20 Really Hot Women Who Failed In WWE

WWE has employed a number of very attractive women throughout the company’s long and illustrious history. Some of the women, like Trish Stratus and Mickie James, have been among the most decorated wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling while others, like Stacy Keibler and Sunny, have been nothing more than eye candy, but have had successful careers in WWE.

Unfortunately, for every woman or diva who has had success in WWE, there is one or more extremely attractive lady who has failed to make a name for herself in the sports entertainment/professional wrestling industry, or at the least, in WWE. Some have managed to have successful careers in other companies, while others have left the business altogether. Whatever the case, for every woman that fails, WWE is ready with plenty more that the company feels will be successful.

WWE will always feature beautiful people in their company and the more beautiful women the company features, the more the 18-34 year old male demographic will be satisfied, but here is a list of 20 women who would have satisfied that demo, except for the fact that they were unable to find a level of success within WWE.

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20 Nidia

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Nidia Guenard, known as only Nidia in WWE, was the first female winner of the original version of WWE’s Tough Enough. Along with Maven, Nidia was awarded what was said to be a one year contract with the company, and after winning the competition, Nidia was sent to OVW for additional training. Prior to appearing on Tough Enough, Nidia had no previous wrestling experience.

On the main roster, Nidia was added to the Women’s division as a competitor, but was also placed in a storyline with Jaime Noble, where she played Noble’s “trailer trash” girlfriend, who had taken up with Noble after cheating on The Hurricane. From there, Nidia switched from being from the trailer park to hailing from Puerto Rico, complete with Spanish-language promos.

Neither of these gimmicks caught on with WWE fans, and after three uneventful years with the company, Nidia was released from her contract and left the business completely.

19 Amy Weber

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Amy Weber was an actress, with several film and television appearance credits on her resume, before signing with WWE. Weber participated in the 2004 WWE Diva Search, and Weber was selected as a finalist ahead of such women as Candice Michelle. Weber placed fourth in the competition, ahead of Maria Kanellis and Michelle McCool, but behind eventual winner Christy Hemme. Despite not winning the Diva Search, Weber was given a contract by WWE and was placed into a story line with fellow Diva Search contestant Joy Giovanni.

Weber began her career partnered with JBL as the image consultant for The Cabinet and had her one and only match against Giovanni, which Weber won by forfeit. Shortly after that match, Weber left the company, citing unhappiness with her pay and with the working conditions with WWE. From there, Amy Weber returned to Hollywood and left the professional wrestling business for good.

18 Joy Giovanni

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Joy Giovanni, just like Amy Weber, was a contestant in the 2004 WWE Diva Search. Just like Weber and Nidia, Giovanni had no prior professional wrestling experience before appearing in the competition, having worked as a model prior to the Diva Search. Giovanni finished third in the competition, just ahead of Weber, and behind Carmella DeCesare (who could also have made this list) and Christy Hemme.

Joy was placed into a story line as the Big Show’s on-screen girlfriend during Show’s feud with JBL, which led to her being kidnapped, and the forfeiture of her match against Weber. Joy appeared in bikini and lingerie contests, and was released from the company less than a year after her debut. Giovanni would not make her in-ring debut until the WrestleMania XXV Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal, five years after her debut with the company. Like Weber, after leaving WWE, Giovanni also left the business.

17 Ariel

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Shelly Martinez, known as Ariel in WWE, originally auditioned for the second season of WWE’s Tough Enough but failed to make the first cut down to 25 wrestlers and was never featured on the show. Despite not making the cut for Tough Enough, Shelly had worked in professional wrestling for several years before eventually being signed by WWE. Shelly was assigned to OVW before making her debut as Ariel. She was aligned with Kevin Thorn in a vampire gimmick in WWE’s revamped version of ECW.

Martinez lasted less than a year on the main roster, as she was released a few months after her debut. The rumor surrounding her release was that she had been involved with a backstage confrontation with Batista and because of Bastista’s status within the company, Martinez took the fall. Nonetheless, Martinez ventured to TNA as Salinas and was aligned with LAX, leading them to TNA Tag Titles. Shelly continued wrestling and would make appearances in several independent films.

