20 Steamy Photos Of WWE Divas That Will Make You Miss The Ruthless Aggression Era

The world is full of beautiful women, but for wrestling fans there's few women who are more desirable than the lovely ladies who get into the ring. The WWE has long been at the forefront of making sure attractive women appear on screen every so often to keep its male fans engaged. For a period of time, those women were no more than a side act to the main storylines, but we're now in an era where women's wrestling has drastically advanced and looks are far less important that actual in-ring ability. Yet, that hasn't quite changed the fact that the women of WWE are as desirable as ever - look at Sasha Banks, Naomi, Alexa Bliss and the recently-departed Eva Marie. Beautiful women will always be part of the WWE, but no era had better-looking women than the Ruthless Aggression Era, which followed up on the always-risque Attitude Era and didn't miss a beat.

The Attitude Era heavily featured bra and panties matches, among other sexy gimmicks, but the Ruthless Aggression Era better showcased the talents of those women present in the prior era, such as Trish Stratus and Lita and introduced us to a host of new Divas such as Michelle McCool, Christy Hemme, and Maria Kanellis, among others. Below are 20 stunning photos of women from the Ruthless Aggression Era that will leave you in agreement.

20 Trish Stratus

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A 41 year old fitness enthusiast and yoga studio owner, Trish Stratus is still an absolute babe to this day, but nobody could touch her in terms of looks and in-ring ability during the early 2000s. The Toronto, Ontario native made her WWE debut in 2000 as a valet for T&A (Test and Albert) and immediately became popular for her assets. She won her first of seven Women's Championships in 2001 and was named Woman of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

As beloved as she was in the ring, Trish could perfect a beach photo-shoot like no other Diva. Multiple photos exist of her like the one above, in which she showcases both her firm body and signature seductive look.

19 Victoria

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Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria, made her WWE debut at WrestleMania 2000 as a member of The Godfather's Ho Train. It's not exactly the one of the most glamorous professional wrestling debuts, but Victoria turned it into a decent career with the company, although it took a few years. She officially became part of the roster in 2002 and within four months became the WWE Women's Champion. She was with the company until 2009 and later joined TNA, where she became a five-time TNA Knockouts Champion.

Victoria wasn't the classic example of a WWE Diva - she wasn't blonde or big-chested - and she was a rather sadistic character upon first debuting with the company, but her beauty was extremely underrated. And, as you can tell from above, she had the assets to boot.

18 Torrie Wilson

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Ask any wrestling fan who was a teenager during the Ruthless Aggression Era who they had the biggest crush on growing up and the answer is likely to be one of three ladies - Lita, Trish Stratus, or Torrie Wilson. All three women had different attributes that made them extremely attractive and desirable, but Wilson might have been the best from a pure beauty standpoint. She was somehow equal parts cute and sexy and had a perfectly-sculpted body.

While there are many great photos of her from photo-shoots, it's hard to not include the above photo of her during the "Wet & Wild" match. As much as it was time for the WWE to move on from the gimmick match, we can't help but dream of Wilson's great successes in those matches.

17 Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool isn't everyone's cup of tea. She has all the similar assets that made Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus so desirable, but she isn't exactly spoke of with the same amount of admiration as those two bombshells. The 37 year old is clearly beautiful, but perhaps it's a tad off-putting that she's married to The Undertaker. Someone so beautiful who finds The Deadman attractive must have some issues, right?

Regardless, the inaugural Divas Champion and two-time Women's Champion is one of the best women wrestlers of her era, as evidenced by the titles and the number one ranking she earned in 2010 from Pro Wrestling Illustrated. But for our purposes, she also looks excellent posing on a beach, which you could say for just about every WWE Diva ever.

16 Melina Perez

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According to her Instagram account, Melina is a crazy dog lady, a goofball, a typo queen, and a woman of 1,001 disguises. If the above photo is only one of those disguises, we'd love to see the others. However, we'll settle with this one for now. A woman in boxing gloves, especially one who could probably put them to good use, is always sexy and it's no different for Melina.

She debuted for the WWE in 2004 following a successful modelling career and a training stint with Jesse Hernandez's School of Hard Knocks. Officials at the time marveled at her natural ability, which later became evident as she won the WWE Divas Championship twice and the WWE Women's Championship three times. She was released in 2011 and currently still wrestles on the independent scene.

15 Kristal Marshall

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Not surprisingly, like most of the women on this list, Kristal Marshall is a former model and beauty pageant contest. She competed in the 2004 Miss California pageant and also modeled on Deal or No Deal and in music videos of Mase and 50 Cent. Hell, she was even one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right. Back in the early to mid 2000s, beauty couldn't be taught, but the ability to wrestle could (kind of), so Marshall was an attractive figure to the WWE.

