20 Pictures Of NXT Women That Prove They're The Hottest Brand Around

About five years ago WWE decided to shut down Florida Championship Wrestling. Instead of FCW, NXT, which was a TV program at the time, became the WWE's developmental territory at that point and the rest is history. The wrestlers are less experienced than those in WWE proper, but they still put on a great show and in some cases, the passion is more intense because they are still working toward the goal of working on a WWE roster. At the same time, sometimes a real dud will get signed to NXT but they are often discarded quickly.

As a developmental promotion, NXT has a two-dimensional responsibility within the framework of WWE: the necessity of developing raw talent (no pun intended) but also the importance of putting on a good show with often less experienced athletes. We'd love to say that every product of the NXT system is awesome and every show is amazing, but we won't. One of the more recent gems out of NXT is Alexa Bliss, who brought a rare combination of jaw-dropping beauty and amazing wrestling skill to WWE when she left NXT.

While we won't say for certain that there is anyone in NXT now that possesses a comparable skill set to Alexa, we are comfortable saying that the current ladies roster is a good one and features a very respectable mix of athleticism and of course, eye candy. These are the beautiful ladies of NXT here in 2017, along with some pictures that will surely brighten your day.

20 Daria Berenato

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One of 2015's additions to the NXT roster, Daria Berenato got her start on Tough Enough, scoring a contract with WWE despite coming in eleventh on the show. Prior to getting her start in wrestling, she was a mixed martial artist. Her primary discipline is judo and in 2014 and early 2015 she had three amateur fights, ending her career with two wins and a loss. Years of practicing judo and other martial arts have left her with a tough but spectacular body. For those of us who saw her season of Tough Enough, we know she's into girls which is a pretty spectacular thing to think about. Whether or not she will ever make any impact down in NXT remains to been seen as there remains a long road ahead.

19 Kimberly Frankele

Formerly known as Kimber Lee in independent promotions, Kimberly Frankele was into competitive dance before she started training in wrestling, which she started doing while in college. She's one of the most accomplished on NXT's roster in terms of other championship belts held, having done so in Shine, Shimmer, Women Superstars Uncensored, and Chikara. She's a relatively new addition to NXT, having signed her contract just a few months ago in late 2016, but she's already a fan favorite due to the fact that she's very athletic, moves well in the ring, and puts on a good show altogether. Being cute and having a stunning body help too. Now, she just has to keep doing what she's doing and hopefully she will climb up the NXT ladder.

18 Nikki Cross 

While she certainly isn't one of those WWE/NXT Divas who is primarily known for her looks, and frankly often looks unkempt and slightly insane while in the ring, we'll be the first ones to throw her plenty of respect when she dolls herself up. As we can all see, she has a really sexy face when dolled up. We already knew she has a decent body, with a very solid amount of muscle that doesn't cause a problem for her sex appeal.

It is interesting that Nikki Cross is fairly young, considering the fact that she's been in the business for nine years. At just 27, the sexy Scot was active on the independent circuit since 2008, just getting signed to NXT in 2016. She hasn't blown us away in the ring yet, but we're excited for the future of this SAnitY member.

17 Ember Moon

If there's anything that may become an obstacle for NXT's Ember Moon, it may be writing. It is unfortunate, but no matter what promotion, there will always be great wrestling characters and ones that don't do as well with the fans. This isn't to say she's not a good wrestler, just that fans aren't drawn to her charisma or character. With that said, she is one of the most capable in terms of in-ring talent. She's also easy on the eyes and that's most definitely worth something in the wrestling world. She signed on with NXT in September 2015, with a reputation earned back in Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Alliance. She showed up with talent, but the Performance Center has continued to build on her talent and she has a great deal of potential.

16 Asuka

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While we totally dig her athleticism, overall wrestling ability and the fact that she's held the NXT Women's Championship for over a year, Asuka normally isn't the hottest woman in the ring, and is definitely not on the roster for her looks (unlike a few women we'll see later). Part of the problem is that her get-ups that she wears while performing are distracting and have too much that catches the eye, making it almost difficult to admire her incredibly fit body.

However, this picture shows Asuka from a top view and providing a little peak down into her seductive side. The stare and the minor cleavage show the fans a side of the NXT Women's Champion that may seem a little less dangerous.

