it so unique, and that's just what happens within the company!

There is probably no online community more present or more vocal than that of professional wrestling fans. Sadly for the most part those fans are complaining, whining that today's product is boring and comparable to that of previous eras or that the Superstar they like isn't being pushed. It's not all doom and gloom however and some wrestling related social media can be extremely entertaining. Take memes for example. There are quite literally thousands of hilarious pro wrestling memes scattered across the internet for your entertainment. Don't go out there and start trawling for them though. We've narrowed those thousands down to 20 of the very best, and they're all right here.

25 Mauro Ranallo is Looking Pretty Good Right Now


Remember a little earlier we touched on the topic of memes coming in and out of fashion pretty quickly? Well as I type this the latest meme format to take the internet by storm is the one pictured above. A man and his partner with the guy looking at someone he wants more. In typical fashion some wrestling fans got hold of it and, as you can see, what they came up with was absolute gold. Mauro Ranallo, currently announcing on NXT, was reportedly driven away from SmackDown Live by JBL and his antiquated antics. JBL has now gone and although Corey Graves has taken his place, Triple H initially may have had other plans. The option to put Mauro back where he belongs on Tuesday night had to at least come up in conversation when talking about JBL's replacement.

24 That Moment When You Realize...


Earlier this year former WWE Divas' Champion Paige was making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Despite being away from WWE for over a year now due to wellness policy violations and a neck surgery, she remained a hot topic for many reasons. One of the most prominent was when the British Superstar's personal photos and videos were leaked onto the internet for all to see, and to call them personal is putting it very mildly. Some of the images and videos that were leaked featured Paige performing sexual acts with current and former WWE Superstars. One of the most incriminating images featured one of those Superstars doing a certain something on to the NXT Women's Championship. Not cool, especially for the above ladies who have held, touched, and kissed that championship since.

23 The Angle They Didn't Teach You About In Math Class


Kurt Angle is back in WWE! Yes I know it has been a while now but it still feels so good to say. There was so much talk about his possible return that it had reached a point where it felt like it might never happen. Well it did and now our Olympic Hero is a WWE Hall of Famer. Now however there is a new question on everybody's mind: will Kurt wrestle again for WWE? He certainly seems to think so, but at the moment that topic seems very much up in the air. One very simple move that Angle would surely be able to perform at any age or ability and still get a huge pop from the fans is his patented ankle lock. Often imitated, but never executed as well as when Kurt himself would do it. He's certainly a lot more intimidating than any of the other angles in this meme, no matter how bad you are at math.

22 The Boyhood Dream Has Come True!


The boyhood dream has come true! For the majority of wrestling fans that phrase conjurs up one, very specific image in their minds. At WrestleMania XII Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart to win the WWE Championship for the very first time in his career. As the HeartBreak Kid collapsed to his knees and held the title close, Vince McMahon on commentary uttered that line and it has been synonymous with that moment ever since. Well, until now. Recently on SmackDown Live Carmella ditched James Ellsworth, only to dramatically change her mind later in the show and plant a lip lock on the unsuspecting Superstar. In that moment I'm sure James lived out a lot of young men's boyhood dreams.

21 Ryback, Have A Snickers


There's no denying that throughout Ryback's WWE run he resembled a certain someone. I know I'm not the only one that noticed, mainly because the WWE Universe would chant that Superstar's name each and every time Ryback performed in the ring. There's certainly no harm in drawing inspiration for your persona from former wrestlers. In fact with how hard it is to come up with new ideas it's almost a necessity. There is a line however and Ryback may have crossed it. Perhaps not intentionally, but he did bear more than a passing resemblance to Goldberg. Another man who has taken too much influence from former Superstars? Dolph Ziggler. I'll leave you to guess which ones exactly.

20 AJ Styles Has Grown Up A Lot


Like me, some of you may not have been very familiar with AJ Styles before he arrived on the scene in WWE. The Phenomenal One's rise to prominence in such a short span of time (less than two years) has made it feel like he's been with the company forever. With a WWE Championship, United States Championship, and a landmark feud with John Cena, it has been an incredible ride. Styles has also had a long and storied career outside of WWE travelling the world for almost 20 years before he arrived on Vince McMahon's door step. What's even harder to imagine than him not being in WWE is trying to picture him without his soccer mom hair do. Just take a look above for help. AJ didn't always have those long flowing locks, and in this meme he sort of looks like his own parent.

