20 Wrestlers Who Flopped In WWE's Invasion Angle: Where Are They Now?

When it was announced that WWE had bought WCW in 2001, many fans were intrigued at just what Vince McMahon would do with their rivals. Then came the "angle" where Shane would take over WCW and wage a war against his father's company, making for the "Invasion Era" which stretched for about an only few months. While the Invasion era did have its memorable moments, most of the fans were underwhelmed at just how weak this "WWE vs the Alliance" was booked and how blatantly Vince McMahon won in the end.

On top of that, the top stars of WCW in the likes of Sting, Goldberg, and NWO weren't a part of this "Invasion" angle and rather than push some of the other top talents they signed, WWE made their own top stars into members of the Alliance. Even the crop of ECW wrestlers seemed weak in unfamiliar territory, leaving the angle as an absolute mess in the end. Only a few wrestlers actually profited from it, with many of the WCW/ECW wrestlers flopping in it massively.

Though some signed wrestlers did spend a bit of time in WCW, others went their own way to take a more profitable route in their career. So let's have a look at where these 20 wrestlers who flopped during the Invasion angle are right now.

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40 Stacy Keibler (then)

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Stacy Keibler was quite the stunning acquisition by the WWE from WCW, with the gorgeous diva being an absolute knockout in terms of looks. But Keibler failed to make a real impact when she arrived during the Invasion angle as part of the Alliance, as her wrestling skills were still not that good enough. Keibler did wrestle a few matches during that time against the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita, but couldn't perform equally well as them and failed to get over with the audience because of her shoddy wrestling skills.

39 Stacy Keibler (now)

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Once she became the sexy "Duchess of Dudleyville" and aligned with the Dudley Boyz, Keibler started becoming popular with the audience and her popularity peaked when she was the assistant of Vince McMahon. She'd then be treated as an "eye-candy" during an unconvincing feud for her "services" between Test and Scott Steiner. Towards the last years of her run, she also became "Super Stacy" with the Hurricane and Rosey, before leaving the WWE to try her hand in movies. She went on to appear in many TV Shows, as well as dating George Clooney for awhile. Keibler is currently married to Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre and is enjoying life outside wrestling by living quite a lavish life.

38 Billy Kidman (then)

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Billy Kidman was one of the brighter talents WWE signed from WCW after the purchase, as Kidman had really impressed as a Cruiserweight in WCW. But he couldn't seem to be able to compete in the big leagues of WWE despite being a hot-shot coming into the company and was left to wrestle in the Cruiserweight Division. Kidman would win the Cruiserweight belts a number of times during the Invasion angle, but had no real impact on the WWE vs Alliance feud and flopped with the fans despite being one of the more entertaining wrestlers around at the time.

37 Billy Kidman (now)

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Following the end of the Alliance, Kidman would still be kept in the Cruiserweight Division for some time before being paired in a team with Paul London. The two won the WWE Tag Team titles once but were a short-lived tag team. WWE then tried to turn him heel which didn't go well at all, and he was fired from the WWE in 2005 after problems with management. Kidman kept on wrestling in the Independent scene, before coming back to the WWE to train wrestlers for WWE's FCW territory. He then became a producer/road agent for the company and works as one to this day, helping set up live shows and despite having a failed in-ring career in the WWE, he's doing well behind the curtains.

36 Raven (then)

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Raven was a really popular figure in wrestling in the 90s when he created this unique, gothic character in ECW and intrigued fans with it as well. His "Raven's Flock" stable were a hit in both ECW and WCW, as it kept him in the top feuds of their respective company as well. But when he arrived in WWE in 2000, everything changed as he was made to wrestle in the Hardcore Division. WWE had a golden opportunity to increase his reputation when the Invasion angle came and he aligned with the Alliance, but he was never kept in the main-event feuds. His most memorable feud was with Perry Saturn when he broke his "Moppy" as Raven was always kept in lower mid carder feuds. He flopped during the whole Invasion angle, as WWE really dropped the ball with him and should've pushed him as one of the main guys of the Alliance, knowing his work for both companies.

