20 Wrestlers Who Didn't Look Like Wrestlers

In professional wrestling, ring work is just half the battle. The look of a professional wrestler is equally as important. Some wrestlers are just born with a great look. For example, Brock Lesnar couldn't be anything else but an athlete. John Cena was a professional bodybuilder prior to being a full-time wrestler.

Others have to find something to standout, such as nice ring gear. Bret Hart's pink and black singlet is one of the most famous gear in wrestling history. The hearts on Shawn Michaels' gear are easily recognizable. However, there are wrestlers on the other side of the spectrum who don't have the look of a professional wrestler.

When I see a professional wrestler, I would like to believe that they could hurt people for real. Some wrestlers are overweight, while others are tiny and scrawny–not exactly believable as wrestlers.

Here are 20 wrestlers who don't have the look of professional wrestlers.

20 Sami Zayn

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Before everyone gets out of whack, Sami Zayn is a tremendous wrestler. However, as this article is titled, Zayn does not look like a wrestler. Sami Zayn's body isn't defined at all and he is rather pale. Vince Russo went as far as to call him taxi driver as he wears a hat similar to a taxi driver. Most of Vince Russo's ideas and opinions suck but I have to agree with him.

Nothing about Zayn sticks out. He is a great in-ring performer but that's it. His mic skills and appearance don't stand out. When he faced Braun Strowman, it was hard to believe that he is worthy of sharing the ring with Braun, let alone get the best of him. With the way WWE is currently booking him, it is unlikely that he ever gets a top spot.

19 Trevor Murdoch

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Believe it or not, Trevor Murdoch is a three-time World Tag Team Champions. He is also a member of a lesser known tag team called The Dupps where he wrestled in TNA and ECW in the early 2000s. Murdoch's physique or lack thereof fit perfectly for his gimmick as a redneck. However, he did not have the typical look of a WWE performer. His partner Lance Cade was shredded and the two looked like polar opposites.

However, his look didn't stop the team from winning the tag titles on three occasions. One of those title wins includes a victory over The Hardy Boys. The two split after losing the tag titles and were both released from the WWE shortly after. Murdoch still wrestles occasionally on the independent circuit.

18 Spike Dudley

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Spike Dudley is a former teacher so his lack of physique is somewhat excused. However, so was Matt Striker and he was in good shape for most of his career. Dudley for most of his career both in ECW and WWE wore a shirt which isn't a good look for wrestlers. Dudley was tiny and arguably one of the smallest wrestlers ever. He lacked any physique and was not defined whatsoever.

Until his final year in WWE, Dudley wasn't really a factor on the main roster. His final year saw him jump to SmackDown, turn heel, and become the Cruiserweight Champion. He became the "boss" of The Dudley Boys who picked on him for his entire tenure in ECW and in WWE. Dudley was released in 2005 and wrestled on the independents and in TNA.

17 Bray Wyatt

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Before he came Bray Wyatt, he was Husky Harris on NXT, which was a very strange character. He was coached by Cody Rhodes and the two anesthetized each other. His nickname during his time in NXT was a "Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine" which is easily one of the worst nicknames in wrestling history. He didn't even win his season of NXT.

It was one by Kaval, who was cut the same year. Harris became a member of the Nexus. He was booted in the head by Randy Orton and was sent down to FCW where he formed a much more interesting character and shed a couple pounds. The "Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine" became the "Eater of Worlds".

16 Colin Delaney

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Delaney is one of the more famous jobbers in WWE history. It may be because he was used every week, but he is up there with the Brooklyn Brawler and Barry Horowitz. Every week on ECW, Delaney and his 13 year-old physique was brutalized every week. The names include The Great Khali, Mark Henry, as well as The Miz and John Morrison in a Handicap Match.

He was taken under the wing of a wrestler who faced a similar career path in Tommy Dreamer. The two competed and failed to win the WWE Tag Team Championships from Miz and Morrison. Delaney turned on Dreamer in a move everyone saw coming and was released soon after.

15 Dusty Rhodes

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The son of a plumber was a tremendous wrestler and a great speaker. His promos are often up there with some of the best in history. He has been able to produce some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. Rhodes is considered by most fans as one of the best wrestlers ever. Unfortunately, when he went over to the WWE, his weight held him back and WWE took away everything unique about Rhodes.