19 Mark Calaway: Missing Man


This year we bore witness to something most fans believed was never going to actually happen. No matter how old The Undertaker got and regardless of the rumors that he had retired, come WrestleMania season The Deadman would always rise again. This time though it looks as if that wwill not be the case. Roman Reigns defeated our hero and perhaps laid his wrestling career to rest for good. It's a gimmick that no one else could have made work, and a big part of that comes down to the dedication that Mark Calaway (the man behind the hat and cloak) put into his character. Very rarely would you see Mark outside of his work life and he would never break kayfabe. Now he can though, and as the meme above jokingly suggests it's as if the man who played The Undertaker has resurfaced after 26 years under cover.

18 The Invisible Hulk Hogan


One of the biggest Superstars in WWE history is Hulk Hogan. There really is no arguing that. That's why the last few years have made the relationship between The Hulkster and the company he helped build somewhat fragile. First there was the sex tape, and then the racist comments. It's not exactly the image WWE wants to associate themselves with. As WWE have proven in the past, when a former Superstar sullies their good name in this way, they have no qualms in pretending they don't exist. With someone as big as Hogan that is easier said than done. Take the moment above for example. It's one of the most significant in WWE history, and not one that can simply be forgotten or erased.


16 Is That Bundy Or Big Show?


Big Show has had a career renaissance as of late. After losing a ton of weight the World's Largest Athlete has competed in a string of terrific matches with The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. The most recent of those bouts took place inside of a steel cage, and for two men of their size it was a pretty great match. One thing that fans still hadn't gotten used to by that point however - since it had only been debuted a week prior to that - was Big Show's new look. He's been bald for a while but for some reason Show decided to shave off the cool looking beard he had grown for himself. Fans were left wondering who or what exactly this strange new Show looked like. Well wonder no more! The hairless face and singlet have left Show looking like a computer animated King Kong Bundy.

15 Just A Pinch Of The Big Dog


Memes seem to come and go in the space of a few weeks these days, and one of the most popular ones towards the beginning of 2017 was Salt Bae. A mystery chef who added a pinch of salt to his dishes in a very unique and hilarious fashion. If you've not seen it you must be living under a rock. Secondly just take a look above and try not to picture Vince's face for a second. As with all memes, once people had gotten over the original - which doesn't take long - different fandoms starting adding their own takes. Now return to Vince's face and take a look at pro wrestling's offering. There is no question that Vince McMahon would add a dash of Roman Reigns to every single segment if he could. The only difference between this meme and real life is that the boss is throwing fistfuls of Roman into his recipes rather than just a pinch.

14 Who Wore It Better?


A singlet is an extremely common way to go when it comes to ring gear in professional wrestling. Even today the wardrobe staple is present in WWE with the likes of Jason Jordan and Big Show still keeping it alive. Perhaps the most iconic man to ever don a singlet, especially of the one strapped variety, is Andre The Giant. His black single strapped ring attire is synonymous with the big man himself. In fact the look is so iconic that it has clearly transcended the business. Top left we've got a model sporting Andre's singlet on a runway, and then Danny DeVito mimicking the look in an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. That still begs the question though, who did wear it better?

13 Universal Champion Bay-Bay!


At the time of typing this two of WWE's three major champions are Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. The Modern Day Maharajah is the WWE Champion on SmackDown Live of course, and at NXT Takeover Brooklyn III Drew became the NXT Champion. It's pretty incredible to see how far those two men have come since their time as two thirds of 3MB. Hang on a second though. What about that all important final third? The one man that has remained with WWE while the rest of his band traveled the world. Heath Slater is still a long way away from ever becoming a World Champion. That didn't stop the WWE Universe from dreaming big though. The meme above surfaced after Drew's NXT title win portraying the three of them as World Champions together. Just imagine.


11 The Creation Of Kevin


Which among you reading this misses the friendship turned feud between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho? I'm going to safely assume that the majority of you are raising your hands right now. It was an incredible story told by two tremendous wrestlers that culminated in all of our hearts being broken along with Y2J's. One of the things that made it so great were the many different subtleties included throughout the whole saga. However, here's betting that even the most hardened fans among you didn't notice this detail . During the infamous Festival of Friendship Jericho gifted KO a painting of the two of them, as you can see above. Then in their WrestleMania match further down the line the finger on the rope spot happened. Happy accident? Maybe. But considering how smart these two Superstars are it was most likely an intentional throw back.