15 Bianca Blair

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Of all the athletic ladies of NXT right now, Bianca Blair may be the fittest. Prior to her debut last year she was a track and field star at the University of Tennessee and more recently she competed at CrossFit and was featured in several fitness magazines. She signed her contract with WWE in April of 2016, and made her debut in September of last year. She hasn't been in the ring much and so far, has only done house shows, and primarily being on the losing end. She's still very raw talent, but has athleticism and fitness that is probably above anyone in NXT overall. Aside from her developing talent, we're also fans of her looks, we imagine you can see why.

14 Iconic Duo

The Iconic Duo of NXT are as gorgeous as they are talented in the ring. While they are very close friends, there are plenty of places online where horny fanboys are convinced the two are dating. While that is a sexy thought, it's nonsense, and saying things to the effect of "they take cute Instagram pics together so they must be sleeping together" doesn't make it so. The two have known each other a long time, and while they have said that they weren't always close (especially at first) they eventually bonded over their love of wrestling and are building an awesome pair of careers.

If we had to pick one, we're slightly more turned on by Peyton, but if you're a fan of stunning Aussies with incredible legs, they're both top notch.

13 Liv Morgan


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Despite what she may look like, Liv Morgan is tough as nails. She's been wrestling for her whole life, and that includes with her five siblings; four of whom were older brothers. Throughout her youth, she idolized Lita and her look, opting for tough and intimidating rather than girly and cute when compared to the other divas of that era. After a brief period spent modeling and cheerleading, She was discovered in 2014, started formal wrestling training, and made her debut in 2015.

While most women who are remotely fit look wonderful in yoga pants, Liv's posterior it out of this world in this shot. She's quickly become a fan favorite among the ladies of NXT, and at age 22, it seems likely we'll be seeing more of her in the future, which is something everyone should be okay with.

12 Peyton the Model

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In case you haven't noticed, plenty of Divas start out in modeling, whether it be of the fitness modeling variety or just looking sexy in pictures. Outside of the ring she is Cassie, and Cassie is one stunning woman, with particularly striking eyes. Fortunately for all dudes interested in this sort of stuff, she clearly isn't sure how the buttons work on her jean shirt. There are certain looks that women can rock that just make men go insane while leaving something up to the imagination: "braless with an open shirt" is one of those looks. It goes without saying, we like her modeling career about as much as we like her wrestling.

11 Danielle Kamela in her Cheerleading Days

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She hasn't competed in a few months, but we're salivating at the thought of Danielle Kamela's return to NXT competition. She's only had nine matches, all in the latter half of 2016, and most of them were losses. She's a decent athlete and has natural charisma, but she's still new to the business, with little in the way of prior wrestling experience. Her only previous wrestling was done with Knokx Pro Entertainment, owned by Rikishi and Gangrel.

Before she started training and signed her contract with WWE, this gorgeous woman was a cheerleader for the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Cardinals. Like a few other former Divas, she's had some success switching over from danging and modeling into wrestling, but her future looks unclear.

10 Billie Kay at the Pool

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We still can't quite get over how stunning Billie Kay's legs are. That is one of the perks of being a 5'10 woman; long, amazing legs. While plenty of the sexiest lady wrestlers have some muscle mass and can still be hot, Billie is totally fit, but still slim, and looks trim even compared to the other women in the division. She was always talented and beautiful prior to her days in NXT, and looked amazing in Shimmer and Pro Wrestling Women's Alliance, but she has really blossomed in WWE, and while her technical skills are still developing, she's a great heel and the fans are into it. She has a lot of competition for this honor, but we're confident saying Billie may have one of the nicest bodies in the NXT women's division.

9 Nice...Dress, Liv

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We don't really get where the whole "let's take pictures in the bathroom" trend came from among young women, but we don't spend too much time pondering it, because the results work. It just seems that given everything else that happens in bathrooms, there would be better places for photoshoots. No? Maybe that's just us. We digress.

In this shot, Liv gives new meaning to the phrase "dressed to the nines" here with a pair of high heels and a dress that combine to show off her toned legs and nearly flawless figure. The look over the shoulder is just icing on the cake here as, in case we forgot to mention, she's beautiful.

8 Mandy at the Beach

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This looks like a shot that was taken for a magazine and heavily photo-shopped. Well, it may well be photo-shopped (we cannot say for sure) but if it was touched up, it wasn't touched up much. Mandy Rose is normally this beautiful and has a body that walks that delicate line between muscular and capable, and thin and feminine. We have no idea where this was taken or who was snapping shots of her that day, but we're not complaining about any of this.

