205 Live To Get Its Own General Manager

205 Live just can't seem to catch a break. It's hard to argue that the purple brand isn't floundering right now and in the cruiserweight division's case when it rains, it pours. Austin Aries left, nobody seems to know if and when Neville is coming back, Rich Swann is still suspended from WWE pending an ongoing investigation, and now Enzo Amore has been released after being accused of sexual assault.


Amore's release obviously means that the Cruiserweight Championship is now vacant. Strangely WWE had Daniel Bryan make the official announcement at the start of 205 Live this past Tuesday night. The SmackDown Live General Manager explained that Amore had abdicated the title and that the situation would be addressed on next week's episode of the cruiserweight show.

That wasn't the biggest announcement Bryan made during the address however, especially since the championship being vacated was an assumed formality following Amore's release. Bryan followed that up by declaring that as of next week 205 Live will have its very own General Manager. The former World Champion did not divulge any information about who that will be, but did insinuate that it will be the newly appointed GM who decides what happens with the vacated championship.

It really is about time that 205 Live got its own authority figure. At the moment it isn't really clear who is in charge of the show and who makes the decisions and books the matches. The cruiserweights compete on Raw of course and while there Kurt Angle seems to make the decisions. Angle isn't around for 205 Live on Tuesday nights though so who knows who is booking the matches and keeping things in check, presumably Daniel Bryan after he was the one who made the announcement this week.


The Cruiserweight Championship was supposed to be up for grabs this Sunday at the Royal Rumble in a match between the now released Enzo Amore and Cedric Alexander. Some may have assumed that a match to declare a new champion may have taken that match's place but obviously not, and we will have to wait until after the pay per view to find out the fate of the Cruiserweight Title.

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205 Live To Get Its Own General Manager