20 Things WWE Wants You to Forget About Their Top Stars

If shame and regret are not attached to your past, then your haven't truly lived. These are the feelings that allow one to learn, grow, or in some cases, simply continue along down the road on their a

If shame and regret are not attached to your past, then your haven't truly lived. These are the feelings that allow one to learn, grow, or in some cases, simply continue along down the road on their already deranged, never-changing ride along.

These regrets and feelings of shame are what many would like to forget about their lives. Often the loved ones, friends, and employers of the person in question would like these past indiscretions to be forgotten as well.

Perhaps the wife of the Cheater from whom she never parted ways would like her own friends and family to forget about that younger barmaid who became the regular Friday Night Fling.

Perhaps the corporate Fat Cat would like those who were swindled by his own Swine Broker to forget all about their losses and move on with their just-above-poverty-level lives while he spends another weekend sailing on a private yacht.

Perhaps a group of friends would collectively like to forget about Billy and his Demon Days at University where on a daily basis Billy called into question the very notion of morality, a dark and disastrous four year experience.

No matter what, people are always going to mess-up life. Perfection does not exist and attempting to attain will render one a delusional mess.

In WWE, everybody has a skeleton hiding in the locker room; even Vince McMahon himself has lived a somewhat vicious and vindictive life. So, what does the company do when addressing the past? Mainly just ignore it all together.

The following is a list of things WWE would like their fans to ignore about their Superstars. Some things are drastic while other seem trivial. However, fans are expected to somehow erase or ignore each of the facts presented.

These are 20 things WWE wants you to forget about their top stars:

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20 Dolph Ziggler Got Over


It's hard to believe that Dolph Ziggler was once in-line for a major push in WWE. In fact, the once all-around heel would eventually switch over to the role of babyface thanks to overwhelming fan appreciation.

Dolph Ziggler gets it done in the ring and the fans take notice. Ziggler was once on a road akin to the path taken by Daniel Bryan, but that ride is long over. Destination Nowhere. So who is Dolph Ziggler now? Simply a borderline jobber.

19 A.J. Styles' TNA Past


Since his arrival in WWE, the company has made plenty of references to A.J. Styles' success in Japan. With The (Bullet) Club now backing Styles, it would prove difficult to ignore all which was achieved in Japan.

However, it ends there. WWE will not mention A.J. Styles' time in TNA, where despite its second-rate wrestling nature, Styles proved the "big fish, small pond" theory. Of course, WWE would rather you disregard this period of time. Think Japan.

18 Eva Marie is a Reality Star


You can only deny something for so long. And the truth here is that Eva Marie is a WWE Star, not a Superstar but a Star. What's the difference? Superstars are wrestlers disguised under the packaging of Sports Entertainment. Meanwhile, Stars sell the product.

Eva Marie is working down in NXT where those in WWE hope she will learn the tricks of the in-ring trade. The problem with this experiment is the reality based around Marie's "reality." Marie is a Total Diva, not a Superstar.

17 Bray Wyatt Could be the Next Undertaker


Shawn Michaels once stated that Bray Wyatt could be The Undertaker of this generation. This is true. Wyatt and 'Taker possess many of the same qualities and, in many ways, Wyatt could serve as the proper successor to The Deadman.

There is one problem with that. WWE spent far too much time, money, and effort in creating The Undertaker persona. Therefore, nobody shall be granted comparisons to their creation, not even those most worthy. Nevermind the similarities.

16 Randy Orton's Attitude


Something about Randy Orton screams "jerk," and not in the sense of his WWE character. The demeanour, the attitude, the all-around presentation of Orton as a living, breathing human being exudes something foul.

In the past, Randy Orton has been known as one of the more "difficult to handle" WWE Superstars and has even served some time at home suspended from the company. However, Orton seems to have an "in" with WWE and such incidents should be ignored.

15 Becky Lynch is Better Than She Appears


The Women's division is ready to turn the corner and leave that "Diva" label in the dust. The women of the New Era are finally able to showcase their wrestling abilities in WWE. However, someone seems to be overlooked.

While Becky Lynch has remained close to the title picture, there is a sense that the Irish Superstar will eventually be left out, which is a shame. Lynch is much better than she appears and if booked properly could prove her worth to the division.

14 Chris Jericho's Best Heel Persona


Who exactly is the top heel in WWE right now? In a weird sense, that distinction remains a tug-of-war between John Cena and Roman Reigns, the two men who are supposed to be the top two babyface performers.

Chris Jericho could easily take top heel honours if Jericho were allowed to once again become the heel who disparaged the career of Shawn Michaels. Jericho brought fans of the wrestling heel to a whole new level; a level which you will attain again.

13 Dean Ambrose's Hardcore Past


According to WWE, Dean Ambrose is a "lunatic." And while Ambrose has embraced the role - and is mostly entertaining while playing the part - there are times when the entire "Lunatic Fringe" gimmick feels forced.

Dean Ambrose possess that rare, organic connection with the audience, where nothing feels forced. In a past wrestling life, Ambrose bled lunacy all over the independent scene. However, you must only know Ambrose in WWE's Lunatic Image.

