20 WWE Attire Mishaps We Can't Forget

A female water polo player once said that someone probably gets their clothes torn in every single match. It’s just that the cameramen don’t always catch it happening. The same could almost certainly be said about professional wrestling matches. Given that most wrestlers wear pretty tight attire and happen to be moving around quite a lot during matches, it’s almost impossible for them to prevent wardrobe malfunctions from happening at some point. That’s just physics and probability. That’s why most wrestlers make specific wardrobe choices designed to combat that particular hazard and it’s why WWE’s production crew is seemingly aware of this possibility at all times.

Still, you know what they say about the best-laid plans. While most WWE Superstars do prepare for the possibility that their attire is going to experience a mishap from time to time, that does relatively little to keep it from actually happening. This is especially true of the company’s female performers who have to worry about wardrobe malfunction possibilities that the male wrestlers do not. It’s also why we’ve been treated to quite a few wardrobe mishaps over the years that have been burned into the minds of WWE fans. These are the top 20 WWE attire mishaps we won’t forget.

20 Bayley Gets Caught Adjusting Herself

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WrestleMania 33 wasn’t the best show in the history of the event. It did, however, feature a few matches that were notable for various reasons. One of them was the fatal-4-way between Bayley, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte Flair. While the match itself was merely okay, it did feature a pretty revealing moment for those who were paying extra close attention. During that match, Bayley readjusted her top following a big fall. The camera so happened to be zoomed in pretty close to her face, but accidentally caught something a bit more risque. While most people watching the show didn’t realize that Bayley had just exposed herself, the internet was soon riddled with slow-motion footage and zoom-ins that confirmed she had done just that.

19 Michelle McCool’s Top Betrays Her

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Michelle McCool may be more famous as Mrs. Undertaker these days, but there was a time when she was chosen to be the “face” of WWE’s women's division. McCool was never the best in-ring worker - few of WWE’s women wrestlers during that time had much in-ring experience - but she was a pretty good heel and serviceable wrestler. Some, however, may say that Michelle McCool’s most memorable in-ring moment happened at Survivor Series 2007. During a multi-woman match, McCool’s top completely betrayed her. For a pretty shocking portion of the match, her right breast was entirely exposed. We’re quite surprised that nobody caught this sooner and fixed McCool’s predicament and are also sure the production team had a mini-stroke trying to find ways to disguise the problem.

18 Aksana’s Tights Are Pulled By Layla

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Akasana is one of the best and worst hiring decisions WWE made for their women’s division. There have been many women wrestlers over the years hired for any reason other than their wrestling ability, but few stuck out quite so soon as Aksana. She clearly didn’t have any real wrestling training and often worked a boring style just to not hurt anyone. She was, however, very attractive. Aksana’s tendency to wear a low-cut one piece really came back to bite her during a memorable episode of RAW when Brie Bella pulled Aksana’s tights and revealed the top of her backside to the capacity crowd. Brie seemed to realize her mistake quite early, but didn’t catch it before the camera team got quite the angle and broadcasted it to millions. The WWE has since edited the footage to avoid the close-up.

17 Eve Torres Spreads Her Legs A Bit Too Far

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Eve Torres’ time in WWE was fairly forgettable. She was a pretty good wrestler, but she was a pretty good wrestler who was forced to work with a lot of really bad wrestlers. If there is one thing you can say about Torres, however, it’s that she was a pretty smart worker. For instance, she seemingly had the foresight to wear some extra underwear in the ring. Unfortunately, her best-laid plans didn’t quite work out for her. During an episode of Raw, Eve Torres went for a pretty enthusiastic pin. While hooking her opponent’s leg, she leaned back and spread her own. The move caused Eve’s tights to bundle up a bit and left her...well, they caught a sight you don’t see on PG programming too often.

16 Stephanie McMahon Is Exposed Time and Time Again

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You have to give Stephanie McMahon credit for not being afraid to mix it up in the ring a bit. She could have easily just assumed a non-competitive role or even an off-screen position. Instead, she got into the ring and mixed it up with some actual in-ring workers once in a while. You would think that the boss’ daughter would be protected against wardrobe malfunctions, but Stephanie has always been especially susceptible to them. There was the time her breasts completely fell out when Triple H was pedigrees her on a table, the time that her top fell to the side while she was wearing a wedding dress and the time that Triple H pulled her tights a bit too hard and exposed her butt. These are just the ones we know about.

15 Lita Pulls The Sheets and Reveals All

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Lita is one of the greatest women wrestlers in WWE history and one of the pure sexiest competitors the company has ever hired. At a time of blonde supermodel types, Lita was something that most WWE fans had never seen inside a ring. It’s no wonder she became a fan favorite. Those fans were certainly shocked to see Lita engage in a live sex celebration with Edge in the middle of the ring. While the idea that WWE would actually green light such a segment is crazy enough, it was even more surreal to see that Lita was actually naked under those sheets. Of course, the only reason we know this is because the covers came down a bit too far and exposed Lita to the television audience.

