20 Things You Didn't Know About The Members Of The Ministry Of Darkness

The Ministry of Darkness was a really intriguing stable back in the Attitude Era, where The Undertaker formed his own terrorizing team and did some shocking things people wouldn't expect to watch on WWE TV. The Ministry ran wild with power and had some real heavyweights in Viscera, Mideon, The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Farooq) and The Brood (Gangrel, Edge & Christian) as these soldiers of The Undertaker and Paul Bearer would inflict a lot of pain on his enemies and bring him for him to test his "satanic rituals" on them.

The Ministry was only a possible thing for the Attitude Era as their rituals included crucifying people on the stake, abducting wrestlers and brain-washing them to serve The Undertaker. The Deadman even hung the Big Boss Man during that time! While it showed great potential, it couldn't really go anywhere and things started to go very wrong when Undertaker aligned with Vince McMahon, the person whom he vowed to oust. The members of the Ministry of Darkness have a lot of history in the WWE and there are some personal things not many know about them.

They might've been pure evil as part of this satanic stable, but these wrestlers are all very normal people in real life with some bits of craziness sprinkled in. Let's have a look at the 20 Things You Didn't Know About The Members Of The Ministry Of Darkness.

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20 Christian, The Wrestling Nudist?

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Christian was quite the charismatic character in the WWE, as "Captain Charisma" was undervalued by the company who really dropped the ball on him. His transition from a tag team wrestler to a singles star was pretty good and it doesn't seem like Christian was all that shy to not get anyone's attention either. There are some really crazy stories about how "open" he was to everyone, as Christian was actually okay with being naked on Live TV when Vince McMahon pitched an idea where he and Chris Jericho would reveal it all during an episode of Raw where they couldn't find their clothes. In another incident according to Hornswoggle, Christian would hit a flying splash on Tommy Dreamer while wearing nothing at all! It seems like this cool, silent customer on screen was actually quite the entertaining, mad person in real life which might be difficult to believe for some.

19 Gangrel Is An Adult Film Director

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Gangrel didn't have it any easy after being let go by the WWE, as he failed to shine as a singles star after the Brood disbanded. He didn't have enough wrestling skills or the proper character to shine beyond the Attitude era and went onto wrestle somewhere else when released by the company. But beyond that, Gangrel also took another career-path when he decided to go into directing adult films! He signed a deal in 2007 with an adult company to direct 12 X-rated films for them, with his debut film named Miami Rump Shakerz 2. Gangrel realized how he wasn't really going to be a hit outside the WWE either so he took a rather stunning turn of work and decided to focus on showing the bodily pleasure rather than improving himself as a wrestler.

18 Paul Bearer Was A Real Life Funeral Director

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Paul Bearer was a really intriguing character back in the day because of how WWE introduced a mortician as the manager of a "Deadman" and he played his role to absolute perfection. It's no coincidence for something like this happening because Bearer was himself a Real Life Funeral Director who worked in a funeral home for years before getting involved in the wrestling business. Bearer would join the Funeral business after leaving the Air Force and was a licensed funeral director for many years before he gained a bit of attention and fame in the wrestling industry. While he wasn't as creepy as he was in WWE as a real life funeral director, one can now understand why he was so damn good at portraying the character of Paul Bearer, which was probably a darker shade of what he was in real life.

17 Edge Is The Only Person To Win King Of The Ring, Money In The Bank And The Royal Rumble

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"The Rated R Superstar" Edge had quite the transformation from a member of the Brood (and Ministry) to becoming the singles star he was and he racked up a lot of records in that time as well. Not only did Edge become a major top heel in the company for numerous years, but he also achieved something no other wrestler has managed to do in their careers. Edge is the only wrestler to have won the King of the Ring tournament, the Money in the Bank match and the Royal Rumble match in his career. While we've seen the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton win both the Money in the Bank and Royal Rumble, this particular achievement of Edge is yet to be matched by anyone and it something the former World Champion will always keep as his own.

16 Mideon Was The Final Member Of The Bone Street Krew

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Mideon was quite the bizarre character of the Ministry of Darkness and also the one who didn't attain much popularity in WWE after the stable broke off, but he did wrestle in the company for quite a lot of years. Before he was Mideon, he was part of the Godwinns and was known as Phineas Godwinn and it was thanks to his tag team partner Henry that he got his job back at WWE. Not only that, but according to Mideon, he was also recruited by The Undertaker's backstage group "The Bone Street Krew" and was their final member. So it seems that Mideon wasn't only liked by The Undertaker in the ring, but outside it as well and he made sure to protect him by taking him into his backstage buddies group.

15 Viscera's Wife Started An Ugly War With WWE After His Death

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Viscera might've been the most dominating wrestler of the Ministry of Darkness back during their peak, but he fell off the map after the stable disbanded. He would be given some weird gimmicks and later became a part of ECW, causing much pain as "Big Daddy V". While he left the WWE quickly after becoming this character, he would continue wrestling on the Independent circuit before passing away in 2014 due to a heart attack. However a year after his death, Viscera's wife Cassandra Frazer sued the WWE blaming them for the death of her husband. She alleged that several concussions and brain trauma resulted in his untimely death and this stirred up a lot of media attention and turned into quite an ugly war. In the end, the lawsuit was dismissed due to the lack of evidence provided by Cassandra, who was forced to apologize to the WWE.

