20 Hot WWE Divas Who Love To Flaunt Their Body On Social Media

There is no denying that Vince Mc Mahon and a lot of the other WWE higher ups like to hire beautiful women. Although we certainly prefer our female performers to have different looks from one another and be good in ring performers we are not going to be bothered by looking at good looking ladies. Several of these gorgeous women, who have magnificent bodies, appear to be proud of their figures and want to show them off. That is what led to us compiling this list of the hottest WWE divas that enjoy flaunting their bodies on social media.

The rules for our list were especially simple. We only considered women who have worked for the WWE at one time and we aren’t limiting ourselves to only those that worked for them when they designated their women divas. Therefore, any NXT performers are still up for consideration. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the women.

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20 Alexa Bliss

A tiny woman who has a larger than life persona when she appears on NXT television, Alexa has shown a great deal of skill as both a valet and wrestler since she signed with the WWE. After spending much of her time of late serving as the valet of Blake and Murphy, in the last few weeks, she has thankfully broken out on her own once again. We can’t wait to see what she can do with her newfound independence and she seems to be skilled enough that she could be a great option to pull up to the main roster soon. Included here due to the many photos she posts on Twitter, which is mostly comprised of her in her ring gear but also includes tight workout clothes, she seems incapable of taking an unsexy shot.

19 Summer Rae

Someone who is great at being hated, Summer Rae is best known as the former dance partner of Fandango. Taking part in feuds with women like Layla, Lana and Natalya over the years, she seems to come and go from WWE television on a persistent basis. The fact that she held an important part in one of the most botched feuds of recent times, Dolph Ziggler, Lana, Rusev, and herself, has ensured that she will live on in infamy. Although she is a user of Twitter, we suggest you check out her Instagram if you want to see her form in its most flaunted fashion.

18 Kelly Kelly

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A former model who debuted on WWE television at the young age of nineteen, Kelly Kelly started out as the star of Kelly’s Expose, where she would strip to next to nothing before being interrupted. Transitioning to in-ring competition despite dubious wrestling ability, she was arguably the face of the division during the latter part of her time in the company. A former Divas Champion who won a Slammy for “Divalicious Moment of the Year”, she serves as a great example of what the company valued in women wrestlers at the time. Currently the star of a “reality show” called WAGS, where her relationship with her husband takes center stage, it is her body that is the star of her Twitter and Instagram.

17 Emma

Recently taken down by a back injury severe enough to require surgery, Emma’s going to be MIA on WWE television in the months to come but that doesn’t mean her Twitter game is going to suffer. An Australian grappler who evolved from a nonsensical ,happy go lucky character into someone who seems believably loathsome, we hope that once she makes her return she becomes a huge star. A beautiful blonde who clearly works extremely hard on her body, she is known to post a lot of sexy snaps to her Twitter. Whether the images of her are in her ring gear, which itself reveals a lot of her body, or if she’s covered in nothing but a bikini, we know we sure enjoy the view.

16 Natalya

.... Hello #WWEOdessa.... 🐈🐈🐈

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Hired by the WWE in 2007, the era in which this Hart family member got her big break were a time in which her bosses were more interested in hiring models, meaning Natalya was unlike a lot of her peers. Given a contract due to the fact that she is a dynamo in the ring, by no means does that preclude her from being considered one of the sexier WWE divas. Recently recreating her image to include a much sexier BDSM influenced style, she has also allowed her newfound persona to have a big effect on the photos she uploads to Twitter and Instagram. Often seen in skin-tight ring gear, she seems to be a selfie professional, which is best evidenced for our purposes by some of the shots of her in underwear she has shared with the world.

15 Candice Michelle

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One of the more sexual women to ever call themselves a WWE diva, Candice wasn’t chosen to be included in the Diva Search but must have impressed someone as she was given a contract instead. Initially known simply for her looks, she worked hard over the years to become a pretty good hand in the ring but that doesn’t mean that she ever stopped using sex appeal. Appearing in a Playboy pictorial during her time with the company, she also played a romantic interest of company head honcho, Vince McMahon, onscreen. Known on Twitter to regularly post photos of herself in revealing clothes or beachwear, there is no question she knows what many of her fans enjoy seeing.

