20 WWE Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions We Still Dream About

Clothes are designed for various purposes. Suits, swimwear, lingerie, casual wear and many other categories exist but there is one thing that always holds true, they are designed to cover up people’s bodies to at least a certain degree. When they fail at their purpose, something relatively rare called a wardrobe malfunction takes place. For the women of the WWE, events like these have become somewhat more regular occurrences for three principle reasons. Their outfits typically are designed to allow them to move freely and look good which results in them being somewhat revealing, they contort their bodies in a number of ways, and they are on camera a lot. We’re sure that the vast majority of the women wrestlers employed by the WWE would understandably loathe this truth. Still, we’d be lying to ourselves and you if we didn’t admit these moments can be delightful for viewers. That realization is what inspired us to put together this list of 20 WWE Diva wardrobe malfunctions we still dream about.

In order for a specific moment to be up for consideration to be included on this list, it first off needs to feature a female onscreen WWE employee with their body unintentionally exposed. That said, we are open to including moments from the past of currently employed WWE women as long as it included their clothing revealing more than intended. Additionally, it isn’t necessary for any of their naughty bits becoming totally uncovered as long as it is obvious that more than was wanted has seen the light of day. For our purposes, we also counting instances in which any kind of fabric that was meant to cover up somebody’s private parts failed in doing so as a wardrobe malfunction too.

20 Charlotte Flair

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If you’ve been watching the WWE over the last year or so there is one thing that has been abundantly clear, the powers that be think a lot of Charlotte Flair. The daughter of the only two-time WWE Hall of Famer to date, it seems as though his skills didn’t fall far from the tree as it is pretty hard to argue that she doesn’t deserve the push she has received. Already an NXT Women’s Champion and a five-time Champion on the main roster, amazingly enough, this only seems to be the beginning for her as well. Pictured here in the midst of a match for the belt with Becky Lynch, at this exact moment in the match it is obvious that her redhead competition is on the offensive. Attempting to ensure she didn’t get submitted, we’re guessing Charlotte was unaware that her top had shifted just enough to reveal a nip to the world.

19 AJ Lee

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One of the most talented women's wrestlers in the history of the WWE in our opinion, it is a shame that AJ Lee left when she did. Clearly a passionate fan at one point, as anyone that saw footage of her meeting Lita as a youngster can attest, she ended up departing not long after her real-life husband CM Punk was fired. Fortunately, she seems to be pleased with her decision and we got to see her kick ass in the ring for several years. A former three-time Divas Champion, she participated in a number of stellar matches including this one where her shirt didn’t want to co-operate. Riding up her chest several times, despite her attempt to pull it back down, her bra was exposed to the viewing audience in the arena and at home.

18 Maryse

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These days Maryse is mostly known as the wife and onscreen valet of The Miz but in the past, she was a wrestler in her own right. A competitor in the 2006 edition of the Diva Search, she didn’t win, but her looks and charisma won her a contract nonetheless. The second-ever winner of the Divas Championship, she had a 212-day reign and won it a second time after taking part in a title tournament. In this picture from this earlier era of her career, at the time she was known for pinning her opponents in a very sexy manner. Straddling her opponents, instead of resting on their chest, she would lay her entire body on theirs in a titillating manner. Seen here being pinned by Alicia Fox, even in a moment where she was being defeated it was hot, as her bottoms were positioned just right to reveal some of her lady parts.

17 Dana Brooke

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Someone who has made her biggest impact on WWE fans as the former protégé of Charlotte Flair, we guess it makes perfect sense for Dana Brooke to follow her mentor on this list. An accomplished woman prior to entering the wrestling world, she is a former bodybuilder and fitness competitor that was signed by the WWE without a history in the business. Since then, she has predominantly been known for her runs alongside other, more experienced wrestlers including Emma and the aforementioned Charlotte, but seems ready to go it alone.

Seen here taking part in a match against Sasha Banks, in her attempt to fight off her opponent it appears as though she has moved her body into a position her top couldn’t handle. As a result, one of her nips had escaped its covering, which gave viewers an incredible view of her.

16 Aksana

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Former fitness model Zivile Raudoniene, a.k.a. Aksana, was employed by the WWE from 2009 to 2014. Despite a fairly lengthy tenure, this Lithuanian woman never really made much of an impact. That is probably because Aksana never really took too well to the actual in-ring grappling part of the job as evidenced by her matches oftentimes coming out pretty poorly. Best remembered for dropping a knee on the eye of Naomi and badly injuring her, that isn’t exactly the legacy anyone would want. In short, her departure wasn’t lamented by many aside from the fact that she tended to wear ring gear that was pretty revealing, despite covering all of her body but her back. On at least one occasion, however, the back of her gear slid down enough to reveal the top of her rear end.