35 Raven (now)

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Raven was drafted to Raw in WWE's Brand extension, as he was forced to continue competing for the Hardcore Championship as that was apparently the only fitting thing for him in WWE. He even spent some months as a commentator, but that didn't work so well as months of inactivity meant that he was released by WWE in 2003. He was signed by TNA immediately after he left, where he found back his reputation as a terrifying, dominating wrestler. He spent seven years in TNA where he won the NWA World Championship once as well, before returning to wrestle in the Independent scene. Raven hasn't been that active in the ring over the past few years because of his age but is still occasionally wrestling as he was almost completely ruined by the WWE during those torrid final years.

34 Hugh Morrus (then)

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Hugh Morrus was the ring-name given to Bill DeMott when he was signed from WCW as part of the Invasion angle, but the prominent tag team wrestler in WCW failed to make an impact in WWE. Apart from wrestling in a 6 man tag team match at the "Invasion" pay-per-view and an Intercontinental Championship match against Edge on an episode of Raw, Morrus never really featured on the main shows. He was restricted to wrestle on B-Shows like Jakked and Heat, ending up a big flop when he was "fired" by Mr. McMahon and couldn't really recover from that.

33 Hugh Morrus (now)

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Hugh Morrus ended up returning to the Smackdown! brand later on, but a bad motorcycle accident put a halt on his run in the brand. He became a trainer for Tough Enough season 3, later having to retire because of injuries. He was sent to be a trainer for WWE's developmental territories, where he would allegedly bully and abuse trainees if they didn't comply with him. After rumors started circulating about his misconduct with trainees and how he racially abused them, he was fired from the WWE and is having a really difficult time finding work as his awful misuse of power goes on to show just how frustrated he was after failing in his own WWE career.

32 Spike Dudley (then)

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Despite his size, Spike Dudley was actually a very able competitor in the ring and could wrestle very well against opponents who were much bigger than him. Spike was brought to the WWE during the Invasion angle when he aligned with his "family" in the Dudley Boyz and accompanied them to the ring. He'd later be betrayed by them, going on to join the WWE during the Invasion angle and fighting against his "brothers". But Spike wasn't really utilized all that well by WWE during that time, as he barely wrestled matches and lost whatever relevant match he wrestled. He ended up failing to impress during that angle, and despite being an ECW alumni was surprisingly never made an Alliance member.

31 Spike Dudley (now)

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After the Invasion angle ended, Spike wrestled mostly against cruiserweights but failed to impress like he did in ECW. He was later released and wrestled a few years in the Independent circuit, but decided to take a change of career for his own good. He trained budding wrestlers at Toprope Promotions for a few years, before becoming a financial transition specialist with his wife. He now looks to help people plan out for their future, including retirement, college and taxes and is living a happy life with his family, and even though he makes occasional visits to the wrestling rings, his wrestling career is pretty much over.

30 Shawn Stasiak (then)

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After being wrongly used by the WWE during the Attitude Era as "Meat", Shawn Stasiak moved to the sinking WCW in 2000 but did really well there and gained his reputation back as well. WWE was impressed by his work there and signed him back for the Invasion era, but he flopped badly this time as well. It was mostly due to WWE's awful usage of him when he was given the gimmick of a clumsy guy who always failed when trying to impress the Alliance leader Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stasiak was turned into a joke by the WWE because of his antics as this "clumsy" guy and failed to make any impact whatsoever on the storyline.

29 Shawn Stasiak (now)

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Stasiak suffered an injury after the Invasion angle had ended, keeping him out of WWE for a few months. He was sent to the Heartland Wrestling Association for training and to dust off ring rust, as he returned with another dumb gimmick. He said he was from "Planet Stasiak" and acted comically insane, as this gimmick was the end for him as he quit the WWE in 2002. Stasiak went on to pursue to become a chiropractor, gaining a certificate for manipulation under anesthesia from the Academy of Physical and Manual Medicine in New York. He's now a chiropractor working in the Texas region and is living a happy life without the pressures of wrestling.

28 Scotty 2 Hotty (then)

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Scotty 2 Hotty was part of a really entertaining team in the Attitude Era in "Too Cool", but he lost ground when that disbanded and found it difficult to entertain beyond that period. Scotty would be a part of the Invasion angle with the WWE, as he later aligned with Albert and they formed a tag team during this time. But this tag team would never really be part of some important matches, nor did they manage to win the Tag Team belts at that time. Scotty wouldn't make any impact during the Invasion angle, flopping badly during this time and not being able to entertain the crowd like he used to during the Attitude Era.

