20 Video Game Wrestler Ratings From The Past 5 Years That Were Disgraceful

WWE 2K has become one of the most popular annual video games when released towards the end of each year. Seth Rollins being the cover star this year along with a strong marketing push has led to the game having a lot of expectations. One of the more fascinating aspects of the video game for both gamers and those that don’t own a console is the official Superstar ratings. Every wrestler has an overall rating, with 100 being the highest of the highs. We have only learned a handful of the ratings so far for 2K18, but past history has shown that there will be many outrageous ones.

The past five years have been more high profile when it comes to the WWE wrestler ratings due to merging with 2K for the new brand. Quite a few wrestlers have been either overrated or underrated to a large extent. The popular belief is that video game minds are the ones to make up these ratings rather than anyone with power in the company. It still is meant to portray realism but has failed to on multiple levels. In this list we'll take a look at the top twenty video game ratings in recent memory that were disgraceful.

19 A.J. Styles - 89 (2K18)

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The ratings for WWE 2K18 have yet to be revealed, but one specific rating has leaked to anger fans. A.J. Styles had arguably the best past year in WWE. The classic matches with Dean Ambrose, John Cena and Shane McMahon made him the most dynamic in-ring performer on SmackDown Live. Styles also had a superb WWE Championship run that helped put SmackDown on the map following the brand split.

89 out of 100 is a very good rating, but Styles clearly deserves be in the mid-90s. If you have such a great year, you can’t just be one of many highly rated wrestlers. Styles should be in the rare 90+ range along with the likes of John Cena and Roman Reigns. Even A.J. complained in interviews that the rating was a disappointment and he feels he should be higher.

18 Alexa Bliss - 73 (2K17)

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A lot has changed since last year’s video game and the timing of the release was completely horrible for WWE 2K17’s rating of Alexa Bliss. The developers likely viewed her as an NXT star and only gave her a 73 rating for 2K17. Alexa would get called up to the main roster in July for the brand split draft, and she emerged into the top heel on SmackDown Live by the time the game was released.

Bliss won the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship and has been arguably the most successful woman on WWE television since then. Fans of Alexa couldn’t replicate such success in the ring as her character was so lowly ranked against the other women in the division. It shows just how quickly a career can take off. Bliss likely will be among the higher ranked ladies this time around.

17 Rey Mysterio - 84 (2K15)

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Rey Mysterio had issues with WWE management towards the end of his tenure in the company. An older age and various injuries made it tough for him to keep up the WWE schedule. Mysterio requested his release from the company and it took a long time before WWE granted it. That is likely one of the reasons the legendary wrestler had such a low rating in WWE 2K15.

WWE potentially influenced him having a weak rating as punishment for being in the doghouse of management. Mysterio deserved a significantly better rating as most legends get the respect of a higher overall for their body of work. It is definitely a slap in the face to the fans of Mysterio that had to play with the weaker skill set in the video game.

17. Aksana - 78 (2K14)

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One of the most bizarre ratings in recent memory featured forgettable women’s wrestler Aksana getting a 78 rating in WWE 2K14. The Women’s Division was not treated with much credibility at the time. It makes perfect sense that the ratings appeared to be given out at random. To make the rating look even more ridiculous, AJ Lee received a 77 rating, one point below Aksana.

At this point, Lee was already the most popular woman in the division and Aksana barely received any television time. The women’s video game ratings have luckily improved through the years as the talent finally has a chance to showcase their skills. Aksana being rated above AJ is the perfect proof at how minimal effort was put into the female talent back then.

16 Sgt. Slaughter - 80 (2K16)

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A terrible rating for a legendary figure in WWE featured Sgt. Slaughter being rated at an 80 in WWE 2K16. Slaughter is not viewed in the same tier of the likes of Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels. It is more than fair that he is rated in the 80s, but exactly 80 seems very disrespectful.

The majority of mid-card talent today has a higher rating. Slaughter was a former WWE Champion and actually main evented a WrestleMania PPV against Hulk Hogan. You would assume that alone warrants a higher rating. The very successful and Hall of Fame worthy career of Slaughter apparently didn’t impress the minds at 2K that much. A lowly rated 80 shows Slaughter is not viewed as a legitimate legend by WWE 2K.

15 Braun Strowman - 78 (2K17)

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A recent rating last year that looks horrible today is the 78 given to Braun Strowman. WWE 2K likely rated him during his time in the Wyatt Family as the big dude that stood in the background and barely did anything. Strowman however received a huge push following the brand split as a singles star on the Raw brand.

By the time WWE 2K17 was released, Strowman was already a top heel on WWE television. The rating looked ridiculous as he was on the lower tier of WWE stars. Strowman’s past year has seen him feud with Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and many other top names. There’s no doubt his rating will be significantly higher this year. However, the 2K17 Strowman rating will always look bad in retrospect.