16 Ryan Shamrock

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Alicia Webb came to WWE as Ryan Shamrock and was placed as the storyline sister of Ken Shamrock. Allegedly, when Webb left WWE, it was because she refused to be involved in an incest angle where she was romantically involved with Ken Shamrock. Ironically, Webb was dating Shamrock at the time of her release, but because she was listed as his sister, she refused the angle.

Aside from being billed as Ken Shamrock’s sister, Webb worked as a valet and basically as eye candy while being paired with Val Venis. Originally, she was introduced as a co-star with Val Venis in an adult film, but over time, the storyline was adjusted such that anytime a male wrestler got close to Webb, Ken Shamrock would go nuts and would attack the man who was with his “sister.”

Webb joined PMS with Terri and Jacqueline, but was released from WWE six months after her debut. She would valet in various independent promotions, but never stayed anywhere for very long.

15 Tori

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Terri Power came to WWE with several years of experience. She had been involved in professional wrestling for nearly ten years, but her stint in WWE would be very short. Power entered WWE as Tori, and was introduced with a story line where she was a fan of Sable’s, similar to the Mickie James/Trish Stratus story line five years later.

Tori’s character was obsessed with Sable, but Sable would continually degrade and humiliate Tori, which led to a Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania XV. Tori transitioned into the McMahon-Helmsley Faction story line as Kane’s girlfriend, but she would betray Kane and side with X-Pac.

Tori suffered an injury that would take her out of action and when she returned, she was aligned with Raven, helping him to retain the Hardcore title. Shortly after being transitioned into a trainer’s role, Tori was released from WWE and retired from professional wrestling to open a yoga studio.

14 Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro was the winner of the 2005 WWE Diva Search, but she was one of many women from that competition who did not last very long in WWE. Despite winning the competition, much of Massaro’s career was spent either as a valet or as a competitor in Bra and Panties or Lingerie Matches. Ashley’s primary claim to fame is that she followed in the footsteps of previous Diva Search winner Christy Hemme and appeared in a pictorial in Playboy Magazine.

Ashley appeared in a few actual wrestling matches, but never advanced beyond the level of a valet. She was released from her contract one week after asking to be let go from the company in order to look after her daughter who was sick. Ashley retired from professional wrestling after leaving WWE and now she spends much of her time making personal appearances and living a very private life with her family.

13 Lena Yada

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Lena Yada originally auditioned for the 2005 Diva Search, but failed to make the cut as a finalist. Two years later, Yada would make the cut and would be allowed into the competition. She would finish in third place behind winner Eve Torres, but ahead of former ECW General Manager Taryn Terrell, the longest reigning TNA Knockouts Champion in the company’s history.

Yada came to WWE after years of working as a model and with a great deal of pageant experience, though it didn’t help her in the Diva Search. Yada worked as an interviewer for WWE and competed in her one and only match as a member of the winning team in a 16 women's tag team match. Unfortunately, Yada was released from WWE one week after her sole in-ring appearance. Yada continues to make appearances on the independent scene, but has never made another appearance for WWE.

12 Lauren Jones

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Prior to coming to work for WWE, Jones had won a national modeling competition sponsored by Seventeen Magazine. Her career included several print and television appearances, along with a Business Degree. Jones was invited to become a part of the WWE family and began her career with WWE as a part of the SmackDown Brand. Jones participated in the Rookie Diva of the Year competition in 2005 and that would be the extent of her WWE career.

Jones was being moved into a storyline with former ECW star Dawn Marie, but Jones had other interests, so she declined WWE’s offer of continued employment and asked for her release. After leaving WWE, Jones was hired as one of Barker’s Beauties on the Price is Right and would start her own footwear line.

To date, Jones has not participated in professional wrestling with WWE or any other company, but her footwear line has made her a household name.

11 Rebecca DiPietro


Rebecca DiPietro came to WWE by way of the 2006 WWE Diva Search. DiPietro competed in the contest and placed sixth, ahead of The Miz’ wife Maryse Ouellet and ahead of the Garcia Twins, otherwise known as Brianna and Nikki Bella, who failed to make the cut in the competition. Prior to joining WWE, DiPietro appeared in the same 2004 issue of Playboy that featured Torrie Wilson and Sable on the cover.

