20 Shocking Things These WWE Hall Of Famers Want You To Forget

The WWE Hall Of Fame is very prestigious in the wrestling industry, as the stamp of approval from WWE helps to get these legendary wrestlers in the books of the greatest of all time, even though much of the Hall of Famers didn't attain that much success during their time in the company. While even the likes of Hulk Hogan, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin are worthy Hall of Famers, some rather low-key personnel have also made it to the Hall as the company loves to increase its "good name" by giving these ex-wrestlers the coveted ring.

While a lot of controversial elements in the life of the Hall of Famers are often ignored by the WWE, the wrestlers themselves have some dark secrets of their own personal lives which they'd want to keep in the dark for the sake of their reputation. It's not much of a surprise at how many of the Hall of Famers have a history with drugs and alcohol, as they'd hope to keep some of their darkest secrets under the rug and hope they're not discovered by the general wrestling audience.

At the end of the day, even these larger than life icons have their own problems and wouldn't want those things to be remembered by the wrestling fans, as we take a look at 20 shocking things these WWE Hall Of Famers want you to forget.

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20 Jerry "The King" Lawler Arrested For Domestic Dispute

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Jerry "The King" Lawler is one of the most respected men in the wrestling industry, as his incredible work for the industry for almost 45+ years has turned him into one of the biggest legends of all time, as his time with the WWE as a commentator has been amazing over the years as well. While Jerry has been through almost everything in the WWE, his personal life has had its ups and downs and scratched to a halt in June 2016, when Jerry was arrested for domestic dispute along with his girlfriend. He was henceforth suspended by the WWE, but has been recently brought back as he'd want the fans to forget about this incident soon as it almost cost him his job at the WWE which helps to put food in his plate, as a legend like Jerry being involved in domestic dispute can also ruin his name which he has built over all these years.

19 Alundra Blayze Throwing The WWE Women's Title In The Trash

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One of the most notable incidents during the Monday Night Wars, Alundra Blayze was one of the WWE's top women wrestlers at the time and the reigning Women's Champion as well when she got an offer she couldn't refuse from WCW. So after being released by the company in 1995 due to financial crunches, she jumped ship to WCW where Eric Bischoff convinced her to throw her WWE Women's Title into the trashcan in an attempt to disrespect the WWE. Blayze has since said that she was tricked into doing it, as she'd be blacklisted by the WWE for 20 years before being nominated into the WWE Hall of Fame last year. She'd definitely want fans to forget this ridiculous incident for which WWE cut all ties with her as she'd want to remain in the good books of the company and its fans till the rest of her life.

18 Pat Patterson's "Stooge" Gimmick

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Pat Patterson has to be one of the most respected men in the WWE, as the Hall of Famer might not be recognized by many for his lack of in-ring roles, but his role as a backstage agent for the WWE has helped it become a global phenomenon. Patterson is accredited with inventing the Royal Rumble match, as he is Vince McMahon's "Right Hand Man" in the WWE and has quite the reputation as well. But his horrible gimmick as a comedy heel during the Attitude Era as a Stooge for McMahon's Corporation stable was downright embarrassing for him, as he did some ridiculous stuff and even wrestled a Hardcore Evening Gown Match with Gerald Briscoe in the process. Patterson has tons of respect inside and outside the WWE, as he'd want the fans to forget his horrible period as the Stooge because of it being a damp in his legendary career behind the curtains of the WWE.

17 Sunny In An Adult Film

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Sunny has been on the receiving end of much controversy in her career, but the past few years has been particularly rough for the WWE Hall of Famer who is finding it difficult to get up on her feet financially and had to take a rough way to make some cash. She signed a deal to star in a pornographic film last year, as her first and only XXX Film named "Sunny Side Up" was released last year where she did everything with her WWE Hall of Fame ring on. Although it is understandable that she going through a rough patch in her life right now, performing in a pornographic film is a new low for her as she'd want the fans to forget her being part of being something like this as it's a big humiliation for her name as a WWE Legend and goes onto show that desperation can force someone to even do something so low.

