20 Things From WWE's Past The Company REALLY Wants You To Forget

The World Wrestling Entertainment professional wrestling company, also known as the WWE, is the world's biggest wrestling promotion and has been for many years now, blazing its' own path while cutting down anyone that tries to stand up against them. At one time, there was a battle between the WWE and two other promotions, ECW and WCW. However, over time, Vince McMahon, the WWE owner, found a way to destroy them in the ratings and eventually bought them out, wiping them off the face of the pro wrestling Earth.

That was a good time for the WWE and they are never going to let anyone forgot about it. There are many other memorable moments and history setting achievements by the WWE that they will forever force feed to their fans, reminding them of the power of Vince McMahon and the WWE.

But what if the complete opposite happens and the WWE winds up producing some of the worst moments in pro wrestling history? How many times has there been a pro wrestling moment so terrible that the WWE does everything in its' power to make you forget it ever existed?

Here are 20 Things From WWE's Past The Company Really Wants You To Forget.

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21 Vince McMahon takes on God

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Back in 2006, Vince McMahon reached a new low when he decided to take on the almighty and powerful, God. Pro wrestling has been fake since the beginning of time but they have rarely attempted to take a ride into the world of religion because it is one of the most dangerous games the WWE could have play. Religious people are more passionate and faithful in their beliefs that if Vince McMahon were to go up against it, people would revolt.

However, Vince McMahon faced Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 22 and was completely obliterated during the match, having been beaten to a bloody pulp before being carted off. Following the match, the idea to wrestle Shawn Michaels in a tag match where his partner would be God, seemed like the next likely step in this rivalry. Sadly, it fell far short of working and was so incredible bad that the WWE would much rather no one ever talk about it.

20 The Ladder Match Custody Battle for Dominick

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At the 2005 SummerSlam pay-per-view, less than a year before Vince McMahon took on God at 2006 Backlash, there was another storyline that made us all cringe. It was a feud between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Eddie Guerrero that involved a child named Dominick. It all began when Eddie Guerrero came out in mid-summer, of 2005, and revealed that he had a secret about Rey's son, Dominick. The secret would later be that Eddie was actually Dominick's father, not Rey.

The entire feud got to the point where both Vickie Guerrero and Angie Mysterio showed up on television. The entire feud was cringe-worthy and awkward, forcing us to watch a child "pretend" to be involved in this custody battle between two of the biggest names in the WWE. It culminated in a Ladder Match between the two men where the winner won custody of Dominick.

19 Beyond the Mat

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When Vince McMahon originally gave the OK for the filming of Beyond the Mat, he was under the impression it would not give away so much about the behind the scenes stuff, and would keep kayfabe over the real and the fake. Back then, there was not that many people who knew what life was like for a professional wrestler, let alone knew that it was fake. This was a time before the internet was so easily accessible to everyone. It was long before the days of social media and TMZ.

But when it came out, it had many aspects and storylines that angered Vince McMahon, and the rest of the WWE, because it made the entire process look as fake as boxing. One scene in particular was when Mankind and The Rock were sitting in the back of the arena discussing the way their match was going to go that night. It seemed as if the entire process was a joke and there was not much skill involved, if any. It basically broke kayfabe and made wrestling a big joke.

18 Hulk Hogan Proves He Can Do Anything

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WrestleMania IX was a misfire from the moment they announced it would be in Las Vegas. Everything about IX was wrong. The entire  event was a spectacle that gave us a ton of things to forget, especially when The Undertaker came out to the ring with a vulture by his side to fight Giant Gonzalez in one of the worst matches in his Hall of Fame career.

In fact, the only thing worth re-watching from WrestleMania IX was the Tatanka match against Shawn Michaels. Other than that one, the entire event was something the WWE would like us all to forget. Especially when Hulk Hogan showed up following the Bret Hart vs. YokozunaWWE Championship match and won the belt back from Yokozuna just minutes after he won it from Bret Hart. It only took Hogan about 22 seconds to win the belt after Bret Hart spent 10 minutes trying to defend it. It was a terrible idea that did more harm than good for Hulk Hogan's career.

17 3-Minute Warning Crosses the Line

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Many fans forget about certain things that happen in the WWE, even if they happen during a time when the business is boomin', like in 2002 when Raw featured a segment with two beautiful young ladies known simply as HLA, better known as Hot Lesbian Action. Whatever their purpose was, it was lost on everyone by the end of the episode because something happened during that Raw that would trump the depth of just how low the company would go to win over television audiences.