She began as a backstage correspondent in 2005 and was later used primarily in bra and panties matches and weird angles, such as the one that involved her declaring her love for Teddy Long. The former SmackDown General Manager had a (kayfabe) heart attack during the in-ring wedding, and so might you if you stare at the above photo too long.

14 Stacy Keibler

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It's hard to believe but Stacy Keibler is still only 37 years old. What isn't hard to believe is that she's still an absolute bombshell with legs for days. The former NFL cheerleader started working as a Nitro Girl in 2000 when she was just 20 years old and later started working as the valet Miss Hancock. Although she briefly feuded with other women wrestlers in the WCW and later in the WWE, she was never really known for her ability to perform in the ring, but fans back then couldn't care less - and can you blame them?

Listed at 5-foot-11, Keiber was one of the few women who could step over the middle rope when entering the ring, which gave fans a glimpse of her backside and allowed them to appreciate the greatness of her legs.

13 Gail Kim

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Gail Kim's first stint with the WWE was far too short. After two years on the independent circuit in Canada, Kim debuted in the WWE in June of 2003. She was a promising talent and was given an immediate push, winning the Women's Championship in her first match, a seven-woman battle royal in which she eliminated Victoria to win the title. She was released in late 2004 as an apparent cost-cutting measure.

Not surprisingly, her in-ring talent was noticed by TNA, which hired her in 2005 and turned her into a six-time TNA Knockouts Champion and Hall of Famer. Like some Divas, she didn't go out of her way to be sexy and showcase her assets, but she could clearly have some fun in front of a camera when necessary.

12 Jackie Gayda

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The winner of Tough Enough II, Jackie Gayda was immediately given matches on both Raw and SmackDown as a way to improve her skills in the ring, but unfortunately those efforts were in vain as she was never particularly known for her in-ring ability. In one particular tag match involving Trish Stratus, she botched multiple moves, which was slyly acknowledge by Jim Ross and is ridiculed by fans to this day.

Her success in the industry was limited and, for the most part, she was relegated to managing wrestlers like Chris Kanyon, Rico, and Charlie Haas, with whom she later married and had four children. However, you can't deny her beauty, especially as a blonde. The Ohio native had - and still has - an incredibly toned body with a big chest and luscious lips.

11 Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie hasn't exactly aged with beauty and grace, but that doesn't change the fact that, during the Ruthless Aggression Era, she was one of the most sultry and seductive women in the business. Excluding the Torrie Wilson kiss which is perfectly remembered by a generation of men to this day, Marie was hot in everything she did. In fact, she may have been one of the most underrated Divas of the era in regard to sex appeal.

She had no qualms about performing in bra and panties matches week after week and, despite her attraction to older men (Vince McMahon, Al Wilson), she was apparently a freak between the sheets as she (kayfabe) killed Torrie's father from constant sex during their honeymoon. Yeah, the WWE was weird back then, but we miss seeing Dawn Marie on our screens. At least we have the photo shoots.

10 Lita

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As if we weren't going to include Lita. As talented and sexy as all of the aforementioned Divas were, it was Trish Stratus and Lita that dominated the WWE Women's Division and split fans down the middle. Sure, some fans liked both, but back then you were either a Lita fan or couldn't get enough Stratusfaction. Regardless of your fandom, you appreciated both as the sexiest women in the WWE. What made Lita stand out was her fiery red hair and willingness to pull off high-flying moves that weren't often performed by female superstars. There's a reason she's a four-time WWE Women's Champion and Hall of Famer.

She wasn't the super popular hot blonde that everyone in high school desires; rather, she was the cool chick who was clearly beautiful, but didn't give a damn for fitting in. And, as evidenced by the photo above, she also had quite the wild side that she didn't mind exploring in photo-shoots.

9 Mickie James

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If you really want to, you can find much more revealing photos of Mickie James online than what we're allowed showing here. You already know that. And chances are you've already seen them multiple times. But just because there are nude photos of James, it doesn't mean she isn't incredibly stunning and sexy fully clothed - or, better yet, in a bathing suit.

A clearly talented wrestler who is already being wasted in her second stint with the WWE, James was excellent as a sadistic fan of Trish Stratus upon debuting in the WWE. Her fandom eventually turned into a crush, which was appreciated by every male fan at the time. As you're probably aware, she's drop-dead sexy in about every photo, but there's something about the added touch of the flowing water as a potential metaphor in the photo above.

8 Maria Kanellis 

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Believe it or not, there wasn't always a place for redheads in the WWE. As much as we love them, the business was mostly void of them until the Ruthless Aggression Era, when Vince McMahon apparently decided to piggyback off the success of Lita by hiring a horde of redheads (we can only assume that's what happened). Regardless of how it happened, we can all agree that the redheads hired by the company are all solid tens. One has to look no further than Maria Kanellis, who is now back with the company after a six-year stint with WWE from 2004-10.

