205 Live GM Should Be A Returning Cruiserweight Legend

After Enzo Amore was stripped of the Cruiserweight Championship, then subsequently suspended and fired, the WWE were without a top storyline going forward for the 205 Live show and their involvement on Raw. So this past Tuesday, Daniel Bryan announced that next week a General Manager for the purple brand will be introduced. There have been plenty of names thrown out there (and we’ll get to some of those ideas and what we think of them), but to us, there is only one choice for the spot, and that’s Hurricane Helms.

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Before we get to why Hurricane should return, we’ve got a few other ideas that we want to throw out there as a possibility.

Daniel Bryan is the biggest name for the spot, because of what a trailblazer he was for smaller wrestlers in the WWE. Since he’s still not cleared, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if D-Bry took over both roles. Due to his role and rivalry currently happening on SmackDown Live however, I doubt this one will happen. With him likely to leave when his contract is up, the WWE might want someone whose more of a long-term solution. I don’t think this will happen, but the fans love Daniel Bryan, and this might be a way to bring more eyes to the product.

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Nigel McGuiness is also a big possibility, because he’s just too talented to sit behind the announce table, and with the credibility he has in the business he could make for a very interesting authority figure. He may not be able to step back in the ring due to injury, but he’s a very entertaining person and would make the perfect authority figure on the show. If WWE does try and go with an in-house selection for the spot, I expect that McGuiness is the person they will choose.

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The third and final option we will throw out there before Hurricane is the least likely, because it won’t get as big of a reaction from casual fans, but would be the perfect fit, and that’s the debuting Rockstar Spud. Spud was brilliant in this type of role with TNA (he was more of a lackey for Dixie Carter, but still), and he’s very good on the mic, so he would fit better than anyone. Unfortunately it’s unlikely the WWE go this way because they need new performers on the show. Thus we might end up seeing Spud as an active performer, but either way, we should see him on 205 Live soon. There is also the possibility that WWE pair Spud with EC3 when he returns to whichever brand they stick him on, but as much as we’d like it, it’s very unlikely that Rockstar Spud takes this spot. Now, on to Hurricane.

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The WWE have relied on heel authority figures for way too long now, so bringing in a beloved comedy character that would enhance the 205 Live show is a perfect idea. In Hurricane Helms, the WWE will have someone whose success was entirely character driven during his runs with WWE, and this would provide us with some great interactions with the entire division. He may not be as popular as someone like Rey Mysterio or Daniel Bryan, but those guys have their own thing going, and the WWE could entice Helms by allowing him to perform on the independents while appearing on Raw and 205 Live two days a week. You may be criticizing this reason, as fans can get sick of authority figures taking all the spotlight from the performers, but if this is done right, Helms would be the perfect character compliment to some of the other performers, and would make it a more diverse show.


With the Bryan and McGuiness ideas, we talked about their ability and credibility in wrestling, and while Helms isn’t as accomplished as those two, he certainly has a long history. He worked with The Hardyz at a young age (so bringing him in could also see Matt Hardy appear on the show, so he can cure the spot monkey addiction of all the 205 Live performers), and has been active for the last two decades. Lastly, he is the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history, so whichever way you look at it, Hurricane Helms is a fantastic option.

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Do I think WWE will go with this option? It’s certainly a possibility, and he did tease fans on social media the other day with a post holding his Cruiserweight Championships, so don’t discount it. Heading into ‘Mania, the WWE may want to make a splash, and going with someone in-house likely won’t accomplish that, and that’s why I believe this is the best choice.

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