16 Rikishi's "Make A Difference" Character

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Before Rikishi was the cool big guy who terrified everyone with his stink, he was finding it difficult to adjust as a singles wrestler in the WWE as he'd initially start as part of The Headshrinkers but had to go his way sooner rather than later. He got his first singles gimmick when he was repackaged as a guy from San Francisco who wanted to "make a difference" and help the community. This character absolutely made no sense from a wrestling point of view, as it'd take some time before he became Rikishi and this "Make A Difference" gimmick was a complete failure which was quickly scrapped. The Hall of Famer will definitely not want fans to remember that horrible gimmick, as it could dampen his reputation as this entertaining big-guy in the WWE and reveal his hilarious failures before becoming the dancing terror.

15 Jim Duggan And The Iron Sheik DUI Incident In '87

Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik were bitter enemies back in the days, as the face and heel were always out to get one over each other but beyond the ring, they were actually the best of pals. They often travelled together and also loved to get crazy, but in 1987 when they were travelling together, they were halted by the police who suspected Duggan to be driving under the influence. They discovered that Duggan was high on Marijuana and Alcohol, while Sheik was high on cocaine. This led to both of them in jail, as Duggan was released while The Sheik was put on a year's probation. It led to the end of their WWE angle, as Sheik was released along with Duggan, who returned later. They'd both be forgiven and be put into the Hall of Fame by the WWE, as they'd want this incident to be in the shadows as it could hamper their reputation as "legends" and come off as a bad influence to others.

14 Jim Ross Introducing Fake Diesel & Fake Razor Ramon

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Good Ol' JR was the voice of the WWE for almost two decades and was responsible for calling some of the most amazing matches in the company, as his superb commentary stuff helped to put more emotion into feuds and lead WWE to the top of the wrestling chain. But JR was finding it difficult to appeal to the fans in his initial years, as he turned heel in 1996 where he often insulted Vince McMahon on-air and spoke of how he was still in touch with Diesel and Razor Ramon(who had left WWE for WCW) and would bring them back. He did bring them back, but only they were completely fake as other guys dressing like the two were brought by JR and the poor reaction to this whole angle made WWE scrap it altogether and turn JR face again. This was a really embarrassing stunt by JR and the WWE, as he'd want fans to forget about this awful incident which was a poor attempt at making both the former-WWE wrestlers look bad and a poor shot at the WCW.

13 Lita Cheating On Matt Hardy

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Lita was one of the key factors of Women's Wrestling becoming so exciting during the early 2000s, as the Red Haired Daredevil pulled out some moves other could only dream off and her feud with Trish Stratus helped to establish Women as a driving force in the WWE. While she was sizzling in the ring, she was playing a different game altogether behind the scenes where she was in a relationship with fellow superstar Matt Hardy. But as Hardy was out injured, she got romantically involved with Edge and cheated on Hardy with him, as this became a huge issue and her horrible character lighted an on-screen and real life feud between the two which was utilized for the best by the WWE, but ruined Lita's reputation. This has been quietly forgotten by the fans over the years, as Lita would want it to stay forgotten as it could bring back memories of her awful nature at the time and dampen her reputation as a WWE Hall of Famer.

12 Jake "The Snake" Roberts' Dark History With Alcohol

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a perfect example of an amazing wrestler destroying his career because of other obsessions, as his addiction to alcohol and other drugs completely destroyed what could've been a legendary career in the WWE. Roberts' alcohol addiction is something which is known by much of the fans, but the extent of it isn't known by that many people as his alcohol addiction reached an even bigger limit with the turn of the new century. Roberts was so broke most of the time that he let his pet snake "Damien" starve to death, as his health also deteriorated during the end of the 2000s and he could only survive because of the help he got from DDP. Roberts isn't one to hide from his past, but the Hall of Famer would want the fans to forget the extent of his addiction to alcohol and how badly it had consumed it a decade ago and almost destroyed him from the inside.

11 Kevin Nash Tearing His Quad On Raw

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Kevin Nash has to be regarded as one of the coolest big dudes of all time in the wrestling industry, as his time as "Diesel" in the WWE where he was WWE Champion or a creating part of the NWO in WCW has made him someone not many can forget. But what the Hall of Famer would want fans to forget would be him blowing out his quad while wrestling on an episode of Raw in 2002, as Nash was part of a 10 man tag team match and was about to tag one of his partners in when he collapsed to the mat holding his quad, writhing in pain. Though this is a very unfortunate incident, it also brought a lot of embarrassment to Big Daddy Cool himself as he'd want the fans to forget about this incident which has been the butt of many jokes over the years and created a dent around his character as well.

