20 Most Embarrassing Pictures Of WWE Stars Ever Taken

WWE stars are just like regular people. They have embarrassing moments, although there’s are well-known to the public. Being part of WWE, many of the stars at one point in their careers have been relegated to an embarrassing moment. It could be some outrageous storyline and segment or it could be a botch on television. With cameras all around the arena, viewers are sure to see these mishaps. Some of which will continue to be viewed for years.

Yet, television isn’t the only way WWE stars are embarrassed. There’s been real life incidents caught on camera that’s been the talk of the wrestling community. Some stars have been arrested and had their mugshot displayed all over the news. While other have been caught having way too much fun at a nightclub, leading to some mishaps. Then off course, there’s wrestlers who are seen in unflattering outfits, which even they’re ashamed to be wearing. Just like any celebrity, WWE stars are prone to having embarrassing pictures taken. Once the photos are taken, it’s spread all over the Internet for the fans to see. Even if the picture is from years ago, it's  something the wrestlers will never be able to forget.

There’s been plenty of humiliating photos of wrestlers displayed online for fans to view and share. Whether it happened on television or in public, WWE stars have been caught in embarrassing pictures. Looking at these 20 pictures, we can only assume the WWE stars would wish these photos were never taken.

20 Seth Rollins As A Hot Dog

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Seth Rollins is familiar with having embarrassing photos on the Internet. Who could forget the infamous scandal in February 2015 when his ex-girlfriend Leighla Schultz posted nude leads of The Architect and exposed his affair with Zahra Schreiber. Long before the scandal, Rollins found himself in another embarrassing photo involving his ex-girlfriend. No, we’re not talking about more nudes.

During Seth and Leighla’s happier days, the couple enjoyed celebrating their favourite holiday Halloween. In an old photo, Leighla is dressed as a devil, while Seth was dressed in a hot dog costume. While his girlfriend appeared to be happy to getting into the holiday spirit, Rollins looked less than enthused with his costume. Rollins may not like the photo, but fans have gotten a kick out of it and it's become synonymous with his other embarrassing pictures.

19 Kelly Kelly Goes Too Far

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WWE stars do a lot of crazy stuff after a night of partying. Liquor, partying, and a camera means embarrassing photos. During her WWE days, Kelly Kelly was known as a party girl. She loved to go out with her co-workers and friends to have a good time. Plus, she wasn’t afraid to mug for the camera. Although after one particular night, she might have regretted having a certain picture taken.

Kelly Kelly was out partying with friends when they returned to their hotel room to relax. Kelly had to go to the bathroom, but apparently couldn’t make it in time and decided to pee in a sink. As caught on camera, the star was seen relieving herself in the bathroom sink. She wasn’t embarrassed at the time as seen by her smile, although now she may cringe at the photo.

18 John Cena Parties Too Hard

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There’s plenty of photos out there that Cena wishes he could forgotten. This one involves him and his ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau. In 2012, the couple divorced after three years of marriage. The high-school sweethearts had a bitter divorce, which resulted in Cena giving his ex a hefty payment.

But at one time the two were in love as evidenced by these photos from their engagement party. Huberdeau is seen giving Cena a lap dance. John appears to be enjoying himself as Liz seems to be getting a little bit too much into the dance. To make the intimate moment even more awkward, the couple did it in front of party guests. This embarrassing picture is something Cena along with his fiancée Nikki Bella prefer never to be seen again.

17 Sasha Banks Or It?

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Sasha Banks is one of WWE’s top female Superstars. She not only kicks butt inside the ring, but she’s also garnered the attention from fans who consider her one of the most beautiful women in WWE. Sasha is known for The Boss gimmick, which includes her bling and her famous pink hair. Sasha’s appearance has become as popular as her wrestling with fans trying to recreate her look. Yet, one photo of Sasha has showcased the star in a different light.

This very unflattering angle of the Superstar was caught before the release of the movie "It". Fans can't help but notice that this angle makes her look a lot like the film's spooky Pennywise the clown character.

16 Natalya's Toothless Grin

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Injuries are very common in WWE. Both female and male superstars are prone to getting bumped and bruised. Then there are times when stars have had their teeth knocked out during a match. Stars such as Cesaro and Jeff Hardy had their teeth knocked out. But in 2016, a WWE Diva found herself with a new toothless smile, which her fans found unflattering.

Following a match at a Las Vegas house show, Natalya’s two front teeth were knocked out. Luckily, she had her good friend and co-worker Renee Young there for support when they had to make a quick trip to the dentist. As Natalya awaited treatment, she and Renee snapped pictures showing Natalya’s new toothless grin. While Natalya may have thought taking photos was fun at the time, the Total Divas stars is probably regretting her choice of sharing them online.

15 Lita's Mugshot

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Lita is one of WWE’s legendary Divas. The redheaded beauty was every boy’s dream during her wrestling days. But in December 2011, a photo surfaced of the former Women’s champion, which showed her looking less than fine. Like a few of her fellow WWE stars, Lita found herself in some legal trouble. The wrestler was arrested in Georgia for speeding and driving with a suspended license. Lita claimed in was a misunderstanding and charges were later dropped. While Lita was able to escape legal consequences, she’ll never be able to escape her mugshot.

