20 Wrestlers From The PG Era We Have Already Forgotten

When WWE changed their rating to PG in 2008, many were intrigued at exactly how that would change the landscape of the industry, as many weren't really happy with what would occur in the next few years. The PG Era resulted in a watered-down version of wrestling in the WWE, as they cut down on all the violence which made the Ruthless Aggression Era so good and turned their product into more of a kid-friendly, casual product rather than serving the hardcore fans who actually define how good or bad their product is.

The PG Era started to get more and more annoying for the wrestling fans because of how childish the product became and the thrilling violence which made the earlier eras so good was nowhere to be found. To make it worse, some bad acquisitions were also made by the WWE as the roster was heavily depleted from the earlier era and consisted of some really bad wrestlers as well as other performers who became awful by the WWE's horrible booking at the time.

The PG Era had only made a handful of stars in its time, as many of the wrestlers from the earlier part of the eras were later fired by the WWE for being of no use to the company. Let's have a look at the 20 Wrestlers from the PG Era We Have Already Forgotten.

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20 Vladimir Kozlov

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Vladimir Kozlov was a wrestler who could've easily become a top heel in the WWE, as he had the looks of this destructive heel and the evil persona in him as well. While he was pushed really well in the beginning, as he squashed anyone who came at his path but was really hindered when he was pushed too quickly into the WWE Title picture. He lost his chance at winning the title and his career went downhill from then, as he later had a short stint in ECW before becoming a face and tagging up with Santino Marella. His comic face character ruined all the potential he had to become a top heel in the WWE, as he spent the rest of his WWE career as this face and became irrelevant very quickly amongst the fans. He left the WWE in 2011 and has taken an interesting career change in trying to act in movies, but he's now a forgotten man amongst the WWE fans who were intrigued by him in the beginning but his awful booking made everyone lose their interest in him and forget about him after he left.

19 Kizarny

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Kizarny was a very weird individual who tried to haunt Smackdown in the PG era but failed massively, as his bizarre gimmick of an eccentric face-painted character became a bust as soon as it debuted. Kizarny would actually train in WWE's FCW developmental territory for a while before making the leap to the main roster, where his character was, according to him, the lovechild of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Doink the Clown. This obviously didn't appeal to the audiences, as he would only make a few appearances on Smackdown before he was released by the WWE. He's currently wrestling as Sinn Bodhi in the Independent circuit, but Kizarny was almost immediately forgotten after being released by the WWE and hasn't come into anyone's memory ever since.

18 Ted DiBiase Jr.

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Ted DiBiase Jr. looked to be following his father's footsteps in the WWE when he entered the company as a member of "Legacy" with Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton. DiBiase and Rhodes did all they could to make sure Orton was always at the top, while they were also quite the tag team and won the Tag Team Titles twice when together as well. But once Legacy was disbanded and the two separated as well, DiBiase had to go his own way and couldn't really make it as a singles guy. DiBiase brought back his dad's Million Dollar Championship but that couldn't get him over with the fans either, as he wrestled as a lower-mid carder in B-shows towards the end of his career before he was released in 2013. He has since retired from wrestling and has also been forgotten by the fans, as his uneventful WWE career doesn't really make him worthy of being remembered in the first place.

17 Eric Escobar

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Eric Escobar was also a wrestler not many can actually remember, but he was in Smackdown during the PG era when he debuted on the main roster in 2009. Escobar had to spend almost four years in WWE's developmental system before he could make the jump to the main roster, as he even won the FCW World Heavyweight Championship when in that promotion for a couple of years. He debuted in the main roster as a cocky heel who would be put in an angle as Vickie Guerrero's lover, as he wrestled a few matches and won much of them towards the early part. But his inability to go over cost him, as he was separated from Vickie in Smackdown and was made to go through difficult matches as a face. He was then released in 2010, as he couldn't even survive a full 6 months on the main roster and has since become a completely forgotten figure amongst wrestling fans.

