20 Hot Pictures Of Paige That Will Have You Wishing For Another Leak

Paige will forever be remembered by the WWE Universe as being one of the hottest Divas of all time. When Paige blessed the WWE fans with her presence for the first time down in NXT, it was quickly agreed upon that we'd witnessed the debut of a Women's Division wrestler who would go onto have a great career full of accomplishments (her good looks certainly didn't hurt things either). The speculation regarding how Paige would fair in the business turned out to be accurate, as she quickly climbed the ladder of success and captured many male hearts in the process. However, as we all know, Paige is no longer an on-screen WWE performer (she's still signed though) which is very unfortunate considering her popularity and in-ring talent.

With how thin the Women's Divisions are on both RAW and SmackDown Live, Paige would serve as a solid addition to either show. Regardless of how many controversies Paige has been involved with in recent memory, she's still one of the hottest WWE Divas of all time, and that fact can never be taken away from her. Considering Paige has been off-screen for quite some time now, some of you may be a little Paige-deprived, and if that's the case, then this list is most definitely for you! Stay tuned, as this list divulges 20 hot pictures of Paige that will have you wishing for another leak.

20 NXT Paige

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Here we have a photo of the lovely Paige taken during one of her many matches down in NXT sometime between 2012-14. As I'm sure you can clearly see for yourself, Paige looked absolutely stunning and looked quite happy to boot (she probably just picked up a win judging by the reaction of the fans). Paige was only in NXT for two years prior to making the jump to the main roster in 2014.

Now, how could we possibly forget Paige's monumental debut? Paige made her official main roster debut on April 7, 2014 (the RAW following WrestleMania XXX), and she congratulated then-Divas Champion AJ Lee for her successful title defense the night prior ('Mania). Long story short, Paige ended up defeating AJ Lee for the Divas Championship in her first main roster match that night. With this monumental victory, Paige became the youngest-ever Divas Champion at just 21 years old!

19 Workout Preparation Selfie

Judging by the sheer number of likes this revealing selfie of Paige garnered, it's safe to assume that her fans were very pleased with this picture. As you can see from the description of the photo, Paige is ready to hit the gym and get in a good workout. That said, I highly doubt that most women who are preparing for a workout look anywhere near as hot as Paige did here. It looked as if she was ready for a photo-shoot - not a grueling workout!

Paige looked absolutely beautiful in this picture, and her outfit, the lighting and of course, her facial expression all helped bring this photo together into what's certainly one of Paige's most liked pictures on her Instagram account. Looking closer at what Paige was wearing in this selfie, I wonder if she was sponsored by the widely known brand, Calvin Klein? I doubt the company could find a more suitable model then Paige, as she has the looks and confidence required in modelling (though perhaps she may be a bit too "confident" with the recent leaks).

18  18. Mirror Pose

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What words or phrases could possibly and accurately describe this alluring photo of Paige? Here's by far one of Paige's hottest pictures around, a photo that captures her standing by a mirror in not only an extremely hot outfit, but also with a very alluring facial expression. Paige is undoubtedly one of the hottest WWE Women's Division wrestlers of all time, and her semi-Gothic style only adds to her attractiveness.

Speaking of Paige's Gothic style, that's definitely one of the main reasons as to why she got over with the fans so fast - Paige's character was fresh and different, and the Gothic style was something fans had never really seen before. Sure, there were a few Divas who were considerably "unique", but Paige was quite noticeably unique (in a good way of course). It's unfortunate how things have gone down hill for Paige in recent memory, because when she started her career, Paige was destined for a Hall Of Fame worthy run.

17 Paige Relaxing At Home

Home sweet home

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Here we have a selfie of Paige sitting at home relaxing all while looking breathtakingly gorgeous at the same time. Taking into account just how many extraordinarily hot photos there are of Paige out there, it surely doesn't seem like it takes much for Paige to look extremely hot. I'm sure Paige's undeniable beauty played a critical part in why she received such an enormous push early on, as she was presented as a star right from her debut.

I suppose the WWE Executives realized how unique Paige was, and they quickly determined that she would be a sure-fire hit on the company's main roster. Sure enough, this proved to be the case, as Paige undoubtedly became one of the WWE's most popular (and hot) Divas on the roster. It really is too bad that Paige's no longer an active WWE Superstar - the WWE could truly use her.

