20 Hot Female Wrestler Pictures Their Men Wouldn't Want You To See

The evolution of women's wrestling has been amazing over the past few years, beginning with the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita with the new century, inspiring many women to show their talent in the ring and wow audiences. But everyone knows that just talent doesn't cut it in the major wrestling shows, as a WWE diva or a TNA knockout has to be attractive in the eyes of the fans. These women have been among the hottest in recent times while also entertaining us in the ring with their amazing talent.

While these extremely talented women have been improving the reputation of women's wrestling with their work, they also have to maintain a sexy figure so that fans actually notice and cheer for them, as almost every popular wrestling woman right now is very attractive. But some of these female wrestlers are a notch above the others, as they have some of the sexiest bodies in the business and please the fans not only with their in-ring talent, but also by showing off their incredible figures.

But these ladies are off limits, as they do have boyfriends or are married to their husbands who must be agitated at how these ladies love to show off. Let's take a look at the 20 Hot Wrestling Divas Pictures Their Men Wouldn't Want You To See.

20 Emma

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Emma might be going through a rather bizarre phase in the WWE right now with her delayed "Emmalina" gimmick being seemingly scrapped altogether, but she still has the talent to be one of the best divas on the roster soon enough. The Australian's heel gimmick suits her the best and will hopefully be utilized well in the main roster after she re-debuts, as she definitely has the skills to complete at the top of the Women's Division. She also has the looks for which she was being heavily advertised all this while, as this absolutely smacking picture of her shows just how sexy she is. Her boyfriend Zack Ryder wouldn't want the fans to see this sexy picture of Emma, as he'd want to keep her as his girlfriend and not for the fans to see the revealing side of her.

19 Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella initially debuted as a mischievous diva with her sister Brie, but has grown into the "total diva" for the WWE as she is advertized heavily right now for her work outside the company bringing much attention to the WWE. Nikki is currently getting back to her feet after her horrifying neck injury, but it can be said that her dazzling looks were a prime factor to her becoming one of the top divas in the WWE. This remarkable picture of her shows exactly why she's highly valued by the WWE, as her steaming "assets" are something which will reap many fans into the product. But John Cena wouldn't want his girl to be seen like this in the eyes of the fans, as he'd want her to remain as a fan-favorite and not just something which is a treat to the eyes - which she definitely is.

18 Maryse

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Maryse might currently be part of WWE's "most must see" couple along with husband The Miz on Smackdown, but it's difficult to forget her work for the company in the past where she was one of the top divas of the blue brand. She was quite an amazing heel during her time and won the Divas Championship two times in her stint, as she was also one of the hottest divas during the time and has retained that to this day as well. This picture of her shows just how sexy she is, as the former model has the absolutely perfect body for a WWE Diva and her gorgeous figure and assets can be seen in their best light in this picture. The Miz definitely wouldn't want the fans to see his wife by the fans like this, as he continuously reminds us on how Maryse is his wife and you can't help but be jealous of how lucky the guy is.

17 Reby Hardy

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The lovely wife of "Broken" Matt Hardy has suddenly gained a lot of popularity after the house of Hardy saw its rise in popularity last year, as her crazy antics earned her quite a reputation as well. She was formerly known as Reby Sky in the wrestling scene as she wrestled in many Independent promotions before coming to TNA with her husband, and although she's a decent wrestler, it's her sensational figure which has gained her much fame in the past. This rather revealing picture of Reby goes onto show just how amazing she looks, as she has the absolutely perfect figure and assets to back it all up, as this explicit picture is something her "Broken" husband wouldn't want the fans to see. He wouldn't want his lovely queen to be seen by the fans as something other than his wife and this revealing picture can change the perception of many towards Reby.

16 Carmella

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Carmella might now be having a bit of a tough time after being paired up with James Ellsworth, but she has the skills to be a top diva in the WWE in the coming years and also has the sizzling figure to back it up with. The Princess Of Staten Island started off in NXT where she gained popularity with her alignment with Enzo & Cass with whom she was very close, also resulting in Big Cass becoming her real life-boyfriend. Carmella has quite the eye-catching figure and has the perfect body to woo fans, as this sexy picture of her (which Cass definitely wouldn't want many to see) shows just how hot she is and why she rightfully calls herself the hottest chick in the ring. Carmella still has a long way to go in the WWE, but with her amazing figure she'll be going places soon and Enzo's quote for her, "She's Hot as Hell, And You Can't Teach That!" seems to perfectly sum her up.

15 Mickie James

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Mickie James recently made her return to the WWE, but she's been a name synonymous with Women's Wrestling for almost a decade now as she became one of WWE's rising stars in her first term with the company, before going on to impress in TNA. She has won numerous championships in her career and is one of the most capable wrestlers in the ring, but not many actually notice how hot she looks because she doesn't dress as such to the ring. This sexy picture of James goes onto show how eye-catching she can look when she wants too, as this revealing picture almost shows it all and shows the sexier side to the diva amazingly. This picture is something which her fiancée Magnus wouldn't want many to see as it could change the perception of some as everyone knows Mickie James for her wrestling, but this revealing picture could make them see her sexier side as well.