He didn't talk as much, he was given a manager, and they made him wrestle in polka dotted tank top. Because of these reasons, Rhodes' talents were wasted in the WWE. Prior to his death in 2015, Rhodes had lost a great deal of weight.

14 The Nasty Boys

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The Nasty Boys live up to their name of Nasty. Both Jerry Sags and Brian Knobbs were two of the most unpleasant looking individuals in wrestling history. To go along with their unpleasant looks came a wide shaped body with no definition. The final piece of the puzzle was their hairstyle. Both Knobbs and Sags would had a mullet as well.

To go along with their strange looks came an ugly personality. Besides Hulk Hogan, The Nasty Boys are almost universally hated by every wrestler. They got into real in-ring brawls with The Outsiders. They have also been described as sloppy and dangerous in the ring. However, this didn't stop them from achieving success everywhere they went.

13 Blue Meanie

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The Blue Meanie's physique was completely apart of his appeal. However, if someone saw The Blue Meanie in the streets, professional wrestler surely wouldn't come to mind. Everything about Meanie was chubby. His legs, his face, and most noticeably his body. However, this did not stop Meanie from being a very athletic in-ring talent.

His signature maneuver, the moonsault, is one of the better takes on that move in wrestling history. His claim to fame is being apart of the parody group the Blue World Order. The group parodied WCW's New World Order. Other than a few funny moments, Meanie has a rather forgetful wrestling career.

12 Mideon

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Before turning into the Mideon character, Mideon wrestled as Phineas. I Godwinn, a joke that went over the heads of many fans including myself when I was younger. He looked incredibly old for his age. In an attempt to get himself over, he became Naked Mideon.

He would run around the ring wearing nothing but a fanny pack. Must have been a scary sight for those watching in the crowd. Mideon had minimal success in the WWE and won the Tag Titles as a member of the Godwinns. As Mideon, he would be awarded the deactivated European Championship after Shane McMahon retired the title.

11 Mick Foley

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Mick Foley's look worked for the Mick Foley character. However, to casual fans, Foley doesn't look like a professional wrestler. He failed to achieve the look of a professional wrestler. Obviously it did not stop him from succeeding everywhere he went, including TNA.

His sloppy look didn't stop him from becoming the most loved wrestling character in the world. He is universally loved by the majority of wrestling fans. However, his run as General Manager of Raw may have changed some people's opinions as he has already gotten stale. He has also made headlines with some leaked DM's regarding Summer Rae, stating that she isn't as talented as members of the Four Horsewomen.

10 Balls Mahoney

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One look at Balls Mahoney and you would understand why he was named that. What you may not know is that his ring work is underrated. In ECW, he performed moves that got the crowd out their seats and cheering heavily. His grungy, nasty look was a look many ECW fans could relate to.

Unfortunately, years of drug abuse and alcohol abuse led to his look and health getting worse and worse. When he got to WWE, his ring work was nothing like his days in the original ECW. He died on April 12th, 2016, one day after his 44th birthday. Since ECW had a very unsafe working style, Mahoney suffered from CTE which no doubt contributed to his death.

9 Gillberg

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Duane Gill was a jobber for WWE in the early 90s. He's looked old for his entire WWE career. After years of jobbing to guys like Undertaker, Razor Ramon, and even Doink the Clown, he was inactive for a bit. In 1998, Gill returned to the WWE in worse shape than before and lost to Mick Foley in the first round of the Deadly Games Tournament.

He was then given the gimmick that he is most known for in Gillberg. Gillberg was a parody of WCW's best creation Goldberg. Gillberg had the complete opposite of Goldberg,. who was completely shredded and tanned. Gillberg was loose skinned and incredibly pale. After losing his Light Heavyweight Title, Gillberg was released from the company.

8 Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan is arguably one of the best performers to step into a WWE ring. However, he does not look like a professional wrestler. Bryan was obviously inspired by the smaller wrestlers that came before him. Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, and Eddie Guerrero. His smaller frame isn't what Vince McMahon likes in WWE Superstars.

Thankfully, he overcame management trying to hold him down. He had the best WrestleMania moment in years when he won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXX. Sadly, WWE refuses to let him wrestle anymore as he has been reduced to an on-screen non-wrestling character. Bryan has however hinted to wrestling elsewhere once his contract expires.