The photo surfaced within a day of her arrest and the star looked less than thrilled, but then again could you blame her. This was a far cry from the days when used to do bikini photoshoots or expose her thong above her pants during wrestling matches.

14 Vickie Guerrero Gets Exposed

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Vickie Guerrero has faced plenty of embarrassment throughout her WWE career. Who could forget her final appearance when she was pushed into a mud pool. Then let’s not forget the numerous times WWE mocked her for her weight. But one embarrassing photo of Vickie’s that she and the WWE Universe wish they could forget came during a match with Beth Phoenix. The two women had been feuding for a while and on a March 2010 episode of Smackdown, The Glamazon finally got her hands on Vickie.

Vickie was triumphant in her defeat of The Glamazon, but Phoenix didn’t let the GM’s victory celebration go on too long. Following their match, Beth would embarrass her boss by accidentally tearing off Vickie’s pants and stripping the Smackdown GM down to her underwear. A humiliated Vickie would immediately run for the backstage area, leaving Beth and the audience to laugh at her misfortune.

13 Randy Orton On Break

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Randy Orton is one of WWE’s top stars and he’s been known to have a reputation as a bad boy. Not only has he gotten into trouble with his backstage antics, but he’s also been suspended for violating WWE’s wellness policy. The suspension happened years ago and it seemed like Randy learned his lesson. Or so it appeared.

Randy Orton is notorious for being a character offstage, and in this photo he doesn't look much like a pro-wrestler. Instead he looks like a shirtless busboy on break behind a restaurant. This is definitely one photo he can't be too happy about.

12 Stephanie McMahon Mud Bath

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The McMahons love to embarrass their employees and in 2014 Vickie Guerrero saw herself as Stephanie’s new target. After losing her job as General Manager, Vickie was forced to work as an assistant for Stephanie, which required her to do a variety of humiliating tasks.

During an episode of RAW, Stephanie amped up her embarrassment of Vickie by having her compete in a gauntlet mud match. If Vickie were to get pushed into the pool, she would lose her job. Vickie managed to survive attacks by Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, and Layla. Yet, Stephanie pushed Vickie into the mud pool and announced that Mrs. Guerrero was fired. As Stephanie began celebrating, an angry Vickie decided to get revenge by throwing her boss into the pool. In the end, Stephanie was the one who came out looking like a fool.

11 Chris Jericho And Kelly Kelly's Affair

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In WWE, it’s not uncommon for stars to date each other. Many relationships have been outed by photos of couples in public. One couple who probably wish their picture was never taken is Kelly Kelly and Chris Jericho. Rumours of an affair between the two began in 2009 when Kelly Kelly was still a newcomer and Chris Jericho was an established star in the WWE. The two formed a friendship, which may have turned romantic as evidenced by photos of them partying at nightclubs.

The two seemed rather cozy as Kelly Kelly cuddled next to Jericho and he appeared to enjoy the attention from the blonde cutie. These photos are what began the affair rumors, something that both stars have denied. If there was an affair going on between the two, they should’ve done a better job of hiding it because these  photos surely caused plenty of trouble.

10 Dean Ambrose Dressed As A Banana

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Like his onscreen persona, Dean Ambrose has a reputation for being a bit of a lunatic. He’s done plenty of crazy stuff on WWE television, but during his developmental days at FCW, he was taken more seriously. The wrestler was known to have a dangerous demeanour and was known to pick a fight with anyone.

But Ambrose wacky ways began to take form during a FCW Halloween match. In a costume match, his opponents Roman Reigns and Big E dressed up as Tarzan with their leopard loincloths. As for Dean, he decided to get into the Halloween spirit too. And true to form he kept up with the jungle theme by coming out as a banana. While a banana costume isn't one of Dean Ambrose's best looks, The Lunatic Fringe couldn't help but have some fun.

9 AJ Styles Gets A Hole In His Tights

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In WWE, it’s not uncommon for stars to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. One superstar who was recently made the list in wardrobe snafus is AJ Styles. At the 2016 TLC PPV, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose fought in the main event. While the crowd was busy cheering on the two men as they put on a spectacular match. Viewers at home got to see another side of AJ.

At some point during the match, Styles got a tear in his pants. Being the trooper that he was, AJ continued on with the match. But the hold in AJ’s tights grew bigger and before long, The Phenomenal One was giving the audience a view of his rear end. Styles is a good wrestlers, but this photo proves that even the most established stars aren't immune from an embarrassing wardrobe mishap.

8 Ric Flair Mugshot

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Ric Flair’s person as a high-stylin' and profilin' man took a backseat in 2005. The Nature Boy was known for wearing designer suits or one of his famous robes. He looked the part of a jet setter. But in recent years, Flair has suffered a long list of setbacks. One of the setbacks Ric has faced is legal trouble. The 16-time World champion has found himself on the other side of the law, often times leading to an arrest.

In 2005, Flair’s trouble with the law began when he was arrested for assault and battery following an argument with a driver on a North Carolina highway. Before long, Flair’s mugshot was displayed on the news. From the looks of it, Ric seemed to acquire a few injuries during his roadside scuffle. This mugshot  would certainly not be the last embarrassing photo from The Nature Boy.

