20 Hot Divas The WWE Wants You To Forget About

Women wrestlers have always been a part of the WWE, increasing in regularity in the late 90s thanks largely to Sunny, who became one of WWE’s hottest personalities, even though she hardly ever wrestled. Following Sunny was Sable - initially a manager - she found her way into the ring much more often, although, her matches were usually pretty tough to watch.

The women’s division found some prominence with names like Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria, Ivory, Molly Holly, and Mickie James who showed the division could be a highly competitive place to be. When they all made their exit, there was a steady decline when WWE created the Diva Search and hired more models than actual wrestlers. For years, the division would be considered a “bathroom break” with matches either being placed in “cool down” spots, included silly gimmicks, or were just so incredibly short.

For years, that’s how the division has been, until recently, when an influx of talent from NXT has infused the main roster, causing change for the better. Along the way, there have been plenty of notable women that have made their mark, but there has also been a large number of very forgettable (and yet, oh so attractive) women that didn’t last long with the company. Check out 20 of the hottest hires WWE wants you to put out of your mind, forever!

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20 Kristal

via forum.bodybuilding.com

A Diva Search participant that finished fourth in 2005, Kristal was given another shot with WWE and lasted a whole two years with the company. She mostly feuded with other Diva Search winners like Ashley Massaro and Layla, working both heel and face during her WWE tenure.

After being released in 2007, she worked in TNA for a few months alongside her then boyfriend, Bobby Lashley; once Bobby wanted to focus on MMA, both were released from TNA.

19 Carmella DeCesare

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For the 2004 Diva Search, Carmella was primarily known for being a heel among the women, not exactly sure she was trying to play any character, it just seemed like the other women really didn’t like her. How do we know this? Well, Maria Kanellis flipped off Carmella when Maria got eliminated and Christy Hemme called her some things that can’t even be said on this site.

Carmella ended up getting runner up, partly because fans either really loved her (mostly thanks to her looks) or because she was a pretty entertaining bad girl. WWE kept her on to continue feuding with some of the other women but was release only week later, thanks, in part, to her arrest on an assault charge, when she attacked another woman at a bar.

18 Tiffany

via wwe.com

There will be a bit of a pattern throughout this article, which is a large chunk of these women have come to WWE via their Diva Search, which showed just how much of a chance WWE gave models and those without wrestling backgrounds in the mid 2000s. Tiffany (left) is no different, as she tried out in 2007, eliminated halfway through the show; WWE gave her a development contract where she trained for almost three years.

When she was finally brought up, WWE gave her the role of (initially, Assistant General Manager) General Manager of ECW, she also did some wrestling too. There were reports of her having some issues with fellow WWE wrestler and real-life (then) husband, Drew Galloway. After her release, she went to TNA, had some great matches, but has officially retired from pro wrestling as she felt it led to a life of sin, and through religion (calling herself an “infant Christian”) she’s looking to be a better person.

17 Maxine

via WWE.com

Starting out with WWE’s developmental Florida Championship Wrestling in 2009, Maxine spent nearly four years there before she finally asked for her release from the company. She felt a “chance” wasn’t being given to her, so she took it into her own hands to make that chance.

After being gone from wrestling for almost two years, she first showed up in TNA for a one-off appearance, and now she can be regularly seen on Lucha Underground as Catrina, playing the part of valet for Mil Muertes.

16 Joy Giovanni

via WWE.com

Back in 2004, Joy joined up with the WWE through the Diva Search, where she found great popularity with the fans with her fantastic physique and bubbly personality. Ultimately, she finished in third place, but ended up getting a contract anyways, and showed up on TV about two months later.

Most of her time was spent as Big Show’s girlfriend where she feuded with fellow Diva Search contestant, Amy Weber. She appeared in a number of bikini and lingerie contests, but wrestling was not exactly a priority and she was released when WWE needed to do some budget cuts. She returned a few years later to be in a 25 women Battle Royal, but has left the wrestling business for good since then.

15 Amy Weber

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Before WWE, Amy played in a bunch of roles on TV/movies, along plenty of modeling on the side, which helped lead her to the 2004 Diva Search, which she finished in 4th place. WWE kept her on as a villain who teamed up with JBL, mainly to feud with Big Show and Joy Giovanni.

Amy only lasted a few months in the company though mostly due to the “boys club” atmosphere that went on in the locker room, which was very different from how things worked in Hollywood. She decided to resign from WWE, and to settle a long standing rumor, no, Randy Orton didn’t take a number two in her suitcase as a form of hazing.

14 Jamie Keyes

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After doing some modeling, Jamie found her way into wrestling through TNA as a manager for only a one-off appearance. She planned to initially work for a Wrestlicious wrestling promotion, but through their pictures and videos, WWE caught wind of Jamie and decided to sign her away.

Initially, she was brought in as a ring announcer for Florida Championship Wrestling/NXT and then moved to a contestant in the all-women season 3 of NXT. She was eliminated first and released from the company a week later.

13 Savannah

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After failing to make the cut in the 2007 Diva Search, Savannah (right) was signed in early 2008 starting out as a valet before wrestling more regularly going up against people like Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, and Naomi. In September of 2009, she was promoted to ECW as their backstage interviewer, before giving ring announcer a try.

Once ECW folded, she was moved to ring announcing duties for the first season of NXT, when it was still a competition, not what we see today. After being released in 2010, Savannah rose back up again in 2014 in Lucha Underground as an assassin trained for revenge, Black Lotus.

12 Aksana

via WWE.com

Spending much of her pre-wrestling days as a bodybuilder, Aksana was brought in to train in 2009, initially as “Olga,” which was quickly changed to Aksana. After two years in development, she was promoted to SmackDown where she was eventually a valet to Cesaro and did some wrestling from time to time.