Eric Bischoff had finally decided to sell completely out and do just about anything that was asked of him during his time with the WWE and that even went as far as introducing the audience to the HLA ladies and 3-Minute Warning, the tag team that consisted of Matt Anoa'i, of the infamous Anoa'i family, and Eddie Fatu. During the segment, things would get to the point where both women were standing in the ring in nothing but their underwear. At this point, 3-Minute Warning attacked the ladies in one of the worst ideas in wrestling history. The incredibly horrific attack was nothing more than a sick ploy to get more viewers but it failed miserably and was even erased from the archives when Linda McMahon was running for Office. That was the moment 3-Minute Warning ended their careers.

16 No More Blood!

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The use of blood within professional wrestling was a staple of the sport. It was a key reason many people enjoyed the entire sport, it gave it a sense of realism. Although we knew it was fake, watching these guys get hit in the head with a steel chair followed by a pool of blood dripping from their foreheads was more real than anything you could imagine. It was another reason why the WWE was such a huge hit back in the late '90s and throughout the 00's. However, right around 2008, at the Great American Bash, something happened that would change the sport forever.

During most of 2008, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels were involved in a brutal feud that culminated in a match at Great American Bash that got a little out of control. According to Jericho, however, in a shoot interview on his podcast, the feud was not supposed to end until SummerSlam but because of what happened at GAB, things changed much quicker. During their fight, Shawn Michaels was cut so badly that the match had to be called, and that was not planned, before being forced to declare Jericho the winner.

Vince McMahon then announced that blood would no longer by allowed in WWE. That was part of the WWE's "No Color" policy that began in Summer of 2008. The other half of it was a sponsorship deal that also kept the sport clean, cut, and dry.

15 Snooki's Insane WrestleMania Match

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By now you have an understanding about just how mainstream pro wrestling has become. Many people argue that it had a lot to do with Linda McMahon's U.S. Senator campaign, which began officially in 2009. The WWE's image was tarnished and very taboo by that time so Vince McMahon started to clean it up to protect his wife's campaign over all else. That started a trend that would continue throughout the 2010s.

Then, in 2011, just when the WWE did not seem like it could get much lamer, they thought it would be a great idea to bring Jersey Shore's very own Snooki into a feud with Vicki Guerrero, both of whom were the most hated women in wrestling. But then they added Snooki to WrestleMania XXVII and turned the entire program into a joke. Pro wrestlers work their entire career to get on the WrestleMania card and here she was, a nobody, being thrown into the card. Although she wrestled much better than expected, the fact that she was included on the card was one of the worst decisions Vince McMahon ever made.

14 Kelly Kelly Strips Down for ECW

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The WWE Divas have been around since the days of Sable and Sunny and they have had some incredible moments. From the Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view featuring a Battle Royal where the ladies had to dress up like school girls to hiring insanely hot women to portray female wrestlers without an ounce of talent, the good and the bad of the WWE Women's Division has had more bad than good.

Kelly Kelly was one of the WWE Divas that they would like to erase from our memory banks because she was an example of someone who was a smokeshow with a killer body but lacked the skills to be able to wrestle. It's not like we needed a portfolio of amazing matches, just one at least. Instead, the WWE decided it was a good idea to have her appear on ECW and gives us a striptease worthy of the stripper Hall of Fame. But since this isn't Cinemax and we have this thing called the internet, it simply did not belong in the business, or on that show regardless of how extreme they considered themselves over at ECW.

13 The Undertaker's Streak, Humanized

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You do not have to be a fan of pro wrestling to have heard about The Undertaker. He is one of the most recognizable icons of pro wrestling and has been for many years. He is on the short list of wrestlers that almost everyone knows, fan or not, and his winning streak at WrestleMania was legendary.

It began by accident, according to Bruce Pritchard during his Something to Wrestle With podcast, but then took on a life of its' own when he started to reach higher numbers. Eventually, it became known as "The Streak" and will forever be a part of his legendary career. He would reach 21-0 in 2013 after defeating CM Punk before his streak ended in 2014, from the hands of Brock Lesnar.

