205 Live Stars Trash Enzo Amore On Twitter

In a shocking development, Enzo Amore defeated Neville to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at No Mercy on Sunday. Despite being completely outclassed and getting in almost no offense, Amore managed to use a distraction and a low-blow to get the pin, upsetting the champion and ensuring he's now the most hated WWE Superstar on 205 Live.

The champion always has challengers ready to strike. After all, that's the downside of being the champ. Amore, however, might have a bigger target on his back than most. Upon winning the Cruiserweight title, social media was flooded with messages from the rest of the 205 Live roster, none of which congratulated "The Certified G" on his victory, but almost all of which showed disgust for a wrestler few of the talent respect.


Amore's arrival to 205 Live and the Cruiserweight Division was accepted about as well by everyone as it was by the way Jack Gallagher accept Enzo's championship win. Many believed Amore viewed coming to 205 Live as a demotion, and since joining the roster, he's been his loud, obnoxious self, rubbing the roster the wrong way and bringing bad attention to a show that is aching for something good.

In additional tweets following the pay-per-view and the follow-up show, many wrestlers echoed Gallagher's sentiments.

Wrestlers like Lince Dorado, Tony Nese, and others weighed in, with only Akira Tozawa seemingly unphased by the developments.

The idea here is that the WWE is setting up a storyline where everyone on 205 Live is upset with Amore. They'll either all be gunning for him or as a group, working to remove the title from around his waist since they collectively believe he tarnishes what being the Cruiserweight Champion means. It won't help that the first thing Enzo plans to do is completely change the look of the title.

While Enzo has never been shy about wearing his emotions on his sleeve, it seems unlikely this is a shoot by the entire cruiserweight roster. But it does demonstrate just how much the WWE realizes the reputation Amore is building for himself, and the company's plan is to run with it and make a story out of it.


The WWE Universe can expect more of the same down the road. The goal here is to make it seem as if Amore is on an island. After No Mercy, and his appearance on Raw Talk claiming to be the best Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history, if he isn't on that island already, he will be.

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