20 Wrestlers You Do Not Want To Meet In Real-Life

Fan etiquette is important when it comes to meeting wrestlers in person. The rare experience of getting to meet a wrestler can be hit or miss. It often depends on the situation. Most wrestlers are very kind at conventions and meet and greet appearances when they are being paid to interact with the fan base. There are still some wrestlers that will be ornery and provide a negative experience. The potential of a negative experience is way more likely if stumbling upon a wrestler in everyday life and attempting to meet them.

Many Superstars hate being spotted outside of the squared circle due to the fact that they are on private time. The wrestlers will however try their best to be polite and accommodating given their position as a public figure with fans being the ones to support them. A few wrestlers do not believe in that and have no problem being a jerk to fans that are trying to meet them. These specific performers have negative reputations for providing horrible experiences when it comes to meeting fans in some form. We’ll look at the worst of the worst when it comes to fan interaction with the twenty wrestlers you definitely don’t want to meet in real life.

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20 Virgil

via foxsports.com

Virgil's story is not one of someone that is mean spirited but rather a wrestler living in the past. Virgil shows up at numerous wrestling conventions and sets up next to popular wrestlers. As fans are walking past him to meet the other talent, Virgil will sucker them into a conversation and try to bully them into overpaying for a picture or autograph.

One of the worst tactics of Virgil featured him taking photographs with fans paying to get a picture with Ted DiBiase. Virgil forcing himself in pictures with DiBiase’s customers would be bad enough, but he then charges the fans money, demanding they owe him for his presence in the photo. If you spot Virgil at a convention or even in everyday life, just turn the other way and keep walking. Nothing good will come of it unless you don’t mind getting swindled.

19 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins is arguably the most popular full-time wrestler in the WWE today. His face turn allowed fans to start cheering him every week. Rollins is someone a large percentage of fans hope to meet in real life for a photograph or an autograph to commemorate the experience. The airport, however, is not the place you will want to meet him at.

Rollins has been known to take pictures with fans at the airport, but he clearly dislikes the fact that he has to take the time to do so after a long flight. The travel makes the airport a terrible spot. Rollins however has crossed the line and a fan once shared the story of him making a big stir towards airport employees for not allowing him to skip the line and get on a plane quickly. Basically, Rollins could snap on anyone at the airport.

18 Tazz

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The wrestling career of Tazz followed his backstage reputation of being one of the most intimidating wrestlers to meet. Tazz has taken himself very seriously throughout his wrestling career. That has changed to an extent with his broadcasting career softening him up following retirement as an active in-ring performer. CBS Radio’s The Taz Show allows him to have fun with fans and he has great chemistry with the callers looking to chat with him.

However, Tazz is still one of the wrestlers you don’t want to meet in person. Tazz attended one of the big wrestling conventions to meet fans in the New York City area and admitted on his show that he didn’t enjoy it. Not everyone enjoys the social aspect of wrestling. Some wrestlers just want to do their job and entertain the audience without meeting them. An in-person experience with Tazz would lead to potential awkward interactions you’d want to avoid.

17 Konnan

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Konnan is often forgotten in the wrestling world today, but he was one of the biggest draws of all-time in Mexico. Wrestling pundit Dave Meltzer believes Konnan was a bigger in Mexico during the early 90s than Steve Austin and The Rock were for the WWE in the Attitude Era. With that popularity and star power, Konnan adopted a bit of an ego.

On his Keeping it 100 podcast, Konnan admitted he is not afraid to snap at a fan if they are intruding on his personal time. Konnan named Rey Mysterio and John Morrison as two wrestlers that will spend their free time signing autographs for everyone that wants one in public, but he instead will tell the fans off if they're at a restaurant or public place. So basically, ask Mysteiro and Morrison for the picture and avoid making eye contact with Konnan.

16 Sasha Banks

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The airport has been mentioned as the place most likely to result in a negative experience when meeting a wrestler. Sasha Banks is the perfect example as she often speaks out against the disdain she has for fans approaching her at the airport. Many fans camp out at the airport and hotels that the WWE stars stay at and try to meet the Superstars while in the area evading their personal space.

Banks has thrown insults towards fans that approach her at the airport expecting her to sign autographs and take pictures after her flight. One specific fan posted a photo online with Banks that featured her having a look on disgust on her face for taking the picture in the airport. Big E actually made custom socks with the image on them to celebrate the ridiculous photo. However, Banks is pleasant to meet at organized events.

15 New Jack

via ukff.com

New Jack is the most risky wrestler to meet given his controversial personality. The hardcore icon was absolutely unpredictable in ECW and that has not changed. Jack gets into fights with people that rub him the wrong way and appears to have a few screws loose. There has never been an incident of Jack attacking a fan, but it's entirely possible on any given night.