So the powers that be decided it would be a good idea to allow a man that hates pro wrestling personally and has no respect for the sport, just the payday, the chance to break The Streak? Not only that but The Undertaker would suffer real-life injuries during the bout, collapse backstage afterwards, and was rushed to a nearby hospital as a result. The Undertaker had never been brutalized in such a manner. The Streak was over and "The Deadman" was suddenly just as human everybody else.

12 Muhammad Hassan Was A Real Thing

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If you are wondering why pro wrestling has taken a dip over the years following its' most amazing run ever, you can look right at the various storylines that occured following the turn of the century. One of the most distasteful gimmicks was Muhammad Hassan, an Arab-American wrestler that started not long after the attacks of 9/11 and even gave praise to Allah and defended Muslim-Americans negative depiction across the United States. It was a very good storyline that fell flat in 2005, during an episode of Smackdown!

After his partner, Daivari, lost his match to the Undertaker, Muhammad Hassan came out on the ramp and began to pray while men dressed in all black, including ski-masks and camoflauge pants, came out to the ring. It was not as horrible of an idea until three days later, when the London Bombings happened and it all became too real for pro wrestling. The footage is not easy to find because it has since been removed from as many places as Vince McMahon could ban it.

11 John Cena Being Heel

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After the WWE's amazing late '90s run, there was simply no where else to go but down, right?

The Attitude Era happened during the '90s and gave us a mega superstar in Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was almost impossible to think that anyone would be able to reach that level of popularity again. Anything Stone Cold did during the height of his popularity, turned to gold. How could the WWE repeat such an amazing run?

That's when John Cena showed up and immediately became a box office smash. When he arrived on the scene, he was dressed as a gangsta that threw out the sickest burns in the form of a rap each week on SmackDown! He would eventually surpass Stone Cold in popularity and reach a level that only a few wrestlers have ever been to. But the WWE failed to ever take advantage of John Cena's popularity and turn him into a heel. It worked for Hulk Hogan and actually turned WCW into a true contender in the wrestling game because of it.

10 CM Punk

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The WWE might want you to forget about CM Punk, but we don't. The fans are the ones that carry the entire industry and the fans love CM Punk because he is one of the last true heels in the business. He was so terrible that when he reached his potential, he wound up leaving the company forever.

We say terrible, but we are not talking about his performance or wrestling skills. He was great all-around. The terrible we are referring to is that CM Punk knew how to be bad and annoying. He knew how to be a heel and he used it to his advantage until he eventually had a real meltdown during a live show, and a match. He took the mic, walked right down the ramp, sat down, and started going on and on about stuff Vince McMahon never wanted to get out. He broke kayfabe and he was loved by millions for it. If he ever wanted to come back, he deserves a second chance but the WWE will never give it to him.

9 Roddy Piper Discovers Blackface

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If John Cena showed up at WrestleMania with his face painted black, that would pretty much be the end of the WWE, Vince McMahon, John Cena, and pro wrestling in general. There is no acceptable amount of racism that should be allowed in the sport and that would clearly be over the line. However, back at WrestleMania VI, Roddy Piper painted his face black for a match against Bad News Brown and it was not seen as unacceptable at the time.

In fact, he would even come out and talk about Nelson Mandela, Cindy Lauper, and Michael Jackson all within the same promo. The entire idea to paint half his face black might have been done as a joke, not to be taken seriously or as an attempt at racism, was never good. At what point did they talk about it and agree it was acceptable to show up for his match looking like a complete buffoon?


7 That Live In-Ring Sex Show

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Remember that time Lita and Edge had sex, live, in the middle of the ring, during an episode of Raw? We definitely do!

If you have no clue what we are talking about, stop what you are reading, head over to the YouTube machine, and find yourself a good version of the event. As a fan of Lita's, it was one of the best moments in wrestling history, in our opinion. But it was easily also one of the most awkward and insane moments to ever happen on Raw, and it was live. Not only was it memorable, it was fun to watch Edge try to keep his entire self PG, if you get what we are putting down. But nothing compares to seeing Lita in lingerie, in a bed, doing whatever they allowed under the sheets.

Whatever Vince McMahon was thinking about when he came up with this idea, we will never know. How did anyone think this would end up being a good thing for the company?

6 Chairs, Chairs, Chairs...

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Before the discovery of CTE in professional football players, the idea of a concussion was not considered dangerous in the long term. Much like smoking cigarettes back in the 1950s, it was safe until someone discovered it wasn't. That was exactly what happened with NFL players. Once the term CTE became common among pro athletes, it carried over past the NFL and eventually into pro wrestling.