27 Scotty 2 Hotty (now)

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Scotty 2 Hotty would start to falter even badly when his tag team with Albert ended after the Invasion angle, as he failed to impress as a singles wrestler on the Smackdown brand. He was kept in the WWE for a long time as a jobber, before leaving in 2007. After that, he began training to become a firefighter and even worked as one some years back. But he was then recalled by the WWE last year when it was revealed that Scotty would be a trainer in WWE's performance center. It seems like he impressed WWE enough with his work that they turned him into a trainer, as he'll now show off and teach his cool moves to the rookies.

26 Tajiri (then)

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"The Japanese Buzzsaw" Tajiri was a real find for Paul Heyman in ECW, and his constant impressive performances got him a place in WWE after ECW went out of business. Despite being a terrific performer, Tajiri was forced to do some really silly things on TV and got Torrie Wilson as his "manager" later on. He kept on wrestling in the Cruiserweight Division and despite his ability to wrestle with the best, he was kept in the lower-mid card and failed to gain attention during the Invasion angle. He failed to do anything substantial in the Invasion storyline and was kept for filler matches at most, and he really flopped during that Invasion angle and was struggling to get over as well.

25 Tajiri (now)

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Tajiri really benefitted of the WWE Brand Extension, as he became a star on Smackdown where the Cruiserweight Division was taken more seriously. He also won the Tag Team titles with Eddie Guerrero and kept on wrestling in the blue brand for years before he left the WWE to return to his hometown and become a journalist. That didn't work so well for the Japanese Buzzsaw, who returned to wrestle in Japan and performed for their prime promotions before coming back for WWE's "Cruiserweight Classic" tournament last year. He also worked as a Cruiserweight in WWE's revamped Cruiserweight Division this year, but a knee injury forced him to return to Japan where he'll continue to dazzle the audiences who respect him a lot.

24 Albert (then)

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Albert was another pseudonym for Matt Bloom who has portrayed so many characters in WWE, but the Invasion angle was undoubtedly the worst period of his WWE career. Albert was paired with Scotty 2 Hotty, with the two being called "The Hip Hop Hippo" as they did absolutely nothing to help with the Invasion storyline. They worked as a lower-tier tag team which mainly featured on B-Shows like Jakked and Heat, and despite his size, Albert could do nothing in WWE's fight against the Alliance. He was a massive flop in all those months as the Invasion angle brought nothing good for him and almost halted his career permanently.

23 Albert (now)

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Albert turned on Scotty 2 Hotty after the Invasion angle was over, after which he started to portray a destructive heel named "A-Train" and even wrestled against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. His "A-Train" gimmick showed his hard-hitting nature really well, but he was released by the WWE in 2004. He went on to wrestle in Japan, where he spent 6 years before returning to WWE as Lord Tensai. This character also got turned into a joke by the WWE really fast, and it forced him to stop wrestling after a point of time. Bloom then started to work with Triple H on NXT, and is now the head trainer of WWE's performance center, as he's doing a great job training the rookies in it and looks to have a better career here than he had in a WWE ring.

22 Justin Credible (then)

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After having a terrible stint in the WWE in the early 90s, Justin Credible found his best self in ECW where he was pushed to the very top and even won the ECW World Championship. His impressive work in the land of extreme tempted the WWE to sign him up during the Invasion, as he would be part of the Alliance. After initially forming a promising tag team with X-Pac, Credible was yet again completely ruined by the WWE during the Invasion when he was barely utilized in the Alliance, despite being a prominent member of ECW in the past. He completely flopped in the Invasion angle, wrestling mostly in the "B" shows and left the WWE in 2003 after another disappointing run.

21 Justin Credible (now)

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Credible would go on to wrestle for many Independent promotions including Ring of Honor and TNA, as well as being part of many ECW reunion matches in Independent scene. He wrestled in the Indy scene for a long time over the years, often risking his body and well-being for the entertainment of the fans. After wrestling for over two decades and putting himself through much danger, Credible finally decided to hang his boots in 2015 after facing long-time rival Tommy Dreamer at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate event. But he has since returned twice to wrestle, including a few months back as it looks like he is too passionate to walk away from wrestling.

