20 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About The Legends They Still Employ

WWE offers legends contracts to many Superstars who have left the business who they then think will be able to return and either offer something to the community as an ambassador or be able to help with the day to day running of WWE.

Many legends sign the contract as a way to ensure that they are still working around wrestling and sometimes it also means that WWE will find a way for them to wrestle one more match.

Many stars like Scotty 2 Hotty and Road Dogg have remained with WWE and found actual jobs backstage as a way to remain with the company. Others have come in much later and been offered a legends contract so that WWE has the option of using them when needed.

Many of these stars have backgrounds and pasts that they would rather stay hidden. Things that WWE overlooked when they allowed them to resign, and things that WWE would rather the Universe forgot about.

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20 John Laurinaitis Told AJ Lee She Was Too Ugly To Be A WWE Diva

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That's right, one of the most attractive female wrestlers of all time was once told by one of WWE's producers that she was too ugly and unattractive to ever make it in the WWE.

AJ Lee talks about the producer in her new book 'Crazy is My Superpower' where she fails to name Laurinaitis as the actual person who told her that she wouldn't make it, but it is speculated that this was the kind of thing that he would do. The former General Manager of Raw is now the step-father to The Bella Twins, and it seems that he wasn't the only one who told the former Divas Champion that she didn't fit in with the company. She states that his sentiments were echoed around by a number of other backstage personnel.

19 Jamie Noble Was Stabbed

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Jamie Noble is a former Cruiserweight Champion and member of WWE's Authority. He hasn't been seen on WWE TV since 2014, because he now plies his trade backstage as a producer. He has been working backstage for WWE for a number of years and it came as a shock to everyone involved in WWE when he was stabbed last year.

Back in September 2016, it was reported that Noble was stabbed twice and hospitalized after a disagreement with another driver on his way home. Noble had a lengthy spell in the hospital and it was revealed that he had suffered a collapsed lung as a result of the attack. Thankfully the former Champion has recovered and returned to work since the attack.

18 Road Dogg Was Sent To Rehab Following An Addiction To Painkillers

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Road Dogg is a former wrestler in WWE and a current producer behind the scenes, he hasn't been seen wrestling on WWE TV for a number of years, because he has now found a job where he can help the company without stepping foot in the ring.

Road Dogg struggled with addictions throughout his wrestling career, his biggest one being an addiction to painkillers, something that he was later suspended from the company for. He was subsequently released from WWE after this and sent to rehab where he finally managed to straighten his life out and then return to the company as a producer. Even though this is something Road Dogg and WWE should be proud of, with the current Wellness Policy, this is something WWE wouldn't want to promote.

17 WWE Didn't Acknowledge Pat Patterson's Sexuality Until 2014

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Pat Patterson is a former Hardcore Champion and the first ever Intercontinental Champion, but for many years he has been an openly gay Superstar. Patterson came out back in the 1970s but WWE didn't acknowledge this fact in any storylines or on TV until the finale of Legends House in 2014.

Patterson still works for WWE to this day as a creative consultant and has been described by Dave Meltzer as Vince McMahon's right-hand man, and one of the chief architects in WWE over the past few decades that have helped the company to grow into the global phenomenon that it currently is. He is also credited as the man who came up with the concept of The Royal Rumble match, which was first turned down by McMahon before he offered it up to the Network.

16 Billy Kidman Was Released From WWE After An Argument

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Billy Kidman was once a standout star in WCW before he made the switch over to WWE. It seems that Kidman was never really cut out for WWE and couldn't fully find his footing. When Kidman was released from WWE in 2005 after just four years under contract with the company, it didn't come as a huge shock to the WWE Universe.

Kidman stated that he was released because he argued with management about the fact that wrestlers were no longer being booked on First Class Flights. It seems that the argument was quickly resolved and WWE and Kidman were back on talking terms quite quickly because he returned to WWE in 2007 as a part time wrestler before slowly moving into a backstage role where he currently works as a producer.

15 Shawn Michaels Was A Really Bad Trainer

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WWE made a big deal about the fact that Shawn Michaels trained Daniel Bryan a few years ago, going as far as to say that Bryan was actual Michaels' protege. In reality, it was William Regal that actually trained Bryan and taught him the majority of what he now knows.

Even though Michaels had his own training school and is held responsible for training the likes of Lance Cade, Brian Kendrick, and current SmackDown general Manager Daniel Bryan, in actual fact Michaels wasn't able to teach the way that he learned and really struggled to teach many of his class anything basic. Rudy Boy Gonzalez took over the training sessions and it was him who later taught the likes of Paul London and countless others before they were later signed by WWE.