There is simply no way a human being can take that many steel chair hits to the head and not end up with a brain problem later in life. In fact, the entire idea of chair hits to the head became something barely used in the sport following the rise of deaths connected to CTE. Vince McMahon would rather we forget that he had these guys destroying their bodies and their lives just to become the next big star. Since he was God to them, if he said to do something, they would do it without pause.

5 Triple H Drugs Stephanie McMahon

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If it was not bad enough that Vince McMahon put his entire family into the pro wrestling business, but he had to force feed us Stephanie McMahon until we finally gave in and started to hate her. The heat she brought to the company was so bad that it was tough to even hear her speak at times because of the booing. But it all came to a crashing halt when Triple H drugged her and dragged her to a wedding chapel in Las Vegas to get married, which they did.

If that was not bad enough, the real tragedy was the next episode of Raw, when we had to hear her talk about it and then beg for her father and Shane McMahon to not go after Triple H, as if they could actually do something to the beast, before turning to Test and then begging for his forgiveness, as if she had to since she was drugged. The entire idea of drugging a woman and forcing her to get married is a little behind in the time and should have never have happened.

4 Raw Guest Hosts

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What do Pete Rose, Wayne Brady, David Hasselhoff, Seth Green, Jeremy Piven, Bob Barker, Al Sharpton, Snoop Dogg, Mark Cuban, William Shatner, and Jerry Springer all have in common? Back in 2009 and 2010, they were all once a guest host of WWE's Monday Night Raw. Criss Angel, Jewel, and Cheech & Chong were also brought in as guest hosts for one episode during that time.

If you were wondering why the WWE lost a chunk of its' fans during the late 2000's, you can go ahead and chalk up the Guest Host idea as one of the main contributing factors. The entire episode was centered around the Guest Host and felt so forced that fans were completely disgusted with it. Besides watching the WWE, which we all know is fake and has some terrible ideas already, we now have to suffer through a couple hours of Jeremy Piven? What?

3 Mae Young Lends a Hand

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Even after going through the archives of WWE footage to find the stuff they would rather everyone forget about, one moment remains among the worst ever and it was all because Vince McMahon has a history of using older, legendary talents as comic relief. In this case, Mae Young, iconic female wrestler, was next in line to be humiliated for a buck. At least, we assume she only did it for the money, otherwise, she was absolutely insane.

But back in 2000, Mark Henry was not over yet. He was still seen as a sidekick and a jobber, but nothing more. It wasn't until he was included in the Mae Young pregnancy angle that he finally got over. That is the only good thing that came from that moment. Other than Mark Henry getting over, this entire storyline was absolutely ridiculous. Mae Young gives birth live on Raw to a human hand? What was really going on back then in the WWE?

2 Triple H and The Katie Vick Episode

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Back when Triple H and Kane were at the height of their popularities, the WWE came up with this idea that, well, remains one of the most awkward and disgusting ever and is tough to discuss, even to this day. It pains us to even say what happened because it was so raunchy and unnecessary.

The story was simple, Triple H would get into the mind of Kane and break him down mentally, until Kane was begging for it to end. This was the original idea so that we could find out more about Kane's backstory since, at that time, little was known about him. In shoot interviews, the writers of the storyline talk about how this is where it ends. There was never anything else drawn up to the angle by them. The rest of the story was straight from the minds of the McMahon family, specifically Stephanie and Vince.

Katie Vick was the dead ex-girlfriend of Kane, supposedly, and was laid down in a caskey at a funeral home when Triple H, wearing the Kane mask, pretended to be Kane and climbed on top of her and, well, you know...

1 Chris Benoit

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If there is one thing the WWE will want us to forget, it is that Chris Benoit existed and was once a main wrestler on the active roster including winning a few titles along the way.

In June of 2007, Chris Benoit was found dead after using a weight lifting machine inside in own home to break his own neck. But before he committed suicide, he murdered his wife, Nancy Benoit, and their 7-year old son. The entire story has become one of the saddest, and scariest things to happen to professional wrestling ever. It caught the entire fan base off-guard and Vince McMahon wanted nothing to do with him and immediately began erasing his memory from the WWE library.

Vince's reluctance to talk about Benoit, or even mention he ever existed, has become a bit ridiculous at this point because he continues to pretend that Chris Benoit never existed.

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