20 Things You Didn't Know About The WWE Championship

From the days of Bruno Sammartino holding the title for year after year to it being an utter shock for CM Punk to hold the title for slightly over a single year, there's no doubting the ever changing picture of the WWE. Today we're going to dig through the history books and pick out some things that will be a surprise to most modern wrestling fans as the previous booking of WWE Champions is so wildly different to how it is today. While these days reigns are valued over anything else and the title gets hot potatoed back and forth between a select few, there were days when seeing a title change really could be a once in a lifetime moment.

When a wrestling company has been around for as long as the WWE has, you're bound to get some interesting tidbits about their top title. With a huge wealth of information to draw from, you can find some amazing things digging into the past. From the infancy of the WWE to where we are today a lot has changed in the landscape of the WWE Universe. Going from a small time wrestling promotion that was one of many secluded to their own little areas to the global behemoth that the company has become today, there are undeniable patterns and trends that the history of the top title encapsulates perfectly.

20 First Champion - Buddy Rogers


There have been a select few WWE Superstars who are able to call themselves World Champion, but there's only one who can say they were the first. The Original Nature Boy Buddy Rogers was the inaugural champion, defeating Antonio Rocca in the finals of a tournament that WWE swears happened, but there's no proof whatsoever that the bout actually took place.

19 Longest Single Reign - Bruno Sammartino


This is a record many of us may know, but it doesn't make it any less incredible. Obviously the early days of wrestling were vastly different to the current environment, but there's still something to be said for a title reign that lasts roughly eight years. That's right, Bruno Sammartino, the second champion in company history, held the belt from May 17th, 1963 all the way until he was finally dethroned by transitional champion Ivan Koloff on January 18th, 1971.

18 Shortest Single Reign - Andre The Giant 

For this entry, we're not going to be counting any Money In The Bank cash ins as we'll cover that in a little bit. Historically, the shortest title reign goes to Andre The Giant who lost the championship after a minute and 48 seconds of holding the championship. Pertaining the modern day, we also have two other title runs worth mentioning.

First up we have Triple H, who back in October of 2007 found himself in the thick of the WWE Title hunt. After the title was vacated following an injury to John Cena, Mr. McMahon awarded the championship to Randy Orton at No Mercy just for him to drop it to Triple H roughly thirty minutes later. As you'll notice, however, Orton isn't on this list because that wasn't the end of the night for either wrestler with Orton taking the belt back at the end of the night.

17 MITB Cash Ins - Nine


Ever since the Money In The Bank concept was introduced back at WrestleMania 22, with Edge being the first to pull down the illustrious briefcase, whomever was WWE champion always had to keep one eye on his opponent and one watching his back. It added a very exciting twist in what can be a plotting and predictable main event scene with the chance of a title change every single night.

16 Most Total Reigns - John Cena


In what should be a surprise to roughly zero people reading this, John Cena has the most reigns spent on top the mountain in WWE history. With 12 total WWE Championships wins on his resume, it's hard to argue where Cena stands in the history books. Looking throughout the lineage of the title however shows that his absurd amount of reigns is more a product of the times than anything else. If you look at the top five superstars with the most WWE Championship title reigns, you can notice a bit of a pattern, Triple H is in second with nine, Randy Orton and The Rock are tied at eight, rounding out with Austin and Hogan tied at six. Outside of Hogan (who picked up his sixth reign in 2002 for some reason), all of those Superstars are rather recent competitors.

15 Most Total Days As Champion - Bruno Sammartino


Again this one is far from a shock considering that one of Sammartino's reigns was long enough to put him atop this list (at 2,803 days), as he finished with an incredible total of 4,040 days spent as the WWE Champion. Much like the previous entry, this is more an issue with the difference between eras over anything else.

14 Least Total Days As Champion - Rey Mysterio & Andre The Giant 


As we discussed earlier, Andre the Giant had a terrible reign lasting less than two minutes. Poor Rey Mysterio suffered a similar twist, despite his jaw dropping offense in the ring and overall innovative style he was never given a proper crack at the top thanks to his size. As the smallest WWE Champion in history, Mysterio was given his lone title reign more as a thank you than as a chance to be the face of the company.

13 Canadian Champions - Four


Considering the lengthy history of the top title in the WWE, it's rather surprising that only four men from the great white north have made it to the top of the ladder. It all started with the third champion in the company's history when Ivan Koloff finally broke Bruno Sammartino's iron grip on the title in 1971, only to drop the title to Pedro Morales less than a month later.

Next up was Stan Stasiak who took the title back for his country from Morales after a roughly three year reign, just to drop it back to Sammartino nine days later.

12 International Champions - Eight


The Canadians only make up half of the total international champions that have come through the WWE doors, as four stars from four different countries have also held wrestling's highest honor at one point or another.

First off we have the most legendary WWE Champion of all time, the Italian Bruno Sammartino, who holds the record for longest single reign as well as most total days spent as champion. After Bruno came the only Iranian WWE Champion in history, The Iron Sheik, who proved to be nothing but a stopgap to get the title onto The Immortal Hulk Hogan.

11 Total Number Of Champions - 47


Throughout the history of the WWE, there have been great champions, like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, and the list goes on and on and on but when you have a total of 47 men to hold the honor, there's bound to be some duds.

10 Longest Time Between Reigns - 8 Years And 8 Months


When you look at all the wrestlers who have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle under the WWE banner, there are none as iconic as Hulk Hogan. The trademark red and yellow gear, the saying of prayers and eating of vitamins, and the millions of Hulkamaniacs running wild were responsible for one of the biggest booms in wrestling history and while he was far from a master technician in the ring, you can't deny that fans were dying to get their eyes on The Hulkster.