She's been on the losing end of most of her matches in the last few months, and is not one of the more gifted wrestlers among the NXT Divas, but she's still probably a better wrestler than Eva Marie. It isn't unusual to hear fans say she is where she is because of how she looks. It's not a nice thing to say but it's fairly accurate.

7 Aliyah

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Gorgeous Aliyah is another of the younger members of NXT's current Divas roster, at just 22. She's already been in the business for over four years however, and has held two women's division championships in independent promotions in Canada; Great Canadian Wrestling and Pure Wrestling Association. These wins happened back in 2013, and she then started to get some more exposure in the northern United States. In early 2015, she had signed a contract with WWE and been assigned to NXT, where she has stayed since.

She looks great in the ring and even better outside the ring, with a gorgeous face and body that she's showing off beautifully in this shot.

6 Isabel Lahela

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One of the newest acquisitions for NXT, Isabel Lahela is training at the Performance Center, but has yet to have her debut. She's only been training since August 2016, but she made a great impact on the company at a tryout a few months ago. She's already famous so that may prove to be somewhat of a draw. This beautiful Canadian is a former Olympic weight lifter is "Instagram famous" for her gratuitous workout selfies and phenomenal butt shots. We have to agree with the choice to sign her because putting possibly the nicest posterior on Instagram into the ring can only end in a good show. We're eagerly awaiting her debut, but there is no indication as to when that will be.

5 Danielle Kamela

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Look at that smile and that body. It goes without saying that Danielle is one profoundly stunning woman, and we are itching to see more of her in the ring. Like we said earlier, Danielle is about as green as they come among NXT ladies. At just 23, she still has plenty of time on her side, along with a high level of fitness. We can't really say much more with regard to her development as a wrestler because we just haven't seen enough of her.

We will say this however, even if this whole wrestling thing doesn't totally take off for her, with a flawless body like than and an endearing, immaculate smile like she has, there are plenty of other things she could do.

4 Peyton Royce Gorgeous Selfie

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Peyton is one of our favorites, and if you follow NXT, we're willing to bet she's one of yours. She's yet to actually win the Women's Championship, but she's challenged Asuka for it (either alone or in a fatal fourway recently) a few times. We could see her in the WWE sometime soon, as she really doesn't have any downside. She's still somewhat raw inside the ring, but we can see improvement since her debut, and along with that, she looks very comfortable competing, and looks like she loves what she does.

What can we say about this picture other than this looks like something out of our dreams? She's showing off some leg, has a very short shirt on that shows off her toned core, and she's smiling and playing with her hair.

3 Mandy Rose Showing Off

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This is one of those times that the unnecessary length of her skirt doesn't even matter. Normally a skirt that goes down further than the knee is just upsetting, but in this case we're lovin' it. Before she got her shot at wrestling in Tough Enough, Mandy was a fitness competitor and it certainly shows. She won two first place awards in World Beauty Fitness and Fashion competitions in 2014.

She's primarily been doing house shows for a while now and has yet to win a televised match, but nonetheless, she shows regular improvement in terms of her wrestling, and still seems to really love what she's doing.

2 Liv's Room is Dirty

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We wanted to find another shot that shows off Liv's incredible figure, and we felt like this one did the trick. She's in perfect shape and despite how tiny she is, she's able to do pretty much anything one of the more built girls can do. Liv has just over a year and a half worth of experience, and while she definitely has the looks WWE likes to have in the ring, her skills are still very much in the developmental stage. She will likely require at least another year in NXT before being considered for the main roster. With that said, her confidence and budding mic skills are rapidly getting better and that will play to her favor.

But getting back to what is important, Liv is so damn beautiful and rocks such a "bad girl next door" attitude it's almost mesmerizing.

1 Peyton Looking Just about Perfect

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We don't want to go out on too much of a limb here, but Peyton Royce could probably wear a muddy tarp and still look hot. Don't get us wrong, she wouldn't look this hot, but she'd still look good. We most definitely prefer this. There really isn't much sexier than a woman gently tugging at her bikini bottom. But again, like a few other shots of her have brilliantly demonstrated, she has a stunning overall figure, a slim but strong build, and a flawless midsection. Again, we can't help but mention how cute her face is, and forgive our terrible pun, but no picture shows as well as this one that Peyton has her own "iconic duo".

With regard to Peyton and Billie, the fact that they have those alluring Aussie accents is just a bit of icing on the cake.

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