14 Mandy Rose

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A recent WWE hire, Mandy competed in the most recent season of Tough Enough where drama seemed to follow her wherever she went. Consistently dogged by one of her judges, Paige, in particular, she was once saved from elimination by The Miz who cited her looks as his only reason for doing so. Included in the latest season of the “reality show” Total Divas, she has begun training for an in-ring career while attempting to make her way in the locker room. Consistently placing photos of herself in bikinis, tight dresses or undies on both Instagram and Twitter, she currently doesn’t have as many followers as her coworkers but if she keeps this up she might soon.

13 Ariel

Remember earlier when we mentioned that Candice Michelle is one of the more sexual WWE divas of all time? Well, let us introduce you to the woman who is most likely to take the top place on that list in our mind, Shelly Martinez, otherwise known as Ariel. Introduced as a part of the WWE’s version of ECW, she would accompany Kevin Thorn while the two portrayed gothic characters with fangs that were meant to call to mind vampires. Fitting in perfectly with the tradition of pop culture’s hyper-sexualized vampire characters, the clothes she would wear would always show off her big boobs and legs. Very willing to flaunt her body, as the fact that she appeared in softcore pornography can attest to, her Instagram and Twitter accounts rely heavily on revealing her figure to bring in the masses.

12 Maryse

The Miz is an incredibly fortunate man. A long time model in the years before her first WWE tenure, she even won Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003 and she deserves to find herself near the top of any list of the most attractive WWE employees ever. A former two-time Divas Champion, she is one of the most convincing heels in the history of the WWE women’s division because she oozes ego from every pore. Recently returning to the WWE at the side of her husband, she has made The Miz into an even more hateable figure, which is extremely impressive. If you want to see photos that prove how gorgeous she continues to be, then take yourself over to her Twitter page where she posts photos of herself in gowns, workout gear and at least once, cosplay.

11 Torrie Wilson

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One of two women who made their way from WCW when Vince McMahon and the WWE purchased it, Torrie was a former fitness model who was brought into the wrestling world due to her looks. A two-time Playboy model that probably competed in more bikini contests than matches during her years in the WWE, she never appeared to be shy in the least. Last appearing for the company in 2009, she gained a lot of new fans when non-wrestling fans became aware of her because she dated Alex Rodriguez between 2011 and 2015. As enchanting now as she has ever been, she stills takes part in professional shoots from time to time, the results of which find their way to her social media accounts.

10 Maria

A former Diva Search competitor who was given a contract despite failing in that endeavor, Maria’s most memorable run on WWE television came as a ditzy backstage interviewer. Involved in an onscreen romance with Santino Marella for a time, she was finally given a real chance at wrestling four years into her tenure before her eventual release. One of the women who were tapped by the WWE and Playboy to be the subject of a nude pictorial, she is a magnificent beauty. Known now for her time in both Ring of Honor and TNA, where she has appeared at the side of her real life husband Mike Bennett, her outfits have grown tighter and tighter over the years. A user of Instagram, her profile is filled to the brim with shots of her that leave little to the imagination.

9 Maxine

Whenever we see this short-time WWE employee who made appearances on NXT when it was a competition show in Lucha Underground, we’re flabbergasted WWE didn’t put her to better use. Signed by the company in 2009, she began on NXT in 2010 but was relegated to that lesser seen show until 2012 when she asked for her release due to the way she was being used. Coming to the ring in a skin-tight catsuit that revealed ample cleavage and her luscious legs, based on the personality we see on television today and her obvious looks we’re baffled she wasn’t made into an instant star. Posting tantalizing photos of herself on Twitter and Instagram often, she seems happy to show us what she is working with which we’re perfectly ok with.

8 Santana Garrett

A former TNA knockout, Santana has made several appearances on NXT television, where she has been an absolute standout. Blessed with fantastic genes, her good looks and expressive face combined with an obvious passion for the business have made it clear that she seems like an asset that we hope gets a WWE contract soon. Either way, she has made several appearances on television shows that are owned by WWE so she qualifies for possible inclusion here. A beautiful woman with an impressive figure, her Instagram features a lot of pics that show off a lot of her body.

