205 Live Is Finally Moving To The NXT Arena

WWE has announced that 205 Live will take place at the NXT Arena this week rather than directly after SmackDown as it normally does.

WWE's schedule has undergone a serious reshuffle over the course of the last couple of months. The only show that has remained in the same place at the same time is Raw. SmackDown is now on Fridays, NXT is on USA, NXT UK has moved to Thursdays, it has taken quite a lot of getting used to.

Amid all these moves, some fans have been questioning the fate of 205 Live. Although the cruiserweight show has continued to take place immediately after SmackDown, its roster members have been appearing on NXT TV. The Cruiserweight Title has even been renamed the NXT Cruiserweight Championship and has been appearing on Wednesday nights more often than it has done on Fridays.

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Some have assumed that 205 Live was not long for this world and that the show would simply be merged with NXT. While that does indeed appear to be happening, it isn't in the way we expected. WWE has revealed that this week, 205 Live will take place at the NXT Arena. It was previously advertised to take place after SmackDown as usual, but those plans have since changed reports Wrestling Inc.

WWE's statement is a little vague on a few details. First of all, it's not clear when exactly 205 Live will be taped. The assumption is that it will take place directly after or before this week's episode of NXT. However, the show will still air at the same time it usually does on Friday nights, so there's a chance the show will still air live from the NXT Arena on Friday night, although that seems unlikely as that wouldn't leave WWE long to sell tickets for the show.

The other detail which remains unclear is whether this is a one-time thing or will be the norm going forward. SmackDown will take place in the UK this Friday, so WWE might be trialing a show at Full Sail for 205 Live this week as it'll mean the purple brand's roster not having to travel across the pond. Maybe if it's as successful as we think it will be, the crowd will definitely give the show and its stars a bigger reaction, 205 Live's permanent home will be the NXT Arena, as it should have been from day one.

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