14 Renee Young

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Renee Young might be the beautiful face which represents the WWE in many of its pre/post shows outside wrestling right now, but she's not just the beautiful face only. Young has been in the company for a while now, gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years for her gorgeous looks and can look absolutely sexy when she wants to as well. This picture of her goes onto show how Young looks as sexy as any WWE Diva right now, as her dazzling figure and revealing self would be something her current boyfriend Dean Ambrose wouldn't want the fans to see. This picture shows her sexy side which not many have actually seen and goes onto show why WWE chose her to be the face of many of their programming.

13 Natalya

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The Queen of Harts has been in the WWE for quite a long time now, as the strong, technically amazing Natalya has been an under-rated figure in the WWE for a long time now. The only female to come out of the Hart Dungeon has been impressing us with some amazing wrestling over the years, but not many actually notice how stunning she looks as well. She doesn't dress to reveal as many of her colleagues but when he wants to, she can look absolutely smacking as this gorgeous picture of Natalya goes onto show. She's looking extremely hot in this picture, something which her husband Tyson Kidd wouldn't want many to see, as her stunning figure and sexy assets are displayed in this amazing picture which goes onto show that she's not just about the wrestling but also looks like a proper diva when she wants too.

12 Becky Lynch

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The Irish Lasskicker Becky Lynch has worked her way into much success in the WWE, as she silenced her doubters and became one of Smackdown's biggest divas after being drafted by them and has been on top ever since. While not many actually notice Lynch for her looks and more for her superb wrestling ability, she can look like a "Diva" whenever she wants to as this sexy picture of Lynch in a bikini goes onto show just how much a sexy figure she has. Lynch is looking absolutely marvelous in this stunning picture which is something her boyfriend Luke Sanders (who is himself a UFC fighter) wouldn't want everybody to see as this picture shows how Lynch can look equally hot like any other diva when she wants too and why WWE hired her as one of their top female talents.

11 Madison Rayne

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Madison Rayne was one of the beautiful people to take TNA's Knockout's division up a notch, as the sizzling knockout would dominate the division as part of the infamous stable. Rayne ruled over the division and won numerous titles, which included winning the TNA Knockout's Championship an unprecedented 5 times and the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Titles twice as well. Rayne was also one of the hottest knockouts in the promotion at the time, as she not only impressed in the ring but was an absolute treat to look at as well. Now married to commentator Josh Matthews, this picture of a stunning Rayne is not something he'd want the fans to see, as it's an explicit look at how dazzling Rayne really is as she's one of the reasons TNA got recognized for its women and is continuing to improve its state as a creative writer and color commentator for the newly named "Impact Wrestling" right now.

10 Gail Kim

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Gail Kim is a living legend in the field of wrestling right now, as she is almost solely responsible for the original "Women's Revolution" in TNA where she ruled over for a number of years. She was also in the WWE but wasn't rewarded as highly as she should've, as WWE's loss was TNA's gain where she went onto win the TNA Knockout's Championship 6 times and also winning the Knockout's Tag Team Titles once. She also recently got inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame (first ever female inductee in it) and while she's such an amazing athlete, she also has the sexy looks to back it up. This sizzling picture shows the sexy side of Kim perfectly, as it's something which her husband, world-renown chef Robert Irvine, wouldn't want anybody to see as it shows how she's the complete diva with not only the amazing wrestling skills, but also a beautiful body to back it up.

9 Sasha Banks

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"The Boss" Sasha Banks might be bossing over the Raw Women's Division right now, but she has deserved her name at how amazingly she has worked to get to where she is right now. She was a big part of the "Women's Revolution" in the WWE and has since won the Raw Women's Championship numerous times already in her career, as her superb wrestling skills makes her one of the fan-favorites in the division. While she's an amazing wrestler, she also has the sexy looks which make her the complete diva as this sexy picture of her showing in her sexiest form shows how good she can look when she wants too. She looks absolutely smacking in this gorgeous picture as her husband Kid Mikaze (who's a costume designer for WWE) wouldn't want his partner to be seen in this sexy form by the fans, as it could change the way many look at her and recognize her for.

8 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has seen quite the rise in the WWE ever since being drafted to Smackdown Live in the brand extension, as she was a promising talent in NXT but became an instant hit in the main roster. Bliss rode on her popularity and her superb heel work to win the Smackdown Women's Championship which she even won the 2nd time some-time back, as her superb work is also complimented by how amazing she looks as well. This especially sexy picture of Alexa shows just how hot she is, as her amazing assets can be seen in their sexiest form in this picture and this sexy picture is something which her fiancée Buddy Murphy would not want the fans to see, as he'd definitely want his prized girlfriend to remain as his and for the fans to not remember for being the sexy doll and get more recognition for her wrestling skills.

