20 Hot Photos of WWE Divas on Instagram That You NEED To See

It can be incredibly fun to follow some of your favorite celebrities on Instagram. Whether they’re occasional Instagram users who only post a few shots a month or die-hard fans who share pics on the regular, it can be great to get a behind the scenes look at their lives. Sure, it’s fun to follow regular individuals, but there’s something about getting a glimpse into the lives of the other half. We all see them on the red carpet (or, in the Divas’ case, in the ring), but what do they do in their off time? What do they wear when they’re not rocking their stage outfits? Are they still in incredible shape even after retiring? Scrolling through the Instagram feeds of both former and current WWE Divas can be a lot of fun.

When E! began airing the reality show Total Divas!, things got taken to a whole new level. All of a sudden, even individuals who had never watched wrestling before in their lives were interested in these strong, sexy women. At this point, most Divas have Instagram followings comparable to many celebrities.

While every Diva is different, there’s one common denominator – they’re absolutely drop dead gorgeous and in absolutely phenomenal shape. They put in countless hours at the gym and they take care of themselves (just try to find one shot of a Diva where her hair and face don’t look amazing, even if they’re just natural for a night-in selfie). So, given their considerable assets, Divas often post super hot selfies for their fans to drool over. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? We picked out 20 of the hottest Diva Instagram photos for your viewing pleasure (However, if we’re being honest – it’s worth scrolling through their accounts as well. Trust us on this one. You won’t regret it).

20 Eva Marie

Soaking up that summer sun #AllRedEverything

A photo posted by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

Thanks to her flaming red hair, Diva Eva Marie is pretty hard to miss. Of course, those curves definitely don’t help. She’s known for being a bit dramatic, but let’s be serious – guys don’t care about her personality when her physique is so insane. Her Instagram feed is basically an endless collection of bikini selfies and bikini photoshoots, and this shot of the Diva reclining in the sun is just one of many similar scantily clad treats.

19 Nikki Bella

What do you do when you have a staggering 2.9 million followers on Instagram? Well, if you’re Nikki Bella, you post a super sexy photo. Nikki, one half of the bombshell Bella twins, shares a shot of herself in a sexy strappy one piece and sky high heels that definitely pack a lot of attitude. Sure, the faux rain in the background is a little cheesy, and it’s a little staged, but come on – she looks ridiculous.

18 Brie Bella

Wanna look like #TeamBella go to @wweshop and get your NEW #BrieMode Flannel now ❤️ you'd look great in it Sasha, Becky and Charlotte ?? #WWE #RAW

A photo posted by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

Everyone who knows anything about WWE Divas has heard of Brie Mode, so it only makes sense that Brie Bella would want to flaunt her catch phrase…and her assets. In this shot, she shares a photo of herself backstage in just a teeny, tiny crop top with a Brie mode shirt tied around her waist. We’re just going to say it – this is probably the sexiest way to rock flannel if you’re a woman. Cozy and crazy hot.

17 Natalya

While many of the Divas’ feeds are filled with endless bikini shots (which is part of what earns them so many followers on Instagram), Natalya’s isn’t one of them. Her selfies tend to be focused on her face or her outfit, rather than on showing her fans the maximum amount of flesh possible. However, there are exceptions – something her fans are probably pretty happy about. This shot shows Nattie flaunting her new Victoria’s Secret swimwear… among other things.

16 Alicia Fox

Maybe I should go back to bangs!?! ?♥️@wwe @eonline #totaldivas

A photo posted by thefoxxyone (@thefoxxyone) on

Sometimes, Divas get critiqued for their over the top outfits, but honestly, they’re fun, they’re flirty, and they show off those incredible bodies very well. Case in point – Alicia Fox. She proves that strong can be sexy in this awesome picture of her in a stage outfit – I mean, there are even sparks towards the bottom of the shot! Her caption, however, is a little funny – “maybe I should go back to bangs!?!” The fans looking at this shot are probably not focusing on her hair, if we’re being honest.

