20 Things You Didn't Know About 2017's Wrestling Couples

2017 has been the year for wrestling couples as we've seen so much love in and outside the WWE, but these relationships have secrets you didn't know.

The professional wrestling scene has gotten even more competitive in the past few years, especially with the WWE increasing its influence by introducing NXT which has been a massive hit in the past couple of years. Because of the constant traveling with each other amongst these wrestlers and divas, there is bound for something special to develop between some of them as we have seen so many wrestling couples form in the past couple of years in the WWE.

These couples were formed because of these wrestlers spending a lot of time together as they are on the road almost 24x7 nowadays because of WWE's hectic scheduling and found a liking for each other. Some of them formed a real-life bond after spending some time working with each other on WWE TV, while others just formed that love on the road as they were never really seen in the WWE together. Some of these couples decided to tie the knot and announce it to the world in a big way, while some others are still taking it slow.

2017 has been the year for wrestling couples as we've seen so much love in and outside the WWE, but these relationships have some secrets you didn't know about. So let's take a look at the 20 Things You Didn't Know About 2017's Wrestling Couples.

20 Maryse Was Stalked When She Started Dating The Miz


The Miz and Maryse might be the "A-Lister" couple which almost forces everyone to hate them in the WWE, but in real life, they are a really sweet couple who fell for each other in 2011 or so. When Maryse took time off WWE and started to date the Miz, she had to go through a terrorizing time because of being stalked by an older man. While she was already in a relationship with the Miz, Maryse started receiving disturbing texts, phone calls and voice mails from a 61-year-old man named Lee Siber. Maryse discarded this as a "crazy stalker" who should be in a psychiatric institution, but later things got disturbing when he threatened her, saying "he's coming to LA to get her" and to "take her to heaven with him". Maryse finally put a restraining order against the man and the situation cooled down soon after.

19 Roman Reigns Met His Wife Galina At Georgia Tech



Roman Reigns is mostly known for his in-ring career in the WWE, which has come under heavy criticism in the past few years because of how strong he's been booked by the company. But when he's not portraying "The Big Dog", Roman is actually a very devoted family man who absolutely loves his wife Galina Becker. Reigns actually met his wife while he was studying management at Georgia Institute Of Technology, which is pretty weird to hear in the first place. Reigns fell in love with Galina right form their college days and they have been together ever since, as their bond was created during their days at Georgia Tech after which they decided to tie the knot and are part of a very happy family right now.

18 Brandi Encouraged Cody Rhodes To Quit WWE

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Cody Rhodes' final years with the WWE were a complete mess, as he was forced to portray a joke of a character in Stardust who could never get over as a major star in the WWE. Cody obviously got frustrated at how he was being treated by the WWE after wrestling for them for so many years and was pondering on quitting for a long time back. His wife Brandi never complained about him thinking of such a decision, as she would actually encourage him to go through with it and try his hand somewhere else. Cody's late father Dusty also told him to leave the WWE and wrestle in the Independent team as well! Brandi was focused on supporting her husband and also quit the WWE alongside Cody to accompany him in his journey, as this shows just how strong their marriage is.

17 Big Cass And Carmella's Relationship Isn't Acknowledged By WWE


Big Cass and Carmella were not only best friends during their NXT days, but they also became a couple outside the WWE when they were a team in NXT. While not many people might not know about this relationship, that is because the WWE just does not want to acknowledge it. They separated Cass and Carmella when Enzo and Cass were promoted to the main roster and Carmella wasn't, with the Princess of Statin Island later being drafted to Smackdown. Cass and Carmella are a really sweet couple who often display their love for each other on social media, but the WWE just does not want to appreciate it despite it being a thing. One can't really know why WWE doesn't want to acknowledge their relationship(which has never been mentioned on TV), but they are a happy couple despite not getting the recognition.

16 Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella Apprehended Burglars In Their Home


Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are a rather sweet couple in the WWE who have been extremely supportive of each other in the past few years, but they can be a really dangerous couple if you provoke them. A set of burglars who tried to rob their home would find this out the hard way when they were caught by Bryan and Brie trying to get into their home. Bryan would actually activate a real-life superhero mode when he chased down the burglars and even managed to catch one of them, putting him into a naked choke move before the police arrived. Bryan and Brie later stated that they were scared for their anything to happen to their dog who was inside their home and this made quite the news at the time, showing how tough these two are in real life.