14 The Undertaker REALLY Hates Cucumbers

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The Undertaker has to be one of the most terrorizing characters in the history of WWE with the Phenom inflicting pain and fear in the hearts of many wrestlers over the years. But it seems like when he's not portraying the Deadman, Taker has similar fears like all of us and has a really weird phobia as well. As told by his late manager Paul Bearer, The Undertaker really hates cucumbers and gets freaked out just by seeing them. Bearer apparently enacted revenge on The Undertaker backstage once, when he filled his hat with cucumbers and Undertaker was absolutely freaked out and vomited after seeing it. Bearer later said that he has a severe phobia against the vegetable and it was probably because he was forced to eat too much of it as a child and one can absolutely freeze the Deadman just by using this vegetable against him.

13 Bradshaw And Farooq Drove Teddy Long Mad During A Road Journey

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Bradshaw and Farooq were a really hard-hitting team back during the Attitude era when they were the Acolytes of the Ministry of Darkness and later the APA. They were the best of friends before Bradshaw became JBL and had an unlikely friend in Teddy Long who was quite the opposite of them. In one incident, Bradshaw and Farooq had been drinking and asked Long to drive them from one side of Kentucky to another, but were constantly teasing him and encouraging to go faster. They even got pulled up by a police officer who gave Long a speeding ticket, as the two continued to tease him. But a few hours later they realized they hadn't arrived at the arena, they discovered that Long had lost his track of where he was going and they were headed towards Michigan and the two ended up arriving late for the show because of the foolishness.

12 Paul Bearer Was A Photographer Before Becoming A Manager In Wrestling

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The Late Paul Bearer might be remembered by everyone as this haunting manager of the Undertaker, but he spent a lot of years training to become a part of the WWE. Before he was the manager of the Deadman in WWE, Paul Bearer spent a lot of years in the Independent scene and actually started off as a ringside photographer. Bearer would take photos of numerous matches from ringside and was extremely participative in order to establish himself in the wrestling industry. Bearer also went on to wrestle in the Independent scene later on, but he mainly reaped many eyes on him because of his excellent work as a photographer which made everyone very fond of him. While it may be difficult to comprehend Bearer as a ringside photographer, he started out in this insignificant role but developed himself as quite the significant manager later on.

11 JBL Used To Constantly Bully Justin Roberts

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Justin Roberts was quite the refreshing announcer for the WWE for many years, as he complimented Lillian Garcia pretty well in calling the names of wrestlers and other interview work. But it seemed like Justin was also victim to JBL's heinous bullying in the WWE as he stated in his book after leaving the company. Roberts claimed that he would be bullied almost on a regular basis by JBL, stating that he even had his passport stolen by him while on a foreign tour with WWE. Roberts had to apparently travel all the way to London to reissue his passport before returning home to the USA where he'd again be harassed by JBL for a long time. This goes onto show how much of a notorious bully JBL was and how he even picked on innocent, non-wrestling talent like Roberts.

10 Christian Made An Appearance For TNA While Contracted With WWE

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After failing to make it as a singles star for WWE, Christian went to wrestle for TNA in 2005 and stayed there for a few years as a main-event star who held their top belt for quite a number of months. But he later returned to WWE in 2009 and would compete in their ECW brand, later going to the main roster as well. But Christian would pull off an intriguing move when he appeared in TNA's 2012 Slammiversary PPV despite being under contract with WWE. It was an agreement between WWE and TNA which would see Christian appear in TNA's PPV and allow Ric Flair(who was contracted to TNA at the time) appear at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony to be inducted for the 2nd time as part of the Four Horseman. In the end, WWE and TNA fell apart, but Christian made history with this move.

9 Mideon Is Now A Chef

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Mideon might've won the European Championship when he was aligned with the Ministry of Darkness, but he couldn't really prosper as a singles wrestler once the stable was disbanded. He did continue wrestling for a few more years but decided to hang up his boots in 2006 and took a rather intriguing turn in life. Mideon went onto become a chef, taking training from a really fancy chef and then going onto become a successful one himself. He works as a chef for Sandport Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida and also runs his catering service called Dennis Knight Catering. He might not have achieved that much success as a wrestler, but he's doing really well as a chef right now as he has transitioned from a wrestler to cook excellently and is living happy life outside wrestling for years now.

8 Edge Was Sexton Hardcastle

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Edge had a really short yet cool name for a wrestler and attained a lot of popularity because of how cool he sounded, but if it was up to him to choose his ring name, he'd never be the big star he is right now. Edge had to work really hard in the Independent circuit to get to the WWE and started off his career with the name of Sexton Hardcastle! While his partner Christian went with a Hollywood-inspired name in Christian Cage, Edge went with something that sounded like an adult star! Can anybody take "The Rated R-Superstar" Sexton Hardcastle seriously?! Edge later changed his name to something equally bad (Adam Impact and Damon Striker), before he arrived in the WWE where his name was changed to Edge and his climb to the top began.