14 Booker T - 85 (2K15)

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Booker T is without a doubt a legend in the wrestling industry. The five-time WCW World Champion improved upon his success when joining WWE. Booker added another World Championship and many other accolades to his accomplishments. Considering how popular he is and all of the luster attached to his legacy, a low rating of 85 was rather shocking.

Booker ranked poorly compared to many of the WWE mid-carders of the roster in 2K15. It is hard to figure out what they were basing this off of. Booker has been treated like a legend on WWE television in his broadcasting roles over the years, so it’s not like he disappeared from the industry altogether. JBL was ranked higher than Booker which makes zero sense if you look at their careers.

13 Brie Bella – 83 (2K15)

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The Bella Twins started to reach their peak in name value around the time WWE 2K15 came out. Total Divas was doing well and both ladies had high profile roles on WWE television. However, it was obvious to anyone that Nikki was doing better than Brie. The record breaking Divas Championship reign of Nikki was getting ready to start around this time frame.

It makes less sense why Brie was ranked the same as Nikki with both ladies getting an 83. Brie received the same rating as Nikki and a higher rating than AJ Lee and Paige. Part of the reason for her overrated ranking was the fact that she came off a feud with Stephanie McMahon. WWE 2K likely factored in the rare moment slot against Stephanie on Raw segments and ranked Brie over bigger names.

12 Rick Rude - 82 (2K16)

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A recent ranking to look rather disrespectful is WWE 2K16 giving the late Rick Rude a low ranking of 82. Rude has been celebrated as someone ahead of his time. There were very few heels as effective as Rude at getting heat and his matches always delivered. Unfortunately, he ended up being one of the lowest ranked legends in the game.

Most legends have high rankings due to the respect factor of their work being timeless. Rude is one of the rare names to have a rating that is below many of the current mid-carders in WWE. 2K likely felt Rude didn’t have as many diehard fans as some of the other legends and decided to give him a low rating since some names have to be weaker than others. It still looks horrible for any wrestling historian glancing over all the ratings.

11 Kofi Kingston - 84 (2K15)

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The career of Kofi Kingston has seen him put up a strong effort to remain relevant in the Mid-Card and Tag Team Divisions. Despite not making it into the main event picture, Kingston always found success somewhere on the show. Kofi is arguably the most consistent performer on the roster. There’s a reason his job has never been in doubt during his decade in the company.

However, a low rating of 84 in WWE 2K15 showed he was starting to get taken for granted. The New Day was starting around the time of the release date. This proved that the people making the ratings for the wrestlers didn’t believe New Day would be good for Kingston’s career. The lower rating was a sign of their lack of confidence in New Day working. The joke is on them as Kofi and New Day have become huge stars.

10 Batista - 89 (2K16)

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Batista’s presence in WWE 2K16 was expected to see him hit the rare mid-90 range considering he is one of the biggest names in recent memory. Wrestlers to achieve the amount of accomplishments of Batista usually have that rare ranking above the rest. Batista however was viewed on a lower tier than the other legends to hold the World Title that many times.

A rating of 89 had Batista in the second tier of both legendary and current stars. It showed the developers didn’t view him as being a true iconic figure like Triple H, Ultimate Warrior and others. Batista taking shots at WWE in interviews over their poor booking of his 2014 return may have backfired here as well with someone petty punishing him for it.

9 Damien Sandow - 87 (2K14)

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Most of the ratings on this list feature wrestlers being underrated. This is a rare example of someone being quite overrated. Damien Sandow never had a noteworthy run in WWE and peaked as one of the less memorable Money in the Bank winners to lose his title shot. WWE 2K14 however seemed to love his potential as seen with their ranking.

Sandow received an 87 rating in 2K14 as one of the higher mid-carders on the roster at the time. Following this rating, Sandow did nothing of note aside from being Miz’s stunt double and cosplaying as Randy Savage. The career of Sandow portraying himself essentially ended. Today, he's transitioning out of the wrestling business proving his high rating was a poor decision by 2K.

8 Lita - 79 (2K14)

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Another perplexing decision from WWE 2K14 came when Lita was given the low rating of 79. Most unbiased opinions would see Lita in the top two of all-time successful women’s wrestlers behind Trish Stratus. However, the video game developers clearly didn’t see it that way. Lita received an extremely low ranking for a legend that was getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame shortly after.

WWE didn’t care about the women at the time and the people thinking of ratings likely followed the same thought process. Lita deserved to be way higher than what she was given. If a top two star in a division received such a low rating, it is impossible to envision woman getting an 80+. The changes in recent years will benefit everyone as the legendary women will be treated with respect in video game rankings in addition to the current stars tearing it up.