14 The Kat Drops Her Handbra

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Granted, it’s not that surprising to hear that The Kat had a wardrobe malfunction given that she is one of the first WWE competitors to willing take her top off on PPV. Needless to say, that moment raised the bar quite a bit in terms of the kind of content that WWE would allow. Still, just because The Kat was clearly willing to take her clothes off doesn’t mean that she always intended to do so. One such moment that proves this involved her and Terri Runnels in an arm wrestling match. At the end of the match, Terri removed Kat’s bikini top. While Kat covered herself, she dropped her guard - perhaps intentionally so - just long enough to leave the viewers at home with nothing left to their imagination.

13 Dawn Marie's Pants Fall Apart

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Here’s another malfunction that might have been as scripted as the match itself. See, Dawn Marie has never exactly been shy about showing off her body. In ECW she practically existed to have her clothes taken off by another wrestler. Her role in WWE was pretty similar, but there was one night that we’re not even sure Dawn Marie was ready for. In a match against Torrie Wilson - as part of their epic awful feud - the back of Dawn Marie’s pants were torn open. At the time, most fans thought they were getting a full and extended view. Later on, we’d see that Dawn was wearing flesh-colored underwear. This raised questions regarding whether or not this spot was planned or if it was just a matter of fortune.

12 Miss Jackie Doesn't Realize Her Top Has Dropped

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Those who witnessed the career of Miss Jackie would probably like to forget it. Jackie was a good enough looking person if you’re into a certain type of figure, but she absolutely could not wrestle. What’s worse is that Jackie was a straight up dangerous wrestler who regularly put her opponents in harm’s way. Her incompetence came to a head during an intergender tag match involving Trish Stratus that is believed to be the worst ever. As a parting gift, Jackie did give the WWE Universe a pretty clean look at her most notable assets. This incident came during a post-match segment in which Jackie slowly turned to the camera to reveal that she had no idea her top had fallen down a considerable distance.

11 Sasha Banks Shorts Become a Thong

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Not all attire mishaps fully expose the performer in question. Some actually reveal how tough those pieces of attire really are. A notable instance of such an occurrence happened during the Sasha Banks/Charlotte Hell in a Cell match. This intense match really showed that both women weren’t afraid of putting on a hard-hitting contest. It also showed that Sasha’s tights are as tough as she is. During this match, Charlotte yanked liberally on Sasha’s shorts and essentially turned them into a makeshift thong. The shorts just rode higher and higher as the match went on. To the credit of both women, they didn’t let this mishap slow the match down a bit. Actually, it just got more and more intense as the shorts grew smaller.

10 Charlotte Experiences Top Troubles

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Speaking of Charlotte, the daughter of Ric Flair seems to have learned something from her dad about the entertainment value of exposing yourself a bit. The difference is that Ric Flair used to let opponents yank down his shorts. Charlotte, meanwhile, seems to have some problems keeping her top together. There have been a few instances over the years when Charlotte went a little too hard in the ring and popped out of her top. The most notable of these moments, though, occurred during the historic triple threat match at WrestleMania 32. While Charlotte was trapped in Becky’s armbar, she leaned back a bit too far and gave the camera a pretty clean look at what her top was designed to hide. Like father, like daughter.

9 AJ Lee's Black Bra is Exposed

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AJ Lee is one of the most entertaining women wrestlers ever. She slowly developed an unhinged heel character and got the chance to work with some of the best wrestlers of her era. She was also quite the in-ring worker when she needed to be. AJ Lee was also incredibly sexy, but in a way we’re not used to seeing from a WWE wrestler. She was kind of a girl next door with an edge. While Lee kept it pretty conservative with her in-ring attire, there was one special episode of SmackDown which saw her customary T-shirt ride up to around her neck and expose her black bra. Lee was well aware of the incident and - being the performer she was - found a way to work it into her character.

8 Cameron's Top Becomes Unhooked

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We don’t know what it is about WrestleMania and wardrobe malfunctions, but there’s something about the biggest wrestling show of the year that just seems to cause problems with women’s clothes. We suspect sabotage. Regardless, the WrestleMania 30 battle royal saw a major malfunction. During the women’s battle royal, the back of Cameron’s top just completely snapped. Now, through something of a minor fabric miracle, Cameron was able to keep her top about where it is supposed to be. However, the camera revealed that her top was most certainly off for quite a while. The camera crew actually did an excellent job of keeping the whole thing under wraps while Cameron tried to get herself under wraps, but this event did not go unnoticed by the live crowd or the PPV audience.

