20 WWE Breakups And Who They Dated Next

The WWE dating carousel will always keep on turning. The more that Superstars are put together and forced to travel and work together, the more relationships will come out of the company.

Of course, WWE has now become a much bigger fan of relationships between wrestlers, because they can exploit them on Total Divas, but that is only certain relationships. The likes of Alberto Del Rio and Paige or Zack Ryder and Emma are the ones that WWE decided to not get behind.

Couples in WWE rarely last, so there is a new break-up or a new hook-up every week. Someone is found to be cheating or someone decides to move on. And sometimes there is more drama off screen than there is on-screen.

Here are 20 examples of WWE stars who were together and then decided to break up and move on, many of them moved on to much better things.

20 Ashley and Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy was having a hard time of it back in 2005. Lita and Edge had publicly revealed that they were having an affair and because of his reaction to the situation, Hardy was then released from his WWE contract.

Luckily, with the support of the WWE Universe, Hardy was reinstated and allowed to extract revenge the proper way, to enable him to move on with his life. Hardy moved on and began dating Raw Diva Search winner Ashley back in 2006. The couple didn't last very long at all, but were considered a good fit until it was revealed that Ashley had moved on and began dating Paul London when WWE had made her the manager of the Tag Team Champions which also included Brian Kendrick. Hardy didn't take it well and it seems that the couple are still not on good terms.

19 Melina And Mike Knox

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Many of the WWE Universe remember Melina as the manager of MNM, the women who had an incredible entrance, and a former Women's and Divas Champion. But when Melina was climbing the ranks in WWE before she was aligned with Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, she was aligned with a very different Superstar.

Melina was dating Mike Knox for a few months while she was still in development with WWE. Knox later joined ECW and Melina headed to the main roster where she began dating Johnny Nitro, who later became John Morrison. The couple became one of the best-known couples in WWE for a long time until it was revealed that Melina had been unfaithful with Batista, even though it was stated that the couple were on a break at the time.

18 Lita And Matt Hardy

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Lita and Matt Hardy were considered to be one of the cutest WWE couples of their era, they worked together as Team Extreme on WWE TV with Matt's brother Jeff and were a real-life couple outside of the company as well.

This was until Matt was forced out of action through injury and Lita was then aligned with Edge. Lita and Edge's sordid affair was later made public knowledge and both Edge and Lita became instant heels in WWE for what they had done to Matt. Matt didn't take the news too well and was fired from the company, before being reinstated and allowed to have a lengthy feud with Edge, whilst Edge's marriage collapsed as a result of his betrayal which allowed him to date Lita for a while, without it being in secret.

17 Lita And CM Punk

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After Lita's actions when it came to her relationship with Matt Hardy, it seems that karma finally struck in her relationship with CM Punk. Punk was a notorious serial dater in WWE when it comes to the number of women that he has been aligned with over the past few years.

Punk and Lita were reportedly dating back in 2011. The couple were both into the same kind of music and were a favourite relationship with the WWE Universe. The problem was that CM Punk was later aligned with AJ Lee on WWE TV and it is reported that the duo began an affair behind Lita's back. The couple then broke up and CM Punk and AJ Lee were reportedly an item, the couple then married back in 2014 following Punk's departure from WWE.

16 Lita And Edge

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As noted above, Lita and Edge had an affair while Edge was married and Lita was in a relationship with Matt Hardy. This caused Edge's marriage to breakdown and while Edge and Lita tried to date for a while afterwards, they never worked as a couple.

Lita moved on to date many other Superstars including CM Punk, while Edge moved on to a relationship with former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix. Beth left WWE back in 2012 after she was fired by Vickie Guerrero and it seems the couple first began dating after she left the company. Edge and Beth now have two daughters together and finally married in October 2016. This year they became the first ever WWE couple to both be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

15 Maria And John Cena

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John Cena is the undisputed face of WWE, but he is also one of the biggest serial daters and cheaters currently in the company. Cena married back in 2009, to a woman who he recalls as the love of his life, the problem was, the marriage didn't last very long and it was later revealed that Cena was cheating on her throughout the marriage anyway.

One of the women that John Cena had a personal relationship with is former WWE, ROH, and TNA Superstar Maria. The duo became close after they teamed together on WWE TV which later led to a short relationship. Maria later moved on to date other WWE stars before she moved to Ring of Honor and met her future husband Mike Bennett. The couples currently work together for Impact Wrestling.