14 Jerry Lawler Had A Heart Attack Live On Raw

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WWE has medics and many trained professionals at ringside at all times in case there is a real injury to any of their Superstars. But they weren't really prepared for one of their announce team to have a heart attack part way through a broadcast.

Back in September 2012 during an episode of Monday night Raw, Jerry Lawler had just beaten CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler in a match where he teamed with Randy Orton before he legitimately collapsed at the announce table. Jerry was then given CPR and taken to the hospital before it was announced that he had suffered a heart attack and Michael Cole was then left to finish the commentary for that night's Raw all on his own. Lawler recovered and managed to return to his announcing duties just two months later.

13 Eve Torres Won The 2007 Diva Search

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Eve Torres has recently resigned with WWE as an ambassador after taking many years away from the company and working on various charity projects.

Eve doesn't look to be returning to active competition with the WWE anytime soon, but when she was part of WWE she was pushed towards the Divas Championship after only a few years training as a wrestler. Eve came into WWE as the winner of the 2007 Divas Search, something that she actually ended up winning. This was the last time WWE did a live Raw Diva Search because the ratings for this one was so low that the company decided that it wouldn't be worth running one in 2008. After how far the female's division has come in recent months, it would be nice to forget that WWE used to offer women WWE contracts based on how they looked.

12 Shawn Michaels Was Suspended For Using Steriods In 1993

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Shawn Michaels is currently helping train new WWE recruits down at the Performance Centre in Florida. This has led to many of the WWE Universe speculating that The ShowStopper could be set for a WWE return at WrestleMania.

Michaels has turned down a return to the company many times, and even though he is a WWE legend right now, it seems that the WWE and the WWE Universe as a whole have forgotten that Michaels wasn't a very good role model in the early 1990s. In fact, Michaels was actually suspended back in 1993 when he tested positive for steroids. At the time he was Intercontinental Champion, so he was stripped of his title and removed from all WWE programming, although Michaels picked up where he left off as soon as he was allowed to return.

11 Jerry Lawler Still Performs At Independent Shows

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Despite being under contract with WWE and being used on their kickoff show panels and even sometimes being subbed in on commentary, Jerry Lawler still performs outside of WWE at many Independent events.

Lawler's WWE contract only needs him to appear at WWE pay-per-views and sometimes at SmackDown events if he is needed as part of the show or as part of the after show. Otherwise, he has complete freedom to perform wherever he wants outside of WWE. Even after his heart attack a few years ago, Jerry still likes to wrestle on a regular basis, which is incredible for someone of his age with his current medical conditions. It seems WWE has no problem with him performing at any other events as long as it doesn't conflict with his current scheduled WWE appearances.

10 Kelly Kelly Started Her Career As A Stripper

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Kelly Kelly started her WWE career back in 2006 as part of ECW's rebrand. She began doing Kelly Kelly's Expose which was where she would perform a striptease until a member of the ECW locker room came out and stopped her. Usually this was Mike Knox, whom she was dating on-screen at the time.

This later became Extreme Expose when she was joined by Brooke and Layla El after the 2006 Diva Search. The trio would perform dance shows for the ECW crowd each show until Brooke was released and Kelly was then pushed towards the main roster and Divas Championship. Given WWE's recent reinvention of the Women's Division, they wouldn't want the WWE Universe to remember that this is the state that female wrestling used to be in just 10 years ago.

9 Kevin Nash Was Arrested For Battery

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Kevin Nash is a WWE Hall of Famer and a talent that is currently signed to WWE's legends program. Nash has been signed with WWE for the past few years, but back in 2014, it seemed WWE could have released Nash.

Back in December, just after midnight, Nash was arrested for battery on his 18-year-old son, Tristen. Two hours later Tristen was then arrested for assaulting his mother Tamara. Nash didn't face any charges and his lawyers stated that Nash was just protecting his wife at the time and that he believes that wasn't doing anything wrong. It was reported that Nash used his signature choke move to cause his son to black out, but this was never officially confirmed by Nash or any of the members of his family who were present at the time.

8 WWE Fired Shawn Michaels In 1987

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Shawn Michaels may be a WWE Hall of Famer and arguably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time now. But back in 1987 along with Marty Jannetty were offered a chance to join WWE by Vince McMahon himself whilst they were still holding the AWA Tag Team Championship.

The duo quickly lost the belts and joined WWE, but it seems that there run only lasted a couple of weeks since they were our drinking and partying more than the company would allow and they were then released. Obviously, WWE gave the duo a shot again the following year and this time it was a lot different, but if WWE had decided not to rehire Shawn Michaels, then HBK may never have become the household name that he eventually did.

