20 Real Life Stories You Never Knew About WWE’s Most Attractive Divas Ever

There was a time in professional wrestling when only the men would feature in prominent matches and there was no place for a woman on the show, but WWE changed that as it started gaining popularity in the 80s and 90s. They decided to bring some wonderful ladies into the product just as the Attitude Era was starting to kick in, as they often used the stunning looks of their divas to get more eyes on the product. The WWE made sure people would be swooning over the divas, who played a big part in winning the ratings battle during the Monday Night War.

The reputation of female performers has changed over time, as they were used for eye candy at first, but their wrestling skill has been the focus more often in the past few years. The Women's Revolution in the WWE kick-started something great for the ladies who are equally as talented as the men right now.

They've had their share of extremely beautiful women to have come and gone in the company, and while people went gaga over their looks in the ring, these women did have some unique experiences outside it as well.

20 Summer Rae Played Football (Sort Of)

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Summer Rae has to be one of the more unluckier women in the WWE, as she has the stunning looks of an amazing diva but hasn't really been trusted upon by the company because of some reason. The WWE has made her a valet to many superstars in the past, despite Rae proving her ability to wrestle against the best during her time on NXT and in some matches on the main roster as well. Before she delved into the wrestling business, Rae was actually in another sport as she played in the Lingerie Football League. Rae played for the Chicago Bliss for three years and captained the side as well before she turned to wrestling. That hasn't exactly been that fruitful to her career and Rae may be looking towards a return to football after she eventually leaves the WWE.

19 The Bellas Used To Be World Cup Twins For Budweiser

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The Bella Twins are definitely among the most celebrated divas and have built themselves up from mischievous twins to two of the most popular female stars in WWE history. But long before they made it to the WWE, the Bellas were pretty popular in the modeling circuit as their sensual figures got many people wanting them for advertisements and photo shoots. The Bellas actually decided to sign up for Budweiser's advertisement for the 2006 FIFA World Cup and became the World Cup Twins for them, dazzling people as part of the advertisement. This is something which many people probably don't know about, but the Bellas had to do some insane stuff to stay popular before they were signed by WWE and definitely improved their status by appearing for a brand like Budweiser.

18 Melina Was Kicked Out Of The Locker Room By Lita

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Melina was quite the sexy diva herself when she started to gain popularity as the valet of "MNM" in the WWE as that got her over enough for the WWE to start pushing her a singles star. Melina was able to do good things in the ring as well as maintaining a great heel character, as she got to win the Women's Championship early on and was one of the top divas for a long time. But she had a terrible attitude and snarly arrogance in the locker room, which annoyed many of her colleagues to the extent that she was actually kicked out of the Divas locker room by Lita. Her bad attitude was insufferable and the usually chilled out Lita was forced to kick her out of the locker room and take her to wrestler's court, after which she became more humble in WWE.

17 Maryse Became A Realtor After Leaving WWE

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Maryse was an absolutely stunning diva back in the day when she came up in the WWE after impressing during the Divas Search program and her gorgeous looks and irresistible charisma made her a star in the company. She went onto win the Divas Championship multiple times and also held it for a record period of time before that was broken by AJ Lee and she decided to leave the WWE in late 2011. She was then engaged to The Miz and while she didn't have any plans on returning to the ring, Maryse decided to become a realtor. She got an official license and became a real estate agent in California where she has been trying to keep up this venture ever since. Maryse doesn't have time to sell houses right now, but it's pretty surprising to realize that she actually became a licensed real estate agent.

16 Paige Wrestled Her Own Mother

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Paige may be in hot water right now because of her situation with Alberto Del Rio and tension between her and the WWE, but she'll always be remembered for being a brilliant wrestler who also has quite the stunning looks as well. Before she went onto become the big star in WWE, Paige fought alongside her family in the Independent scene as her parents were both wrestlers. But as it goes, Paige also wrestled AGAINST her family as she took on her mother, Sweet Saraya, in 2009. The two faced off in a two out of three falls match which the daughter won to win the Herts and Essex (HEW) Women's Championship. The two went onto face each other once again a month later, as Paige had to literally fight her own family to become famous on the Independent circuit to gain the attention of WWE.

15 Lana Posed In The Buff Before Joining WWE

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"The Ravishing Russian" Lana is everything people say about her, as she's absolutely stunning and has to be one of the hottest women to have stepped foot in a WWE ring. She has transitioned into a full-time wrestler in the past few months, but everyone is still swooning over how hot she is and how amazing she looks in the revealing costumes. Lana has actually posed completely naked during her modeling career before coming to the WWE. She isn't recognizable in those pictures because she had brow hair back in the day. WWE has hired divas who posed in the buff before, as they signed Maryse who showed it all before becoming popular in WWE.