15 Matt Hardy And Reby Were Arrested After Getting Into A Bloody Fight


Matt Hardy might not exactly be that "broken" anymore now that he has come to the WWE, but he still maintains a lot of love for his family and for his wife Reby. Both Reby and Matt are active on social media displaying their love for each other, but a few years back that love seemed to have gone up in smoke. Matt and Reby were actually arrested in 2014 when they both got into a vicious fight in a hotel in Virginia. The motel authorities called the police after they heard "a man beating his wife", but later the mugshots would show the wounds inflicted on each other by both of them. They later got a restraining order on both of them, but would quickly solve

14 Paige's Love For Alberto Del Rio Is Costing Her

Paige was a really talented wrestler when she initially joined the WWE, becoming the first ever NXT Women's Champion and later the youngest Divas Champion when she won the belt on her first night on the main roster. But things started to go horribly wrong for Paige once the "Women's Revolution" began and the reason for that was her love for Alberto Del Rio. Paige and Del Rio made their relationship official in May 2016 and she has barely wrestled since then. She lost all her focus on wrestling and was madly in love with Del Rio, even peeping from the side-line during WWE shows and cheering him on. Paige and Del Rio were both suspended for 60 days for violating the wellness policy after which De Rio quit and Paige has yet to return to the WWE, but this talented diva is destroying her potentially great career because of her undying love for Alberto.

13 WWE Tried To Break Up Rusev And Lana


Lana and Rusev have been a power couple in the WWE for a few years now, with the Bulgarian Brute getting much support from his now-wife right from his NXT days. Rusev and Lana were paired up in 2014 when Rusev made his main roster debut and later received a mega-push, but they developed feelings for each other and became a real-life couple soon after. But the WWE somehow didn't like this real-life couple and later separated them on TV, when Lana left Rusev and became Dolph Ziggler's manager for some-time. They even tried to break them up in real life, but Lana and Rusev would not budge to this and took a bold step in announcing their engagement to the media. WWE was pissed at this, as this shows just how mean WWE can be at times to help it's product become a bit more "believable".

12 Many People Were Against Triple H and Stephanie's Marriage


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are THE power couple in WWE right now, as they have NXT all to themselves and will probably take over the business from Vince when he retires. But when they tied the knot all those years ago, not many were supportive of them marrying and they faced a lot of backlash from wrestlers and fans during the time. Everyone thought that Triple H married Vince's daughter to keep a stronghold in the WWE and whether he'd be favorite over everyone else in the future. Even Vince himself didn't approve of it, as well as many wrestlers in the locker room who hated Triple H for it. But Stephanie was fearless in displaying her love for Triple H and fulfilled her wish of getting married to him and the two are an extremely happy family who not only powerhouses in the WWE, but a sweet couple outside it as well.

11 Renee Young And Dean Ambrose Married In Secret


Renee Young and Dean Ambrose have been a couple for a few years now, but their relationship has been so discreet that many people didn't even know about it before a few months back. Young and Ambrose love their privacy and don't gloat their relationship like other wrestling couples right now, as they even got married secretly recently. Young and Ambrose apparently got married in April when they both suddenly had the urge to tie the knot while going to bed at night. They called a pastor from Yelp and a friend of theirs before their marriage was official and fans didn't even know about it for quite a long time! Renee has spoken in interviews about how they are a non-traditional couple and like their privacy, as their crazy sudden marriage goes on to show how much of a mad couple they actually are in real life.

10 Big Cass And Carmella Used To Be Travel Buddies


Big Cass and Carmella bonded during their time in NXT, but they also loved to travel around together for live events or for fun. While they might've been in love with each other, Cass and Carmella were also the best of travel buddies who accompanied each other to various shows around the country and always stuck together when traveling. They have their own house in Orlando, Florida right now so they travel together whenever they go home, but when they were still together in NXT they seemingly had a blast traveling together. Many posts on social media indicate the amount of fun they used to have when traveling around together, as their love for each other probably got stronger because of them staying with each other all the time and helped to develop them as a stronger couple as well.

9 Brandi Rhodes Wrestled Her First Match Alongside Cody


Brandi Rhodes hasn't really been remembered by WWE fans for her wrestling, as she was mostly the "voice of WWE" during her years in the company. Named as "Eden Stiles", she started off at NXT where she worked as a ring announcer, before coming to the main roster where she was behind Lillian Garcia as a ring announcer and interviewer. But quickly she got her place as the main announcer and was at the height of her peak when she left with Cody Rhodes. While Brandi wouldn't get work as a ring-announcer anywhere else, she started to train to become a wrestler. She wrestled her first in-ring match alongside Cody Rhodes in a match against Mike Bennett and Maria in Impact Wrestling. She was decent in the match and could train and become something better in the future, as Brandi's and Cody's departure from WWE hasn't really gone to waste either.

8  8. Roman Reigns And Galina Becker Both Have Athletic Backgrounds


Roman Reigns is a powerhouse wrestler in the WWE, but he has always been an athlete throughout his career and been into sports since his childhood. But his wife Galina is also an athlete in her own right, as she has a strong athletic background of her own as well. Becker lettered in track for three seasons in her school days. She won numerous regional titles during her sophomore and junior years in school. She was also in the field and track team during her Georgia Tech days an even completing a 100-meter hurdle at 14.92s. Roman was obviously into football back in the day, but his pretty wife seems to be a prime athlete as well who could probably outrun him in a race knowing her field and track racing history.

