20 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Current WWE Stars

The professional wrestling circuit nowadays has become even more competitive and exhausting for a wrestler, as the demand for the sport all around the world has them travelling 24/7 in order to please the fans during live events or tapings for the main shows. While these wrestlers barely have any time to themselves, they do like to unwind and have fun by doing things that the company might not want the public to know about. That is, some of the personal details about wrestlers' off-screen lives is kept from the fans so as to protect the reputation of both the talent and the company.

Though the WWE has revealed some secrets of their wrestlers to their fans, there are still many others that they'd like to keep in the closet, never to see the light of day.

Here are 20 shocking things you didn't know about some of today's wrestlers.

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32 Braun Strowman, Carmella, Becky Lynch And Simon Gotch Were Rosebuds

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Braun Strowman is one of the destructive elements in the WWE now who looks destined to be a World Champion soon enough, developing himself into an amazing monster and gaining quite a lot of fans in the process. Becky Lynch is at the top of SmackDown's Women's Division, with Carmella making huge strides and gaining momentum as she continues to improve. Simon Gotch is floundering as part of the Vaudevillains, but hey, at least he's still employed. But before all these wrestlers got called up to the main roster, they were all apart of Adam Rose's Rosebud crew who carried and accompanied him to the ring. It's quite the shocking discovery but it is hilarious considering their current roles, especially for the massive Strowman.

31 Aiden English Is Married To Eddie Guerrero's Daughter

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Aiden English might be down in the dumps on SmackDown right now, but he's having it good in his personal life as he is actually married to the daughter of the late, great Eddie Guerrero, Shaul. The two met in WWE's developmental when Shaul was also a part of it, as the two seemed to have bonded and they announced their engagement in 2014. The two seem to be having a great relationship so far as they tied the knot earlier this year, making English a part of the Guerrero family. Although English might be going through a rough patch with the Vaudevillains, his family life seems to be going great and this relation can definitely help him in the future.

30 Roman Reigns Was Arrested Before Joining WWE

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Ever since disbanding with The Shield, Roman Reigns has been pushed by the WWE as the new face of the company and has continuously been booked to look strong, much to the disgust of the fans. Regardless of whether he's booed or cheered by the audience, he looks set to be the top star for WWE in the future, but Roman does have some dark secrets from his past which he nor the WWE would want anyone to know. Before he joined the company, Reigns was arrested in 2010 in Florida for "disorderly intoxication and affray" and "unlawful assembly". He was released soon after getting bail, but this is pretty shocking for someone with the reputation which Reigns has; this is something not many know about and going by the ruckus caused by his suspension earlier this year, Reigns and WWE could be extremely humiliated if many fans found out about this.

29 Rusev Is Actually A Big Video Game Fan

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Rusev has been dominating the WWE ever since making his main roster debut a few years back, and even if he comes off as this sadistic, anti-American on WWE, he is actually a very cool dude in real life and has some secrets which the WWE definitely wouldn't want fans to know. Rusev is actually a friendly guy and has some really cool hobbies, with probably the most shocking fact being that he is actually quite the avid gamer. Rusev appeared on Xavier Woods' "UpUpDownDown" gaming channel and discussed many things, as he revealed that he buys almost all the new games which come out, and even though he rarely plays them (for obvious reasons), he loves to play them whenever possible. He might be the Bulgarian Brute on TV, but he seems like a great guy to hang out with as his love for video games makes him relatable and easy-going.

28 Dean Ambrose Had Quite The Rough Childhood

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Dean Ambrose comes off more like a street wrestler with his "Lunatic Fringe" gimmick as he seems to be more of a fighter than a wrestler in the ring, as his character is mostly based on his rough childhood. Ambrose found himself to have a difficult childhood, as he spent most of it in public housing and both his parents would leave him to fend for himself as they worked all day long. Ambrose had to sell drugs and do odd jobs to keep himself safe and often got into fights in the streets of Cincinnati. Ambrose might be at the top of the WWE right now, but his difficult childhood will always keep him grounded, keeping the fighter in him alive forever.

27 Shinsuke Nakamura Has Wrestled Brock Lesnar Before

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Shinsuke Nakamura might now have some mainstream attention after being the coolest thing about WWE NXT, but he gained his reputation because of his amazing wrestling back in the day in Japan. A bonified star for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Nakamura was one of their brightest talents and had the opportunity to face none other than the beast incarnate himself in Brock Lesnar in 2006. Lesnar was the IWGP Heavyweight Champion at the time and Nakamura unsuccessfully challenged him for the belt, as the two had a great match in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He also trained alongside the Beast in his gym during the time as well. Nakamura might not be as big as a star as Lesnar right now, but many can be shocked at the fact that they've faced off before. We definitely want the match to happen in the WWE because of both their unique styles of wrestling.