7 James Ellsworth

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James Ellsworth's appearance is what made him popular. His chin, or lack thereof, made him a meme with the Internet Wrestling Community. He was Braun Strowman's first jobber after the brand split. From there, he was put on SmackDown and placed in the main event scene along with Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles.

Ellsworth had many matches with AJ Styles. Like WWE does with most things, they overdid it to the point where the matches were no longer entertaining. After their feud ended, he was placed into a program with Carmella where she changed his appearance to resemble her. What WWE will do next with Ellsworth is unknown.

6 Tommy Dreamer

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Tommy Dreamer is actively talked about not having the best physique in wrestling. Many of his peers often joked about that with Dreamer. To go along with that, he looked like a regular guy. Nothing about him stood out appearance wise. However, he was one of the best at developing sympathy.

Dreamer and his opponent, whether it was Raven, Rob Van Dam, or even Sandman, did a great job at making people feel sorry for him. This is mainly because of the amount of punishment Dreamer put his body through. Dreamer is now occasionally wrestling and despite his pudginess, he landed one of the most beautiful females to walk in a wrestling ring in Beulah McGillicutty.



JBL's physique became worse over his career which is expected by most. But his change is dramatic. When he returned to the ring in 2008, he was completely out of shape. His ring work was never outstanding prior to his short retirement and it got even worse after being out of the ring for the better part of two years.

He retired a year after his return and left to accomplish other ventures until 2013. He would return to commentary although he hasn't been nearly as good as his first run. Bad delivery, bad jokes, and bad commentary. Fans have complained about JBL's commentary ever since he returned to the booth but it doesn't look like he'll be leaving any time soon.

4 Bo Dallas

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Bo Dallas is one of the more creepy looking wrestlers. Unlike his brother, Dallas didn't cover up his stomach until recently. When he joined the Social Outcasts, he began wearing a singlet. Bo Dallas doesn't have the best body per wrestling standards. His stomach used to hang over his white trunks very noticeably.

He has an incredibly creepy looking face and looks like a weird version of his brother Bray Wyatt. WWE pushed Bo Dallas on the main roster very heavily and gave him a winning streak, which was ended by R-Truth of all people and it's been downhill ever since. He is currently apart of Raw and is hardly ever on TV.

3 Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe can go in the ring like no other, but he has packed on weight compared to his earlier days in ROH, especially in his final TNA years. He would wear a shirt which basically conceding to the fact that you're overweight. His work in TNA suffered because of him being larger than he actually is. He was moved to the X-Division Title and never sniffed the World Heavyweight Title despite Joe being a household name.

When he came to WWE, he shed some of his weight and stopped wearing a shirt to wrestle. He immediately became a top figure in NXT and was the first two-time NXT Champion. He recently made his main roster debut and WWE has done everything right for him.

2 ZZ

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Some of you may be thinking who is ZZ?. ZZ, or Zamariah Loupe was a contestant on the most recent season of Tough Enough. He was criticized by his fellow cast mates, trainers, judges, and every person who watched that season. Unlike Samoa Joe and the number one entry on this list, ZZ was horrible in the ring. He had some charisma, but he had a strange gimmick. He wrestled alligators.

Since he was capable of wrestling alligators, he should have been able to defeat everyone. He had his first match at an NXT House Show, facing current NXT star, Oney Lorcan. The match was what you would expect from ZZ and he was released not too shortly after. Oney Lorcan stated on Twitter that ZZ is the worst competitor he's ever shared the ring with and said he's even worse than Mojo Rawley.

1 Kevin Owens

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Our former WWE Universal Champion looks nothing like a professional wrestler. He's made no effort to cut any of his stomach. However, he is one of the top five workers in the company. He is capable of performing moves that only so few smaller wrestlers can do, like the double-jump moonsault that fans saw him do in his main roster debut against John Cena.

Many wrestling personalities have ragged on Owens for his weight including mortal enemies Vince Russo and Jim Cornette. At least the two agree on one thing. Owens wears a t-shirt because of his weight. Earlier in his career, he would wear a singlet because he was a bit thinner. Regardless of his look, Owens manages to be an amazing wrestler.

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