Like many of the women on this list, Maria posed for Playboy. She did so in 2008 after turning down an offer seven years earlier. She was named one of the 100 Sexiest Women that same year by FHM, and you can see why in the photo above.

7 Christy Hemme

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Keeping with the theme of redheads, we come to Christy Hemme, who, like Maria, also posed for Playboy, to the delight of millions of WWE fans worldwide. Hemme rose to fame as the winner of the 2004 WWE Diva Search. She was 23 years old at the time and blessed with a stunning body, fiery red hair, and superstar sex appeal. While she couldn't quite cut it in the ring against the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus, she was aptly used in numerous bra and panties matches and paraded around the ring to appease male fans.

She only lasted roughly one year with the WWE before being sent to OVW and eventually released. Yet, during that time, she was the talk of horny teenagers worldwide. She later worked with TNA and is now retired and married with one child.

6 Candice Michelle

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Another product of the Diva Search, Wisconsin native Candice Michelle was arguably the most successful find in the competition. She became the first Diva Search alumnus to win the WWE Women's Championship when she beat Melina at Vengeance 2007, but her biggest successes came outside of the ring.

Like others, she posed nude for Playboy during the height of her WWE career, because which Diva didn't during the Ruthless Aggression Era? Her status as a sex symbol was also pushed by Go Daddy, which used her in commercials to advertise their website domain services. As such, there are plenty of options to choose from when considering sexy photos of her, but who can resist a beautiful woman in lace bent over with a curly head of hair?

5 Ashley Massaro

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At this point, it just feels like we could just copy and paste parts of the last few entries because, as you know, Ashley Massaro is a former Diva Search contestant. She also posed for Playboy. And she's also an incredibly-hot bombshell. The WWE packaged her as somewhat of a blonde Lita; she rocked the lace sleeves and had kind of a punk rock feel to her combined with the sideways/backwards hat. The look worked, but let's be honest, it didn't highlight her beauty as best as other looks could have.

Fortunately, she did quite a bit of modelling and photo-shoots outside of the WWE - and with the WWE - in which she showcased just how stunning she is. Prior to her release from WWE in 2008, she appeared on the 15th season of Survivor and was voted off in the second episode.

4 Amy Weber 

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Weber endured a shirt stint with the WWE from 2004 to 2005, just when the company was making the transition towards the Ruthless Aggression Era. Her involvement on-screen came over on SmackDown working alongside JBL and his cabinet (how underrated was that championship run?). She feuded with the likes of Joy Giovanni as the two gave us several “Not So PG” moments during their under the radar program during the peak of SmackDown’s television run.

Although her WWE journey was short-lived, her countless bikini photos from WWE.com make her more than memorable. She’s completely out of the wrestling business today enjoying motherhood. For what it’s worth, she enjoyed more success as a singer releasing her track Let It Rain which actually received quite the amount of popularity following its release in 2012.

3 Joy Giovanni 

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Her time during the Ruthless Agression Era was quite limited but her beauty was enough to make her a memorable Diva during her short stint with the company. Giovanni rose to fame during the Diva Search finishing in third. Despite coming up short she gained quite the fanbase which encouraged the WWE to offer the California resident a contract.

She would go on to debut on SmackDown feuding with the likes of Amy Weber (another one hit wonder). Her in-ring work was nothing to write home about but once again as you see in the picture above, her beauty certainly was. We pay homage to her short-lived WWE career by ogling at the picture above. She’s got a plethora of others so if you’re feeling nostalgic, their available to our disposal!

2 Sable 

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Vince says it all the time, when it comes to the WWE, never say never, especially pertaining to talent. Sable left on the worse of terms even taking the WWE to court for sexual harassment. Somehow, some way, she’d return to the company in 2003, working alongside none other than Vince McMahon. That entire storyline fit the exact bill of Ruthless Aggression! From feuding with Stephanie to a bizarre storyline with Torrie Wilson, we drop our jaws thinking about her short-lived run in 2003 till 2004. Oh, and she was also smoking hot, as evidenced by the picture above.

Sable would end up leaving for good following her improbable Ruthless Agression Era run, she certainly has no regrets about the return as it landed her a husband in Brock Lesnar.

1 Trish Stratus

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There's a few Divas from the Ruthless Aggression era that we could have included at least twice on this list, although when it comes to this Diva, we felt the absolute need to do so. Not only was Trish one of the most dominant female wrestlers of the era - and perhaps all-time - she was also one of the most photographed. A Google images search of Trish will reveal countless different photos from different shoots and matches, and we're thankful for them all.

It's difficult to choose only one - or two, or three, or 50, for that matter - but who can resist a beautiful blonde bombshell in her prime while rocking a white-strapped lingerie set. Trish had a natural presence and comfortability in front of the camera and it certainly shows here.

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