15 Rosa Mendes

Diva Rosa Mendes is currently on the road to motherhood, but there’s absolutely no denying that she’s always been one hot mama. This shot is from a Total Divas! photoshoot (just check out Nikki Bella’s awesome picture above) and Mendes definitely knows how to work her curves for the camera. Her legs go on for days, her heels are sky high, her expression is killer, and the camera just absolutely loves her (as do her fans).

14 Summer Rae

It's too early in the season to not have faith!! Let's go Bears!! ?? #beardown #chicagobears #chicago #chitown #nfl #nflsunday

A photo posted by Summer Rae (@daniellemoinet) on

With her beachy blonde waves and sunny moniker, one might assume that Summer Rae is a California girl – but that is definitely not the case. This Chicago girl proves her loyalty to her city by rocking a t-shirt for, who else, the Chicago Bears. While this blonde bombshell could turn virtually any shirt into something sexy, the deep V-neck with tons of cleavage and virtually nonexistent shorts definitely makes this image one of her sexiest. A hot woman and football? It’s the perfect combination, as the former Lingerie Football League Player knows.

13 Cameron

What do you do on Labour Day? If you’re Cameron, you put on your tiniest bikini and a pair of heels, and take a sexy glancing-over-the-shoulder bikini picture. The WWE Diva is definitely not shy when it comes to her looks (just check out the purple hair she’s been rocking recently), and she probably made every fan’s labour day with this shot. Hey – if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

12 Paige

Crazy crowd in Fort Wayne tonight. Bed time. This girls got an early flight in the morning. Nighhhhhttttt ???✌️

A photo posted by Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) on

Everyone takes hotel room selfies, WWE Diva Paige included. The difference between the Diva and the general public is that Paige actually manages to take super hot ones. Case in point – this shot, captured after a performance in Fort Wayne. Paige is rocking a simple sports bra and bottoms, and there’s a fairly generic hotel room in the background, but something about it is just super sexy. She also proves that not all women need to be bronzed to perfection to be beautiful – the pale skin and dark hair totally works.

11 Bella Twins

What’s hotter than an Instagram selfie featuring a sexy WWE Diva? Well, an Instagram selfie that features two, obviously. The Bella Twins frequently appear on one another’s Instagram feeds, both at WWE events and in their down time. These sisters are shown working on their insane physique in the gym and rooting one another on. I mean, it’s as if a fitness magazine and Maxim joined forces for a great shoot that shows off both the twins’ assets. I mean, it’s not surprising whatsoever that this photo got over 90,000 likes.

10 Michelle McCool

...always look for the sunshine! Photography by @sarahorbanic @orbanicsarah Hair/makeup by @jey_mua ?

A photo posted by Michelle McCool-Calaway (@mimicalacool) on

Former Diva Michelle McCool might be spending more time being a wife and mother than being in the ring lately, but there’s one place she’s still putting in the same hours – the gym. This blonde babe’s Instagram feed is absolutely jam packed with gym selfies and her physique shows off all her hard work. This shot proves that not all Divas let themselves go once they step away from the ring and hang up their skimpy costumes – she looks as ready to rock the stage in this bright bikini as she did in her prime WWE years.

9 Ashley Massaro

This blonde bombshell is almost always rocking a punk look, whether it be simply colored streaks in her hair or full-on latex apparel, so it’s a bit of a refreshing change of pace to see her with another look. Massaro gave her fans a sneak peek at an upcoming photoshoot in this Instagram shot and proved once and for all that one piece swimsuits can still be incredibly sexy. After this teaser, fans likely raced out to buy the magazine just for this spread (who could blame them?).

8 Stacy Keibler

#tbt to such a fun @NaturalHealthMag photo shoot! Still on stands until Feb!