7 Brandi Rhodes

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Brandi Rhodes gained a lot of success and popularity in WWE where she was one of the top ring-announcers in her time, and also where she met her husband Cody Rhodes. With the name of Eden Stiles at the time, she did some really good work behind the mic and left with Cody when he quit the WWE, as she has been travelling around with him as his valet around the world. Not everyone did appreciate how hot she was during her time in the WWE, as this sizzling picture of her in her sexiest form goes onto show just how lucky Cody is to have someone as hot as her. Cody would definitely not want the fans to see his wife by the fans like this, as he'd want to keep the "sexy" part of her as discreet as possible but one can see why Brandi became such a success in the WWE with that stunning figure of hers.

6 Bayley

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Bayley has taken the main roster by storm as she made quite an impact and topped it off by winning the Raw Women's Championship recently, as the huggable one is extremely popular with the fans because of how well she treats them. While she is more of a baby-face who is loved for her work rather than her looks, she does look really beautiful when she wants to do so, as she has a very attractive, curvy figure. This picture would be something her boyfriend Aaron Sorlow wouldn't want the fans to see, as her curves take center stage. Fans who already have a crush on her would go absolutely mad for her as this absolutely stunning side of Bayley is something not many have seen, and her boyfriend would want it to remain as such.

5 Jojo

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Jojo might not be a WWE wrestler, but she definitely has the looks of a stunning diva as the ring announcer has got some eyes turning with her amazing change in looks over the past few years. She doesn't really dress so that many would turn their attention to her, but her sexy assets and remarkable looks makes it hard to ignore her as this picture of her showing just how amazingly she is shaped goes onto show why she's so hot. This sexy picture of her shows the curves in her body as well as her stunning assets, but it's something her boyfriend Jake Carter (the son of Vader) wouldn't want the world to see. He'd want Jojo to remain as the unseen ring announcer who is known for her voice rather than her figure, but going by how hot she is continuing to look over time, it won't be long before everybody recognizes her sexy side.

4 Angelina Love

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Angelina Love was one of the pillars of TNA's Knockout's Division when it saw its rise, as she was the leader of the Beautiful People and led the stable and herself to much success as well. She is definitely a bonified TNA legend, as she has won the TNA Knockout's Championship 6 times as well as winning the TNA Tag titles once as well. Love has been in TNA for a long time now and is also currently in the revamped Impact Wrestling with her real life husband Davey Edwards, who definitely wouldn't want anybody to see this revealing picture of her. This sexy picture of Love in a bikini shows exactly how hot she is, as she has the perfectly toned figure and is a complete knockout who has maintained herself as one of the sexiest women in TNA for quite a long time now.

3 Naomi

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Naomi only recently received what she deserved for a long time in the Smackdown Women's Championship, but she has been entertaining us for a long time now. Initially debuting as a Funkadactyl, she has evolved over the years and her sexy figure has definitely helped her get over in the WWE. This hot picture of Naomi showing her in a photo-shoot goes onto show just how amazing she looks, as she has some curvaceous assets and an amazing figure along with it and this picture is something which her husband Jimmy Uso wouldn't want the fans to see. This picture shows just how amazingly good her assets look, as this beautiful diva has come a long way since her debut and her sexy figure has definitely helped with that.

2 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon might be WWE's resident female heel, but she has grown A LOT over the years in terms of looks as well power in the company. The Boss's daughter is currently the commissionaire of Raw and is the authority everyone loves to hate, as she and husband Triple H have a lot of stake in the company right now. Stephanie might have become more and more evil as the years pass, but she's also become more and more hotter as the years have passed and looks sexier right now than she did in the 90s as this spectacular picture of her goes onto show how much of a stunning figure she has right now. This smacking picture is something her husband Triple H wouldn't want many fans to see, as it could make her popular in the eyes of the fans and ruin her evil character which has taken so many years to make perfect.

1 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis has remained as one of the hottest divas in the wrestling world for almost a decade now, as the sexy bombshell was never in it because of her in-ring talent. She spent some years in the WWE as eye-candy before moving onto better things, as she then moved to Ring of Honor with her husband Mike Bennett and served as his valet. Her striking looks would make her quite a hot cake in the wrestling industry as she and Bennett later moved onto TNA, where she even went onto win the Knockout's Championship. But her amazing looks can definitely make anyone jealous of Bennett, as this absolutely remarkable picture of her shows just how sexy she can look whenever she wants too. Bennett wouldn't want the fans to see his wife like a piece of eye-candy, as he'd definitely not want the fans to see this sexy picture of her which goes onto prove why Maria is recognized as one of THE hottest female wrestlers in the world right now.

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