7 X-Pac Tried To Kill Himself Back In 2008

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X-Pac has had a troubled life outside of his WWE career and this has led to him making some bad decisions which include the decision to take his own life back in 2008. X-Pac explained during an interview a few years later that he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend Alicia Webb and after striking her, he was racked with guilt.

Webb and X-Pac often argued but on this occasion, it seems that Webb goaded him into hitting her, which he did. Her son saw this and after being full of shame and guilt he took 40 Valium pills with Bacardi and rum and after writing a suicide note. He hanged himself with a hose from the beam in his rooftop garden. Luckily he was found by his girlfriend and rushed to the hospital where he later woke up and realized the error of his ways.

6 Billy Graham Requested That He Be Removed from The Hall Of Fame

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Superstar Billy Graham is recognized as an icon in professional wrestling and a former WWWF Heavyweight Champion. Graham is currently signed to WWE under a legends contract, something that he only signed back in 2015.

Graham was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2004 and just five years later he requested that WWE removed him from the class and decided to sell his Hall of Fame ring on eBay to pay for medical bills that he needed to fund after WWE released him from his consultancy position backstage within the company. It is thought that Graham disagreed with Abdullah The Butcher being added to The Hall of Fame because he had never wrestled for the promotion, something that WWE has never publically spoke about, but it seems that the issue was settled not long afterward and Graham was rehired.

5 Kelly Kelly's Backstage Antics

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Kelly Kelly has recently resigned with WWE after leaving the company back in 2012. It seems that Kelly has returned to the company recently after she signed a legends contract. Kelly is thought to be making an appearance at this year's WrestleMania and that is why WWE have brought her back into the fold.

There are a lot of stories about Kelly Kelly floating around the rumors pages and it seems that even though she is now happily married she was basically passed around between the talent backstage. Kelly dated more than 10 different wrestlers during her short time with the company and created quite a name for herself, something that WWE will be hoping the WWE Universe will not remember about the former Divas Champion if she ever makes a return to WWE TV.

4 X-Pac's Legal Issues

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X-Pac had a decent WWE career as part of DX and as part of the Attitude Era, but he has always had a problem with drug addictions. X-Pac has had a stint in rehab that helped him find himself again and helped him rejoin WWE.

X-Pac's latest arrest was back in 2011 and it was because he turned himself in after it was revealed that he had outstanding charges that related to two different drug possession charges. He wasn't jailed because of this. Instead, he was released from the sheriff's office at 2:24 p.m. after posting a $2,150 bail. It seems that the Sheriff was happy that X-Pac had taken it upon himself to turn himself in, it also showed that he was hoping to get his life back on track.

3 Boogeyman Once Faked His Father's Death To Get Out Of A Booking

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The Boogeyman only recently resigned with WWE and the company hoped to bring him back to TV for their Halloween episode last year. Sadly this wasn't the case since at the time Social Media was still buzzing about the issues Boogeyman had caused whilst he was performing on the Independent Circuit.

Boogeyman was booked to appear at HOPE Wrestling last year before he failed to show up at the airport on the day of the show and then gave the promoter a lot of excuses about why he didn't turn up. One of these excuses was the fact that his father had died. It was later revealed that his father was actually alive and the former WWE Star had actually lied about this as a way to explain why he had failed to fly to the UK when he was supposed to.

2 Jerry Lawler's Criminal Record

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Jerry Lawler has been with WWE now for many years, he is one of the most respected commentators, but he's recently been relegated to sitting on the kickoff panels instead of announcing matches from the commentary desk like he has for many years.

This was down to the fact that Jerry and his wife at the time Lauryn McBride were both arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse. Both parties claimed that they had been assaulted by the other and in the end, the case was dropped. Lawler was suspended indefinitely by WWE when they found out about the arrest but was later rehired but kept away from the commentary desk, now Lawler makes appearances on WWE programming when needed on the kickoff shows, but doesn't actually have a full-time position on WWE TV anymore.

1 Ric Flair's Family Problems

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Ric Flair is a 16-time World Champion. He has accomplished so much in the business that it come as no surprise when Flair signed up for the Legend's Contract with WWE last year. Flair has been part of the storyline that has seen the rise of his daughter Charlotte, so WWE wants to keep him around to continue to be a part of this.

Flair has had a lot of family problems over the last few years and there have been many reports of fights between Flair and his late son Reid. There was also the fact that Flair and Charlotte were arrested together back in 2008 after the assault of a police officer when he tried to break up a fight between Ric, Charlotte, and her husband at the time, former TNA star Bram.

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