15 Stephanie McMahon

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The daughter of Vince and Linda McMahon, it almost seems as though Stephanie had little choice but to join the WWE, which is otherwise known to her as the family business. At times that has resulted in mediocre television but when she prioritizes putting over those around her she can be extremely effective at her job. Appearing on television since the nineties, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that she has suffered some wardrobe malfunctions. Pictured here attempting to scurry out of the ring to safety, Triple H, the man she has married in real life, seems intent on ensuring that doesn’t happen. Opting to grab a hold of her pants in order to stop her in her tracks, he pulled back on them a little bit too hard which resulted in most of her derrière becoming visible.

14 Mickie James

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The only current women’s wrestler in the WWE that actually wrestled alongside the likes of Lita, Trish Stratus, etc. during the prime of their career, Mickie James has shown great staying power. Extremely good at playing her character in a number of ways, she started out as a stalker who was sexy and scary, and then transitioned seamlessly to become a beloved fan favorite. Seen here during her recent comeback to the company, she was in a match when she was knocked down outside the ring. That resulted in the gravity and the angle of her body causing one of her nips to break free form the top she was wearing at the time. A woman with a history of wearing ring gear that didn’t hide too much of her body, she must have been surprised that the relatively modest gear she had on at the time failed her.

13 Bayley

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During her short run on the WWE main roster, Bayley has become the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. Despite that, most adult viewers would probably tell you that they haven’t gotten a handle on her character yet, and that the version we see today pales in comparison to the NXT version of her. One of the most child-friendly figures the WWE has created in years, that hasn’t stopped her from earning adulation from men and women of all ages. On top of that, those attracted to women have taken note of how attractive she actually is, especially when it comes to the incredible rear end she has on her. Seen here adjusting her top in the middle of a match, eagle-eyed viewers believe that she may have been a bit too vigorous and given us a view of her nip. We can’t say with total certainty that is the case but it looks like it and that is more than enough for us.

12 Dawn Marie

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Starting out her career in the big time as part of ECW, Dawn Marie is one of only a few ladies that worked for Paul Heyman that Vince McMahon was willing to employ in the long term. Best remembered for a truly atrocious feud with Torrie Wilson in which she “married” her father, Al Wilson, on an episode of SmackDown, there were some boring and annoying segments with the trio. On the other hand, it also resulted in some mind-blowingly sexy scenes including a lesbian make-out between the two gorgeous gals which have gone down in wrestling horndog history. While that was incredible, it is also notable that one match saw Dawn Marie’s pants nearly come off, exposing her rear end.

11 Mickie James Revisited

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These days the type of bouts that women wrestlers take part in are very different than the fights they were booked to take part in during the Attitude Era and the following years. Gone are the days of bra and panties matches, pillow fights, bouts taking part in mud or pudding or any that are strictly meant to titillate. That doesn’t mean that Mickie James hasn’t taken part in her fair share of matches where moments were designed to turn on audiences that find women attractive as evidenced by a shot like this. Previously known to wrestle mostly in skirts with bottoms on underneath, here it seems as though the intent was to pull off the skirt and spank her still covered bottom. Instead, another layer of clothing partially came off too which meant her butt was uncovered for the most part.

10 Eve Torres

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During her time in the WWE Eve Torres took part in some pretty memorable moments yet, much to our chagrin, she isn’t spoken of much these days. Playing a pivotal part in the god-awful storyline where she was seen making out with John Cena and also kicked Zack Ryder in the family jewels, it totally derailed the latter performer’s career for a time. A former manager too, she also worked alongside the likes of Chris Masters, R-Truth and Cryme Tyme. That is to say nothing of her in-ring career, including three runs as WWE Divas Champion, which resulted in this moment. Attempting to pin her opponent, the camera was positioned to get a direct shot of her crotch when her bottoms failed her and revealed parts of her nether regions she meant to keep private.

9 Jacqueline

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A lot has been said about the time where Alundra Blayze took the WWE Women’s Championship and threw it in the garbage one night on WCW television. However, there are a lot of people that are unaware that that resulted in Vince and company getting rid of women wrestlers on his product for the most part for an extended period of time. Women were brought back largely due to the immense popularity of Sable, but when they decided to give the inexperienced Sable a feud, they got Jacqueline Moore, who was great and capable of helping her through a match. While she is incredible in the ring, her time with Sable is also memorable for this moment in which the two took part in a bikini contest. Evidently getting a little too into it, Jackie started dancing sexily and in the process moved her already revealing bikini top and uncovered one of her breasts.

8 Jackie Gayda

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Tough Enough is a pretty great idea for a “reality” show. Focusing on a group of nobodies who have an interest in making it in the WWE but lack the experience necessary, they are shown trying to learn the oftentimes painful craft. Grappling with the brutal physical toll, it is entertaining for audiences to watch their struggle and gives a glimpse of what it takes to make it in the business. Unfortunately, it hasn’t resulted in a true female superstar yet, including Jackie Gayda, who won a contract after the second season. Known these days for taking part in one of the worst WWE matches of all-time, she may be happy to know that we still think about the time her gear betrayed her instead. Bent over outside the ring with Lance Storm standing beside her, when she stood up fans were greeted with the surprising fact they could clearly see one of her nips.