16 Paige's Gothic Selfie

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This hot photo of Paige captures "The Anti-Divas" alluring Gothic style and demeanor in the most flattering way possible. Quite often, many jump to the worst conclusions when they see people (especially women) dressed the way Paige does. Many automatically assume that they're A) eccentric and B) just plain weird. Obviously knowing Paige from her on-screen personality and attitude behind the scenes, she's far from being weird, although some may say that she's somewhat eccentric.

However, often times people make blanket statements that Gothic women aren't very attractive, though if they saw just one picture of Paige from this list, I'm sure that they would quickly change their minds. Although some of Paige's fans have somewhat turned their back against her following her relationship with the controversial Alberto Del Rio, I believe most would be delighted to see Paige once again step inside a WWE ring.

15 Confidence Selfie


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What could possibly be more pleasing to the eyes than a selfie of Paige? If you shrugged your shoulders, I'd have to agree with you and say that there's next to nothing better than a Paige selfie (especially when they're as revealing as the photo above). It looks as if this selfie was taken backstage in WWE, as the Diva who's partially in the picture appears to be Alicia Fox, though don't quote me on that considering I'm not 100% sure.

I wonder if Paige had any backstage relationships (other than the ones we know about of course like Xavier and Maddox) that were never brought into the light. If there's a Diva who would've attracted the most attention from her male co-workers, then look absolutely no further than Paige. Alberto Del Rio is definitely one lucky guy, and many fans believe he isn't deserving of such a pretty lady. However, I think we'll let Paige decide what she does and who she dates in her personal life though.

14  14. Paige's Pondering Pose

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This professionally taken photograph of Paige captures "The Anti-Diva" pondering over something - though we really have no clue what Paige could've possibly been thinking about. If I had to guess, perhaps she was pondering over what her course of action following the release of her private "leaks" that surfaced earlier this year would be? Obviously this is purely sarcasm considering this picture was taken well before the leaks were ever brought into the light.

Speaking of those leaks, are some of these pictures starting to make you wish for more Paige leaks? If so, then the list is filling its purpose. What's kind of ironic about Paige is that her nickname in the WWE was "The Anti-Diva", yet she preferred being called a Diva over a "Women's Division wrestler". Some believe that Paige's dislike for being considered a Women's Division wrestler played a part in why she saw such a rapid demise. I guess the WWE didn't want to promote somebody who wasn't fully enthralled with the "Women's Revolution".

13 Revealing Instagram Selfie


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Paige was undoubtedly toying with her fan-base with this extremely seductive and alluring picture. However, when you're as hot as someone like Paige, I think it would only be natural to "show off" your assets, at least to some extent. Judging by the 119k+ likes this picture garnered, I'll assume and say that her fans were very pleased with what their eyes saw. It's quite sad how much hate has been thrown Paige's way following her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, as it really is her life, and Paige is the one who makes those kind of personal decisions.

Although some (well, actually many) fans believe that Paige's relationship with Del Rio was the worst idea possible, as I mentioned, it's her life and she'll make the final say. Though the fans who claimed that this couple would turn out to be "disastrous" aren't too far off from the truth considering the trouble the two have gotten themselves intertwined in. For a while, it seemed as though I was reading a news story about something controversial regarding Paige and Del Rio every other week.

12  12. Paige's Photo-Shoot

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This is yet another professionally taken photograph of one of the WWE's finest, Paige. Analyzing the picture, Paige looked (as usual) absolutely stunning with what I believe most would consider to be an extraordinarily seductive and hot outfit with perfectly done make-up and as well, perfectly positioned hair. You honestly cannot find a better looking photo of Paige out there, as the brightness and crispness of this photo-shoot picture was second to none.

I'd say that many WWE fans are a little "Paige deprived," as we haven't seen her on our screens since her final appearance up until this point, which was in July 2016. Paige's mother had originally stated that Paige was on hiatus from wrestling due to injury, though it was later confirmed that Paige was suspended by the WWE for 30 days. To make things worse, Paige was once again suspended in October 2016 for yet another Wellness Policy violation, this time for 60 days.