If Jack dislikes what you are talking to him about, he gets hostile and that alone will make for an unpleasant experience. His volatile personality is enough to make fans stay clear of meeting him, unless it's at a fan convention. Even then, it is a risky proposition that could lead to you being embarrassed and possibly fearing for your life.

14 Kevin Nash

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The snarky personality of Kevin Nash makes him a wrestler that is a bit strange to meet. Nash doesn’t seem like a bad guy or a mean spirited person. However, he has the reputation of having fun at the expense of others. Nash is not afraid to insult fans under the intent of it being in good fun. That makes him a questionable wrestler to meet at organized events.

The potential of meeting Nash in person could be far worse. We all know Nash only values one thing in the wrestling business and that’s money. A fan approaching Nash without the guarantee of paying for an autograph or picture could lead to a very negative experience. Nash has no filter and may very well be a wrestler to avoid meeting.

13 The Miz

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Wrestlers of past eras liked to keep kayfabe alive by being jerks outside of the ring if they were portraying a heel in the squared circle. Very few wrestlers do that these days, but The Miz is one to try to keep the act going off-screen. Earlier in his career, The Miz refused to break character and would be obnoxious and rude at public appearances to fans looking forward to meeting him.

Miz has appeared to change his tune these days and will break character in media interviews and public appearances. Still, you never know when Miz will revert back into an arrogant heel and try to "big time" fans looking for a picture with him. Miz has once again become one of the best villains in the WWE today. That could lead to the heel act becoming a common occurrence outside of the ring again.

12 Sabu

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ECW legend Sabu is a very quiet person that likes to keep to himself. That makes him one of the less fascinating wrestlers to meet. Sabu is guarded and fans struggle to have a noteworthy conversation with him when meeting the ECW Superstar at conventions. In recent years, Sabu has started taking bookings with his significant other, Melissa Coates. She usually does most of the talking and Sabu just poses for the pictures or signs the autograph with minimal interaction.

You can’t fault Sabu if that is his legitimate personality. The problem is fans want to have a conversation with their favorite wrestlers in hopes of creating a memorable moment. That will never happen with Sabu. The extreme icon is known for having a short temper at times as well and he isn’t afraid to talk trash if he feels someone is getting too comfortable.

11 Stacy Keibler

via popsugar.com

The term Diva was used to describe the female performers in the WWE during Stacy Keibler’s tenure. It still applies to her these days as she has the reputation for being a Diva in her real life. Keibler left the WWE for an acting career, but it never panned out with her only noteworthy roles coming as guest appearances on sitcoms. The bombshell doesn’t enjoy being spotted by supporters and apparently goes out of her way to avoid being greeted by fans.

Keibler has somewhat stepped outside of the public light, so you can understand her not wanting the fan interaction. However, she always had the reputation of being unapproachable in real life with her belief that she was a bigger star than the rest of the world assumed. The fact that she once dated George Clooney in a public relationship likely added to her ego growing.

10 CM Punk

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CM Punk is a polarizing figure in the wrestling business with perceptions of him leading to different opinions from fans. Many fans have had positive experiences with him and believe he’s actually a cool person to meet. Others have been snubbed by Punk being downright mean to them. Punk is clearly a moody person as confirmed by his fellow wrestlers.

The memorable “pipe bomb promo” from Punk actually featured a line where he insults fans for approaching him at the airport for autographs. Punk was one of the first to speak out against that sect of fans. His moody personality also led to other negative interactions through his career from Ring of Honor to the WWE, making him come off as someone fans should avoid if seeing in person.

9 Ric Flair

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The legendary Ric Flair is universally loved in wrestling circles by longtime fans. Flair is responsible for some of the greatest moments in the history of the business, but fans unfortunately don’t get the same love from Nature Boy that the bar does. His ego grew with his success in the ring. Flair believes his own hype and has frequently treated fans poorly in various interactions.

Wrestling conventions are the place where fans get the best chance at having a short conversation with a hero. Flair gives very little time to each fan hoping to get as much money as possible from pictures and autographs. It sacrifices the experience of fans wanting to share a memory or moment with the legend. Flair is also known for being unapproachable when outside of the context of a wrestling event.

8 Jake Roberts

via jimcomeau.net

The personal issues of Jake “The Snake” Roberts have led to fans forgiving him for many of the terrible things he has done in the past. Roberts is known for being one of the worst wrestlers to meet. Over the years, he flat out disrespected fans and failed to treat them with kindness, despite the fact that they were paying to meet him at independent shows.

Roberts getting his life back on track by going clean has changed him from being a jerk all the time to only half of the time. His mood can be hard to figure out. Some fans have reported he is still a bit mean towards them and tries to get them away as soon as possible. Others have had better experiences. DDP Yoga will only improve your social skills so much.

