20 Steamy Nikki Bella Instagram Photos Sure To Impress

You can look, but you can't touch, especially on her Instagram. If you were to touch Nikki Bella, her fiancé, John Cena, would likely come after you. But that won't stop many fans from admiring the Instagram page of one of the most popular (and absolutely most stunning) women the WWE has produced in years. While some may dismiss Nikki as a model, she's also become one of the best female wrestlers in the WWE. Pro Wrestling Illustrated wouldn't just give any performer - especially a so-called model - the distinction of being the best female wrestler in the entire world. Ever since returning to the WWE in 2013, her wrestling skills have vastly improved. She's also vastly come into her own, and it most definitely shows on her Instagram.

But what Nikki Bella has that so many of her peers lack is a mainstream appeal. With more than 6 million followers, Nikki Bella is the second-most followed WWE Superstar on the platform next to Cena himself. Why would you NOT want to follow Nikki Bella on Instagram, though? She's always doing something fun or making the jaws of fans drop across the world. Whether it's a photo of her by the pool, a candid photo with her niece, or even a Dunkin' Donuts advertisement, Nikki Bella has the ability to take anything and add a special spice to it.

Once again, you can look at Nikki Bella's Instagram photos all you want. We'll make it easier for you and show you 20 photos that will absolutely leave you speechless.

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20 A True Patriot

🙌🏽 #superbowl #patriots

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

It seems that every year, The Bella Twins show off their Super Bowl pride on opposing teams. This past year, Nikki Bella dressed up as the Patriots. The Patriots proved to have lady luck on their side, as Nikki Bella dressed up as quite the Patriot. That may be a victory for the team. In the past, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella have rooted on opposite teams for the Super Bowl, and the WWE has highlighted this in multiple photo shoots. Usually, Nikki would pick the victorious team.

Although Nikki Bella was never a football player, another female WWE Superstar was: Summer Rae. Summer Rae was known for being aggressive on the football field, and Nikki Bella is known for her powerhouse style in the ring. Could this photo be used to set up a potential dream match? Time will tell.

19 Water Babe


A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Nikki Bella has put in a tremendous amount of work to achieve her dream body, especially since returning to the WWE in 2013. Four years later, this photo shows that her work has definitely has paid off.

While Nikki has never been afraid to show her body, this is a refreshing take on her expression. It's usually Brie that's more modest with her expression, but Nikki shows that she also can be simultaneously modest and sexy. Nikki brands herself as the Fearless one, and this see-through skirt showcases that very much so. You can't deny that she looks absolutely stunning here, could you? She has her glass of white wine and tilted face providing subtle hints of beauty to the already gorgeous Bella Twin.

18 WrestleMania Vibes

WrestleMania Vibes

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

It's hard to believe that, prior to this year, that Nikki Bella did not win a single match at WrestleMania. Making her WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania XXV, she went eight years without winning a single match at WrestleMania. She even had a match that she was scheduled to take part of be cancelled the night of the show - an incident that was highlighted on the very first episode of Total Divas.

Four years later, times have changed, and the women of the WWE are treated much more seriously than they were when the Bella Twins first returned to the company. Yet we can't help but take note of how the WrestleMania vibes were rubbing off on Nikki here. Perhaps that's what led her and John Cena to victory against The Miz and Maryse.

17 Ravishing Romper


A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

The WWE has one female that describes herself as Ravishing in Lana, but Nikki makes a solid case for also earning that title. The olive green romper is a natural fit for Nikki's skin tone and Nikki's fierce facial expression is enough to send many into a frenzy.

This is also one of the many photos where Nikki wears a choker. Usually, those would be kept behind, but Nikki Bella manages to pull them off like none other. Nikki may be hiding her neck scar with her latest neck accessories, but her subtle sexiness - as seen in this photo - helps her Break the Internet of many WWE fans on a regular basis. It's probably also sure to put you in the mood for a glass of wine, right? Oh, you didn't notice the wine? Never mind.

16 Post Barre, Pre Vino

While the Bella Twins may be different in many different ways, both of them have two common interests: barre and wine. As a matter of fact, the Bella Twins are working on their own brand of wine that will be in retail stores in the very near future!

This photo shows Nikki's toned physique after a barre workout. We can't help but say that she looks fantastic, and her clothes of choice only reflect that even more. Her top outlines her frame in all the right places, and although we can't see her face, she looks extremely confident. There is nothing hotter than a woman who is confident. With Fearless Nikki, that does not appear to be an issue whatsoever and with good reason.

15 Twerk, Nikki, Twerk!

Nikki Bella may find empowerment in showcasing her body, but she doesn't always have to wear the most complex outfits to showcase her looks. Sometimes, she can go for a much more simple look and make heads turn from all angles of the room.

This post shows Nikki Bella celebrating her milestone of reaching 5 million followers on Instagram and she decided to give a little gift to her loyal followers. This just shows you why it is a good idea to give Nikki a follow on Instagram. She puts a lot of time into her account and she always makes sure to give her followers a show every once in a while. Hopefully her man Cena doesn't get too jealous after seeing posts like these from his bride to be.

