20 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About The Cast Of Total Divas

Total Divas has become one of the biggest WWE spin-off programs over the past few years, but just as much as it has been a positive for WWE, it has also been a negative for the Women's Division.

It has featured many different cast members over the past three and a half years and has continued an incredible rise in popularity. So much so that WWE introduced a spin-off to Total Divas entitled Total Bellas that focused on the personal lives of Nikki and Brie Bella and their significant others John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

The Bellas, Natalya, and Eva Marie are the only cast members who are still on the show since the very first season. The likes of Summer Rae, Naomi, Rosa Mendes, and Paige have all joined the show over the past few years with Lana, Maryse and Renee Young joining the latest season.

Even though everything is laid bare on the show, there are some things that WWE would prefer the WWE Universe to forget about when it comes to their Total Divas cast.

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20 Eva Marie's Alcohol Issues

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This was well-documented throughout the first season of Total Divas since Eva Marie was seen always drinking a soft drink rather than alcohol when her fellow cast members were celebrating.

Eva stated that she suffered from under-age alcohol abuse before she was thrown into the spotlight. Shee has worked hard to get her life back on track ever since then so that she has now managed to reach the point now where she can be around alcohol but she prefers not to drink it anymore. She discussed this on Total Divas when she was asked about it by her fellow cast members and whilst she should be proud of how far she has come over the past few years, this would be something WWE would much rather brush under the rug.

19 Nikki Bella's Previous Marriage

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Nikki somehow managed to keep the fact that she had been married before from her entire family for years. She even managed to hide it from them while she was actually married, for three years!

Nikki eloped and married her high school sweetheart whom she had been with for many years. But they then decided to annul the marriage a few years later. Nikki never told Dolph Ziggler about this while they were dating and kept it from John Cena for three years until 2015. She then decided to finally come clean on an episode of Total Divas when John reacted much better than she thought he would. It shows just how much of a good actress and liar Nikki is to be able to hide something for so long.

18 Maryse's Playboy Exploits

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WWE has put in so much work over the past few years to make the Women's Division credible after what were a horrific few decades for the women of WWE. The company decided to go PG around 2008 and it was decided that no more women would be allowed to pose for Playboy magazine because it sent out the wrong message to the younger generation.

That being said, Maryse was signed to the company after this date and WWE obviously forgot to run a background check and discover that Maryse had in fact already posed for Playboy magazine and that she was part of many 'non-PG' pictures. The company has never brought this up on WWE TV because it is something that the company has tried to forget about ever since.

17 The Bellas Were Once Fighting Over Daniel Bryan

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How awkward is it that Brie and Nikki now have to live with the fact that one of WWE's main storylines a few years ago was the twins fighting over Daniel Bryan. Brie actually pulled one over on her sister here, though, since Bryan chose her.

Brie and Daniel are now married and expecting their first child, but it must be an eery atmosphere at family dinner whenever anyone brings up the fact that Brie and Daniel first met while working with each other. This was the point where their relationship first began. Nikki began dating John Cena not long after, so it's not like she completely lost out, but when it came to fighting Brie for Daniel Bryan's affections, there was only ever going to be one winner.

16 The Diva Search

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WWE will look back on the Diva Search as a complete failure when they consider the fact that many of the winners didn't get very far in WWE. That being said, 90% of the cast of Total Divas right now are only there because of the WWE Diva Search.

Nikki and Brie Bella auditioned for the 2006 Diva Search and were signed to WWE after they failed to make the cut. Maryse then auditioned for the Diva Search the same year and was also signed to the company. After that Lana, Eva Marie, and season one's JoJo were all participants in the 2013 Diva Search that then allowed Eva and JoJo to move on to being part of Total Divas. Lana was signed to the company after her audition.

15 Maryse Once Vowed To Never Return To WWE

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Maryse was once one of the biggest stars in WWE and the longest reigning Divas Champion, but when her career began to spiral in a direction that had her heading over to NXT, she decided to quit the company.

Maryse vowed that she would only return to WWE if Vince McMahon offered her either a million dollars or allowed her to main event that year's WrestleMania. It seems that none of these have actually happened but Maryse has decided to make a return to the company to partner her husband for the first time since they were married. Maryse attempted many different careers after she left the company including launching her own clothing line and gaining her license to become a realtor, but it seems that wrestling was always her real calling.

