10 Wrestlers On 205 Live That Deserve A Main Roster Spot

205 Live is a show that has gained mixed reviews from many WWE fans, with some struggling to get interested in the show, whilst others are enjoying arguably the best in-ring competition that the entire company puts out.

The main reason that the fans haven't fully connected with the wrestlers on the 205 Live show is that they are constricted to just that show, which is a mistake on WWE's behalf as there is some brilliant talent that hasn't been exposed to the main roster properly.

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Throughout 205 Live's history superstars have come and gone with varying success. Some talent has been moved from the main roster to the purple brand such as Neville, Enzo Amore, and Hideo Itami.

On the other hand, wrestlers have left 205 Live to the main roster, with Cedric Alexander, Buddy Murphy, and arguably the most successful, Ali, all making the jump to the main roster after standing out on 205 Live.

Ali is a prime example of how a talent who works hard and puts on consistently impressive can prove to WWE management that they deserve a run in front of a bigger audience, and he will not be the last to make the move.

So with that in mind, which current 205 Live roster members deserve a shot on the main roster right now?

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10 Tony Nese

Pretty much anybody who has held the Cruiserweight Championship has ended up being transitioned to the main roster, with the likes of Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy being the latest examples.

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With Tony Nese currently holding the title it is likely only a matter of time before WWE moves him onto the main roster, and there is no reason why he can't have success on either Raw or SmackDown Live.

Nese likely wouldn't be a main event star, but as a possible mid-card star, he certainly has all the tools to succeed.  With his overly cocky gimmick being one that can rile up any fans, it would be good to see the incredibly talented wrestler mix it up with some main roster stars.

9 Akira Tozawa

Speaking of someone who has held the Cruiserweight Championship, Akira Tozawa is one of those men and much like Tony Nese, he is also very capable of being a main roster Superstar once again.

Tozawa had a great run on the main roster when 205 Live was first blended with Raw, and after he joined Titus Worldwide, Tozawa really managed to start showing his personality, which is how he got over so well with the WWE Universe.

Hopefully, WWE will give Tozawa another shot on the main roster, because it felt like he was simply pulled from Raw before, even though he had managed to win over the audience.

8 Aiden English

Many wrestling fans who don't watch 205 Live might be wondering where Aiden English disappeared to after he was split from Rusev and, well, the answer is 205 Live where he now works as a commentator.

Whilst English certainly does a solid job on the announcing booth, it really does seem like a waste of his talent at this stage of his career when he can still compete inside the ring, with commentary being something he could explore after retirement.

English showed just how talented he is when he helped Rusev become the most popular WWE Superstar in the entire company heading into WrestleMania 34, and hopefully, he is given another shot down the line on Raw or SmackDown.

7 Ariya Daivari

One thing that 205 Live does much better than the main roster is create genuine heels and babyfaces, allowing the audience to know exactly who they should and shouldn't be getting behind, which tends to make the matches much more fun.

One of the top heels on the cruiserweight brand is Ariya Daivari, who really has started making a name for himself on the show as of late. Daivari is a solid-hand inside the ring and has a lot of charisma that would see him fit in well on the main roster.

WWE likes to reward wrestlers who put the time in to improve their craft and that is exactly what Daivari has done, with a main roster move being something he certainly deserves.

6 The Singh Brothers

The Singh Brothers are two WWE Superstars who main roster fans will instantly recognize as they worked alongside Jinder Mahal throughout his WWE Championship reign, often receiving incredible beatdowns at the hands of Randy Orton for the pleasure.

During their run alongside Mahal, the Singh Brothers weren't really given much in-ring opportunity to actually showcase their own skills, something which has changed since they were put on 205 Live.

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They now work as entertaining babyfaces who really have won over the fans, and considering how poor the current tag team division is on the main roster, they could be a much-needed breath of fresh air.

5 Oney Lorcan

It is likely a matter of time until Oney Lorcan appears on the main roster, as he is wrestling on every other show that WWE has. He appears in NXT and NXT UK as well as 205 Live, so the company clearly rates him as a performer.

Lorcan will probably be brought onto the main roster alongside his NXT tag team partner, Danny Burch if he does get the call, but that doesn't mean he couldn't work as a singles wrestler as his time on 205 Live has shown.

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Lorcan is incredibly aggressive inside the ring and his matches are always must-see. Even though he doesn't have a standout look, Lorcan has won over crowds on all of WWE's brands so far and he would do the same thing again on the main roster if given the chance.

4 Drew Gulak

Much like Oney Lorcan, Drew Gulak might not stand out from his appearance, but as the saying goes, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, because Gulak is one of the most entertaining wrestlers on 205 Live.

As an original from the very start, Gulak has worked his way up the ladder to the point where he is now a constant threat to the Cruiserweight Championship and has started transitioning over to NXT as well.

Gulak has an amazing technical ability that really does deserve to be seen by more eyes, and given that he is one of the best talkers on 205 Live as well, he certainly has the core basics to work on Raw or SmackDown.

3 Drake Maverick

Drake Maverick isn't technically a member of the 205 Live roster, but he has worked as the General Manager for the show for a while now and has become a very popular figure within the company.

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Maverick has brilliant microphone skills and has established himself as a great authority figure, but he is also a professional wrestler and seeing him get into a WWE ring is something that many fans are now ready for.

Right now, the best possible way to use Maverick would be having him align himself with EC3, just as he did back in TNA to great success. Drake could work limited matches in tag team situations or when WWE wants to protect EC3, and not only would it boost Maverick's star power, but it could save EC3's career.

2 Jack Gallagher

When Jack Gallagher was first brought to WWE it seemed like he was going to be one of 205 Live's major stars, and whilst he has been a focal point of the show every week, he has yet to be given an opportunity with the Cruiserweight Championship.

However, that doesn't mean that he isn't a great talent, as Gallagher is certainly one of the best in-ring wrestlers on the entire roster, both in and out of 205 Live and his impressive British style would work well on the main roster.

Because he can confidently work as either a babyface or a heel, he would be a very versatile addition to the main roster and Gallagher certainly has the personality to make it work if he was given the shot.

1 Mike Kanellis

When WWE first debuted Mike Kanellis, they did so straight to the main roster, during Money In The Bank, clearly showing that they had faith in the former Ring Of Honor star and his wife, Maria.

Unfortunately, Mike had personal issues at the time and the timing just wasn't right as his opportunity fell through the cracks with many people thinking he would be released until he joined 205 Live.

Having both just signed new five-year contracts with the company, WWE has the chance again to really make a go of it with one of the most talented wrestlers in the company. Flanked by an incredibly entertaining manager, they would be a perfect fit for the main roster.

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