7 Paige

Arguably the most well-rounded wrestler in the women’s division today, at the young age of twenty-three, Paige seems like she will have an impact on the WWE for many years to come. A former NXT Women’s Champion who won the WWE Divas champion twice, including on the night of her main roster debut, she was also used as the catalyst for the so-called Divas Revolution. Currently taking a bit of a backseat in WWE storylines, we hold high hopes that she will be used in a much more prominent role soon. Someone who has Twitter and Instagram accounts, she doesn’t appear in bikinis or underwear regularly but her typical clothing bares a great deal of midriff, cleavage, and butt.

6 Noelle Foley

Barely able to qualify for this list due to the fact that she is employed by the WWE Network where she and her father, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, are set to star in a “reality show” called Holy Foley. She is remembered by many for her appearance in Beyond the Mat as a child, where she was scared by the severe beating her father received but now gets attention on her own. Far more attractive than anyone would ever expect the daughter of Mrs. Foley’s baby boy to ever be, she is known to post photos on Twitter and Instagram that are extremely hot.

5 Lana


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A former model, actress, dancer and singer who was the focus of several Playboy nude pictorials in the past, Lana is best known as the manager of Rusev, the man she is set to marry in real life. So attractive that even when she stood at the side of The Bulgarian Brute, a man who would run down audiences wherever they went, she was still the focus of chants of appreciation from the crowd. Recently beginning to make a foray into in-ring competition, her matches have gotten the biggest response due to how she shows off how flexible she is. Posting photos on Twitter and Instagram that show her body from seemingly every angle, she appears in every stage of undress other than full-fledged nudity.

4 Kaitlyn

Debuting on WWE television in the third season of the competition version of NXT, where she reigned supreme, and then she went on to became one of the stars of the divas division. A former Divas Champion who took part in an extended feud with her real life friend AJ Lee, she also worked a lot with women like Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Someone who seemed to be set up to have a long lasting stay under WWE employ, she shocked many by asking out of her contract in 2014 and returning to the fitness industry. You can certainly tell that her body has become her business as her social media accounts focus on photos of her that show almost every inch of her body.

3 Eva Marie

One of the most controversial people on WWE’s roster today, Eva Marie seems to be hated by a lot of the so-called WWE universe, who believe she has no business inside a WWE ring. There are others, who recognize that she seems to be working pretty hard these days to improve and although she has a long way to go, at the very least she has managed to create a highly hateable character. Of course, there is another contingent that feels she sucks in the ring but has no complaints about looking at her due to her obvious looks. That final group should be following her social media accounts as she knows what they want to see and abides.

2 Nikki Bella

Love Sunday's & freckles. #sundayfunday

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This performer was brought into the WWE after her twin sister and her auditioned for the Diva Search, they were awarded contracts despite not being chosen by the judges. Serving as arm candy for wrestlers and Raw guest hosts for the first few years of her time in the company, Nikki focused on actual wrestling up until her two-year hiatus in 2012 and 2013. Once she returned to the company she managed to become the figurehead of the division and managed to hold the Divas Championship for 301 days which means she holds the record for the longest ever reign. Still the face of the company’s women’s wrestlers despite a long-term injury due to starring in Total Divas, she clearly knows how to hold our focus. Someone who is proud of her surgically enhanced body, she enjoys flaunting her figure in real life and on Twitter and Instagram.

1 Brooke Adams

It may seem strange that Brooke Adams took our top slot as she spent such a short time under WWE management and her career consisted of dancing in the ring, but this for this list that doesn’t matter. A former model who also won Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Swimsuit USA, and Miss Hooters prior to entering the business, she too failed to qualify for the Divas search. We really have no idea what they were looking for in those auditions as Brooke became a pretty great wrestler during her time in TNA and has a body that won’t quit. Arguably the hottest woman with the most glorious ass to ever take part in the wrestling world, Brooke is pregnant now but she still shares her body and there are lots of older pics to keep everyone happy.

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