10 Sting Being Vocal About Never Wanting To Join WWE

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"The Icon" Sting shocked everyone when he made his WWE debut a few years back at the Survivor Series PPV in 2014, as he had arrived in the company almost two decades after attaining popularity in WCW. While Sting would go onto make for some memorable moments in the company and had to sadly retire after getting injured after a loss to Seth Rollins, he would be etched to WWE's history as he got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year. But what many seemed to forget is what Sting had held never to do all these years, as The Icon spoke on how he'd never join the WWE because of how they undervalued WCW wrestlers(taking Booker T's case after he joined WWE) and kept them behind the shadows of the WWE wrestlers. He still joined the WWE(mainly for financial purposes) and would want the fans to forget his promises on never joining the WWE in his career which was broken a few years as it goes onto show how staying away from WWE was impossible for someone as adamant as Sting.

9 Bret Hart's Second Stint With WWE

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Bret Hart is "The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be" when it comes to being a complete, technical wrestlers as he's definitely one of the best wrestlers of all time. His first WWE stint ended with some shocking controversy, but after years of being retired he buried the hatchet with the WWE and returned to the company in an in-ring role in 2010 when he feuded with Mr. McMahon. But Hart's injury which ended his in-ring career rendered him to a very poor wrestler who was very slow and could only pull of certain moves, as Hart would somehow win the US Title as well and give matches which he himself would be ashamed off. Hart would definitely want the fans to forget his awful second stint with the WWE, where he provided some of the worst wrestling of his career and almost undid all the great things he had previously done in the company.

8 Jacqueline's Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction On WWE TV

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Jacqueline was a pioneer for black women in the WWE, as she was first African American Women's Champion in the company and with her toughness showed that you could definitely succeed in the WWE regardless of your skin color. While she will be remembered for her solid work in the WWE during the Attitude Era, her shocking wardrobe malfunction suffered during her match at Capital Carnage 1998 is something she'd not want to remember. During a mixed-tag match between Sable & Christian against Jacqueline & Marc Mero, the end saw Sable pin Jacqueline who got mad at the referee and started attacking her, who then got her on top of his neck. Sable tried to get her off and somehow managed to strip her top off, revealing her private parts and embarrassing her as this was a horrible malfunction for Jacqueline and something she'd definitely want people to forget, as this awful blooper is something which can hamper her reputation as a WWE Legend.

7 Booker T's Explicit Rant At Hulk Hogan

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Booker T has to be one of the most electrifying, exciting wrestlers of all time as the 5 time WCW Champion might be remembered by modern fans because of his WWE character, but he gained his popularity in the WCW during the Monday Night Wars. He was part of "Harlem Heat" with his brother Stevie Ray and his impressive work saw him rise as a singles superstar, as he would make his point made when he intended on taking Hulk Hogan's WCW Heavyweight Title and gave quite the promo on Hogan. In a rather heated promo, Booker ended it with "Hulk Hogan... We Comin' For You N***a" to shock everyone, as this promo was taken as a joke by many but was quite embarrassing on Booker's part. Even though a small part of audience still remember it, many have forgotten that explicit rant as Booker would want it to stay that way because of how it humiliated him back in the day and showed how even the most exciting of superstars can have a slur at times when on the mic.

6 Scott Hall Admittedly Killed A Person

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Scott Hall has to be one of the coolest "bad guys" in wrestling history, as he brought a brand new panache to wrestling with his gimmicks in the 90s and won over the hearts of many a wrestling fans during the time. Hall might have been a superb character and solid wrestler, but his awful addiction alcohol has made him to some really forgettable things in the past, but none can top when he admittedly killed a man at a sober state. In 1993, Hall was charged with second-degree murder for killing a man with a gun, but admitted it to be self-defense and was later released. In his 2011 ESPN documentary, he admitted to have killed the man and stated that he still gets nightmares of it, as the WWE Hall of Famer would want the fans to forget about this awful incident which can really put a dent of a criminal on his reputation which he'd definitely want, as he can be an alcohol or even a "bad guy", but he's no criminal at least.