12 Nikki Bella Dates John Cena

The USA and E! Networks stand on different ends of the entertainment spectrum. While the relationship between Nikki Bella and John Cena is highlighted on Total Divas, nothing has ever come about on Monday Night Raw. Why is that?

This is a by-product of the Female John Cena Fan Base. WWE wants every girl in the arena to dream of Cena. The company is well aware that much of the E! audience are not tuning in on Monday nights; leaving Nikki Bella out of the Cena Equation.

11 Kevin Owens is Better Than John Cena


Winning your debut WWE match in a clean and orderly fashion against John Cena is not something many men can claim. However, Kevin Owens can happily make such a statement for the rest of his career.

While this means something to wrestling fans, WWE quickly learned that Kevin Owens was better than John Cena and would naturally switch directions; once again having their man come out on top of a feud. Owens defeating Cena never happened.

10 The Real Rock


Dwayne Johnson is a Hollywood movie star who on occasion dusts off a Brahma Bull t-shirt and appears on WWE programming. He'll kiss-up to the fans, raise the eyebrow, deliver the catchphrases and The Watered-Down Rock is on his way again.

The Real Rock of yesteryear truly was an electrifying performer and a controversial figure on the WWE scene. However, Dwayne Johnson and WWE have a new image to protect. Therefore, you must leave those days alone and settle for this shtick.

9 Paige's Role in the "Revolution"


In many ways, A.J. Lee helped ignite the initial awareness of "Divas Revolution." In fact, Lee - who was anything but a Diva - would help fans realize just how stale the term had become. However, if Lee was the spark, Paige was kindling.

Paige certainly played a role in Divas becoming Women once again in WWE. However, Paige is also a Total Diva and will find herself stuck in the reality rut for some time to come. If only the British wrestler would have turned the show down.

8 The Undertaker's Demonic Side


Some may call The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness period the best of The Deadman's career. Others may call it over-the-top and too far from the true essence of the character. Either way, this was an intense time.

This is also a time WWE would rather not revisit. The Undertaker who fans of today are meant to know is the Mystical Man who shows up around WrestleMania season to find a new challenger on the Grand Stage.

7 Brock Lesnar Doesn't Care


WWE is a paycheck to Brock Lesnar; nothing more, nothing less. This is no great secret as Lesnar himself would admit it to be true. While a man like Daniel Bryan cries for his career back, Lesnar heads over to the bank.

Of course, WWE fans are not supposed to believe that Brock Lesnar doesn't care. Suplex City means a lot to the WWE Universe and in the minds of many is a significant place. However, Suplex City is simply a slogan on a t-shirt to Lesnar.

6 Sasha Banks is the Best Women's Wrestler in the World


There have been many talented female performers to make their way through the ranks of NXT. Aside from modern times, Trish Stratus and Lita remain the measuring sticks of female wrestlers in WWE.

However, the best all-around Women's wrestler in the world right now is Sasha Banks. And what does WWE do with Banks? Nothing. In all likelihood, Banks will someday soon hold the Women's Championship, but will WWE capitalize?

5 Triple H's Past with Chyna


Throwing together a video package and sending out some tweets in regards to the recent passing of Chyna does not take away from the fact that WWE would like Triple H's name distanced from Chyna.

Triple H and Chyna were once an item and the heavily-flooded rumour mill claims that "The Game" began cheating on Chyna with Stephanie McMahon. Such real-life situations must never be addressed as it pertains to WWE's "it" couple.

4 Seth Rollins' Ex-Girlfriend


Seth Rollins is a Superstar who has yet to reach his full potential in WWE. When that day arrives, Rollins will go down in history, However, a relationship with a certain woman named Zahra Schreiber will not.

The very woman with whom Seth Rollins was having an affair on his once fiancé would cause plenty of noise when old photos laced with Nazi symbolism would surface. Not a good look on anybody.

3 Charlotte and the Officer


Charlotte has inherited a number of things from her legendary father Ric Flair, including "The Nature Boy's" temper as evident during an altercation back in 2008 which landed Charlotte in legal custody.

The incident would involve Charlotte assaulting a police officer while caught-up in some sort of strange fight involving her boyfriend of the time and Ric Flair. This was prior to Charlotte signing with WWE, so the company would rather sweep this under the rug.

2 Roman Reigns is NOT Your Guy


You've heard the slogan: "I'm not a good guy. I'm not a bad guy. I'm THE guy." Yes, Roman Reigns is exactly that. Reigns is the WWE's "guy" and despite hostility from the fans, remains as such.

You don't like Roman Reigns and you don't want to support him as the next top star in the company. However, you may have reached a point where you feel there is no other alternative. Keep in mind that Reigns is not your guy, Reigns is their guy.

1 John Cena's Female "Friends"


In an interview with Howard Stern, John Cena admitted to a sexual escapade with multiple exotic dancers while on the road. Aside from this, Cena has been known to enjoy forbidden female flesh as one-half of an affair (Mickie James).

John Cena is the biggest WWE Superstar and draw of the New Millennium and a few sexual indiscretions will not be frowned upon by WWE. Therefore, you need to forget about this right now and go buy some wristbands ... while you're there, grab a hat as well.

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