7 The Miz Proposed To Maryse In The Same Spot They Met


The Miz might be this arrogant, egotistical wrestler in the WWE who thinks he's better than everyone else, but you can see how much he loves his wife Maryse even in his prime heel form. The Miz and Maryse had been dating for around 6 years when The Miz finally decided to pop the big question to his girlfriend and he decided to do something special for this occasion. The Miz took Maryse to the convention center at Marina Del Rey to propose to her and it was pretty crazy. Maryse spoke about knowing that he would propose once they got there, but she was nonetheless freaked out and overjoyed when he popped the question at the parking lot where they met. She obviously accepted and two got married quickly after that and have been an extremely happy, sweet couple in real life ever since.

6 Reby Hardy Went To War With TNA On Twitter Over The "Broken" Gimmick


Matt and Jeff Hardy were definitely the best things about TNA last year when they came up with the "Broken" gimmick and helped TNA stay afloat. They decided to leave the company a few months ago when their contracts expired, but instead of staying grateful, TNA held the "Broken" gimmick hostage and disrespected the Hardy's. This ticked off Matt's wife Reby, who went on an epic rant on Twitter where she bashed out on TNA for being unfair on Matt and Jeff. She was extremely vocal and abusive about TNA and explained how the Hardy's weren't paid at times but still did the work. Reby also later went onto thrash TNA on keeping the Broken Gimmick hostage, as she seems to be fighting this war on her own with her previous employers and is doing a damn good job at revealing the dirty side of TNA.

5 Brie Bella Helped Daniel Bryan Deal With Depression After His Retirement


Daniel Bryan retiring from wrestling last year was definitely one of the saddest things to happen in the history of the WWE, as fans and wrestlers were saddened at knowing that Bryan would never wrestle in the WWE ever again. Bryan himself was crushed by his revelation and became severely depressing upon realizing that he couldn't do what he loved anymore in his career. This was well documented on an episode of Total Divas, which showed Brie reveal about how bad it got for Bryan after his retirement. She definitely helped him stay afloat after it and took time off from wrestling as well to look after him, later going to have a child with him. Brie helped Bryan in an extremely difficult period of time which shows how strong this couple really is and deserve all the happiness that is coming to them.

4 Kevin Owens Mistakenly Revealed Renee's Marriage With Dean Ambrose On Talking Smack


"The New Face of America" Kevin Owens has been portraying a way more egotistical character ever since being drafted to Smackdown Live! and we all know how Kevin can take it to another level to get heat upon himself. So in his first night on post-Smackdown show "Talking Smack", Owens was a guest of Renee Young and Shane McMahon and came in to "congratulate" Renee Young. “By the way, congratulations,” Owens said. “You know why I’m saying congratulations? Right? Am I… is this a thing?” to spill the beans on the rumors of Young's marriage to Dean Ambrose. Renee looked visibly upset at this as she'd definitely want it to remain a secret, but Kevin trying to amp up the "realistic value" of the show revealed it all on WWE TV, forcing Renee to announce their marriage later on.

3 There Was A Lot Of Heat On Lana And Rusev For Announcing Their Engagement


Lana and Rusev took the bold step of announcing their marriage a year or so ago when they revealed to TMZ about being married in real life. This obviously ticked off the WWE, who had separated them on WWE TV and in Kayfabe the two despised each other. This announcement forced WWE to bring them back together, but there was a lot of heat on both of them for it. They were also punished for it, as Rusev would later be made to job as part of League of Nations as his "powerful" reputation was hindered by this. Lana was also meant to pay, as she got the reputation of "sleeping around" through many segments which WWE made her go through. Rusev and Lana got to know how severe WWE's punishment can really be, but their love triumphed in the end as both are very happy with each other after tying the knot.

2 John Cena and Nikki Bella Signed A Prenuptial Agreement


John Cena and Nikki Bella might be portrayed by the WWE as it's "sweetest, loveliest couple", but there's a lot of fakeness in their relationship as it was comically revealed by The Miz and Maryse during their feud a few months ago. Cena and Nikki had been dating for a long time before Cena finally proposed to her at WrestleMania, but there seem to be certain rules and complications to their relationship. During an episode of Total Bellas, Cena actually revealed that he had Nikki sign a 75-page prenuptial contract before she moved in with him. It's almost like Cena is scared that Nikki might leave him. This move obviously got a lot of hate from fans who were shocked that he'd do such a thing, but this shows how there are weird cracks in the relationship of wrestling's "power couple" as well.

1 Paige Proposed To Del Rio While He Was Still Married


Paige's love for Alberto Del Rio has been displayed over social media and her traveling around with him despite being employed by the WWE for a long time, but she definitely took it a step bigger when she proposed to Alberto. Del Rio left the WWE in August last year and went onto wrestle in the Independent circuit with Paige alongside him, but Paige shocked everyone when she proposed inside the ring to Del Rio after his match at an event in Puerto Rico. The thing is that Del Rio was still legally married to his now ex-wife at the time, which made this so confusing and a stupid thing to do in such a public event. It was probably to show her undying love for Del Rio, as the two got married months later when Del Rio got his divorce and have remained as wrestling most controversial couple this year.

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20 Things You Didn't Know About 2017's Wrestling Couples