DiPietro, like many of the other women on this list, participated mainly in bikini contests and eventually, Rebecca became the backstage interviewer on WWE’s ECW broadcasts. Outside of being a backstage interviewer, WWE did very little with DiPietro and a few months after her debut, DiPietro asked for and received her release from WWE. She returned to her career as a model and has not, as of yet, returned to WWE, or even to the world of professional wrestling.

10 Ashley Valence

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Model Ashley Ann Vickers competed in beauty pageants and was beginning to forge a career as a television host when she was hired by WWE and sent to FCW. Under the name Ashley Valence, Vickers was used as one of many female non-wrestling talents, working primarily as the ring announcer for Florida Championship Wrestling. When FCW transitioned into becoming NXT, Vickers was named as the new host of NXT along with Matt Striker.

A few months later, Vickers became the ring announcer for WWE Superstars, but she would only keep the job for one month and the show would use several ring announcers before settling on current ring announcer Greg Hamilton. Vickers was released from WWE and, after leaving the company, she signed with the same talent agency that represented Megan Fox. Vickers tried her hand at acting, receiving a few movie roles and has become another forgotten part of WWE history.

9 Cameron

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Many will say that Cameron does not belong on this list because her career seemed to just be one that was short, but also that she achieved a lot in her short time with the company. She was discovered in the revamped version of WWE Tough Enough and though she was the first contestant eliminated from the show, she became the only contestant to appear on WWE’s main roster. She also competed several times for the WWE Divas Title and was a featured performer on the initial season of Total Divas. Unfortunately, this was the extent of her achievements within the company.

Cameron debuted on the main roster as a member of The Funkadactyls, along with Naomi. The Funkadactyls main purpose was as dance partners for the now dancing “Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay. After splitting from and feuding with Naomi, Cameron began a singles career, but her inability to progress as a wrestler or as a performer would move WWE to release her from her contract.

8 Kristal Marshall

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Kristal Marshall placed fourth in the 2005 Diva Search and received a contract with the company. Marshall, like many of the women from the Diva Search competitions, was used as eye candy and as participants in bikini contests and bra and panties matches and was never asked to actually wrestle. Many of Marshall’s feuds were with other Diva Search contestants, until she aligned herself with Vickie Guerrero.

Marshall’s crowning glory was when she, while aligned with Guerrero, flirted with Smackdown GM Teddy Long, as part of a plot to help Guerrero rise in power. Long proposed marriage to Marshall, but during the wedding ceremony, Long suffered a heart attack, which led to him being hospitalized, and Guerrero became the new Smackdown GM. However, shortly after the wedding, Marshall was released from WWE.

Marshall began a relationship with Bobby Lashley and she followed him to TNA for a short run before leaving the business.

7 Caylee Turner

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Christina Crawford came to WWE and was given the name Caylee Turner because the company did not want to associate her with her older sister Alicia Fox, choosing to have her sink or swim on her own. Crawford debuted in a bikini contest and shortly after her debut, she was released from her contract so that she could participate in the rebooted version of Tough Enough.

Crawford placed fourth in the competition and was the highest finisher among the female competitors. She returned to FCW, and began pursuing the FCW Divas Championship. Crawford won the title and became the last person to hold the FCW Divas title, as the company morphed into NXT. However, instead of transitioning her from the last FCW champion into the first NXT Women’s Champion, the title was discontinued and Crawford was released from her contract shortly after the changeover. Crawford retired from the business shortly after her release from WWE.

6 Trinity

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Stephanie Finochio, known as Trinity, made a name for herself on the independent circuit and in TNA Wrestling before joining WWE. Much of her time was spent as a manager, but Trinity holds the distinction of being the first female in TNA history to ever compete for a male title, as she competed against Amazing Red and Kid Kash for Kash’s X-Division title.

Trinity spent a brief time in OVW before being called up to the main roster. Her first appearances were as the manager of The Full Blooded Italians stable, but she also made sporadic wrestling appearances. During one of her first matches with WWE, she sustained an injury that kept her out of action for nearly four months.