26 Brian Kendrick Is Best Pals With Daniel Bryan

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Brian Kendrick's return to the WWE has been heralded with much success, as the man had been fired by the WWE for substance abuse but has returned strongly since. Kendrick might not seem to have many friends on WWE TV right now, but he is actually very good friends with Daniel Bryan as they are extremely close in real life. Although they haven't ever interacted in the WWE, they started out their wrestling careers together and helped each other get to the next level and this grew a very close bond between them. When Kendrick lost in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, Bryan came down from commentary to hug him as they also had an emotional interview later on WWE.com where Kendrick spoke of their relation over the years. Kendrick might be this conniving "Man With A Plan" in the WWE right now, but his friendship with Bryan can melt even a heart of stone.

25 Baron Corbin Played In The NFL

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Baron Corbin is slowly starting to adapt to wrestling life as he's portraying his hard-hitting, reckless character very well with his wrestling skills getting better every day. But the surprising fact about him is that he didn't even start wrestling until a few years back, as he was actually into football before venturing into wrestling. Corbin played amateur football and his impressive skills had gotten him a place with the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals in the NFL for a few years but a bad attitude and not being able to settle in meant that he could only survive for a few years. So he went to WWE following that venture and has become a solid wrestler since, as the career change seemed to work for Corbin who is now one of the more dominating wrestlers in the company.




21 Sheamus Was Once Bono's Bodyguard

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Sheamus has now become a veteran in WWE, as he is someone on whom the company can put their trust upon and is performing superbly for them for the past few years now, also attaining mainstream attention after starring in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. But before the Irishman had all the fame which he currently has, he had to work to get up the ladder in his life as he had to do some side-jobs when things weren't going good for him in wrestling. He worked as a security for a nightclub in Ireland, as this also led him to become the bodyguard of Bono, the lead singer of the popular band U2. Sheamus' physique is something which has helped him through his life, as it helped him accompany Bono around as this shocking fact goes onto show how Sheamus has had to work his way into the WWE and to become the star he is right now.

20 Cesaro Had His Own Cooking Blog 

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Cesaro is a man of much talents as he has earned his name of the "Swiss Superman" in the WWE; he can seemingly do anything in the wrestling ring. But it seems like he can do everything outside it as well, as he has a lot of hobbies in his personal life. Before he was Cesaro in WWE, he went by his real name, Claudio Castagnoli, in the indy circuit. He really loved cooking and also loved to showcase his talents to the world. He had his own cooking blog called "Claudio's Cafe" where he showcased many of his recipes for the fans and is actually quite the amazing cook himself. Though we know of his multi-talented nature, it's rather surprising to realize that he is actually an amazing chef as this only builds to his reputation of a superhuman who needs to be given royal treatment by the WWE now.

19 Charlotte Was Part Of Triple H's WrestleMania XXX Entrance

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Charlotte is the "Queen" of WWE's Women's Division right now and carrying on the legacy left by her father, but she was still Triple H's student when she was still in NXT. So Triple H was scheduled to have this epic, royal entrance in his match against the Icon Sting, he called upon some of his girls from NXT to help him with it. Charlotte was one of the woman along with Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, as they're faces were covered so nobody could recognize them as they were at his side, giving him the king's treatment during his amazing entrance. Charlotte might now get her own royal treatment and queen-like treatment in the WWE, but she still a student back then before making the jump to the main roster and made her first WrestleMania appearance as an extra for her teacher's entrance.

18 Bray Wyatt Is Quite The Family Man In Real Life

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Bray Wyatt has been one of the most unique, mystifying things to come up in the WWE in the past few years, as the "New Face of Fear" has serious Undertaker vibes to his character which has reaped comparisons with the Deadman. The Wyatt Family which has been led by Bray all these years have also been a terrorizing force in the WWE, as Bray is quite the philosophical man when it comes to managing his family. But Bray outside Kayfabe is actually quite the friendly character, as he has his own family with a wife and two daughters whom he loves to spend his time with. Bray is quite the lovely family man outside kayfabe, which makes you love him even more as he is quite the lovable guy outside the WWE and has been a loving family man in his personal life which is pretty surprising in its own.

17 Becky Lynch Performed Stunts For The TV Show "Vikings"

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Becky Lynch finally seems to have found her place on the main roster, as she's leading the line for SmackDown in their Women's Division so far; she is absolutely superb in the ring and is the star of their division. Lynch has come a long way since first arriving at WWE NXT as she looks like a bonified star right now, but the Irish Lass-Kicker also has some secrets which many do not know about. Lynch was out of touch with wrestling after suffering an injury in 2006, as that almost made her give up on the sport altogether. Before signing a WWE contract in 2013, she would perform as a stuntwoman for the hit TV show Vikings for an episode. Although she's not really recognizable in it, this revelation comes off as a surprise as Lynch tried a lot of stuff before signing with the WWE and performing stunts for a hit show is the most shocking.



