Rumor: 205 Live Tag Team Championship Design Leaked

WWE may have just accidentally leaked the design for a potential Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship belt in a legal document.

There are an awful lot of championships up for grabs in WWE nowadays. In fact across all four of their shows there are thirteen titles for Superstars to win, and that will become fourteen on April 7th when the first ever NXT North American Champion is crowned. No matter how many titles and champions there are though there are always rumors of more belts being introduced.

There are a few rumors doing the rounds at the moment and one is an idea that has been around for a while and just won't seem to go away, Women's Tag Team Championships. In all fairness introducing that concept would make more sense now than it ever has before considering the strength of the women's roster. The current rumor is that those titles may debut around SummerSlam.


Judging by an image used on a WWE legal document the women might not be the only ones potentially getting their own Tag Team Titles. WWE recently filed a number of documents in an attempt to prevent bootleggers from selling WrestleMania merchandise and one of the images included is of a Cruiserweight Tag Team Title. TMZ were the first to report on the leak and you can check out a photo of the potential new title below.

via prowrestlingsheet.com

There was a time just a few months ago when it felt like WWE would soon be in the business of cancelling 205 Live, not expanding it. Since Triple H has taken the reigns however the cruiserweight show has gone from strength to strength. The focal point of the rejuvenated show has a been a tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion and that will come to a head at WrestleMania.

Judging by the leaked image perhaps once this current tournament has finished we may get the start of another, this time to crown Tag Team Champions for the brand. There have been a number of Superstars coming up from NXT to compete on the show and if 205 Live does get its own Tag Team Titles then we could see a lot more of that as we move past April 8th.

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