11 Paige With Alicia Fox Selfie

Taking into account the fact that now two of the hot Paige pictures have Alicia Fox in the background, I think it's safe to assume that the two are pretty good friends (or at least not enemies). As I've probably already mentioned a few times on the list so far, it's a damn shame that Paige isn't performing for the WWE as a Women's Division wrestler. Paige is highly underrated, and she can actually be attributed for helping bring relevance to the "Divas Division" before the "Women's Revolution" ever started.

Both Paige and AJ Lee were revolutionary for the women of WWE, as they were both solid competitors that made the Divas feel more like in-ring wrestlers versus eye-candy who put on Diva segments. I truly believe that it'll only be a matter of time before Paige once again return to the WWE, as the "itch" to wrestle must be getting to her - wrestling's in her blood as most of her family members are involved in the wrestling business including Paige's mother.

10 Getting Ready For Action

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No wonder so many fans miss "The Anti-Diva", she looks too hot for words. This selfie captures Paige preparing for battle in the squared-circle. Although Paige is a solid competitor who put on lots of great matches throughout her NXT and WWE main roster career, I must admit, Paige's hotness is by far one of the reasons why a plethora of fans couldn't wait to see Paige perform. Sure, her matches were good most of the time, but getting to look at such a hot Diva perform was a thrill in itself.

Paige Fact: If you hadn't already known, Paige actually co-owns a coffee company titled The Dark Gypsy. This company was launched back in 2015 (while she was still actively performing for the WWE), and the style definitely represents Paige's Gothic style with flavors such as "Death Before Decaf" and "Better Than Blood".

9 Paige Looking Absolutely Stunning

Just did a red carpet in Rome. Now time to hit the ring 😘

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While in the WWE, Paige was most definitely a busy women, as this extremely hot picture was taken after she had finished doing a red carpet in Rome, and before she hit the ring for some exciting in-ring action. The only word that could remotely summarize this picture would be "beautiful," as Paige looked nearly perfect here with a stunning (and clearly revealing) outfit, not to mention Paige's confident and sexy facial expression. Paige is confident with who she is, and that only makes her hotter to most people as confidence is certainly an attractive attribute.

Paige Fact: Paige had initially made her debut wrestling match when she was at the extraordinarily young age of just 14 years old. Still at the age of 14, Paige had already wrestled in nine countries which is absolutely amazing, not to mention shocking at the same time!

8  8. Halloween Photo-Shoot

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There's nothing quite like a hot woman dressed up for Halloween now is there? This photograph captures Paige looking dazzling with a sensual and alluring facial expression all while dressed up for Halloween in what appears to be a Gothic Princess costume? I truly have no idea what she's supposed to be here, but whatever it is, Paige was rocking it with style! This is quite simply yet another photo that will have you wishing for more Paige leaks, no doubt!

Paige Fact: If you have since forgotten, Paige was the very first NXT Women's Champion, and she won the prestigious title currently being held by the undefeated Asuka in a tournament including current Women's Division wrestlers Emma, Alicia Fox and Tamina Snuka back in the summer of 2013.

7 Preparing For Battle

Ready to kick off the tour in #WWEGlasgow!

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This is yet another unbelievably hot photo of Paige gearing up for some in-ring action for the 2015 WWE tour in Glasgow. I seriously doubt that you need me to describe this picture in detail for you to understand the shear hotness of it, because Paige's ring gear complimented her incredibly toned and hot physique (especially her "set of twins"). If there's a fan out there who doesn't believe that Paige belongs to be mentioned among the hottest WWE Divas of all time, then all you'll have to do is show this picture for proof. You honestly can't find a hotter photo of Paige no matter where you look.

Paige Fact: Paige is the only Diva in recorded history to capture the Divas Championship in her debut match. Not only that, but Paige held both the Divas Championship and the NXT Women's Championship at the same time for a short while prior to relinquishing the NXT Women's Title.

6  6. Early WWE Career Paige

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Now let's be honest here, the thing that makes this picture stand out as being one of the hottest photos of Paige out there is her exposed "booty." This was definitely not the ring gear Paige wore in NXT or on the main roster - this outfit Paige wore was for an FCW bikini contest back in 2014. Although I have no idea who ended up winning this contest, if Paige hadn't won, I would be very surprised and shocked considering just how gorgeous she looked here.

