20 Hot Photos From Total Divas That You NEED To See

There’s no doubt that pretty much every single cast member on Total Divas is insanely hot. From the beautiful Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki Bella, to the red hot Eva Marie, foxy Alicia Fox and more, they’re all sexy, toned, and basically the ideal reality show cast members. However, not everyone feels like watching what is, admittedly, a bit of a girly reality show filled with cat fights and drama – the shows on E! network aren’t necessarily for everyone. So, what’s the solution for if you love the Divas but want a little bit of a realer glimpse into their lives than what their Instagram feeds might show? Well, thanks to the internet, you can find an endless supply of stills from episode of the show online for your perusal.

While the Divas look gorgeous when they’re all glammed up for their various photo shoots, the stills captured from the episodes prove that they’re also sexy in their everyday lives – it’s not all just airbrushing. Plus, let’s be honest – it’s nice to see the Divas lounging around at home or over brunch sometimes, and not just posed provocatively in the ring. Their sex appeal is a huge part of their personas, yes, but sometimes it’s nice to see a more natural, everyday side of them, going on outings together and hanging out with their spouses.

Stills can capture moments when the Divas look absolutely stunning and they can capture moments when they look silly. They show off the cast’s personalities more than a posed photograph might and it can be endless fun to scroll through them – even if you’ve never watched a full episode of the show. After all, who doesn’t love getting a glimpse behind the scenes?

Here are 20 pictures from Total Divas that you absolutely need to see.

20 Red Hot

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This photo pretty much proves why Eva Marie has earned her reputation for being a red hot diva. The other Divas surrounding her are in darker shades, predominantly black, while she sticks out like a flashing light thanks to her bright red outfit, hair, and lipstick. Sometimes, too much of a good thing can be bad, but we have a feeling that there’s just no such thing as too much red for Eva Marie – and that’s totally fine, because she looks amazing.

19 Kitchen Cuties

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It’s no secret that the Bella Twins are some of the most beloved cast members on Total Divas. They stir up their fair share of drama, with both other Divas and with one another as only sisters can, and they consistently look amazing. While they tend to have loose, flowing hair in photo shoots, this still capture from the episode “A Tango With Fandango” shows them in the kitchen, sipping coffee, in a maxi dress that emphasizes Nikki’s cleavage and a crop top that emphasizes Brie’s toned stomach. Sure, their husbands are buff and handsome as well, but come on – the focus is clearly on the two gorgeous twins.

18 WrestleMania

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Photo shoots nearly always capture celebrities looking their best, with carefully arranged expressions. The point of reality television is to give a look behind the scenes, at the kind of moments a photo shoot might not capture – like this one. In a photo shoot, Summer Rae and Natalya could very well be embracing one another looking sexy in some stage outfits. In this still from “A SummerSlam Engagement,” however, you see them sharing a moment that’s far more goofy than sexy, as Nattie grasps Summer’s face while she makes a silly expression. Hey, Divas are real people too – they can’t just be sex kittens 24/7.

17 Itty Bitty Red Hot Bikini

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If you have any interest in seeing the Divas lounging by the beach in bikinis, then the “What Happens In Cabo” episode is absolutely necessary viewing. It has all the drama of a regular episode, with the bonus of being set in tropical Mexico, where the Divas are constantly rocking bikinis or teeny outfits. This still captures Nikki Bella lounging in a pool, rocking a ruffled red bikini, with minimal make-up and damp, air-drying hair. While the Divas’ glammed up everyday looks are gorgeous, it’s nice to see a bit more of a natural look.

16 Safety First

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Before the Divas go out on a water excursion in “What Happens in Cabo,” they put safety first and get strapped into some life jackets. Let’s face it – most people look a bit ridiculous in life jackets, like puffed up marshmallows with two legs sticking out. The Divas, on the other hand, make the life jackets looks almost sexy, rocking them with teeny bikini bottoms and loose, flowing hair. If the life jacket company every needs models for a new commercial or promotional ad, this still just might show them a few girls that are right for the job.

15 Girl Time

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In most episodes of Total Divas, the Divas really only hang out with one another backstage or out in public, at a restaurant or event. They may stop by one another’s homes occasionally, particularly The Bella Twins since they’re sisters, but they’re not often lounging around in one another’s bedrooms. That’s one of the things that makes this still from “What Happens in Cabo” all the more memorable. The girls are lounging around in tanks and bikinis in the hotel bed, pillows tossed here and there and a half-unpacked suitcase by the foot of the bed, just laughing and having fun like women on a tropical vacation should.

14 Touch Up

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Audiences only see most photo shoot images from the Total Divas cast when they’re all retouched and glossed up and gorgeous. Sometimes, a Diva will have a brief storyline about a photo shoot she’s preparing for, but on the whole, you don’t really get a peek behind the scenes at what goes into getting ready for the shoots. This still captures Eva Marie, looking fiercely sexy with her red locks and black outfit, getting her lipstick retouched before she steps back in front of the camera for the photo shoot.

13 Heart to Heart

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A still from the episode “Tea Mode” shows Nikki Bella and Paige backstage having a chat, still in their stage costumes. While the costumes are designed to look sexy in the ring, they look equally amazing when the Divas are just hanging out backstage – and these outfits in particular perfectly show case each Diva’s personality. Nikki is all glammed up with a bit of a sporty vibe thanks to the athletic socks and backwards baseball cap, while Paige is rocking a gothic look complete with black, studs, and fishnets.

