20 Hot Photos of the Bella Twins You NEED to See

There’s no doubt about it – when it comes to WWE Divas, the Bella Twins – Nikki Bella and Brie Bella – are pretty much royalty. They’re both either married to (in Brie’s case) or the long-time partners of (in Nikki’s case) wrestlers, they’ve both been in the industry for quite awhile, and they both have a pretty good track record under their belts. They worked their way up through the ranks, they put in countless hours at the gym to maintain their incredible physiques, and they definitely know how to put on an amazing performance in the ring. Even though they’re now officially in their 30s, the age where many Divas retire, they show no signs of slowing down – and why would you when you look as good as they do? Plus, let’s be serious, who doesn’t love twins? After all – if one is good, surely two is better.

The Bella Twins’ popularity led to them snagging one of the coveted spots on the E! reality television series Total Divas, which centers on the lives of the sexy WWE Divas when they’re outside the ring. Pretty much every Diva featured on the show has become a household name, because they’re introduced to audiences outside of wrestling fans – you don’t have to love wrestling to love watching all the drama unfold between the Divas. However, amongst all the Divas, the Bella Twins have pretty much become the most beloved and well known – they’re sexy, they’re sassy, they’re confident, and they’re kicking some major butt in their careers.

So, if you just can’t seem to get enough of these two gorgeous women, look no further. We’re here with 20 hot photos of the Bella Twins that you absolutely need to see. From bikinis to ring costumes to elegant floor length gowns, there’s pretty much nothing that these women can’t rock – and pretty much no photo that they don’t look incredible in.

19 Red Hot 

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The Bella Twins are pretty much sexy no matter what, but the place where they truly shine is in the ring. After all, one of the reasons they’re so beloved is that they totally dominate in the ring – just check out that championship belt hoisted high. The red pleather outfits, crazy physiques, championship belt and take-no-prisoners attitude? It’s easy to understand why everyone loves the Bella Twins when they strut out like this. After all, while it never hurts to look good, a lot of someone’s sex appeal comes from their confidence – and that’s something these twins are definitely not lacking.

18 Beach Babes 

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Part of the reason that everyone loves the Bella Twins is that, while they look great all dolled up for performances, they’re equally stunning with minimal make-up on rocking the natural look –just check out this photo for proof. They’re jogging on the beach for a photoshoot in vibrant yellow sports bras and bright green boy shorts, hair flying behind them, looking fit, healthy, and seriously hot.

17 Double Trouble 

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When you have the twin angle going for you, why not work it to your advantage? The Bella Twins know that better than anyone. Sure, they often turn up in the ring in outfits that coordinate but don’t entirely match – after all, they’re still both individual Divas – but a lot of the time, they don matching outfits that emphasize their curves. What’s not to love about the teeny tiny pinstriped costumes with thigh-high boots? And what better place to pose than in the ring?

16 Fantasy Football 

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There are several Divas who got into the industry simply because they were absolutely gorgeous – they worked on their physical fitness so that they could develop into athletes along the way. That’s not the case for the Bella Twins. Both girls grew up playing sports and were very athletic, so the transition to the wrestling world was just an extension of what they’d been doing their whole lives. So, don’t expect these twins to be the cheerleaders – they’re more into being the football players. Although, admittedly, the tiny cropped jerseys that show off their abs are much easier on the eyes than a huge men’s jersey would be.

15 Bodycon Babes 

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When you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? While the Bella Twins often have skimpy, revealing costumes for inside the ring, they don’t generally walk around in bikinis and thigh high boots in their everyday lives. However, that’s not to say that they don’t flaunt the physiques that they spent so many hours in the gym earning. This shot shows them posing in the same dress – albiet different colours – and they’re definitely rocking it. It’s tough to pull off a bodycon dress, and many models just don’t have the curves to truly rock them, but the Bella Twins certainly do.

14 Country Cuties  

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Okay, let’s face it – when you think of down-home country girls, the Bella Twins probably aren’t the first ones who come to mind. They’re pretty much always ultra glamourous and dolled up, even outside the ring. However, they can rock a video or photoshoot in character just like any other woman who makes her money in the entertainment industry. For this one, they donned teeny black bikinis and cowboy hats and held an impromptu carwash. Every guy would willingly drive his trick through the mud if this was what was waiting for him afterwards.

13 Bikini Bombshells 

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The outfits that the Divas rock in the ring are essentially just bikinis with different materials – they cover about the same amount. So, it should come as no surprise that most Divas know how to rock swimwear – and the Bella Twins definitely do. This photo proves that they’re not always in the same outfits – one is rocking a leopard print bikini, while the other went more simple in neon pink and bright white – but both look seriously sexy.

13. Fit on the Beach

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It can be easy to think that the reason the Divas look so phenomenal in the ring is thanks to a lot of body make-up and great lighting, but that’s not the case – the Bella Twins work incredibly hard for their physique (just check out the endless gym selfies on both of their Instagram accounts), and they’re not afraid to show it off. It’s tough to rock bikinis as tiny as these ones, but they pull them off flawlessly.