14 The Bella Feud

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It became very awkward to watch Total Divas after Nikki and Brie were locked in a feud where Nikki was telling everyone how bad a sister Brie was but still wanted her to be there when she needed someone to drive her around on the show?

Nikki actually told Brie at one point that she 'wished she died in the womb' which shows just how personal this rivalry became. Total Divas was a hindrance throughout this feud because WWE wanted the Universe to believe these sisters hated each other when Total Divas was telling a different story. Bad booking, planning, and acting were perhaps the biggest problems with this feud. In the end, maybe WWE needs to rethink this the next time they make a feud between two of their cast members.

13 Lana's Naked Pictures

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That's right, Maryse isn't the only member of this year's Total Divas cast that has some things on the internet that WWE would probably rather forget about and that she is probably not very proud of.

Lana was part of many projects before she signed for WWE including, acting and modeling and part of this modeling means that there are naked pictures of Lana floating around online. As already stated with Maryse, WWE is now in a PG era and they wouldn't want the younger members of the WWE Universe to google someone like Lana and then see the pictures of her before she joined WWE that were not in line with the PG banner that WWE has decided to obtain. This is definitely something WWE would much rather forget.

12 Nikki Bella And Maria's Real Life Heat

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WWE briefly touched on the fact that The Bella's have heat with Maryse when she first joined the cast of Total Divas. But The Bella Twins also cost Maria a job at WWE because Nikki has a dislike for the former backstage interviewer.

Maria once danced with her friend Dolph Ziggler while he was in a relationship with Nikki and ever since then their friendship has gone down hill. Back in 2010, WWE wanted to re-sign Maria and Maryse and it seems that The Bella Twins used all the influence they had in the company to stop this from happening. This was also to ensure that their rise to the top of the Women's Division was an unchallenged one. Maryse may have been able to forgive and forget, but it seems Maria never will, so she won't be returning to WWE anytime soon.

11 Paige And Alberto Del Rio's Relationship

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WWE were never big fans of Paige and Alberto Del Rio when they ended up together. The relationship and the decline of Paige was featured in the latest season of Total Divas. It was also reported that the company split Paige and Del Rio up during the draft as way to show them that they didn't want them together.

Paige ignored WWE and went on a decline since she decided to start dating Del Rio. When WWE asked Paige to break up with Del Rio or her career would be up in the air, Paige again ignored it and became engaged to Del Rio after a whirlwind romance. WWE messed up big time with Paige because they thought they could tell her who she could date, which is something they would much rather you forget.

10 Where Is Summer Rae?

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Summer Rae came into Total Divas during the second season and immediately became a problem for both The Bellas and Natalya. Summer added some drama to the series but the company decided to remove her from the show after a few seasons.

Summer Rae has been drafted to Monday Night Raw but she is yet to make an appearance. She was reported to have had a knee injury but that still doesn't explain why she's been out of action for so long. The WWE Universe were calling for her return a few months ago until Mick Foley shut them down. His thoughts on her as a wrestler could be one of the reasons why WWE haven't brought her back to TV. Summer was solid talent in NXT and WWE have wasted her on the main roster.

9 Renee Young's First Rivalry?

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Renee Young joined the cast of Total Divas this season because it was revealed that she has been dating former WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose. Thanks to Total Divas Renee was dragged into the storyline feud with The Miz and her boyfriend.

Renee slapped The Miz when he revealed that Renee was actually sleeping with Dean Ambrose before Maryse then slapped Renee for having the audacity of touching her husband. There looked to be a huge rivalry building where Renee would finally set foot in a WWE ring, but shockingly WWE decided to pull the plug on the feud and both Dean and The Miz have now gone in different directions. It is unknown if the two couples will be placed together again, but it seems The Miz and Maryse are set to feud with John Cena and Nikki Bella now instead.

8 Naomi Was Forced To Wait Seven Years For Her First Championship

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Paige won her first championship in WWE on her first night with the main roster. While Natalya is a former Divas Champion and Nikki Bella will always be known as the longest reigning Divas Champion in the company's history, Naomi was forced to wait seven years before she was given a championship.

Naomi is without a doubt the most athletic female Superstar in WWE and has always been around the title picture. WWE has just never gambled on her when it came time for a title run. With Nikki and Natalya embroiled in a rivalry and Mickie James returning to keep Becky Lynch busy, it seems that this was the perfect time for Naomi to win the championship. It now depends how long WWE will allow the former Funkadactyl to hold the title now after such a long wait.