14 Neville Was Originally Supposed To Be "The Mighty Mouse"

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Ever since he has debuted for the main roster, Neville has been only making for "Highlight Reel" moments with his awesome finisher, but has degraded over the past few months and is almost invisible nowadays. Before he was the "Man That Gravity Forgot", Neville was actually pitched to portray the gimmick of the animated character "The Mighty Mouse" when he would make his main roster debut. Although he'd not dress like a mouse, his gimmick would make him come off as the character, but thankfully the WWE didn't go with this and went with the gimmick he has right now. Though Neville is in no-man's land right now, the gimmick of a "Might Mouse" would've absolutely ruined his reputation and never let him reach the top, as the WWE need to push him soon before he delves deep into the darkness of irrelevancy.


12 Samoa Joe Was A Mortgage Broker Before He Wrestled

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Before he was terrorizing wrestlers in the wrestling world, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe was actually a mortgage broker before he started to wrestle. Joe was quite the athlete in his youth, as he actually competed in the 1984 Olympics, but he found it difficult to kick-start his wrestling career and became a mortgage broker before he could start wrestling. It's rather weird to discover the intimidating Joe being a mortgage broker, but it was something which could help him financially and give him something to kick-start his wrestling career on. Even though he'd become one of the best wrestlers in the industry a few years after joining it, it's still shocking to discover that the tough Joe was a suit-wearing mortgage broker once in his lifetime as he has come a LONG way since then and is now looking to dominate the WWE as well.

11 Enzo Amore Used To Work At Hooters

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Like many of the recruits of the rebranded NXT a couple of years back, Enzo Amore also didn't have any experience in wrestling before he joined WWE back in 2012 and has developed himself into one of the most vocal, entertaining wrestlers in the company over the past few years. Amore didn't have it easy before joining WWE though, as he had to work odd jobs in order to make ends work as he was worked as a disc jockey for the New York Jets and was also a piano mover. The most surprising revelation comes off that the realest guy in the room was actually a manager in Hooters before joining WWE, which comes off as something really funny and shocking at the same time as Amore had to work hard before he could make it to the WWE, where he found his footing and absolutely rolled with it.

10 Sami Zayn Got Soccer Banned

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Sami Zayn might be this happy-go-lucky guy in WWE right now, but he seemed to cause much trouble backstage for the weirdest of reasons, as he was banned from playing soccer when in NXT. While speaking on Jericho's podcast, Zayn spoke of how he and Neville were banned from playing soccer in the backstage area from several venues as they created much ruckus with their soccer playing, forcing management to shut it down for good. Many wrestlers often get banned from doing drugs or alcohol in the wrestling business, but Zayn was banned for the weirdest things as this fact about his journey in the WWE is rather surprising and hilarious at the same time and goes onto show how much of a fun, mischievous guy he is backstage.

9 Xavier Woods Was Once A High School Cheerleader

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Xavier Woods might now be one of the more popular wrestlers in the WWE as part of the New Day, but he always didn't have it this happy or easy in his career as the multi-talented wrestler loved to wrestle from a young age, but didn't find much opportunity in his high-school days. Woods wanted to wrestle in high-school tournaments but couldn't as his school didn't have a proper team, so in turn he turned to cheer-leading which he thought could help out his wrestling career. Although he has come a long way since that and that has in a weird way actually helped out his "entertainment" skills, that is one secret he'll never want anyone to know as it's something he'll want to forget as he looks forward to becoming part of the longest reigning tag team in WWE history.




5 Kevin Owens Learned English From Watching WWE

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Kevin Owens is one of the most charismatic, talented wrestlers in the WWE right now as he's not only this amazingly skilled wrestler in the ring, but a hilarious, entertaining talker as well. So when KO or his best friend Chris Jericho say that English isn't his native language (and it really isnt"), one has to wonder how he got to learn it so well. As a matter of fact, Owens would learn fluent English not from his school, but from watching WWE where he used to listen to the promos and Jim Ross' commentary and imitate them in order to help him learn English. This would help to make the amazing talker he is in wrestling, as following all the legendary promos helped him cut all the amazing promos as well as this surprising fact only goes onto show how hard KO had to work in order to become this great in wrestling, as his dedication for the product right from the beginning is now reaping the rewards for him.




1 AJ Styles Rejected WWE In 2002

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"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles might be at the top of the WWE ladder in 2016, but he had the opportunity to appear in the company years back, as he was actually trying out to make it in the WWE in 2002. Styles even wrestled some dark matches in WWE at the time and was offered a developmental contract of 500$/week but he rejected it, stating that he had to take care of himself and his wife (who was at college at the time) and couldn't do with this low amount of money. What was WWE's loss turned out to be his gain, as he went onto became the top star for TNA before WWE had to offer him a contract he couldn't refuse and has now built him as the top star of Smackdown Live!, as this shocking rejection by AJ was a bold move was one which paid off in the end as he's ruling WWE almost 15 years after rejecting them.

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