20 Stevie Richards (then)

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Stevie Richards gained a lot of popularity during his work as Raven's follower in ECW, as "Raven's Nest" was a hit mostly because of him. Richards did a really impressive job at ECW, which is why he was signed by the WWE before the Invasion era began. He reformed the WCW tag team Kronik in WWE and managed them for a while as part of the Alliance, but was quickly reduced to becoming a jobber. Richards would mostly wrestle as a jobber in the "B-Shows" for the remainder of the Invasion angle, as WWE badly dropped the ball on him and could've utilized him way better in the angle.

19 Stevie Richards (now)

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After the Invasion angle ended, he continued to wrestle in the B-Shows before he was part of the "Blue World Order" reunion in the WWE. He was then traded into ECW where he was one of the "originals" and soon withered away in that brand, being released from WWE in 2008. That actually came as a blessing in disguise for Richards, who went on to do much better things in the Independent circuit, as well as wrestling in TNA for a few years as part of their ECW reunion angle. Richards is doing quite well in the Independent scene right now, as this impressive wrestler was treated very badly by the WWE who almost ruined him in all those years.

18 Perry Saturn (then)

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Perry Saturn was quite the prominent wrestler in WCW, where he rose as part of the "Raven's Nest" when he served under him in WCW. He then became a promising mid-carder for WCW as his hard-hitting wrestling style and intriguing persona made him quite the impressive talent who was swooned over by WWE just before they bought WCW. He moved to WWE along with Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko and while the other three got their own share of success, he was left in a ditch. Saturn spent almost the entire Invasion angle with his "Moppy" gimmick where he was obsessed with a mop. While that was entertaining enough, he needed to be a prominent part of the Alliance and could've really added so much to the Invasion angle, but ended up being a massive flop.

17 Perry Saturn (now)

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Saturn's "Moppy" gimmick continued beyond the Invasion angle as he was getting quite popular because of it, but then suffered a bad injury. He was released by the WWE while he was recovering from this injury, as he went to wrestle in the Independent scene for a few years afterward. Saturn did a heroic act when he saved a girl from being sexually assaulted by three men in 2004 and got shot in the neck and right shoulder. This trauma left him okay physically, but mentally he was broken as he got obsessed with drugs and was homeless for many years. He returned to wrestling a few years ago but is currently unable to do any work because of traumatic brain injury. A GoFundMe page was opened last year to help with his situation, as he has been seeking medical treatment in Minnesota right now, as he has had quite the downfall over the years

16 Ivory (then)

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Ivory might be remembered as this sexy diva of the Attitude Era by everyone, but she was actually quite an able wrestler and despite her initial work as an eye-candy diva, she developed herself really well over the years. Her work as a part of the "Right To Censor" stable was really good, as she was also Women's Champion at that time and did some really entertaining work. But when she returned for the Invasion angle, her work was all undone. Ivory couldn't anything good during that time and she didn't look good as a part of the Alliance, as she mostly put other divas over at the time. She flopped in those few months of the Invasion angle, as WWE quite randomly inserted her in the angle which backfired.

15 Ivory (now)

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After the Invasion angle was over, Ivory worked as a trainer for WWE "Tough Enough" and continued to put other divas over. She didn't get much acclaim and wasn't inserted into main event feuds anymore, forcing her to quit the WWE in 2005. After wrestling a year in the Independent scene, Ivory started to do some other work. She loved to look after animals and opened an animal daycare named "Downtown Dog" in 2007 where she would help training and grooming pets. She is trained on how to groom animals and is doing that job brilliantly, as she has made occasional appearances in WWE events in the past few years but will never return as a wrestler anymore.

14 Chavo Guerrero (then)

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Chavo Guerrero actually did quite well when he was in WCW, as he had quite a memorable feud with Eddie Guerrero and was one of the more prominent Cruiserweights which held the company aloft. Chavo was signed by the WWE when they bought WCW, and was made into a member of the Alliance but failed to gain any attention during that time. He barely wrestled any match as part of Alliance at the time, mostly wrestling in B-Shows or dark matches and was a big flop during the Invasion angle. He could've been utilized much better knowing his talent but was sadly kept on the sides which didn't do any good to either him or the WWE.