7 Kaitlyn Pops Her Top

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Kaitlyn probably shouldn’t have been a professional wrestler. She wasn’t the worst wrestler to ever enter a WWE ring, but she definitely struggled to figure out how that whole wrestling thing is supposed to work. Kaitlyn, however, was always an incredibly attractive woman who is currently enjoying a nice career as a fitness model. That probably won’t come as a shock to many WWE fans, especially if they remember that time that Kaitlyn fell out of her top on Raw. This incident certainly goes down as one of WWE’s biggest live television mistakes in recent memory. The cameras weren’t even on Kaitlyn when this occurred, but they decided to cut to her when it was clearly obvious that her top had decided to take a night off.

6 Lana's Revealing Trip to the Farm

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This one didn’t happen in the WWE ring, but it’s still a notable recent attire mishap that certainly made the rounds. First off, in case you didn’t know, Lana is no stranger to not wearing clothes. Her early modeling career featured several strange shoots starring a very nude Lana. Few of those shoots were quite as strange as Lana’s recent decision to wear a bikini around a farm and hang out with the animals. She sent a few of her photos from this adventure to social media, and that’s when things got interesting. Fans soon spotted that Lana’s top wasn’t quite covering everything it was designed to. By the time Lana herself realized this, it was far too late to do much about it. Instead, she was forced to send out an “oops” and let it be.

5 Jacqueline Has Hall of Fame Attire Mishaps

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Some people debate whether or not Jacqueline really deserves to be a WWE Hall of Fame entrant, but if we’re talking about wardrobe mishaps, then Jacqueline is most certainly an all-time great. At a certain point, you do have to wonder how many of these were unintentional. For instance, you have the 1998 bikini contest in which Jackie pulled her bikini top to the side in full view of the camera. That certainly seemed to be intentional, as did the time that Sable ripped Jacqueline’s top off and completely exposed her for quite a bit of time. Then you have the incident that saw Jackie get pushed down and completely fall out of her shirt. At a certain point, these incidents are pretty hard to write-off as accidents.

4 Maryse's Leg Is Lifted a Little Too High

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Maryse has really found her calling as a manager. While her recent pregnancy has unfortunately forced her to take some time off television - come back soon! - she really is one of the best heel managers in recent memory. Before she was a manager, Maryse was a somewhat underperforming in-ring performer. She just never took to actually wrestling and was responsible for quite a few accidents. Few of these accidents are quite as memorable as the one that occurred at Fatal 4 Way. While Maryse was being pinned, her shorts shifted in a rather unfortunate way and revealed quite a bit more than anyone attending the show was expecting to see. This incident became all the more famous when still pictures revealed the live crowd did just see what they thought they saw.

3 Brie Bella's Evening Gown Doesn't Quite Cover All

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Sometimes, WWE wardrobe malfunctions are subtle. They’re not even noticed by the live audience and typically don’t make the rounds until some very...dedicated fans start sharing pictures. Other times, they leave you staring at the screen trying to process what it is that you just saw. This is an example of the latter. During a formal in-ring event featuring many members of the WWE women’s roster, Brie Bella stood there for several seconds with her breast clearly hanging out of her top. There was no debate about what everyone was looking at, but there were a lot of questions about why WWE lingered on the shot for as long as they did. Well, besides the obvious reasons, that is. Brie eventually fixed the problem, but the damage was done.

2 Nikki Bella's Assets Can't Be Contained

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Not to be outdone by her sister, Nikki Bella was also the star of a pretty notable attire mishap. While there was a time when Nikki and Brie were pretty much indistinguishable, Nikki decided to undergo some...err...artificial enhancements that certainly helped ensure that nobody would confuse the two again. Despite the changes to her physical form, Nikki didn’t really seem to purchase any larger attire. This led to many slips and related mishaps. The most notable of these incidents occurred when Nikki was tossed to the outside of the ring. Naturally, WWE’s cameraman zoomed in on the situation to capture the pain on Nikki’s face. Instead, he captured her fallen top and suddenly exposed breast. The broadcast crew cut away as fast as they could, but there was no arguing about what was witnessed.

1 Rosa Mendes' Full Moon Mishap

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This incident is notable for quite a few reasons. For one thing, many of the most notable attire mishaps occurred during the Attitude Era when WWE wasn’t as concerned with disguising such things. Second, many said attire malfunctions were hidden as well as WWE could manage. Third, most of them seemed to have been a genuine, understandable accident. This situation was different. When Layla pulled down Rosa Mendes shorts on Main Event and exposed her backside to the nearby camera, it almost felt like Layla did it to settle a grudge. Few people watched Main Event in the first place, and those who did certainly didn’t expect to see what they saw. This brief flash of flesh became the defining moment in Mendes’ career and one of the most memorable attire mishaps of his time.

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