14 Simple, But Gorgeous

Commercial break.... #espys

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Nikki Bella may find empowerment in showcasing her body, but she doesn’t always have to wear the most complex outfits to showcase her looks. Sometimes, she can go for a much more simple look and make heads turn from all angles of the room.

This photo showcases the dress that she wore at the 2016 ESPY Awards. Nikki often loves combining looks and incorporating different cuts into her outfits. Instead, she went with this skin-hugging metallic dress that complements her athletic frame. We think Nikki looks fantastic in nearly everything she wears, but this dress is definitely much higher on the list. She always knows how to make an impression on the red carpet and with her wrestling career winding down, she might have a few more of these on the way.

13 A Swimsuit From Brie

Nikki Bella has always been known to dress in more revealing clothing than her fellow twin sister, Brie. Being her twin sister, Brie knows Nikki extremely well and bought her this amazing red swimsuit, complete with slits that would be found in Brie's wrestling attire.

Nikki joked around on Instagram, stating that she asked Brie whether she should wear this for her sister or for John. Regardless, she posted a selfie of it on the Gram and wore it for the whole world to see. Well, of course, you have to share a thoughtful gift from your sister, right?

Once again, Nikki wasn't afraid to show how fearless (and beautiful) she was (and still is, mind you). Not surprisingly, she received a Rack Attack of likes on this picture - no pun intended.

12 The Fashionable Businesswoman

👑 #tb

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Many women in the WWE have one focus - their wrestling career. Nikki Bella? Not so much. She's busy with a long line of outside projects. Some may be wrestling-related, such as Total Divas. However, she's also a licensed real estate agent and working on a clothing line - Birdiebee - with her sister.

With that said, it's understandable why Nikki may be on her phone a bit. But unlike other businesswoman who may opt for generic business clothing, Nikki makes sure she slays while conducting business. There are very few people that are able to build a brand as efficiently as Nikki Bella has been able to. Within the last 10 years, the WWE has not produced a female star with as much mainstream appeal as either of the Bella Twins. While this makes it easier for them to pursue outside interests, they still have to put in a significant amount of effort to make their dreams a reality.

11 Seeing Double

Sister Workout!! @thebriebella 👯 #shapeupstudio #markshane #stayfearless

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

What's better than one Bella Twin? How about TWO Bella Twins!

Nikki and Brie have two of the most fit physiques out of any woman on the WWE roster. How they do it, we may never completely know. They may be blessed with some incredible genes, but they also are more than willing to put the work in to look as in-shape as they do. It's also worth noting how much they have improved as wrestlers during their second run in the WWE. It takes worth ethic and dedication to improve the leaps and bounds that they did. The twins have continued to show that they have a special bond and so it's only fitting that we included at least one post of Nikki Bella where she's alongside her sister.

10 That Dunkin' Donuts Ad

One thing that makes Nikki Bella so great is how she is effortlessly easy on the eyes. She doesn't have to try; she's a natural beauty. She's taking some tips from Brie here, especially with the headband and skirt. Yet Nikki doesn't come across as a clone of Nikki, instead making this style her own.

Prior to 2013, a lot of people felt that Nikki was living in Brie's shadow. Photos like this, however, prove that is simply not the case. Ironically, Nikki Bella may be the more popular Bella Twin these days, although it really isn't by that much. Brie's Instagram still has more than 5 million followers. While Brie is active on Total Divas, she also hasn't had the exposure on WWE television that Nikki has had for the past year after taking a sabbatical to take care of her newborn, Brie.

A true Nikki Bella fan knows that Nikki Bella is obsessed with donuts. Keeping that in mind, it's extremely fitting that she did this ad with Dunkin Donuts.

Granted, she admits that she drinks her Cold Brew coffee black (likely to save calories), but to have a body like hers (and a love for donuts) is literal goals. Plenty of men (and women) would kill to have a woman with a body like that, especially Nikki Bella. We all love to eat our fair share of donuts, but only a select few can look as beautiful as Nikki Bella while doing it.

9 Classic Red Lips

Friday Night Lights 💋

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Nikki doesn't have to showcase her body all of the time in order to get attention, and she knows it. Sometimes, she can post a simple selfie of herself and fans will instantly tap the red heart of validation on Instagram.

There's something about Nikki Bella's face that just pulls fans of all ages in for a variety of reasons. She has a natural charisma about her that draws people towards her. People want to see her, know her and be her. This picture just demonstrates how relaxing it is to just look at her. Her red lips add a unique touch, pulling you in to her face. You don't have to look very far on her feed to find some post that will appeal to you, even if it's the simplest one you can find.