7 The Undertaker Was Once Managed By Paul Heyman

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The Undertaker has had many managers over the years and even though Paul Bearer will be remembered as the greatest one of them, he was even managed by none other than Paul Heyman at one point in his career! Before he was introduced as the Undertaker by WWE, he was actually wrestling in WCW as "Mean Mark" Callous. He'd be portrayed as a bad-ass heel who loved to inflict pain on other wrestlers and it was during this time that he had Paul Heyman(known as Paul E. Dangerously back in the day) as his manager. Paul was his mouthpiece in WCW and hyped him up as an up and coming wrestler, remaining as such before Taker decided to leave WCW for WWE and the rest, as they say, is history.

6 Grandmaster Sexay + JBL + Shower = ???

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Everyone knows about how big of a douche JBL has been in the WWE for years now and he has bullied many young up and coming superstars over the years. But what he did to Grandmaster Sexay (aka Brian Christopher) was something which was particularly disgusting and shows how much of an awful person he really is. As the story goes, Christopher was in the shower when he got jumped on by JBL who chained him to a pipe and threatened to sodomize him. Christopher was reduced to tears because of this haunting experience, while JBL wasn't even punished for it and only encouraged to continue this kind of behavior. According to JBL, this was "just a rib" and poor Grandmaster Sexay wouldn't even get to complain about this terrorizing experience and could do nothing while JBL roamed free to bully other wrestlers as WWE's "Anti-Bullying" Policy seems to evade him every time.

5 Christian Is A Serious Cat Lover

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Christian might be quite the character in real life, but he's also a really good human being who loves animals as well. But Christian has a special love for cats as he and his wife Denise have rescued and adopted many cats in the past few years. Christian has nearly 5-6 cats in his house now and has rescued some of them from dangerous places as well. He rescued one cat who was stuck in the engine of a car parked outside a TNA Impact taping arena and it took nearly thirty minutes to get the cat out of there. Christian is not only an ardent cat lover and rescuer, but he's also active and uses his influence to promote animals shelters. He also uses Twitter to promote movements and petitions on the mistreatment of animals, as Captain Charisma seems to be a real cat person in life.

4 Edge Initially Earned $210 A Week At WWE

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Edge became one of WWE's biggest star after his "Rated-R Superstar" gimmick became a hit and was their top heel for many years in the 2000s, but he never had it easy to get to the company that made him into a world-wide star. Edge was struggling to make it in the wrestling business when Bret Hart's manager Carl De Marco saw him wrestling in a show and recommended him to the WWE. He was rejected at first but once De Marco became the President of WWE Canada, Edge was hired by the company. But he wasn't given a contract immediately and only received $210 per week to wrestle in the WWE. The company did settle his college loan of $40,000, but Edge would have to work really hard to earn a bumper contract and establish himself as one of the biggest stars in the company.

3 Gangrel Was Fired From WWE For Not Tucking His Shirt In

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Gangrel was definitely the weirdest, terrifying character of the Ministry of Darkness as the leader of "The Brood" was unique and scary because of his vampiric mannerism in the company. But once the Attitude Era was over, he had a rather sweet and sour relationship with the WWE and was initially released by the company in 2001 after failing to make an impact as a singles wrestler. He returned to the company a few years later where he was decently settling in, but was fired from the WWE for a very weird reason. Gangrel had apparently failed to tuck in his shirt during the match, as his fat belly would be exposed and this ticked off Vince McMahon who fired him after the incident and he'd never get another full-time opportunity in the company. That's one way to lose your job!

2 Paul Bearer Had His Own "Hall Of Fame"

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Paul Bearer will always remain as one of the greatest managers in WWE history, as the manager of both The Undertaker and Kane was one of the most charismatic figures during the Attitude Era. But when he wasn't portraying his scary character, Bearer was actually a fan of the wrestling industry in real life and had great admiration for a lot of individuals. Bearer often wrote about his admiration for co-workers and wrestlers and even had his own "Hall of Fame" in his own website where he honored the most important people in his life. Bearer's Hall of Fame included the likes of Ric Flair, Kane and of course The Undertaker among many other people who were close to him, as he wrote about his love and honor for working with them and was seemingly a lovely person in real life.

1 The Undertaker Considered The Ministry Of Darkness To Be A Low Point In His Career

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The Undertaker was always a perfect soldier for Vince McMahon who followed his orders and helped to make his company the biggest wrestling promotion in the world through his amazing character, but even the Phenom got frustrated during the time as the leader of the Ministry of Darkness. According to a few sources, The Undertaker was extremely unhappy at how the Ministry of Darkness story-line was being progressed and found the coalition with the Corporation to be bad for his character. He also felt that the Austin/McMahon feud was hampering his position in the company and considered this point to be a very low point in his career because of how he was going nowhere in the company. The Ministry of Darkness could've been something great had WWE not ruined it with the coalition and it also destroyed Undertaker's chances of being the top guy in the WWE at the time.

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