She returned to make several more sporadic appearances, but she would be held off of television for nearly six months before being released from her contract. Finochio retired from the wrestling business and became an in-demand stunt person in Hollywood.

5 Serena Deeb

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Serena Deeb began her wrestling career in Ohio Valley Wrestling,and spent nearly four years in OVW before being introduced on the main roster of WWE. There are stories that state that Deeb actually took time off from OVW in order to get a nose job and breast implants in the hopes of securing a WWE contract. However, from the time that these procedures were to have taken place, Deeb would spend two years in development, first in OVW and then in FCW before debuting on the main roster.

Deeb debuted as a member of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society and during her debut appearance, Deeb’s head was shaved as a part of the initiation into the SES. Deeb stayed with the group during much of the group’s run, but was released from her contract with WWE for allegedly not maintaining her Straight Edge Society persona in public. Deeb continued to make indie appearances for several years after leaving WWE before retiring to become a yoga instructor.

4 Katie Lea Burchill

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Katie Lea Burchill joined OVW after working in several independent companies, winning titles and also guiding men that she managed to championships. She spent time in Ohio Valley and soon found herself elevated to the main WWE roster. As a two-time former OVW Women’s champion, it was expected that she would make a huge impact in WWE, but the company brought her in as a valet, as the on-screen sister of Paul Burchill. Katie Lea and Paul used a gimmick based around incest, similar to the one that Ryan Shamrock rejected years earlier. However, the company switched to a PG format and the storyline was immediately dropped, but the association between the two continued.

Katie Lea was positioned near the Divas Title, but would never win it. However, with her career being tied to Paul Burchill’s, his inability to get over would spell doom for her as well. Burchill was soon released from his contract and, shortly after, Katie Lea was let go as well. She continued working in professional wrestling, including winning several championships in TNA.

3 Savannah

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Angela Fong originally auditioned for the 2007 WWE Diva Search, but she did not make the cut as one of the finalists. However, after the competition, Fong was offered a contract with the company and was sent to FCW for training. In FCW, Fong began using the name Savannah and was used as a valet before winning the first Queen of FCW Tournament. Fong was used as an interviewer on ECW until that brand ceased operations. After leaving ECW, Fong joined the NXT broadcast team and held that position for a few months before being released from her contract.

Fong began taking independent bookings and eventually landed in Lucha Underground. In LU, Fong uses the name Black Lotus and is currently taking part in a storyline where she went from feuding with on-screen authority figure Dario Cueto, to serving as his bodyguard and feuding with Dragon Azteca, Jr., the protégé of Rey Mysterio, Jr.

2 Maxine

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Karlee Perez began her career in FCW under a variety of names before the company settled on the name Maxine for her. As Maxine, Perez became the heel General Manager of FCW, a position that she held while concurrently appearing on NXT. During her time in NXT, Maxine was placed into relationship angles with Derrick Bateman (EC3 in TNA) and Johnny Curtis (Fandango). Through these angles, she feuded with Kaitlyn and participated in what was called the worst worked match of 2009 by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

After three years in WWE developmental, Perez asked for and was granted her release, with the belief that she was done with professional wrestling. However, after sitting out for a while, Perez signed with Lucha Underground, and began working as Catrina, the valet of former LU Champion Mil Muertes. Perez, as Catrina, is now known for applying the lick of death to Muertes’ fallen opponents.

1 Ivelisse

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Ivelisse Vélez was trained by WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon in Puerto Rico and worked for him in WWC before trying out for WWE Tough Enough. Ivelisse was one of two women left on the show when an injury forced her out of the competition. Despite being eliminated early, Ivelisse was offered a contract with WWE. She spent a very short time in FCW before the company was rebranded as NXT.

Ivelisse was in NXT for only a few months, feuding with Natalya, before she was released from her contract. It is rumored that she was released because she was one of the first to complain about then-trainer Bill DeMott and his treatment of the talent. Ivelisse would travel the indie circuit and would have a tryout match with TNA. Though she would win the match against Lei'D Tapa, it would be her opponent who would receive the contract.

Today, Ivelisse is one of the top stars in Lucha Underground, where she has won the Trios Titles on two occasions and is currently involved in a feud with Karlee Perez, known as Catrina.

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