14 Torrie Wilson And Nick Mitchell

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Torrie Wilson is still considered to be one of the most attractive female wrestlers to have ever set foot in a WWE ring, and it's easy to see why. The former Playboy cover girl stayed away from personal relationship whilst she was working for the company, but it was later revealed after she left WWE that she was dating Nick Mitchell, who was known as Mitch as part of former Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad.

The couple didn't last long after Torrie began working on other projects outside of WWE and following the break-up it was reported that Torrie had began dating New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriquez. The couple were together for almost four years when they decided to call it quits in 2015. Torrie is now reportedly single.

13 Mickie James And John Cena

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Mickie James is one of the most promiscuous Divas in WWE history. She has dated many members of the WWE locker room over the course of her WWE career, including the likes of CM Punk, Kenny Dykstra, and even former WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena.

Mickie was engaged to Kenny Dykstra when it was revealed that she was having an affair with John Cena. This caused problems for both Mickie and John in their private lives and Mickie was then drafted over to SmackDown to keep her away from Cena until she was later released. Mickie then moved over to TNA where she met her future husband Magnus. The couple has recently welcomed their first child, a little boy named Donovan and Mickie has been able to return to WWE as a very different woman.

12 Nikki Bella And Dolph Ziggler

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Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler were once one of the cutest couples in WWE. It has been made obvious over the past few years that it was Nikki who decided to end the relationship since Dolph still has feelings for his ex.

Nikki moved on from Dolph after she returned to WWE and began dating John Cena. Over the past few years, it has been made apparent that John would never marry Nikki and that is why Dolph has attempted to sneak back into Nikki's life. This all changed at WrestleMania when John Cena went against all of his beliefs and decided to give Nikki the WrestleMania moment that she deserved when he proposed to her in front of a crowd of around 75,000 people inside Orlando's Citrus Bowl. Dolph went on to date NXT star Dana Brooke briefly.

11 Sable And Marc Mero

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Sable is a former Women's Champion in WWE and widely regarded to have been one of the first ever WWE Divas. Sable made a name for herself as a former two-time Playboy Covergirl and was sometimes seen on the arm of Marc Mero, who first introduced her to WWE back in 1992.

Sable and Mero married in 1994 but then divorced and amicably split 10 years later in 2004. Sable moved on quite quickly and married current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in 2006. The couple has since welcomed two boys, Turk and Duke, while Marc managed to find happiness of his own when he remarried back in 2009 to a lady named Darlene Spezzi. Both Sable and Marc seem much happier in their new found relationships than they ever were together.

10 Layla And Cody Rhodes

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Both Cody Rhodes and Layla have left WWE now, but a few short years ago, the two stars were reportedly an item. Cody was in relationships with many other Divas before Layla and it seems that this couple didn't last very long together either. Much like many other Divas, Layla also has a lengthy dating resume and it seems she only remained with Cody for just over a year.

Cody later met Brandi. The WWE ring announcer had been promoted from FCW where they company decided to allow her to be an announcer rather than a wrestler. The couple dated for a few years before they finally married in September 2013. Back in 2015 both Brandi and Cody made the decision to leave WWE together. Layla had left the company a few months prior to their departure.

9 Paige And Brad Maddox


Paige is a former WWE Divas and NXT Women's Champion. She was once considered to be the future of the Women's Division when she was first promoted to the main roster back in 2014, but this later came to nothing. Around the same time, Paige was dating former Raw General Manager Brad Maddox. The duo's relationship was recently revealed when a string of personal videos were released to the WWE Universe.

Maddox was released from WWE in October 2015 and since then Paige has moved on and is currently married to former WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio. The couple became engaged late last year following Paige's WWE suspension for failing the Wellness Policy test and finally married on March 29th this year in what has been referred to as a shotgun ceremony.

8 Emma And Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder and Emma had been one of the cutest WWE couples for a long time before they were sent to opposite rosters as part of the WWE Draft back in the Summer of 2016. Many of the WWE Universe saw this as WWE's way of attempting to split the couple up, something that actually worked.

It was revealed earlier this week that Ryder and Emma are officially over now since Ryder is reportedly dating former Impact Wrestling star Chelsea Green. Chelsea appeared on WWE TV a few years ago as Daniel Bryan's physical therapist in the storyline with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, before coming fourth in the female section of Tough Enough back in 2015. Emma's thought to still be single at the moment following her return to WWE on Monday Night Raw.

