Everything You Need To Know About 205 Live's New GM Drake Maverick

The performer known around the world as Rockstar Spud has now officially been presented to the WWE Universe. His new name is Drake Maverick and when introduced as the new 205 Live GM, he got quite a pop upon arrival. Still, we feel there is a large part of the WWE Universe who don’t know much about the Birmingham native, so here’s a little bit of information to get you up to speed.

He’s 35 and has been wrestling since 2001

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 Due to his size, you might not think that Maverick is very old, or that he’s been wrestling for a while, but you’d be wrong. Under the Rockstar Spud moniker, he’s actually been wrestling for 17 years. Most of that has come in smaller independents, mainly in the UK, but he’s also been very successful in TNA and has done much more than most people could have expected of him. Sure, he’s never going to be the top champion of a big promotion, but he’s a great wrestler, a unique and entertaining character and has been very successful over those 17 years as a performer.


He won the OVW TV title in his debut match

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When you hear OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling), you probably think of WWE’s developmental territory. But in 2013 it was used in the same way by TNA, and Rockstar Spud managed to turn up and win their Television Title on his first night there. He only held it for 59 days, but he was a fantastic wrestler and the faith that TNA had in him to push him so quickly in developmental shows just that. He was up to TV after losing the title, so he was only in developmental for 60 days before being called up.

He won TNA’s X-Division title, British Bootcamp (2013) and the TNA World Cup

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His TNA run lasted for four years, and the majority of that was as The Chief of Staff. But he wrestled as a solo performer, and he was quite successful at that. Twice he stood atop the legendary X-Division of TNA as its champion, and he won his TNA contract by winning the first season of British Bootcamp, a competition that also brought the likes of Mark Andrews, Grado and Marty Scurll to American audiences. In 2015, TNA hosted a one night only World Cup, and Spud was a part of the winning team, Team Hardy. While that’s not an individual accomplishment, it’s still impressive and shows that TNA had faith in him.


Spike Dudley is his biggest wrestling inspiration

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The two kind of look alike, but it’s their size and wrestling ability that is most comparable. That’s not a coincidence as Rockstar Spud credits the runt of the Dudley family as his biggest wrestling inspiration. He’s been a bit more successful as a singles competitor than Spud, but it’s great to see someone smaller look up to someone else other than the likes of Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair (nothing wrong with that, but being different is good). Now that he works for the WWE, we might see the two come into contact one day. It’s very unlikely as Dudley now leads a normal life, but anything’s possible.



He wears ridiculous suits, and is a brilliant heel or face authority figure

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Rockstar Spud in TNA was mostly Dixie Carter’s “Chief of Staff”, and as a heel he was a completely detestable weasel. You couldn’t help but hate him alongside EC3 (let’s hope those two team up in the near future in WWE). He then turned face as a performer, and was really darn good in that position and it’s something that many people in WWE struggle to do. Having an authority figure who is good with promos, as well as being a face/heel is such a delight for 205 Live. As for his suits, you just need to wait and see what he comes out with, because they’re colorful, they’re bright and they’re out there. It’s this flair that certainly makes him unique.

He’s the perfect General Manager for 205 Live

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205 Live has been struggling for personalities, and although we all hate the authority figure stories that have plagued the main roster for so long, having Drake Maverick take up that position could actually turn the show around. He’s got great mic skills, he’s funny, he’s a good heel or face and he’s already proven in week one that his interactions with the roster will be brilliant. If WWE allow him to be himself, this move will turn around the show. With his size along with all these attributes, he’s the perfect guy to lead the cruiserweights into the future.

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