7 Natalya's Own Uncle Said She Had No Gimmick

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Natalya is the best technical female wrestler that WWE has, that is not in question here, the fact that Natalya doesn't have a gimmick, that could well be.

Nattie has become a veteran in WWE and more recently been known as the crazy cat lady, but what is Nattie's actual gimmick? That's a question her own uncle Smith Hart decided to raise on Twitter when he stated that was one of her biggest problems in wrestling. He does have a point, though, Charlotte is The Queen, Sasha is The Boss, what is Natalya? What does her Queen of Harts persona actually mean? Maybe this is why she is struggling to rise to the top in WWE, because she doesn't have a character development that is deep enough for her to succeed.

6 Nikki Bella Was Only Divas Champion Because Of John Cena

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Let's be honest, Nikki and Brie Bella were only re-signed to WWE because of their looks and who they happened to land in their love lives. And it seems that Nikki wasn't able to make history based on her own accolades either.

Nikki became the longest reigning Divas Champion back in 2015 but it is reported that she was never supposed to make history. Nikki was supposed to drop the title so many times. But John went and spoke to people backstage and managed to get WWE to change their minds and let her keep the title. Nikki has improved so much in the ring and she is becoming popular with the WWE Universe, but it is these kinds of shortcuts that gain her the hate that she receives on a daily basis.

5 Eva Marie's Photos

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Eva Marie has a lot of skeletons in her closet and when she became a member of Total Divas back in 2013 it seemed that some of her secrets rose to the surface. Eva had a lengthy modeling career before she was signed by WWE and it seems that during that career she decided to take part in some less than flattering pictures.

These pictures became part of a Total Divas storyline where all of the cast members saw the photos and basically laughed about them. This didn't help the fact that they are still out there and all it takes is a few letters on Google for the younger generation to find these unflattering images. Eva Marie has distanced herself from these pictures lately, though, which is a start.

4 Paige's Suspensions

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Paige was part of the last season of Total Divas, but all of this took place before Paige was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, twice. So far Paige has been suspended for 90 days and she is one strike away from being fired from the company altogether.

Paige underwent neck surgery while she was on suspension and is still yet to return to the company since then. Given the craziness of the last few months, that will probably be the last thing on Paige's mind right now. Paige is in a new relationship with former World Champion Alberto Del Rio and the couple have recently become engaged. So, this is likelt what she is concentrating on right now.

3 Total Divas Saved Rosa Mendes

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Every now and then WWE makes budget cuts and decide to release many stars that they feel are no longer needed. Back in 2014 WWE released many stars including Drew Galloway and Aksana, with many of the WWE Universe stating that Rosa Mendes should have been on the list as well.

Rosa was only saved by the fact that she had signed a contract to appear in Total Divas. Obviously WWE will never admit this. Rosa was technically classed as a veteran, but she had only won one match in nine years. This shows that the company never had any real faith in her. She announced her retirement from WWE earlier this week on her daughter's first birthday. Rosa was part of a group of women who WWE signed from the Diva Search who were never given an opportunity in WWE.

2 Eva Marie's Suspension

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Paige wasn't the only person to realize that WWE will punish you no matter how high up in the company you are. Back in 2016, Eva Marie was also suspended for 30 days after failing a routine drug test. And even though this happened prior to SummerSlam back in August, Eva Marie has still not returned.

Rumors are currently suggesting that Eva is actually set to quit WWE and take up acting instead since she has been part of two movies over the past year. This would explain her absence from allWWE programming. Eva was never liked by the audience because WWE liked to cut corners with her when it came to training her to compete. While this wasn't her fault, she ended up with the heat for it.

1 JoJo Was Injured While Training

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JoJo Offerman won the 2013 Diva Search along with Eva Marie and the duo then began to appear in Total Divas. After the first season JoJo quit and decided she wanted to concentrate on becoming a wrestler, but she realized the hard way that she wasn't cut out for a career inside the ring.

Following an injury, WWE then decided to switch things up and allow JoJo to begin ring announcing for NXT. This then led to appearances on Raw and then announcing at pay-per-views. JoJo has had a much slower climb to the top, but she has been able to do it under the radar and become a firm fan favorite. The complete opposite to Eva Marie, which just goes to show that not all attention should be classed as good attention.

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