7 Chad Gable - 79 (2K17)

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The call-ups of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan as a team last year created a lot of excitement for the Tag Team Division. Everyone expected American Alpha to have a great run on SmackDown Live. Both men worked well together and won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship by defeating the team of Randy Orton and Luke Harper.

Despite the world of hype behind his tag team, Gable received a very low 79 rating in WWE 2K17. Jason Jordan would be on the list too with his 80 rating, but Gable’s looked worse considering they were a tag team. Most partners have the same rating. This was a rare case of Gable being rated one point below Jordan. Sadly, Gable isn’t doing much these days but the success in the Tag Division deserved a higher rating.

6 Kevin Owens - 86 (2K17)

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Kevin Owens has been one of the most successful WWE wrestlers throughout the entirety of his main roster run. Following a victory over John Cena in his first match, Owens has been a champion of some sort for the majority of his WWE career. Owens was actually the Universal Champion when WWE 2K17 was released but the rating didn’t show it.

A standard rating of 86 saw Owens below the likes of Sami Zayn, Vader and Samoa Joe. Owens deserved to be closer to the 90 range as the top heel in WWE and a World Champion. There’s a chance that the developers assumed Finn Balor would have a long run with the title and Owens would be an afterthought on the Raw brand before Balor’s injury. Regardless, the rating looks absolutely ridiculous in retrospect.

5 Edge - 88 (2K16)

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Another Canadian wrestling star with a low rating on a recent WWE video game is Edge. The hit list of eleven World Title reigns and 27 total title reigns should have been enough to land Edge a spot in the mid-90s. Instead, WWE 2K16 gave Edge a shocking rating of 88. Most of the legend wrestlers you hear compared to Edge were rated above him and many current stars were as well.

Anyone to watch wrestling over the past two decades knows exactly how successful he was. Once Edge hit the main event picture, he remained there for the rest of his career. Many fans argue he's the best heel in modern WWE history and they have a great point. All of these factors make it even more impossible to fathom how anyone could rank Edge lower than a 90.

4 Carmella - 70 (2K17)

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A great example of someone making a WWE 2K rating look idiotic is Carmella. 2K17 gave her one of the lowest ratings in the game at a horrible 70. This was around the time of the brand split when Carmella was getting called up to SmackDown in the draft. The rating and overall perception was that Carmella would be the weakest name in the division and didn’t deserve to contend with the bigger stars.

Today, Carmella is the Money in the Bank briefcase holder and one of the top heels in the Women’s Division. The rating has looked worse and worse as the year went on. Carmella instantly turned things around when adopting a heel persona to feud with Nikki Bella. Everything has been upward since then to make the rating look like the worst in the current Women’s Division.

3 Hollywood Hogan - 88 (2K14)

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One of the worst legendary ratings in WWE video game history featured the 88 rating for “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan. The iconic Hogan developed this heel persona in WCW when leading the New World Order. This character is essentially the main reason the Monday Night Wars started when fans wanted to keep up with WCW enough to choose it over WWE.

To compare, the normal Hulk Hogan character received a 94 rating. There is no reason why Hollywood would be a full six points below the usual red and yellow. WWE’s anti-WCW mindset could have impacted this. Many of the WCW characters are viewed with less respect in the WWE circles. Hollywood paid the price by having a subpar ranking for a legendary name that had a successful run.

2 The Miz - 84 (2K16 and 2K15)

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The career of The Miz can be summed up by looking at his WWE 2K rankings over the years. Miz fell apart and struggled to find relevance after losing the WWE Championship back in 2011. Things appeared to hit rock bottom in 2K15 and 2K16. An active former World Champion being ranked as an 84 in back-to-back games is a bad sign for one’s career.

Miz definitely was no longer a top star but deserved to at least be ranked comparably to the other top mid-carders in the company at the time. All of the disrespect in video game rankings and other platforms helped inspire Miz to have one of the best years of his career since the brand split. Miz is now among the best heels in WWE and should have a significantly higher rating in the upcoming 2K18 game.

1 Andre the Giant - 80 (2K17)

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The most disgraceful ranking has to be WWE 2K17’s rating of Andre the Giant. WWE often portrays Andre as one of the greatest stars and the best big man in the company history. Vince McMahon requests Andre gets added to many historical video packages or documentaries due to his impact on the WWE in the 80s. Hell, the merchandise of Andre is still purchased by fans today.

This all makes you wonder how it is possible that the 2K17 video game crew game him a rating of 80. Alberto Del Rio, Earthquake and Billy Gunn all were ranked above Andre. It was among the most shocking ratings you’ll ever find in a video game. Given all the respect WWE shows for Andre, the 2K rating of 80 is a complete joke.

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