9 Belt Designs - 14


A title that's been around since 1963 is destined to go through various transformations and the WWE Championship is no exception. Not counting belts with the same designs but different colored straps, there have been a total of 11 different incarnations of the WWE Championship around the waists of the champions. The design that stood the test of time and stayed around the longest was the classic Wingled Eagle design made famous by the likes of Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart, which lasted for roughly 10 years.

8 WrestleMania Without A Title Defense


It seems impossible these days, but there actually has been a WrestleMania to come and go without the top title being put on the line. You have to go all the way back to the very first iteration of the historic event, but it did happen when the reigning WWE Champion, Hulk Hogan of course, found himself teaming up with Mr. T to take on Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

7 WrestleMania's With Multiple Defenses


Twice throughout the history of WrestleMania has the belt been on the line on more than one occasion during the event and they happened in back to back years. First at WrestleMania IX, Bret Hart came in as the defending WWE Champion, putting the title on the line against Yokozuna in the night's main event. After catching some powder in the eye courtesy of Mr. Fuji, the big sumo wrestler got the pin to win the title. While celebrating, who else but Hulk Hogan would make his way down to the ring to check on Bret Hart, only to be challenged to an impromptu title match right then and there by Mr. Fuji, which Hogan would obviously win.

6 Vacated Titles - 11


While most of us will remember when Daniel Bryan was forced to vacate the WWE Title due to injury and all of us will remember when Seth Rollins had to do the same, there were actually nine other instances of the title being vacated throughout the history of the WWE. First on the list is Antonio Ioki, who won the belt from Bob Backlund in Japan only to immediately vacate the title as he had no interest in coming to America to defend it. After that is the infamous angle where Ted DiBiase paid off a referee to help Andre The Giant win the belt from Hulk Hogan, only to try and have the belt handed to him by the giant Frenchman, leading to a tournament at WrestleMania IV.

Hogan again caused the title to be vacated after cheating to beat The Undertaker which led to the belt being on the line at the 1992 Royal Rumble, then the injury bug struck the likes of Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and Batista along with the aforementioned Bryan and Rollins. In between those, the title was vacated after Kane and The Undertaker pinned Stone Cold at the same, leading to a tournament for the title.

5 Royal Rumble Champions - 1992 & 2016


Every year there is a lot of intrigue heading into the Royal Rumble and finding out who will be challenging for the championship come WrestleMania, but for two of these Rumbles there was even more at stake than that. Instead of competing for a shot at the title in 1992 and in 2016, the Superstars were competing for the title itself, albeit under two very different circumstances.

In 1992, the title was held vacant, forcing the belt to be up for grabs in the 30 man Rumble, which was eventually captured by The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

4 Tournament History - Four Or Five Tournaments


The answer to this is going to vary depending on whom you ask. If they're employed by the WWE, they'll tell you there has been five including the tournament that "occurred" in Rio de Janerio to crown the first ever champion, but there's a lot of speculation that never actually happened. If we just go by what's been presented to us on WWE TV, then there have been a grand total of four tournaments to determine a new WWE Champion.

The first of which was at WrestleMania IV, in a one night tournament that saw Randy Savage finally take his place on top of the company. Next up was The Deadly Games tournament that took place at Survivor Series in 1998 which was capped off with The Rock's heel turn, when he joined up with The Corporation and won the title in the process.

3 Most Title Changes In A Year - 11


The biggest complaint you'll hear from most fans that lived through The Attitude Era is that there's a serious lack of main eventers these days. Looking back at the heyday of the era, 1999 to be exact, it's easy to see where they are coming from, considering the belt changed hands an unreal 11 times throughout the calendar year. All in all there were seven men that laid claim to the championship that year, The Rock, Mankind, Austin, The Undertaker, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Big Show were all champions at one point.

2 Most Title Changes In A Month - Three


It's rather uncommon for the title to change hands once a month and for it to happen twice is rather incredible.  to have three title changes to happen within the same calendar month is just absurd, yet it has happened twice.

The first occurance was in October of 2007 which we'll get to in the next entry, but the most recent time this happened was during The Summer of Punk in July 2011. The ball started rolling when John Cena defended the WWE Championship against CM Punk in what was billed as Punk's last match with the company, where he managed to walk out of his hometown of Chicago, and the WWE, with the top championship in hand. Obviously the WWE couldn't go without a champion, so a tournament was set up for the following Monday Night Raw with the winner getting the illustrious strap, which is where the previously mentioned Rey Mysterio reign came in.

1 Most Title Changes In A Day - Three


What a wild day in WWE it was back on October 7th, 2007. We touched upon the events  in an earlier entry, but let's dig a little deeper into the time the WWE Championship changed hands three times in a single night. Leading up to that night, the build for the main event between defending champion John Cena and challenger Randy Orton was in full force, with Orton ambushing the champion on the Monday Night Raw six days before the event, leading to a torn pectoral for Cena.

Forced to have surgery and therefore unable to defend his title, Mr. McMahon awarded the championship to Orton at the start of No Mercy in 2007. Triple H was not very happy about this situation and let his frustrations be known to his father in law, setting up a match between The Cerebral Assassin and The Viper for the title on the line. Triple H came out of the bout victorious, clutching his newly won WWE Championship before being informed that his night was far from over. The main event was scheduled to be a last man standing match before Cena's injury and that's exactly what the fans were going to get! Orton got a rematch with Hunter in the main event, getting the title for the second time on that night.

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