16 Katie Lea Burchill

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Katie Lea Burchill came to the WWE with bags of potential and experience in her, but wasn't really utilized to her best by the company who instead put her as the weird "sister" of Paul Burchill. She would be at his side of all times before going onto wrestle on her own on Smackdown, where she went for Mickie James' Women's Championship. She attempted to win the title many times but failed to do so, as she would later be switched to Raw and take part of some filler Divas matches which she would mostly lose as well. She was released by the WWE after quite the uneventful career in 2010 and would go onto wrestle for TNA later on, but she has over the years become completely forgotten among the fans and is barely recognized by the WWE fans nowadays.

15 Jimmy Wang Yang

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Jimmy Wang Yang was actually a promising wrestler towards the beginning of his WWE career, but was later degraded to a jobber and became quite irrelevant to the fans. Yang would finally find a place in the WWE in 2006 when he joined the WWE's cruiserweight division and was a mainstay in it for a couple of years as well. But after spending quite a lot of time in that division, he was later moved from it and was turned into a jobber to the stars and wouldn't really feature in many main shows when the PG era kicked in. He later formed a tag team with Slam Master J, but the two couldn't really attain any success and were later disbanded when Wang Yang was released off his WWE contract in 2010. He retired from wrestling in 2011, as he is barely remembered by anyone these days as his terrible stint in the WWE forced him to become a forgotten figure in the future.

14 Brodus Clay

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Brodus Clay was quite an entertaining character when he was in the WWE, as the Funkasaurus had to really work his way up to the WWE. Clay would spend a lot of years in WWE's developmental before he got a chance at appearing in season 3 of NXT, where he was mentored by Alberto Del Rio. He barely lost out to eventual winner Johnny Curtis as he finished 2nd, and would later accompany Del Rio as his bodyguard. But after that stint came to an end, he got repackaged as The Funkasaurus with two cheerleaders(Naomi and Cameron) at his side and provided quite a lot of entertainment for the casual fans. He even got teamed up with Tensai later on, but couldn't really make it to the bigger leagues. After jobbing out to wrestlers for a time, he was released in 2014 and later joined TNA where he's still wrestling. But the WWE fans barely even remember him right now, as he didn't really do anything memorable in his years in the WWE as fans were glad he left the company and don't really care what he's doing right now.

13 Tyler Reks

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Tyler Reks had the figure and looks to make it big in the company, but he didn't really manage to impress management enough to get a push to the top, as the wrestler had a promising debut year for ECW which got him a quick push-up to the main shows. He was a promising mid-carder in Smackdown and was even in the 2010 Bragging Rights winning team for the blue brand, but his singles run wasn't apparently appealing enough for the WWE. He was later paired up with Curt Hawkins, as the two lost most of their matches and attempted to do much mischief together with their heel characters. They were later given a gimmick of a "stripper team" and Reks decided to leave wrestling altogether after that, opting to spend more time with his family. He has since spoken a lot of dirt about WWE, but he's a mere afterthought in the memories of the fans and got forgotten pretty quickly after leaving the company because of his lack of impact while in the company.

12 Jillian Hall

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Jillian was quite the annoying character when she was in the WWE, as her infamous stint with a mole on her face and that getting bitten off by the Boogeyman had a lot of unwanted attention to her at the time. She did well as the manager of JBL before going onto wrestle in her own singles career, as she portrayed her annoying heel character really well and also improved her in-ring skills as the years wore on. Her dedication would prove to have its rewards when she actually won the Divas Championship after numerous attempts in 2009 but would lose it immediately after winning it. Things went downhill for her after that, as she was released from the company a year after and she has become a mess personally, having been arrested numerous times in the past few years and after becoming a completely forgotten women amongst the wrestling fans as well which ended her wrestling career as well.

11 Trent Barreta

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Trent Barreta looked like a wrestler with much potential, as he had quite the stellar time in his developmental period in FCW where he won the FC Tag Team Titles twice and looked like a star in the tag team division. He was moved to ECW later on with Caylon Croft, as "The Dudebusters" would later move onto Smackdown as well. But Croft's dismissal from the company would force Barreta to become a singles competitor, which wouldn't suit him at all and he'd soon be degraded to a jobber who only worked WWE Superstars shows. Barreta was later moved onto NXT to hone his skills and reshape himself as a wrestler, as he wrestled in the revamped NXT for quite some-time before he was let go off by the WWE for just not being good enough. He has since wrestling in the low-key Indy promotions and is a forgotten figure as his lack of good work in the main roster doesn't really give anyone reason to remember him.