7 Kaitlyn

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Working on a list like this one is an exercise in remembering the careers of many female WWE wrestlers who seem to have been forgotten but deserve far more credit. Yet another example of that, Kaitlyn’s run was shorter than some, a mere four years, but she spent the majority of her time in the running for the Divas Division’s championship. Also the winner of the third season of NXT, back when it was a competition show, she took home the prize during the show's all-female season. Oftentimes cast as the nemesis of AJ Lee, a woman she seems to be friendly with in real life, they had a lot of chemistry in the ring. During a segment in which Kaitlyn viciously attacked her foe, her nip was revealed when she sat up after punching AJ repeatedly.

6 Sasha Banks

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One of the biggest stars in the WWE today, whenever Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring, fans stand up and take note. That is why she has already accomplished a lot, like being an NXT Women’s Champion and multiple-time WWE Raw Women’s Champion. Involved in a lengthy feud with Charlotte Flair for the belt on Raw in the last year, the two of them traded the accolade back and forth. However, if you ask us their greatest achievement was taking part in the main event of a special event (previously known as a pay-per-view) and a Hell in a Cell match, both of which no woman had done before. While it was a groundbreaking moment, it was also the match that led to a wardrobe malfunction for Sasha. During the fight, her trunks were pulled up by her opponent, which resulted in a pronounced wedgie that caused more than she bargained for, being seen for an extended portion of the match.

5 Nikki Bella

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The Bella Twins joined the WWE together and spent their first years as a tandem that was largely used for their looks and rarely were seen competing in the ring. Eventually given the opportunity to prove they could be valuable as actual wrestlers, Nikki did just that and over time was turned into the linchpin of the entire division. The longest reigning Divas Champion in history, if she hangs up her boots tomorrow her legacy will still be cemented. Prone to dressing in a provocative manner in her private life, as viewers of Total Divas or followers of her on social media will tell you, it is clear she is proud of her body as she should be. That might have lessened the blow when her nip became visible while she was lying on the mat outside the ring during a match, but there is no way to know for sure. The only thing we can attest is she looked good.

4 Brie Bella

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From one sister to the other. Also a former Divas Champion, Brie Bella has seen more success in the ring than most fans probably foresaw in her future when she started out in the business. Also a pivotal part of the WWE brand as one of the leads of their “reality” show Total Divas, she has retired from the ring but is still a big part of the series. Seen here during a segment in which she and her Divas co-stars were seated alongside one another in the ring, when the discussion was over, music was played in what was supposed to be an innocuous moment. That wasn’t meant to be, however, since they panned across the bunch and it became clear that as Brie clapped, her dress adjusted itself revealing her nip. On top of that, it was made that much sweeter, because as far as we could tell it must have been cold that night, if you know what we mean.

3 Ivory

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As someone that was a part of the WWE roster from 1999 until 2005, some people may not realize that Ivory had previously wrestled for GLOW, a promotion that is about to be the focus of a Netflix series starring Alison Brie. She worked in the industry at a top level so it is truly surprising to us that so few people these days seem to have much knowledge of her work. Best remembered for being a part of the faction Right to Censor, she was marvelous at playing stuck-up and stodgy characters fans were meant to hate. We’re guessing that version of her would have hated photos of this match from earlier in her career against Debra McMichael. As she wrestled the inexperienced grappler, one of her breasts escaped her top, much to her chagrin and the audience’s pleasure.

2 Stephanie McMahon Revisited

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One of two women to appear on this list more than once, Stephanie’s moments chronicled here aren’t the only times she suffered a wardrobe malfunction on WWE TV. Still, we thought including her again would be excessive, so we have limited her to instances in which different private parts of her body were exposed to everyone watching, as was the case with Mickie. Yet again, this time around she was seen alongside Hunter, her man off screen, and this is from a time where their characters were at odds with one another. In a moment of man-on-woman violence that we’d never see in today’s WWE, Trips was setting up to Pedigree Stephanie on an announcer’s table. As that's a move that involves the recipient’s arms being held behind their back, she was powerless to do anything to cover up when one of her breasts popped practically entirely out of her top.

1 Lita

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It is widely accepted that Lita is one of the best female wrestlers in WWE history just like her biggest onscreen rival, Trish Stratus. A four-time WWE Women’s Champion who has deservedly been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, the last part of her career as an in-ring performer was mostly spent at the side of Edge. Revealed to have had a real-life affair with him, the couple became a truly hated pair, which played a part in him being pushed and winning the WWE Championship for the first time. Celebrating his achievement, they announced they would take part in a “live sex celebration” on Raw where Lita took her top off under covers. However, as the pair were moving around the cover moved enough and the camera was exactly the right place to show one of her breasts completely uncovered.

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