13 Chavo Guerrero (now)

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Chavo wrestled a number of years for the WWE after the Invasion angle ended, prominently succeeding in the Cruiserweight Division and later on as part of WWE's ECW brand. After leaving the WWE in 2011, he went to wrestle in the Independent promotion and even wrestled for a year or so in TNA. He came back to the spotlight when he signed on with Lucha Underground in 2014, and portrayed his heel character really well in the promotion. He also became the inaugural Lucha Underground Champion and continued to wrestle as a big star in the promotion before losing a "Loser Leaves Lucha Underground" last year. Chavo still works with Lucha Underground backstage, helping them set up shows and will be glad to have left the WWE who treated him very unjustly.

12 Chuck Palumbo (then)

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Chuck Palumbo was part of an exciting stable in the Natural Born Thrillers, which consisted of many of the WCW mid-carders at the time who did quite well when they united together. So WWE signed Palumbo along with his "partner" of that stable Sean O'Haire and entered the promotion with the WCW Tag Team titles in their belts. After impressing in the first weeks, Chuck and O'Haire lost the titles to the Brothers of Destruction and were reduced to becoming jobbers after that. Palumbo was kicked out of the Alliance after that, joining WWE later on(which made no sense) and turned out a complete flop during the Invasion angle because WWE was hesitant at reforming the Natural Born Thrillers in their show, which could've really helped their story as well increase the Alliance's legitimacy.

11 Chuck Palumbo (now)

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After the Invasion angle ended, Palumbo was made to team with Billy Gunn in a "bromantic" gimmick where the two were a bit too close to each other. They won the WWE Tag Titles twice during this time, but Palumbo's stock would fall drastically after this team ended. His time as part of "The Full Blooded Italians" was awful and he was released by the WWE in 2004. He did return a few years afterward with a Biker gimmick, but just couldn't get over with the crowd and wasn't utilized at all during his final years in WWE. Palumbo now manages a business called "CP Customs" where he makes custom motorcycle as well as repair and customize cars and bikes. His WWE run wasn't any good, but he's seemingly doing well with cars and bikes, which have been his love for a long time.

10 William Regal (then)

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William Regal has to be one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time, and he was painfully under-utilized by the WWE during the Invasion era. Regal was given an authoritative role of goodwill commissioner of Raw during the time before he betrayed the WWE by costing Kurt Angle the WWE Championship and joining the Alliance. Regal would be made into the commissioner of the Alliance for the remainder of the Invasion angle, as he flopped badly due to his "backstage" role. He was well than capable of bringing a lot to the storyline with his in-ring character, and it ended horribly for him when he was forced to kiss Vince McMahon's butt at the end of the Invasion angle.

9 William Regal (then)

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Because of the humiliation he had suffered during much of the Invasion angle, William Regal was repaid quite lavishly afterward as he won the European Championship after returning from an injury. He later held the Hardcore Championship three times before winning the World Tag Team Championship a bit later with Lance Storm. But after this success, Regal was again turned into a lower mid-carder for a few years, often putting other wrestlers over. He won the 2008 King of the Ring Tournament and continued his "king" gimmick for a while, before joining ECW. Regal hasn't wrestled for a lot of years now, and is currently the NXT General Manager as well as helping Triple H bring in various talents from around the world and increase the reputation of the company.

8 Tommy Dreamer (then)

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Tommy Dreamer was the heart and soul of ECW, as he was one of the reasons on why it was so good in the 90s as his own character development in the company was terrific. The hardcore legend would be signed by the WWE in 2001, but shockingly they decided not to use him that prominently during the Invasion angle. He was introduced to the fans in July 2001 as part of the Alliance, but instead of pushing him as one of the top guys of the Alliance(which he deserved to be), they kept him as a lower mid carder who barely featured in relevant matches at all. He completely flopped in the Invasion angle, as the WWE made a big mistake by keeping him on the sidelines instead of as one of the main ECW guys of the Alliance.