12 Aussie Delight 

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Thanks to their participation in the reality television series Total Divas, the Bella Twins have become quite well known in North America. However, wrestling is a worldwide phenomenon, and they have fans everywhere – including the land down under. This photo was taken from a spread that they shot for Australian Maxim, which is pretty much the same type of thing that they’d shoot for American Maxim. Teeny peach bikinis, long shiny hair, suggestive popsicles? Whoever directed this photoshoot definitely knew how to appeal to Aussie men.

11 Outfit Repeaters 

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The Bella Twins seem to like these pinstriped costumes – they’ve rocked them with different boots on numerous occasions. However, when you look this good in something, why not repeat outfits a few times? This photo captures a moment when they’re getting ready to strut their stuff in the ring as eager audiences watch, and let’s just take a moment to admire how well fitted those costumes are. From their toned glutes to their tight abs, it shows off everything in just the right way.

10 Birthday Treats 

Happy Birthday!#tb

A photo posted by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Many Bella fans have likely seen the cheeky birthday-themed photo shoot the twins did, but Nikki Bella thrilled fans by sharing a bit of a funny outtake from the shoot to her Instagram account. I mean, if you have two party hats, why not go full Madonna? The image perfectly captures the fact that, even though the Bella Twins are seriously hot, they still know how to goof off and have fun.

9 Young Bellas 

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It’s no secret that many Divas have undergone some type of breast enhancement surgery. After all, when you’re working out and getting your bodyfat so low in order to present the best physique you can in the ring, the impact on your cup size isn’t always what you want. Nikki Bella shared a #TBT to her Instagram account of a photoshoot taken early in the Bellas’ careers – and, while they’re both looking just as hot as ever, they’re definitely a bit more petite in certain departments than they are now. Still gorgeous, but interesting to see the difference that a fuller bust makes on their physique!

8 Vamps 

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When you have a body like either of the Bella Twins, let’s be serious – you can pretty much rock absolutely anything that you want. Every inch of these ladies is toned and sculpted, and these dresses definitely show that off. The Bella Twins have gone with a similar outfit and similar curly hairstyle for this photoshoot, but they’ve expressed their personality a bit in their footwear choices – knee-high leather boots for one, and sexy strappy sandals for the other. Whatever brand made those dresses probably never dreamed their product would look so good.

7 Visions in White 

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The Bella Twins are known for their bold personalities in the ring, so they frequently rock bold colour choices to go with that such as reds and blacks. However, in tis photoshoot, they went in a different direction, looking angelic in white. The dresses show off their curves in all the right places, and with the red lip and dark nails, it’s definitely a different look for them – and one that we’re loving! Sometimes, change is a good thing.

6 Muscle and Fitness Ready 

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When you have bodies like the Bella Twins, there are a lot of publications that are begging you for a photoshoot – from men’s magazines like Maxim to health and fitness-geared magazines such as Muscle and Fitness. This photo offers a bit of a behind the scenes look at a shoot the twins participated in for the well-known magazine, where they’re rocking teeny black boyshorts, vibrant sports bras, and slightly different hairstyles to emphasize their individuality a little. Now that’s a set we’d like to have been on!

5 The Infamous LBD 

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Every woman has an LBD – Little Black Dress – in her arsenal. It’s a foolproof, simple, sexy look that you can spice up with accessories and pull out of your closet time and time again. And simple doesn’t have to mean boring. The Bella Twins pose in their matching LBDs with spicy red stilettos and windblown hair, and even though they might not be showing as much skin as in some of their bikini photoshoots, they’re definitely delivering a healthy dose of sex appeal.

4 Promo Appeal 

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When you’re one of the stars of a reality television series, as the Bella Twins are, you often have to do promo for the show in order to get fans excited for an upcoming season – and for Total Divas, that meant a sexy photoshoot in the faux rain. While some of the other Divas looked great in their shoot, no one brought it quite as hard as the two Bellas in their joint photoshoot. Rocking sexy strappy swimsuits, leather jackets, and vampy dark lips, this one definitely captured a lot of fans’ attention and had them tuning in for the new season.

3 Group Workouts 

? Ying & Yang ☀️ #Repost @thebriebella ・・・ ❤️??

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The Twins who work out together stay together, right? If you’ve ever wondered what these two Divas look like in the gym, look no further than the shot that Brie Bella shared to her Instagram account, which Nikki Bella soon reposted (I mean, if you look like that in a photo, wouldn’t you?). The two both work incredibly hard in the gym – their physiques prove that – but they also know how to have fun and take a few sexy selfies while they’re getting their burn on.

2 Triple Threat 

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If one photo of the Bella Twins is good, three must be better, right? At least, that must have been Nikki Bella’s reasoning. In honour of National Twin Day, the Diva posted a photo college to her Instagram account featuring three shots of the twins during various photoshoots – and they definitely rocking it. I mean, we’re pretty sure that these women literally cannot take a bad picture.

1 All Dressed Up 

This dress ? #johnpaulataker #ESPYS

A photo posted by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

While the Bella Twins sometimes share more casual outfit photos to their Instagram accounts, they’re most frequently pictured in workout wear and costumes. However, that doesn’t meant that they can’t totally rock some gorgeous gowns – just take a look at this selfie that Nikki Bella posted on her Instagram account. The girls are all dolled up for the ESPY Awards, rocking very different but equally gorgeous gowns. They definitely clean up well!

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