Aksana was not a fantastic wrestler and was eventually paired with Alicia Fox to help her along the way. Most notably, she legit broke Naomi’s orbital bone during a match, cutting short Naomi’s rise towards contending for the title.

11 Courtney Taylor

via 7colorz.com

Before Courtney was picked up by WWE, she worked not only in Playboy,  but is actually in the Hooters Hall of Fame - apparently that’s an actual thing. She was with the WWE only for a year and yet, had so many name changes: Beverly Mullins, Daisy, Wesley Holiday, back to Daisy, and finally Courtney Taylor.

Wrestling wasn’t really her thing, so she was moved to ECW as their backstage interviewer, after two years with the company; she was released and is now living the married with kids’ life.

10 Brooke

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

Looking at the picture, you probably recognize Brooke, as she has been (up until recently) a staple in TNA for years. Well, before her work there she tried out, and was cut, from the Diva Search, yet still received a developmental contract in 2006. After training for a year, Brooke was brought to ECW to become a part of the Extreme Exposé alongside Layla and Kelly Kelly.

Brooke didn’t even last a year after her ECW promotion, thanks in part to some backstage issues, and partly because she wasn’t getting to wrestle in a way that she wanted to, so ultimately, it led to an expected release.

9 Rebecca

via PWPop.com

The trend continues during the mid 2000s as WWE hired more models, which was the case here with Rebecca, a former Playboy, Maxim, and Stuff model. Coming in through the 2006 Diva Search, she was eliminated third and still received a contract.

She started in September of 2006, worked some bikini contests and did backstage interview duties, but only lasted another four months before asking for her own release. According to Rebecca the split was amicable, and was said to be welcomed back if she wanted, she never returned to the WWE though.

8 Rochelle

via Wikipedia.org

A fitness competitor and magazine cover model, Rochelle was debuted right on Raw attempting to get a job through Eric Bischoff, she was then quickly moved to SmackDown. She basically just showed up to act in random backstage segments, like distracting Amy Weber, so Joy Giovanni could drop a milkshake on her head, really compelling stuff.

She only lasted a few months in the company before leaving, some reports say because of a bad groin injury. Also, during her time with the company it was said Randy Orton messed with her belongings (using lotion and baby oil) because Rochelle had no idea who he was.

7 Anastacia

via IMDB.com

She was brought in October of 2007 as a backstage interviewer on SmackDown, WWE felt her previous TV work would make Anastacia a good fit, and she was not. Lasting only three months with the company, she just wasn’t great in that spot, and there was no plans to train her as a wrestler, so back to acting she went.

Since being released, she’s had steady acting gigs on a number of TV shows and video games like Saints Row: The Third.

6 Krissy Vaine

via ProWrestling.Wikia.com

Finally, someone who actually wrestled before coming to the WWE, Krissy spent six years wrestling for a number of promotions including Shimmer and the National Wrestling Alliance. Spending almost two years in development, Krissy went up against people like Natalya and The Bella Twins.

She was finally promoted to SmackDown, but before having her first match she (along with her then boyfriend, Konnor of The Ascension) asked for their releases due to family illnesses.

5 Lana Yeda

via ProWrestling.Wikia.com

After doing some surfing competitions and promotional work, Lana tried out for the Diva Search, not once, but twice, making it in the second time (2007) and coming in third place. Rotating from backstage interviewer to valet, she eventually started her in-ring training.

After her first match, she was released only a week later due to a few reasons; cost-cutting measures, her lack of improvement in the ring, and it was rumored she was let go because they brought back Gail Kim, Vince and Stephanie McMahon thought “two looked too alike.”

4 Klimaszewski Twins

via Wikipedia.org

Most widely known as the “Coors Light Twins” Diane and Elaine worked briefly for the WWE in 2001 before hitting it big with their commercial work. Initially, they worked as Nitro Girls for WCW for a short period of time, before being signed by the WWE in 2000.

They were sent to be trained on how to wrestle for the company, but nothing really came out of their hire, as they were released a few months later. They still did a bunch of acting roles afterwards, but in terms of forgettable WWE women, they are right at the top.

3 Ryan Shamrock

via TheSportster.com

Debuting way back in 1999 as the younger sister of Ken Shamrock, Ryan would be included in multiple story lines against wrestlers like Val Venis, Goldust, and even getting “sacrificed” by the Undertaker. She was also in the group Pretty Mean Sisters (typically known as PMS) along with Jacqueline and Terri, a dominate trio that had a wrestler named "Meat" who did whatever they wanted.

After only five months with the company, Ryan was released due to not signing a five year contract with the WWE. Ryan went on to work for WCW, TNA, and AAA over the next ten years.

2 Trinity

via YouTube.com

After wrestling for about four years for numerous indy companies including TNA, Trinity was signed by the WWE in 2006 working in development for only four months before getting moved to ECW. Shortly after her in-ring debut, she needed knee surgery, which slowed down her progress for a few months.

She got back into the ring and was able to work for awhile, but was unfortunately included in a group of releases in June of 2007. After the WWE, she worked as a stunt woman and even competed in roller derby events.

1 Serena

via EvilBabes.Wikia.com

Serena began training with Ohio Valley Wrestling back in 2005, eventually getting into Shimmer where she spent a few years honing her skills. Finally in 2009, she received a contract with the WWE training in Florida for six months before moving to SmackDown.

Most fans will remember her during her time in the Straight Edge Society alongside Luke Gallows and CM Punk. Getting her head shaved to show her allegiance to the group, Serena stood out among most of the women on the roster. Unfortunately, her contract was nearly up and she apparently drank a lot on the road, which was the complete opposite of the gimmick she was portraying, thus came the release. As one of the few women on this list with real talent, she continued wrestling on the indies until 2015, when she retired to focus on being a yoga instructor.

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