5 Stone Cold Steve Austin Reportedly Beat Up His Wife

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Stone Cold Steve Austin's amazing character during the Attitude Era not only helped the WWE to win the Monday Night Wars from WCW, but also made for a lot of fans being reaped to the product as the Rattlesnake wrecking havoc at the expense of Mr. McMahon put many butts to the seats. While Austin was an absolute bad-ass in the wrestling ring, he seemingly had some issues outside it and when his career was coming to an end due to persisting injuries, he was arrested in 2002 for beating up his wife Debra(also an ex-WWE Diva) after the latter had called police after an altercation. Debra later revealed of how Austin had beat her up to three times, which goes onto show how even someone like Austin was messed up in the head and he'd definitely want his fans to forget about this incident which goes onto show his dark, deranged side and he definitely wouldn't want to get the reputation of being a wife-beater.

4 Trish Stratus' Acting Like A Dog For Mr. McMahon

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Trish Stratus was mainly the reason for why Women's Wrestling became a relevant thing in the WWE, as her amazing contribution towards improving the state and reputation of the Women's Division during her time easily makes a greatest of all time. While Trish had stunned us with some amazing wrestling and character-work, she was also forced to be part of one of the most disgusting things in WWE history when she was made to act like a dog by Vince McMahon. This was during the time when Trish was the mistress of Vince to piss of Linda McMahon, as Vince soon got tired of her and on an episode of Raw made her strip down to her inners and "bark like a dog" in an absolutely grotesque segment. This is something both Trish and the WWE would want us to forget, as this abysmal segment showed the worst of WWE and provided much humiliation for Trish who had to carry this embarrassing thing with her for the rest of her career.

3 Ric Flair's Reputation For Leading A Lavish Lifestyle

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"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair might be a wheelin, dealin' player in the wrestling world, but it might surprise some that he's quite like his in-ring character in his personal life as he's actually quite the wild, party guy in his personal life as well. Flair has the reputation of being a heavy drinker, as he's been part of some crazy incidents because of being too drunk and his love for partying all the time and living a high-spending, lavish lifestyle has often come back to bite him. Flair has often been completely broke because of spending too much of his cash and taking many loans from people, as he got help because of his name and despite not making that much dough, he still wants to live the life of a millionaire. He is a guy who definitely loves to live his gimmick, but he'd want the fans to forget the various controversial elements of his personal side as it could make the fans turn on him and lead him to becoming irrelevant, which can destroy his career right then and there.

2 Shawn Michaels' Tendency To Bury Wrestlers

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Shawn Michaels was on top of the wrestling world in the 90s, as the high-flying heart-break kid had an incredible amount of popularity because of his swagger and got whatever he wanted because of his backstage influence over Vince McMahon. As he created his own backstage group called "The Kliq" who stuck together and did whatever they wanted to, Michaels got more and more addicted to the wrong kind of drugs and this encouraged him to do some really bad things at the expense of others. Michaels' backstage influence often let him have his own way, as he often buried some up and coming wrestlers in the WWE in the 90s and ruined the careers of these wrestlers who could've become something big in the WWE had HBK not had his own way with them. Michaels later became a devoted Christian and got rid of his sinful tendencies, as he would want the fans to forget that part of his life where the drugs got the better of him and forced him to do some awful things and if the fans were to remember about the horrible antics he pulled back in the days, his reputation as a Greatest Of All Time will definitely be dented and he'd definitely want the fans to keep those things as a secret.

1 Hulk Hogan's Racist Scandal

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Hulk Hogan is a name which is synonymous with wrestling, as the Immortal One is the reason on why wrestling and the WWE attained mainstream popularity as his amazing work for the company in the 80s helped to establish him as a mega-star. Hogan would be at the top of the wrestling scene for years after, ruling over WCW and having a successful return to the WWE after the turn of the century as well, but his personal life has come under much scrutiny over the past few years. His sex tape was leaked online a few years back and also a tape of him making racist remarks came up, as Hogan would state in a rant calling some disrespectful things about black people at multiple occasions. This scandal saw to his release from the WWE as the company deleted all records of him and even though it has since cooled off, Hogan would want the fans to forget about this awful incident as soon as possible as the probability of him being a racist can really dampen his reputation of being a greatest of all time in the WWE and one of the most influential superstars of all time.

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