8 Nikki The Vino

💛🍾 #happyhour #canneslions #majesticbarriere

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

As previously mentioned, Nikki Bella has a love for wine. If you watch Total Divas, it's rare to not see her with a glass of wine in her hand. Sometimes, it's champagne instead. But her and Cena always make it a point to enjoy one wine night a week. Then again, once a week isn't enough for Nikki Bella when it comes to enjoying a glass.

Regardless, Nikki Bella has the hard work and dedication that helps her maintain her incredible figure. This figure showcases just that as she subtly splashes the water, making everything look so effortless. While we know how much work Nikki Bella puts into her life, she makes everything look so natural. It must be a sign that she's truly loving her life.

7 Fearless Nikki

Nikki has always described herself as Fearless, but what exactly does she mean by that? This photo gallery gave us a sneak peak of what that meant.

Over the last few years, Nikki Bella has faced multiple career-threatening injuries. She's been sidelined at least three times, but she has maintained a dedication to wrestling that many people would lose in such situations. Nikki Bella, regardless of the adversity that the Internet Wrestling Community loves to give her, is the definition of a fighter. Sometimes referring to herself as a Bionic Babe, Nikki is not afraid to do whatever is necessary to come out on top (and look just as great while doing it). She's now taking on a new challenge, set to appear on next season's Dancing With The Stars.

6 Total Divas: Season 7

This is one of the few photos where Nikki isn't by herself. Instead, she brought over three of her fellow WWE women in Lana, Natalya and Alexa Bliss for a pool party at her house. What a group, to say the absolute least!

All four of these ladies look fantastic (and happy) here. While they may be rivals in the ring, it's refreshing to see all of them get along outside of the ring. Nikki and Nattie have been friends for over a decade, as Nattie helped train Nikki (and Brie) during their developmental days. Now, they are two veterans of the WWE women's locker room. This likely from a scene we will be seeing on the next season of Total Divas, as Alexa is set to join the cast this fall.

5 Nikki Bella: An American Hero

Red-blooded wrestling fans most definitely got a treat when Nikki Bella posted pictures from her Fourth of July photoshoot on Instagram. Not only did Nikki Bella show off her stunning beauty, but she also showcased some American pride with it. If you look closely, you'll also get a sneak peak of her heart tattoo on the left side of her pelvis. Unlike Brie, Nikki's tattoos are much harder to notice, in large part due to their location. It's a rare sight for Nikki to showcase them off.

This photo was taken just a couple months after Nikki was proposed to by John Cena at WrestleMania 33. It's hard to deny that she looks happy here. Perhaps that was a sign that life was about to get even better for her at the then near future...

4 A Fearless Return

This photo was taken while Nikki Bella waited on a bus to surprise her SummerSlam opponents and partners last year. All the work that Nikki Bella put into her return paid off physically here. Not only did she look even better here than she did before, but she returned with the largest pop of the night.

Not only did Nikki Bella manage to make the crowd's jaws drop, but she managed to do the same with her Instagram followers. At SummerSlam 2016, she was lean and she was mean. But most importantly, she was Fearless Nikki, and she was BACK. While Nikki is recovering from neck-related issues again, it hopefully won't be much longer until we see another photo like this (and an even better comeback story).


💋💖 #mmvas

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

As we said before, Nikki Bella is no stranger to stealing attention on the red carpet. Here, we have her in a stunning dress and she's not afraid to reveal some of her assets. This was taken at the Much Music Video Awards earlier this year, a couple of months after Bella accepted Cena's proposal at WrestleMania. She's been off WWE television since that moment, but posts like these remind us just of what we've been missing in recent months. Regardless of what you thought of Nikki as a wrestler before, you can't deny that she showed improvement in the ring the past couple of years. We hope she's enjoying her time off and we'll see how much more fame she accomplishes this fall on DWTS.

2 The Proposal

This was the moment that so many of Nikki Bella's fans had waited for. Some didn't even think it would happen.

Nikki herself didn't think this would happen at WrestleMania, despite the fact that many people in the Internet Wrestling Community speculated that such an event would occur. When asked about it, she thought it was just speculation. When this moment happened, fans couldn't help but be floored, regardless of whether or not they thought it would happen. John Cena said he would never marry again. Yet Nikki Bella proved to be the one that changed his mind. No wonder why this is the most liked photo on Nikki's Instagram. The proposal got a lot of attention, as many mainstream media outlets covered it, and with good reason.

1 A Special Celebration

via youtube.com

In recent times, the Bella Twins have launched a YouTube channel that has its very entertaining moments. To celebrate reaching 500,000 subscribers, Nikki Bella decided to 'get naked' alongside John Cena.

Obviously, certain body parts were censored. But this tease would easily be more than enough to get the blood flowing of many fans. As Nikki's entrance music states, you can look, but you can't touch. You especially cannot touch if John Cena is right there (nor should you without Nikki's consent, anyway). Regardless, the video was a funny way to celebrate a significant accomplishment for the Bella Twins. It also showed off Cena's funny side, as the champ has proven he's never afraid to get silly and he decided to join in on the fun with his fiancee.

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