7 Tommy Dreamer (now)

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After the Invasion angle ended, Dreamer was given a weird gimmick by WWE where he would do disgusting things like eat food from the floor & brushing his own teeth and his dog's teeth with the same brush. He was given somewhat of a push in 2005 when he became a "top" guy of WWE's ECW brand, later going on to win the ECW title in 2009. He left WWE in 2010 and had a short stint in TNA, before opening his own wrestling promotion in House of Hardcore in 2012. Dreamer has since returned to WWE, helping the Dudley Boyz take on the Wyatt Family in late 2015 and has appeared on WWE shows since then as well. He's doing well managing his own promotion right now, but he has to be the most criminally under-utilized guy by WWE.

6 Funaki (then)

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Funaki spent most of the Attitude Era as part of the Kai En Tai, the Japanese stable in the WWE who couldn't really do anything. Funaki would be a part of the Invasion angle but failed to make any real impact in this angle as well. He would be part of some very irrelevant matches and barely featured on the main shows, mostly having to wrestle in B-shows like Heat and Jakked and losing whatever match he wrestled otherwise. Funaki would fail to the win the Immunity Battle Royal in the final PPV of the Invasion angle in Survivor Series and ended up as a massive flop during this angle.

5 Funaki (now)

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After failing to go over during the Invasion angle, WWE turned Funaki into a comic-relief kind of character by making him Smackdown's "No #1" announcer. He would later be brought into the Cruiserweight Division, winning the Cruiserweight Championship once in his career. Despite having a lot of talent in him, Funaki failed to become anything great in the WWE and over the years was used as a jobber. Funaki has been signed by the WWE as a mentor/translator for their newly brought Japanese talents, as he also does the Japanese Commentary for WWE Pay-per-view events and has blended into this off-screen role really well over the years.

4 X-Pac (then)

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X-Pac was a guy who had a lot of history with WCW when the Invasion angle started, but surprisingly he was kept as a WWE guy by Vince McMahon despite having the perfect traits for being a part of the "heel" Alliance stable. X-Pac just couldn't get over with the fans as a face, and his constant push as a "Cruiserweight" ticked them off, even more, resulting in the "X-Pac" heat where he'd be booed constantly despite being a good guy on-screen. X-Pac might have been the Cruiserweight Champion during the Invasion era, but he ended up flopping in the end because of the heat. He would've been perfect as a prominent member of the Alliance and could've added a lot to the Invasion storyline if he started as a member.

3 X-Pac (now)

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X-Pac would leave the WWE a year after the Invasion angle ended due to injuries, but jumped ship to TNA quickly after leaving. After helping to put some of the guys over in TNA, X-Pac kept on traveling and wrestling around the world but got badly addicted to drugs as well. He returned to the WWE in 2011, when he was part of Shawn Michaels induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. X-Pac has since appeared on WWE TV quite a few times in sporadic appearances, while he has kept on wrestling as well. He was recently again arrested at the LAX for carrying weed and meth through customs and missed a wrestling event because of it, as drugs is definitely a reason why he hasn't been as successful as his fellow Kliq members.

2 Diamond Dallas Page (then)

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Diamond Dallas Page was a wrestler who was one of WCW's original superstars as he had been turned into a top talent by the company and was one of the "big signings" by the WWE after they bought WCW. DDP brought a lot of star-power with him, and rather than making him the face of the Alliance, he was given a rather unconvincing gimmick. DDP started to stalk the Undertaker's wife, which started a feud between the Brothers of Destruction against DDP and Chris Kanyon. He was later injured for a while but returned with a shocking gimmick of that of a "Motivational Speaker" rather than a top guy for the Alliance when they needed one. Page was completely wasted by Vince McMahon and sadly flopped in the angle which should've asserted him as a main-eventer for WWE.

1 Diamond Dallas Page (now)

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The WWE probably realized their mistake in not utilizing DDP that well during the Invasion, so they sort of made-up for it by awarding him the European Championship later on. He even got his WrestleMania moment at WrestleMania X8 when he retained that belt, but quickly dropped it and was released by the company a few weeks afterward. Page wrestled a few years for TNA, but he decided to make a career change afterward. DDP started to sell videos of "DDP Yoga" which over the years became really popular, and he's currently a very successful yoga constructor having helped save the lives of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall. DDP was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, as that's the least WWE can do for treating him horribly during his stint with the company and failing him during the Invasion angle.

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