8 The Fans' Samoan And The Pushed Samoan


There have been an awful lot of Samoans throughout the history of professional wrestling, and a considerable few on the roster right now. The odd thing is that all of them seem to be related to each other. Roman Reigns and The Usos are cousins, Rikishi is The Usos dad, and The Rock is related to them all in some way. It all becomes a very extensive family tree. Strangely, the one wrestler with the actual word Samoa in his name (Samoa Joe) is not related to the rest of the dynasty. Paul Heyman even chose to focus on that point recently during Joe's feud with Brock Lesnar. The one Samoan that the rest of the nation's wrestling family doesn't want though, the fans do. Unfortunately for us we are being force fed a regular dose of a certain other Samoan.

7 When Your Parents Won't Be Home For 1:26


In 2016 Goldberg returned after an almost thirteen year hiatus from pro wrestling to coincide with the release of WWE 2K17. Not only that but he confessed he came back in order to show his wife and son exactly why he's such a big deal, as they weren't around to see his original run. Naturally the only name big enough for Bill to take on was Brock Lesnar. Their first match upon his return came at Survivor Series and it's probably fair to say that most people didn't know what to expect. It's even fairer to say that no one expected what actually happened. The returning Goldberg defeated The Beast in an incredible one minute and 26 seconds. According to this meme, enough time for the former WCW Champion to go and see bae before her parents get home.

6 Drew McIntyre Was The Chosen One


This particular photo of R-Truth and Vince McMahon laughing it up over something has been the base of countless wrestling memes, and it was tough to pick just one. This one seemed appropriate though considering the current status of Drew McIntyre in WWE. Yes the Scotsman has just become NXT Champion, but years ago Mr McMahon was convinced that Drew was the chosen one. He even said so, and made McIntyre the Intercontinental Champion. Although he wasn't right at the time, that statement may be on the cusp of becoming a reality in the near future. In the present day Drew certainly fits the mold of a Vince McMahon guy, and it would be very interesting to see what lies in wait for him on the main roster.


4 Just Press F5


Picture the most physically intimidating and impressive Superstar in all of WWE right now? You're probably picturing Brock Lesnar, right? Okay now picture someone that you would go to for IT support. Probably not thinking about Brock Lesnar, right? In fact maybe you're thinking of the young gentleman pictured above. Spoiler alert: that is The Beast Incarnate himself! Turns out despite his amateur wrestling pedigree Brock Lesnar didn't always look like he could rip a breeze block in half with his bare hands. I don't know when the above photo was taken exactly, but it feels like it may have taken place in a different lifetime for the current Universal Champion we know of today. I wonder if Sable would have given this version of Brock a second look?

3 That Moment When Time Stands Still


There are certain moments in pro wrestling history where two huge Superstars are standing face to face and it feels like time is standing still. Two wrestlers who you never thought would be in the same ring together signalling that they are finally on a collision course with each other. As the meme above suggests, those occasions are few and far between. When Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant stood face to face it was certainly one of those moments, as was the time The Hulkster went one-on-one with The Great One at WrestleMania X8. Then of course there's the iconic moment when Roman Reigns and Heath Slater cut a backstage segment. Okay maybe time didn't stand still for that one, but the WWE Universe sure loves Heath!

2 This Is Fine


At WrestleMania 33 Roman Reigns had the honour of taking on The Undertaker. Not only that but he had the honour of becoming one of only two Superstars to ever defeat The Deadman at The Show of Shows and at this point appears to have retired The Phenom. If Roman thought the fans didn't like him before that, he sure got a feel for what they thought of him 24 hours later on Raw. The Big Dog opened the show and that post-WrestleMania crowd really let him have it. Reigns stood in the ring for what felt like an eternity while boos filled the arena. The meme above perfectly depicts what the situation must have felt like to Roman. Then with one simple line, just five words long, Reigns added more fuel to that fire than anyone could have ever imagined. This is my yard now. That's all he said, and in hindsight it was perfect.

1 Batista Bomb Her


Don't try this at home, at school, or anywhere. It's a message that has been hammered into us by WWE - and our parents - from a very young age, and for good reason. What our heroes do within the confines of a WWE ring is extremely dangerous. They get hurt on occasion despite being trained professionals, so it's almost a given that if we try to replicate it something bad is going to happen. Nevertheless there isn't a single one of us that didn't mimic some of the moves we saw on TV when we were children. Whether it was with friends at the playground or on our siblings on the living room sofa, we were all trying out WWE moves when we were specifically told not to. While this meme is pretty funny, I wonder how many people have actually Batista Bombed their significant other? Fun fact! Batitsa himself actually taught Chris Pratt how to perform the move on Chris's wife, Anna Faris.

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20 Hilarious WWE Memes Only True Fans Will Understand