10 Yoshi Tatsu

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Yoshi Tatsu had a lot of potential in himself to become something big in the WWE, but his weight and size difference from the "top guys" probably disabled him from achieving his goals. The hard-hitting, technical wizard could put on amazing matches with just about anyone, but was always kept in the mid-card or lower-mid card and never really given the singles push he so thoroughly deserved. Tatsu would later be degraded to becoming a jobber, as he mostly featured in shows like Superstars and would put over the rising stars in the WWE. His lack of charisma and mic-skills crushed his chance of becoming something big in the company, as he was released from his misery in 2014. Tatsu has since returned and been wrestling in Japan, but he is barely remembered by the WWE fans anymore who didn't really pay much attention to him back when he was wrestling and have forgotten about him ever since he's left.

9 Michael Tarver

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Michael Tarver was one of the original NXT members who looked like someone with a lot of potential, but couldn't really fulfill it in the WWE. He was part of the original NXT season 1, as he was eliminated quickly into the competition but would return quite emphatically in the future. He'd be among the Nexus members who attacked John Cena in their debut and then went onto rule over the main roster for a bit, but his stock fell through as times passed on for the Nexus. He would be built as the muscle of the Nexus with his intimidating nature, helping the leader Wade Barrett to many wins but was later thrown out of the Nexus by John Cena. Tarver would go back to FCW for a bit, but was later released for his incompetence and has since become an afterthought amongst the WWE fans as he doesn't seem to be coming back to the ring like his other Nexus buddies did.

8 Evan Bourne

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Evan Bourne was definitely one of the better high-flyers in the WWE when he was in the company, as his awesome "Air-Bourne" finisher was something for the highlight reel. He found himself switching brands in his first years with the WWE, as he was given all the wins and pins because of his finisher at the beginning. But after failing to make it big as a singles wrestler, Bourne started to tag with Kofi Kingston and the two won the WWE Tag Team Championships as well. But just as things were going well for him, Bourne was suspended for a month for violating WWE's wellness policy. He'd still be Tag team champion when he returned a month later, but lost the titles after sometime and was suspended again for 60 days for violating WWE's Wellness Policy once again. He then had an awful injury which laid him off wrestling for almost a year, as he would fail to return to a WWE ring after that and was released in 2014. The man who made people wow with his finisher is now quite a forgotten, irrelevant figure amongst the WWE fans, and by violating WWE's wellness policy, Bourne made for his own demise in the company.

7 Ricky Ortiz

via WWE.com

Ricky Ortiz was another of WWE's recruits of former footballers, as Ortiz' stint as a professional footballer in the 90s was enough for the WWE to hire him in 2006. He was sent to WWE's OVW developmental territory where he spent a few years honing his skills and training to become a pro wrestler, before he was sent to the main roster in the ECW brand of the WWE. He was actually super impressive in ECW, as he won all of his first five matches in the brand and had a superb start to his main roster career. But things went downhill for him from that point, as he lost in a tag team match and took the pin, later also losing to Jack Swagger in his first singles loss. Ortiz would then be drafted to Smackdown, where he started portraying a heel but his lack of charisma and popularity hit him hard when he was released by the company months later. He has since been trying to find stuff in the Indy circuit, but has been completely forgotten by fans and promoters alike as his forgettable stint in the WWE proves why not all ex-footballers can make it in the company.

6 Mike Knox

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Mike Knox looked like a promising powerhouse when he initially debuted for WWE's ECW brand in 2006, as his muscular looks and intimidating nature made him a legitimate threat to everyone in the brand. Knox would be involved in some stuff with the main shows as well, before he was drafted to Raw itself in late 2008. He targeted Rey Mysterio and took him out on a show of Monday Night Raw, later also becoming an entrant for the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out. Knox was again drafted to Smackdown the next year, but things went from bad to worse from that point out when he lost all 30 televised matches from when he was drafted till his release in 2010 as his stock fell quite surprisingly in the WWE. He might have gone to wrestle for a few years in TNA, but he's a forgotten figure among the WWE fans right now as this muscular monster could've been something so much better but is now an afterthought in the WWE.