Although Paige was a Gothic Diva more focused on kicking butt, that certainly didn't stop her from looking hot whenever she stepped into the ring. Perhaps that's why so many fans found Paige to be attractive - she wasn't as focused on appearing like a "Diva" prancing around as the other women.

5 Paige Posing With A Fans Unusual Gift

I have the best fans ever who brings me the best gifts.. #Scumbag

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As the title implies, Paige was pictured here posing with a highly unusual fans gift. Although I cannot be for certain as to what the item is, I'm guessing that it's a snap-back hat which has the word "scumbag" plastered on the bottom of the visor. Now I'm going to be honest here, I had a bit of a laugh writing the previous line in this entry because it seems so weird for Paige to be impressed with such a quirky gift.

Though after the recent private video and photo leaks, I doubt many fans are very shocked at anything when it comes to Paige, as she has proven to be a bit of a "freak" behind closed doors. Scumbag hat aside, Paige's outfit featured in this photo was incredibly hot, and this picture will further convince the skeptics into believing Paige's undeniable hotness. Are you wishing for more leaks yet?

4  4. Backstage Selfie

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It honestly doesn't seem like Paige can get enough selfies, as nearly every hot photo on the list is a selfie in one way shape or form. I believe that this selfie was taken backstage at a WWE event prior to performing, and judging by Paige's calm facial expression, she wasn't feeling any nerves prior to her upcoming match and looked "as cool as a cucumber". If I had to make a guess, Paige's confidence as a performer probably stems from the fact that she has been wrestling since she was just 14 YEARS OLD! With that amount of experience in the ring, there's absolutely no reason to be nervous as wrestling would be second nature by that point.

Paige Fact: Fittingly, Paige was ranked No. 1 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 for 2014. Considering 2014 was a banner year for Paige, this award was well deserved.

3 Paige Getting Her Makeup On Before SmackDown

Before I even get into this hot Paige picture, I think it's safe to assume that most of you glanced at Paige's extremely hot "set of twins" prior to looking at anything else in the photo. I also think that this was Paige's intentions when she posted the picture to her Instagram account, as there's no way that she didn't notice how obviously exposed they were. Considering the photo garnered over 124k likes, I'd say the picture met most fan expectations for a hot Paige pic like this.

Reading the description of the photo, Paige was backstage at a SmackDown taping getting her hair and makeup done prior to performing. Let's just say that although Paige's super hot without being all made-up, it most definitely takes quite a lot of work to make Paige look like how she does when she appears on our televisions. It probably takes hours to finish everything!

2 That Booty Though!

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Though I rarely (if ever) hear Paige's name come up into the conversations regarding which Divas have the hottest "set of glutes" or "booty's", after taking a good look at this revealing picture of Paige taken during her early FCW days, I believe that at least some of you will include "The Anti-Diva" in those conversations in the future. Of course some fans notice Paige's booty, but it's far less renowned then Alexa Bliss's booty for example.

As you can clearly see, Paige's booty was on full display here, and this definitely has to be one of the hottest Paige pics out there (though I say that for most of the pictures considering they're all hot). Regardless, Paige certainly has a knack for looking hot in photos, as nearly any picture that you'll come across of her on the Internet are hot in some aspect. The WWE truly dropped the ball with Paige towards the end of her run, as she should've had the opportunity to go down as one of the greatest WWE Divas of all time alongside the likes of Trish Stratus.

1 Paige's Stunning Outfit

Taking a look at the description of this picture, I sincerely doubt it would take very much for Paige to land herself a water sponsor if she truly wanted one. Like every other photo on this list, Paige's outfit and makeup was on point, and she looked breathtakingly gorgeous as per usual. Instagram is undoubtedly a gold mine for hot Paige pictures, as there's literally an endless supply of them on her official verified account. That's also probably why Paige has an astonishing 3.9 million followers on IG.

Well, that concludes the list folks! I made sure to collect and gather 20 of the hottest Paige pictures one could possibly find that would make nearly any fan wish for more private leaks. In regards to Paige's in-ring career, we can only hope that she'll mend her relationship with the WWE and make a great comeback in the near future. At just 24 years old, Paige has a long career ahead of her, so she still has time to cement her legacy as one of the all-time Women's Division greats.

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