12 The Champion

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While many of the Divas on the show form friendships and have personal storylines that have absolutely nothing to do with their wrestling careers, it can’t be ignored that, at the end of the day, they’re all essentially competing for the same title – the WWE Women's Championship. They all want to get their hands on that belt, and this shot shows Nikki hoisting the former Divas belt into the air triumphantly. While the moment is a lighthearted one, with Brie and Alicia Fox smiling and laughing, it captures a great moment in that episode’s storyline. Despite suffering through her serious neck issues, Nikki constantly kept trying and kept hustling and was eventually rewarded with the title.

11 Here Comes The Bride

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We’ve got to be totally honest – when it was announced on the show that Eva Marie would be getting married, we 100% expected her to rock a red wedding gown. After all, all red everything is her signature look. However, she opted to go a bit more traditional and don white on her special day – although she’s not about to put on a big, fluffy dress that hides the body she works so hard for. This still shows Eva Marie at a fitting for her gown, which has cut outs along the sides showing off her toned obliques, an almost entirely bare back, and a generous keyhole opening to show off some cleavage. We have to admit – the form-fitting, slightly risqué gown is totally Eva.

10 Selfie Time

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What do you do when you’re a gorgeous Diva lounging poolside in Cabo in your bikini? Well, take a selfie, obviously! This still shows Natalya and Nikki posing for a moment for a selfie that was likely destined for one of the stars’ busy Instagram pages. And, it just proves that while the Divas constantly look amazing in their photo shoots, only part of that is due to skilled photographers, hairstylists and make-up artists. A large part of the reason they look amazing in almost every photograph is that, well, they’re gorgeous and look amazing even in a simple poolside selfie.

9 Gym Bunnies

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It’s no secret that the Divas have to work very, very hard for their carefully crafted and almost impossible sculpted physiques. After all, their bodies are essentially their livelihoods – it makes sense that they take care of them. This still from the season five episode “Rocky Road to Recovery” captures just a small portion of that gym grind, with deep lunges on the menu to tone those legs.

8 Ladies Who Lunch

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For any reality television show starring a group of women, there will be many, many scenes of the women gathering at a restaurant together. The reason is simple – sometimes, you need a change of scenery, and a way to get multiple cast members together organically. Meeting for a meal is a great way to do that. This still from “Come Reign Or Shine” shows the Divas gathering over coffee and menus, in their casual everyday clothing rather than their barely-there ring outfits for once – and we love it.

7 Scenic Strolls

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This still from “Tea Time” proves what a range of styles the ladies have in real life. While they may have certain colours or cuts that they prefer in their outfits to show off their wrestling personas, in real life, they wear everything from leather jackets to floral jumpsuits to high-waisted retro jeans. However, when you work out as much as the Divas do and have such toned bodies, let’s be honest – pretty much everything will look good.

6 Twin Trouble

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Each cast member of Total Divas has had a heart to heart with various other cast members, but no two Divas talk quite as much as Nikki and Brie Bella. I mean, it only makes sense – they’re sisters, and twins, they have a way closer connection than most of the Divas have. In this still, the two argue over something Nikki has discovered on her phone, while rocking a sexy leopard-print one-piece and flowy white maxi dress, respectively. Even with that gorgeous view in the background, your eye is drawn to the twins – and that’s saying something.

5 Something Fishy

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Sometimes, on reality television shows, it seems like the producers need to take conversations somewhere ridiculous just for a bit of a chance of pace – like, for example, a fish spa. You’ve probably heard of the trend – rather than letting humans slough off the dead skin cells around your feet, you just let a certain breed of fish nibble away until your feet are soft and smooth. In this scene, there’s some kind of conversation going on, but to be honest we’re more distracted by Paige’s face, which seems to be trying hard to focus on the topic at hand and not on the fact that fish are devouring her feet.

4 Glitz and Glitter

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Before Total Divas came on the air, you really only ever saw Divas in photo shoots or in the ring. There may be an odd glimpse backstage every now and then, but for the most part, that was a bit of a mystery. With the reality show, audiences have gotten a ton of insight into both the Divas’ personal lives as well as what goes down backstage – and as this still from the episode “The Past is Prologue” demonstrates, sometimes it’s just a lot of laughing and chatting while wearing your over the top outfits. I mean, from the silver legging-type pants to the teeny tiny studded bras, the crazy outfits and the pedestrian concrete floors and backstage gear makes for a great photo.

3 Nikki and John

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One of the best parts of Total Divas is all the glimpses at the relationships behind the scenes, and honestly, Nikki Bella and John Cena are pretty much the golden couple of the show. Sure, Brie and Daniel are adorable and many of the other girls have partners that pop up periodically, but Nikki and John are constantly featured in major storylines. This still captures the two joking and having fun at the gym, and it just demonstrates how absolutely massive John Cena is. On her own, perhaps because she’s so muscular, Nikki always seems like a fairly solid girl. Next to John Cena, she looks like a teeny, delicate creature. Now, the question is, what is he trying to check out on her phone?

2 Late Night Fun

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While they’re absolutely perfect together, with their semi-hippie lifestyles and beliefs, Brie and Daniel can seem a bit removed from some of the other Divas. However, this shot proves that they’re totally down with taking a break from the serious environmental talk and just having some fun. Naomi is all curled up with a neon pink blanket, Daniel is making one of his classic goofy expressions, and Brie just looks, well, insanely hot.

1 Bronzed and Beautiful

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Okay, we had to include this still for its sheer ridiculousness. While many of the Divas over the years have preferred more of a bronzed goddess look, current Diva Paige prefers to keep things a bit paler. After all, her alabaster skin goes perfectly with the goth image she’s cultivated for herself. However, even pale-skinned ladies have to get a little sun-kissed every now and then – and Paige chose to get a spray tan in one of those pop-up booths that the pros can bring and set up wherever you want. She looks, well, ridiculous, and it’s kind of hilarious. Perhaps just stick with the pale skin next time.

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