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JTG was part of quite the entertaining tag team of the PG era in "Cryme Tyme" , as these two goofy characters were always up to some mischief and trying to make some wrestler's life a nightmare. They added a bit of edgy stuff to the PG era at first as they never really won any belts, but were entertaining enough to be kept together for quite a few years. But when they were separated, JTG's career took a major dent as he didn't have the proper character or the skills to make it as a singles wrestler in the WWE and wrestled as a jobber for the rest of his years in the company. He didn't even wrestle for long periods of times because he wasn't needed and ever since he's been fired from the WWE, he's become a completely forgotten figure who has become lost in the Independent field as not many fans can even remember his work nowadays.

4 Alex Riley

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Alex Riley was another wrestler to come from the original who showed much promise, but couldn't seem to fulfill it at all. Riley was a participant of the 2nd season of NXT with The Miz as his mentor, as he would be overall 3rd in the competition before moving to the main show as The Miz's sidekick. Riley would help The Miz in his matches and even accompanied him to the ring at WrestleMania XXVII, before he eventually turned face and feuded with his former mentor. Riley then became a singles competitor in the WWE, but his lack of charisma and skills in the ring forced the WWE to put him in low-key matches and later scrap his wrestling role altogether. He was later put on the commentary team of NXT, before returning to wrestling in NXT where he lost all his matches as well. He was released from WWE last year, and has quickly become forgotten about the fans who probably didn't even remember he was still with the WWE before his release statement was put out and the way WWE turned him extremely irrelevant towards the end doesn't make it any easy for anyone to remember him either.

3 Justin Gabriel

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Justin Gabriel was another exciting talent who the WWE managed to ruin in his years with the company, as he was looking for great things when he debuted in the WWE as part of The Nexus. He even won the WWE Tag Team Championships three times at his prime, but once the Nexus was buried, Gabriel went under with it. As a singles competitor, he was in the lower-mid card and part of rare televised matches, which he mostly lost to a superior wrestler. His role in the WWE got even worse as he later became a jobber who lost to the stars and barely appeared on WWE television, as his talent was absolutely squandered by the WWE who later even forced him to become the Bunny for Adam Rose according to Gabriel himself. Justin would finally be put out of his misery when he was released in 2015 and has since being doing great in the Independent field and currently is in Lucha Underground. But he is barely remembered by the WWE fans as WWE's horrible treatment of this promising talent has now made him a forgotten figure amongst the larger bunch of fans.

2 The Great Khali

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The Great Khali looked like a legitimate monster heel when he debuted in the WWE in 2006, squashing enemies at sight and leaving quite the impression on the fans as well. He even won the World Heavyweight Championship into his 2nd year in the company, and was looking to be riding on a lot of momentum. But once the PG era was ushered in the WWE, Khali would be victim of it as he was transitioned into a face character of "The Punjabi Playboy" where he would hold random kissing contests, dance around be a nice giant. This completely ruined his reputation as fans started to ignore him after a point of time, as he would even become a glorified jobber in his final years with the WWE before being released in 2014. He has since been trying to improve the wrestling condition in his home country of India, but is barely remembered by the wrestling fans because of how irrelevant and forgettable he became towards the end and the WWE might've made him a star, but they are also responsible for making him the forgotten afterthought he is right now.

1 Santino Marella

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Santino Marella might have debuted before the PG Era had debuted, but most of his work in the company was heavily based on the PG Era for which his comic character was a perfect entertainment package. Marella won the Intercontinental Championship on his debut, but that was only the beginning as he went a LONG way in the WWE in the next years but not necessarily in the right direction. Marella made many alliances at the time, which included Beth Phoenix and Vladimir Kozlov and even portrayed a female character and won the Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV when he was portraying Satina Marella. He was mostly a jobber who entertained many with his antics, as he even won the US Title later on before he was transformed into a permanent jobber towards the end of his WWE career. He has been retired from wrestling for a couple of years now and has been forgotten by the fans after leaving the WWE, as his lack of doing something really memorable in the company hasn't really given fans to remember him for something specific and Marella is a forgotten afterthought in the minds of fans right now.

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