14 Alexa Bliss Was A Professional Bodybuilder

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Alexa Bliss has quickly asserted herself as one of the top divas in the WWE right now, as the "Goddess of WWE" deserves that nickname because of just how popular she has become ever since arriving to the main roster. Bliss portrayed an underwhelming character at first on NXT before turning into this evil, hot character who rose to greater heights upon arrival on the main roster. She won both the Smackdown and Raw Women's Championship in the span of a year, but this sexy diva wasn't a professional wrestler before arriving at WWE. Bliss was actually a professional body-builder who impressed many with her stunning figure and even appeared in the Arnold Classic. It was during her time as a bodybuilder that she gained attention from the WWE as it's pretty surprising realizing that Bliss was a body-builder, which goes onto prove where her athleticism comes from.

13 Trish Stratus Got Her Break While Working As A Receptionist

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Trish Stratus played a pivotal part in putting over Women's Wrestling in the WWE as she did some brilliant work during her years in the company and also had some memorable feuds which helped get everyone's attention towards the wrestling part of the women. But Trish was finding it difficult to get her big break in the industry as she was actually working as a receptionist at a local gym after college ended. It was during this time that she was approached by MuscleMag International to do a test shoot for them and after succeeding at it, she was signed to a 2-year contract. This was her big break as her amazing work as a professional model caught the eye of the WWE who snatched her up in 1999, kick-starting her road to success.

12 Carmella's Dad Was A Jobber In WWE

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Carmella has grown from the "Princess of Staten Island" to the first ever "Miss Money in the Bank" in the WWE as she has really prospered ever since getting James Ellsworth as her manager, who has helped her win so many things in WWE. Carmella may be a top star who is on the verge of winning her first championship in the WWE right now, but not many actually know that her dad was also a wrestler in the WWE. Known as Paul Van Dale, he was a preliminary wrestler for the WWE in the 80s and early 90s and put over stars like Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels and The Big Boss Man. He was simply a jobber who had to make the stars look strong in certain shows. While he couldn't go far in WWE, he must be a proud father to see his daughter prosper in WWE.

11 Sunny Had An Intimate One Night Relationship With Dolph Ziggler

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Sunny was WWE's original Diva before anyone else got that name-tag, as she made quite the impact in the WWE not only as a manager but in the back as well. Sunny was a terrific valet who managed many prominent wrestlers at the time and while she had a lot of demand back in the day, things fell for her after she was released from WWE. Sunny has since tried to use up her "sexiness" to stay relevant in the wrestling industry and has had quite the history of being with some WWE superstars much younger than her. One of those superstars was "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler, who apparently had an intimate relationship with Sunny a few years ago. It was only a one-night thing, but Sunny said that Ziggler was "amazing in bed" and had unbelievable stamina as well. Well, he isn't called "The Show-off" for nothing!

10 Maryse Had To Obtain A Firearm After Someone Tried Breaking Into Her Home

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Maryse's wrestling career has seemingly come to an end ever since she initially left the WWE a few years ago, as she's more interested in looking into other ventures for herself and making a family with her husband, the Miz. Maryse gets more time to spend at her home and is also a season regular on the reality show "Total Divas" where an eye-opening incident took place. Maryse was at her home with her mother, when someone tried to break into her home. She could even see it from the security camera and visibly shaken from it, she went onto obtain a firearm for protection, much to the Miz's dismay. Maryse already has a history of being stalked by a man when she was dating the Miz so one can imagine why this beauty would try to protect herself at all times.

9 Lita's Wrestling Training In Mexico

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Lita will always be remembered for the amazing work she did for the WWE to help get the spotlight onto Women's Wrestling back when she had a legendary feud with Trish Stratus and also went on to become a multiple time Women's Champion. While Lita was a stunning wrestler who seemed like a natural, she had to actually work really hard in order to train to become a wrestler and after being influenced by watching Rey Mysterio, she went to Mexico to become a luchador. The problem was, Lita went there with absolutely no money and while she did get training, didn't have the cash to pay for it. So she offered other "services" where she would allegedly sleep with the man who trained her. This will always remain a dark spot on her glittering career as it shows how desperate she was to become a professional wrestler.

8 Trish Stratus Removed Her Implants After Leaving WWE

Trish Stratus may have been arguably one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, but she initially began to gain popularity in the WWE because of her erotic character and hot action with Mr. McMahon. Trish had quite the assets which shone through every time she wore the revealing outfits to the ring and those assets definitely helped her get over with the audience before she could turn into a proper wrestler. But Stratus wanted to get rid of her "fake" sexiness after she retired from wrestling, as she went onto remove her breast implants which she had put on during her stint in WWE. It seems like she wasn't comfortable with them at all and wanted to turn over a new leaf after leaving the WWE, as she got a new look by taking the implants out of her body.