7 Melina And John Morrison

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Melina and John Morrison were one of the best-known WWE couples for a very long time. They worked together as part of MNM and later split to become a couple together on WWE TV as well. Their relationship was seemingly perfect until they were said to have been on a break back in 2006.

Melina and Batista's affair then came to light and it was reported that this took place while the couple were not officially together. The affair had a huge impact on Batista's marriage and it affected Melina and Morrison so much that he moved on and began dating Kelly Kelly before Melina left the company. It was reported that just before her departure, the couple were back together and performed together most recently on an episode of Lucha Underground.

6 Stacy Keibler And Test

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Test had many relationships while he was contracted to WWE, including a high profile one with Stephanie McMahon. Test later moved on to date Stacy Keibler, who was known to the WWE Universe as the woman with the longest legs in the company.

The couple didn't stay together long, and Stacy didn't remain in WWE for very much longer either. She went on to appear on Dancing with the Stars back in 2005 and attempted to make a name for herself outside of the company. Something that she definitely achieved when it was made public knowledge that she was dating Hollywood star George Clooney. Stacy and George looked like the perfect couple for a while, but like many of her previous relationships, this one didn't last. Stacy then married  Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre back in 2014 and the couple welcomed their first child later that year.

5 Kelly Kelly and Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is another Superstar who has become known as a serial dater. Orton was married to Samantha Speno from 2007 until 2013 before it was made apparent that Orton was cheating on her and their marriage ended in divorce.

Despite how much he often shoots on Kelly Kelly in WWE interviews in relation to the number of wrestlers she ended up dating while she was part of the WWE, it has become public knowledge that Orton was one of those guys that the former Divas Champion dated. He was seemingly sour about the break-up. Orton went on to date WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman before he married his second wife Kim Marie Kessler back in 2015 before they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Brooklyn Rose back in 2016. Meanwhile, Kelly would marry for NHL star Sheldon Souray.

4 Miss Elizabeth And Randy Savage

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Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were the IT couple in WWE during the 1980s. As a couple both on-screen and off they had their problems, but they were still one of the most recognizable pairings in WWE at that time. Their on-screen romance led to an off-screen one and the couple finally married in 1984.

Their marriage didn't last as long as many of the WWE Universe expected when they filed for divorce in 1992, just six years later. Elizabeth later went on to date fellow WWE Lex Luger. The couple were both released by WCW in 2000 but remained together as a couple and even lived together up until Elizabeth's death in 2003. Savage went on to marry his high school sweetheart Barbara Lynn back in 2010 ahead of his death a year later.

3 Christy Hemme And Nick Mitchell


Christy Hemme was the first ever Diva Search winner to be given a WWE contract back in 2004 and even though she didn't stay with the company for very long, she certainly left a lasting impression. Christy was linked with Spirit Squad member Nick Mitchell, also known as Mitch, while she was still under contract with WWE.

There were later rumours that Hemme was fired from WWE because Stephanie McMahon had found out about an affair between her father and Hemme and given her very little choice but to leave the company. She left and made the switch over to TNA where she spent a large chunk of her career. Christy moved on and married Charley Patterson back in 2015, and the couple then welcomed their first child later that year.

2 Zahra Schreiber And Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins has become one of the biggest Superstars in WWE over the past few years. But his is career could have taken a nose dive back in 2015 when his fiance publicly broke up with him after sharing personal photos of him and the woman he had been having an affair with, Zahra Schreiber.

The couple tried to make the best out of a bad situation and continued to date for a few months afterwards, but the writing was on the wall when Zahra was released from WWE and the couple went their separate ways. Rolins focused on rehab and returning to the ring for the months after their split in February 2016, but it has recently been reported that Rollins has moved on and began dating a brunette named Sarah, whom he vacationed with at the end of last year.

1 Alicia Fox And Wade Barrett

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Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox were a WWE couple that just made sense. They were both at the same level on the card and they looked as though they were perfect for each other. That was until Wade decided that he didn't see Alicia and him having a future together.

This was highlighted on an episode of Total Divas where she asked Wade what had happened between them and he explained that he had big future plans and he didn't see her in them. Wade left WWE back in May 2016 and it was reported that just before his WWE release he had began dating a woman named Rachel David. The couple broke up not long after his WWE departure and Wade much like Alicia is now reported to be single.

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