7 Lana's Wedding Cake Fiasco

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In the summer of 2016, Lana and her husband Rusev wed. The happy couple’s marriage was soon used in a wrestling storyline as Lana returned to managing Rusev, who was feuding with Roman Reigns for the United States Championship. As Rusev’s feud with Reigns heated up, Lana would find herself stuck in the middle of their battle, and would later end up being humiliated because of the two.

On an episode of RAW, Lana and Rusev were in the ring celebrating their wedding reception, which was complete with champagne and cake. Of course, Reigns would interrupt the celebration by coming down to offer his congratulations. A scuffle broke out between the men, which lead to Lana getting bumped into the wedding cake. Covered in cake and icing, Lana threw a hissy fit in the ring while her beloved Ruru tried to comfort her.

6 John Cena Looking Weird

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Based on his appearances on Total Divas, John Cena gives off the impression of being snobbish. He lives an extravagant lifestyle by wearing designer suits and keeping a tidy house. This is a far cry from his early days as the Dr of Thuganomics.

When Cena debuted in 2002, his gimmick was that of a rapper. He wasn’t afraid to show off and get a little wild. He should just how wild he could get when a DVD about his life was released not too long after his debut. In the DVD, Cena is hanging out with his friends when he decided to parade around the house in nothing but a wig and thong. While the old Cena may not have cared, we have a feeling the new John Cena feels embarrassed by this picture.

5 Rosa Mendes Gets Exposed

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Rosa Mendes spent ten years in the WWE. While she never won a championship or received opportunities like the rest of the Divas, fans still adored her. After taking some time off from WWE, Mendes made her return to the company in 2013.

But her in-ring return got off to a bad start when a slip lead to an embarrassing photo. During a match with Layla on WWE’s Main Event, the two quarrelled outside the ring. Mendes tried to get back inside the ring, but Layla stopped her by pulling down on Rosa’s bottoms and exposing the star’s behind. While the photo was embarrassing, Rosa was able to laugh off the moment. While Rosa's wrestling career may not have been memorable, her mooning the crowd will go down as one of WWE's infamous wardrobe malfunctions.

4 Vince McMahon Gets A Whiff

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One of the most cringiest moments in WWE history is Vince McMahon’s infamous kiss my ass club. The Chairman would drop his pants in the middle of the ring and force stars to kiss his behind if they wanted to keep their jobs. William Regal and Jim Ross are just a few stars who suffered this torture.

But revenge would soon come to Vince at the 2006 PPV Unforgiven. Vince teamed up with his son Shane and The Big Show to take on the reunited DX duo of Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Despite having the upper hand, Vince and co lost the match. But it’s what happened afterwards that would become one of Vince’s most embarrassing moments. DX treated Vince to a taste of his own medicine when they forced him to kiss the Big Show’s ass.

3 Batista Rips His Pants

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After a three-year break, Batista made his return to WWE in 2014. His return was met with mixed reactions as he won that year’s Royal Rumble and a chance to fight Randy Orton for the WWE championship at WrestleMania. Despite the negativity surrounding his Royal Rumble win, Batista was on a mission to prove that he was still in shape and could be WWE champion. In the weeks leading up to their WrestleMania match, Batista and Orton had a series of confrontations. During one incident on RAW, Batista let more than his anger rip.

After delivering a beating to The Viper, Batista went to leave the ring and camera shots showed he had a huge tear on the inside of his pants. It wasn't one of his finer moments, and let's hop that he invested in a new pair of jeans.

2 Dean Ambrose With Pink Hair

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Dean Ambrose is one of WWE’s most recognizable stars. The Lunatic Fringe is known for his attire of jeans, a tank top, and leather jacket. His appearance has become synonymous with his wrestling character. Yet, during his early days on the independent scene, Ambrose would be unrecognizable. While in his early twenties, Ambrose had long, pink hair. Yes, that’s right, pink hair.

As seen during a brief appearance on WWE’s Velocity, Ambrose proudly showcased his colourful hair as he prepped for a match. This hairstyle is a lot different from the short, wild mane fans are used to today. Thankfully, Dean had enough scenes to get rid of the pink hair dye. And even though he's a chill dude, something tells us he might be embarrassed of this old photo.

1 Stephanie McMahon Has An Accident

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All members of the McMahon family at one point in their careers suffer an embarrassing moment caught on tape. Stephanie has found herself in plenty of humiliating incidents. One photo from a WWE PPV had fans wondering if Stephanie had a bathroom accident.

During Extreme Rules 2014, Stephanie McMahon continued her ongoing feud with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. The RAW GM came to the ring and ordered Bryan to either give up the title or Brie would be fired. Brie would quit then go on to humiliate Stephanie by slapping The Billion Dollar Princess. As Stephanie ran up the ramp, fans noticed a dark spot on the back of her dress, leading to speculation that she peed on herself. Many fans quickly shot down the speculation saying it was the lining of the dress. Yet, we can’t help but wonder if Brie’s slap knocked the piss out of Stephanie.

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