10 Ways To Make 205 Live Feel Great Again

All signs are pointing towards 205 Live becoming a bit of an afterthought after what seems to be something of a merge with NXT.

As opposed to digging its grave, though, we want to think of ways in which the show can actually continue to stand out and thrive. There are some that may suggest it's far too late, but we tend to disagree.

There are so many interesting and potentially thrilling routes for 205 Live and while some of the ideas we're about to list may seem a little bit out there, we want to see them tested at the very least.

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10 Marketing Push

The first step in making any wrestling show work, in many ways, is pushing it and legitimately making it feel like something worth watching.

If WWE gives 205 Live the sort of mega push that they gave NXT, especially in a Thursday night slot, then the sky is well and truly the limit. They’ve already proven that they can have great matches featuring some notable stars, and it’s time to get that message out to the wider media – with a few tweaks attached to make it feel a bit more flash, of course.

9 Remove The Purple Theme

We understand that they used the purple ropes after building off of the Cruiserweight Classic, and we also understand that they wanted to try and stand out. However, we just don’t feel like that really worked out all too well.

The purple looks a bit too much like a gimmick these days, and that’s not something that 205 Live will want to run with.

A silver shade could work, or alternatively a strong green. We’re just throwing ideas out there, though, and there are lots of different possibilities out there.

8 Build An NXT Rivalry

It doesn’t always need to be a serious thing and can be lighthearted at times, but if RAW has SmackDown as a rival, we feel strongly about NXT having an adversary in the form of 205 Live.

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You could even throw NXT UK in there for good measure in what could wind up being a really entertaining clash of styles. There are a few elements to this feud that would be intriguing, and that we’ll touch upon in later entries, but for the most part we think that 205 Live needs to prove they are no longer an afterthought.

7 No More Pre-Shows

Sticking 205 Live on the pre-show to kill some time has been a popular booking strategy for WWE over the last few years, and we think it’s about time that sort of nonsense came to an end.

The pre-shows are great and all but if 205 Live wants to be recognized amongst the big dogs, they need spots on the main show of pay per view events.

Alternatively, they just shouldn’t feature at all in some kind of protest and should run their own mini-PPVs on the WWE Network which could work really well.

6 Sort Out The Weigh-In Situation

It isn’t around quite as much now, but not so long ago, 205 Live had a running story that you needed to hit the 205 limit in order to compete on the show.

First of all, the whole premise just seems odd, especially when your mind drifts to the UFC in which the 205 limit is reserved for light heavyweights – who are substantially larger than the cruiserweights.

Either get rid of it altogether or find a different way in which to portray it on your programming, because it just isn’t very fun or logical.

5 Permanent Full Sail Home

In a follow-up from the NXT rivalry entry, we’ve got the Full Sail conundrum. We honestly believe that Full Sail University is a great home for NXT, and now, a great home for 205 Live.

The lines have certainly been blurred with different superstars crossing over and while 205 Live seems pretty settled right now, we want to see this move turn into a permanent one.

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You could play it into some kind of an invasion storyline, but also, the Full Sail crowd will be more than willing to give the show a chance at succeeding in Orlando.

4 Give Them Promo Time

They’ve cut promos before, but not enough. We want to see storylines being developed on a consistent basis on 205 Live because otherwise, we just aren’t going to care.

NXT works on the premise of “simpler is better” whereas RAW and SmackDown seem to rehash the same old ideas week in and week out. For 205 Live, we want to see something a little bit more imaginative.

Go out there and be a little bit crazy. It doesn’t have to be completely over the top, but these guys and girls need stories that are going to make people care.

3 Reach For The Stars Match

The premise is pretty simple: six or eight guys compete in a ladder match with a reward being located high above the ring in what we’ll call a Reach for the Stars match.

The winner of the contest will receive a contract in which he can select any one of the following rewards: a promotion to RAW or SmackDown, a defection to NXT, or a Cruiserweight Championship shot.

In order to avoid making 205 Live seem like a D-show, though, we’d get some ‘negotiation’ tactics involved, and we’d also have the winner select a Cruiserweight Championship match for the first few editions of the match.

2 Remove Drake Maverick

We absolutely love Drake Maverick as the general manager of 205 Live, so we don’t want to get things confused here. However, with Maverick parading around trying to claim the 24/7 Championship every single week, we just don’t think the dual personalities make a lot of sense.

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Instead, we think it makes more sense for him to focus on the comedy act for now. We need someone with a bit more authority in order to run the show because otherwise, we don’t think it’ll get taken seriously enough in its current form.

1 WrestleMania Showcase

The Cruiserweight Championship needs to be one of the featured matches at WrestleMania. How on earth we get to that point from a booking perspective is up to the professionals, but we honestly believe it’s so important to make it known that these guys should be competing on the grandest stage of them all.

In our mind, it would be somewhat on par with the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship matches in terms of importance. That is the level of prestige and backing we want this match to have.

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