A photo posted by Stacy Keibler (@stacykeibler) on

Stacy Keibler’s Instagram feed is filled with inspirational messages, healthy living, and shots of her doing fun family activities nowadays. So, where is the bombshell Diva who had the longest legs to ever set foot in the ring? Well, she’s just rocking things a little more casually these days. This behind the scenes shot that Keibler posted from a Natural Health photoshoot proves that sexy doesn’t always mean wearing the skimpiest bikini available. Keibler looks a lot more casual than in her WWE days, rocking a loose sweater, but the hint of skin (and the long expanse of leg) that she’s showing is ultra sexy.

7 Torrie Wilson

This shot of Torrie Wilson must be from her prime, right? Wrong. This shot that Wilson shared to her Instagram isn’t of a young Torrie back in her Diva days – it’s from mere days ago. That’s right – she’s managed to maintain a rocking physique even after stepping away from the ring and wraps it all in a scandalous and super sexy bathing suit. Wilson could give most up and coming Sports Illustrated models a run for their money, by the looks of it.

6 AJ Lee

Tune in tonight on #Smackdown. Just two days before #RoyalRumble! #WWE

A photo posted by A.J. (@a.j.wwe) on

AJ Lee’s Instagram feed is miniscule compared to some Divas, populated with only a hundred and some photos rather than the thousands others post, but sometimes quality is better than quantity. Lee’s feed is a greatest hits of her wrestling days and this shot captures the pint sized sex pot preparing to retain that championship belt. Sex appeal and a whole lot of swag – what’s not to love?

5 Eve Torres

Like many former Divas, Eve Torres is focusing on her skills as a mother lately rather than her skills in the ring, but she’s definitely mastered the art of the #TBT Instagram shot. In the picture captioned, Torres shares an earlier shot of herself as a young Diva, posing in the waves in a teeny white bikini. Curves and killer sex appeal? It’s easy to see why she earned so many fans over the years.

4 Maryse

Remember that shoot @snapsstudio Amanda & Scott?! #SanDiego 2008 haha. Just found this!!! We have to go back there and do a new shoot soon!!! ?

A photo posted by TheRealMaryseOuellet (@therealmaryseouellet) on

What do you do when you find a super sexy shot of yourself from a former photo shoot? Well, you share it to Instagram, of course - that’s exactly the type of thing your followers want to see! At least, it is if you’re French Canadian cutie Maryse. She shared a photo of herself from a photo shoot in San Diego way back in 2008. Sure, the photographers were probably pretty good – but that sex appeal is all natural.

3 Trish Stratus

Whether she’s a blonde or brunette, former Diva Trish Stratus is without doubt one of the sexiest women to have ever entered the ring. She’s been getting feature photo spreads in fitness magazines for years and though she’s now retired, her admirable physique has the magazines continuing to reach out to her. This shot proves that, like a fine wine, Trish Stratus only gets better with age. I mean, come on – it’s not even fair.

2 Kaitlyn

Do you guys think I'll win the @blackstonelabs office Halloween costume contest this week? (Not my actual costume but it's def super hot) ?? Thank you to my homies over at @twistedcandi for hooking it up with this sick outfit. #SLAY #twistedcandi #HappyHalloween #ImStillAUnicornAtHeart #squats #Primenutrition #celestialbodiez #forbodiesoutofthisworld

A photo posted by Celeste (@celestebonin) on

Back in the day, Kaitlyn was well known amongst the Divas because of her muscular physique. Sure, every Diva works out on a regular basis and is in great physical shape, but Kaitlyn definitely had a whole different level of physique – and she’s still got it! This shot shows her rocking sky high heels and a teeny bikini in some kind of cat costume. And, of course, she posted three angles, to make sure that her fans really got the whole costume. For that, they thank her.

1 Kelly Kelly

Blonde bombshell Kelly Kelly (or Barbie Blank, as she goes by now) is basically every guy’s dream girl – incredible physique, long blonde hair, and an absolutely stunning face. When you look that good, you don’t need a fancy outfit or sky high heels to show it off – just take a look at this image, which Kelly shared to her Instagram feed. In this shot, she poses alongside a muscle car in Converse sneakers and a plain white tank and underwear set, proving that simple can be impossibly sexy.

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