7 Dawn Marie Had A Year-Long Affair With Kurt Angle

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Dawn Marie was quite the erotic character in the WWE after she jumped ship from ECW when the company was sinking, as she'd be most remembered for her extremely controversial feud with Torrie Wilson. She tried to get kinky with Wilson and even married her dad, later "killing him"(kayfabe) on their honeymoon. While she had the gimmick of a sexual predator in WWE, she seemed to be quite erotic in real life as well. Marie apparently had an affair with Kurt Angle for almost a whole year from 2003 to 2004, while being engaged to former WCW wrestler Simon Diamond. Apparently, almost everyone in the company knew about it and the two also got some heat for it, as Marie herself confessed to this affair years later in an interview and it seems she was quite similar in reality like her kayfabe character.

6 Paige Was A Bartender And Bouncer At 15 Years Of Age

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Paige may have come into the WWE as a talented wrestler who went onto become quite the celebrity in the field of professional wrestling, but she actually didn't have much interest in wrestling early on in her life. But she had to fulfill her duties because of her parents being on the road most of the time, as she was given the job of taking care of the bar owned by her parents. Paige was actually the bartender for the bar at the age of 15 and had to take care of it because her brother tends to drink a few too many at times. According to her parents, one time Paige saw two girls fighting in the bar and went onto break it up by putting one girl in a headlock and sitting on another. Now we can see where her aggression and fighting skills come from!

5 Alexa Bliss Almost Lost Her Battle With An Eating Disorder

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Alexa Bliss has been one of the hottest things to come through in the WWE for a long time now, as the "Wicked Witch Of WWE" has the looks of anything but a witch. Bliss is portraying her heel character superbly and is a refreshing addition to the Women's Division, but she almost didn't even step into wrestling because of a problem she had as a teenager. Bliss suffered from an eating disorder when she was young and it got so bad at one point that doctors told her that she had 24 hours to live and didn't let her go to sleep as they feared that she would suffer from a cardiac arrest. This was a terrifying moment for her but she slowly recovered from it, going onto taking body-building to help her cope with this situation and then stepping into the WWE.

4 The Bellas Were Waitresses 

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The Bella Twins are not only two of the most powerful women in the WWE right now, but they are also making a lot of money because of their different ventures and shows they have been doing for the past couple of years now. They've got their own reality show in Total Bellas, as well as appearing in Total Divas and being married to two powerful WWE superstars in Daniel Bryan and John Cena. But life wasn't always this comfortable for the Bellas when they were still up and coming models who were trying to make it work for themselves and they found it to be difficult to be able to pay the bills just with the modeling work. So the Bellas decided to become waitresses and wait tables in a cafe in order to pay their bills properly before getting their big break and entering the WWE.

3 Sunny Did Some "Favors" For Sabu

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Sunny was the original diva of the WWE who played a big part in kick-starting the Attitude Era, but after she was released by the WWE because of no-showing a few events and taking drugs on a constant basis, Sunny became desperate for work (and drugs) as she and Chris Candido went to ECW in a look-out for work. Sunny wasn't really paid that well at ECW and in her desperation, she did a lot of things she'd regret. The Sandman spoke about the things he saw Sunny do to Sabu, who stated that he told Sunny to flash her assets for drugs, but regardless of what's true, this shows how she hit rock-bottom after WWE.

2 Lita Nearly Got Paralyzed Shooting A TV Show Stunt

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Lita was known to be quite the "hardcore" wrestler when she was in the WWE as she pulled off some extreme moves which not many women in the WWE could even think of trying. It was because of this dare-devil nature of hers why Lita was chosen to be part of an episode of the television show Dark Angel in 2002. But things got terrifying for her when she was dropped right on her head while practicing a Hurricanrana. She had suffered cracks on her multiple vertebrae which is a type of an injury which could end the career of an athlete and also could've to lead to paralysis. But Lita fought on and while she was sidelined for over a year, she came back stronger and actually managed to wrestle a few legendary matches before calling it day from wrestling.

1 Sable Was Found In A Gentlemen's Club By Marc Mero

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Sable has to be one of the hottest (if not THE hottest) Divas to ever be recruited by the WWE and she wasn't that popular when she initially arrived as the valet of Marc Mero, but her sexiness and personality got her over with the fans. She went onto become the erotic, top diva of the WWE and was loved by everyone because of how she loved to reveal it all at times. But something which many don't know about Sable is where she was found by Marc Mero. She was allegedly found in a strip club by Mero, who decided to take her in with him and she traveled around with him. Apparently, she used to sleep around with other wrestlers to become popular but Mero decided to marry her after she got pregnant. This is quite the insane story, but because none have declined it, it's probably true.

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