7 Scott Hall

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Another DDP Yoga success story has seen Scott Hall change his life for the better, overcoming his addictions to drugs and alcohol. Hall however still is one of the wrestlers fans should try to avoid meeting at all costs. "The Bad Guy" lives up to his moniker by being all about the money and caring little about the fan. One specific incident saw Hall refuse to sign a birthday card for a sick child suffering from cancer.

If you’re not paying him, Hall views you as a nothing. The old school approach of Hall also makes it impossible to get a good conversation out of him. X-Pac revealed on Chris Jericho’s podcast that Hall keeps himself guarded at all times due to the belief that wrestlers need to present a mysterious allure. All of this factors into Hall being a wrestler that is not fun to meet.

6 Chris Jericho

via blogspot.com

Chris Jericho is a veteran of the sport and still believes in keeping kayfabe alive. The majority of Jericho’s career has seen him work as a heel and he never breaks characters during that time frame. Jericho wants fans to boo him at the show. To get fans to genuinely despise him, he treats those to approach him poorly by giving the allusion he’s a jerk.

It is a bold move, but Jericho wants to commit to his character to the fullest extent. Jericho has even refused to sell merchandise at various points of his career due to not wanting fans buying into his character via merchandise. There have been some differing examples of Jericho breaking character in recent years to appease fans, but the odds are against you if you approach him while he's a heel.

5 Randy Orton

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Randy Orton's career has consistently painted him as a villain in the grand scheme of things outside of the ring. Orton always treated fans with contempt and developed a reputation as one of the meaner wrestlers outside the ring. WWE overlooked multiple issues with him due to the potential of him blossoming into a top star.

Orton has mellowed out over the years, but is still one of the last wrestlers you want to meet in real life. One recent incident featured him taking a picture with a fan and insulting her on social media for her appearance. According to Orton, the fan was rude to his fiancé on social media in the past and he wanted to teach her a lesson. The track record of Orton made him come off like a jerk and he has likely not changed his ways.

4 Bubba Ray Dudley

via zimbo.com

Bubba Ray Dudley almost starting riots on a nightly basis by being mean to fans in ECW led to him adopting that persona outside of the ring as a somewhat hostile person. Many wrestlers view Bubba as being one of the more mean spirited people they’ve worked with through the years. Fans have experienced it twofold with him living up to his TNA name as Bully Ray.

The real life interactions with Bubba have frequently featured him being rude to fans meeting him. Bubba has made it clear on social media that he believes he’s a step above fans on the ladder of the wrestling world. The best case scenario is meeting Bubba on a day where he is just distant and quiet rather than an aggressive jerk. Most likely chances are it'll be a negative experience.

3 Hulk Hogan

via stylebistro.com

The star power of Hulk Hogan means millions of fans have envisioned meeting the wrestling legend at some point over the past three decades. Hogan is a household name with a world of fame making him remain relevant through the years. The driving force for him in every aspect of life is money. Hogan is known for charging hundreds of dollars at conventions to get a picture or autograph from him.

If you’re not wealthy enough to shell out that much money for 30 seconds of personal time with him, you will not have an interaction at all. Hogan has turned away fans before and often requests a security staff to ensure only those paying the hefty bill are even allowed to witness him greeting the other fans. EgoMania runs wild with Hogan not being the best wrestler to meet unless you want to overpay for it.

2 Scott Steiner

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

There’s no one quite as terrifying in the wrestling world as Scott Steiner. The unpredictable Steiner has been involved in numerous fights and confrontations with wrestlers through the years. Steiner doesn’t seem to get hostile with fans the same way, but there have been instances of him being a jerk to them. Big Poppa Pump is not one for small talk. You’re simply not getting a juicy conversation out of him.

Even those to pay him for an interview online have been treated with disrespect by Steiner trying to intimidate them. Normally, if you're meeting Steiner, you're paying for an autograph and having him sign it with only a handful of words being uttered by the semi-retired star. Fans still have it better than the likes of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, who get cursed out by Steiner whenever they are mentioned.

1 Brock Lesnar

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Another intimidating figure in wrestling that’s completely anti-social is Brock Lesnar. WWE’s resident Beast originally left the company in 2004 due to his disdain for having to travel and be around people that often. Lesnar accumulating great wealth through the years has allowed him the opportunity to live a secluded life on a farm in Canada with his wife, Sable, and their children.

All the facts show Brock quite frankly has no interest in meeting you. The stories shared by those to interact with him in public places matches it. Lesnar has turned down requests of fans asking to take a picture with him or get an autograph. The rare pictures to surface online of the few times Lesnar actually said yes often shows him looking completely unhappy about doing it. There’s always the chance of Brock flipping out and providing you with the most horrifying moment of your life if you approach him. Stay away.

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